eminently glad with this purchase3/23/2010 4:04:27 PM

Pros: Everything arrived in beautiful working order. I've been loading my games onto this system and enjoying how they all run gloriously at max settings.

Cons: I get mild hiss & fuzz when plugging a headset into the jack on the front of the tower, like there's a grounding problem. This hiss gets worse as peripherals are plugged into the adjacent USB ports. I'm currently plugging the headphones into the back of the tower and unplugging the speakers when necessary until I figure out a fix -- mildly irritating. The keyboard and mouse are a little... insubstantial. But you could probably assume as much from the price tag. But that's not exactly the appeal of this computer anyhow.

Overall Review: I wish this shipped with a ludicrously large hard drive. Nothing wrong with this hard drive -- just sayin'.

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