good product10/7/2009 4:08:04 PM

Pros: droped core temps. on bluerays an firstperson shooters to less than what was idle for stock cooler on haf 932 full tower i5 266 oc 3.2, patreoit 1333 oc 1500, easy install, 15 min. 1366 bracket is sloted to fit i5 also, no complaints, squirel cage blower kicks regular fans you know what.

Cons: none

Overall Review: it isnt all about fan speed, check the cfm,s an as per some of the reviews, it did really help with the circulation an lowered the temps on both vid. cards an mem. good cooler

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msi10/3/2009 5:24:13 PM

Pros: this is my forth build on a msi board, all good no problems, tech support great, i blew out a dim. slot one time, the board was a couple of months out of warranty, they offerd to replace it anyway, because they said what i did should not have caused this to happen. thats support, this new board has more toys on it then you can shake a stick at an they all work. the blueray hd sound system is outstanding, i have not even installed my fatality pro. dont need it

Cons: none

Overall Review: installed in 932haf full tower coolermaster, great case, with i5 2.66 oc 3.2 on stock cooler, with 4gs pateriot 1333 at 1500 smooth, noproblems, funny there were a lot of complaints about this memory. try asking questions, instead of trashing the companys. dont know why more people dont by msi, they make a heck of a board.

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