Excellent Value1/26/2019 10:51:59 AM

Pros: Quality built component Well designed and attractive metal shroud RGB lighting 8GB GDDR5 memory Factory OC'ed 12 nm tech Card runs cool and very quiet AMD software works well Sapphire TriXX software Run games great @1080p Price 3 free games added to the purchase Beautiful backplate Not a huge card

Cons: Not much to complain about here...only slight negative would be the power draw (Uses a 6+8 pin connection) which isn't an issue for me. I would suggest using a minimum psu of 600w. The card was not enclosed in an anti-static bag and the package was barebones, no extras were included but was well packaged for protection during shipping.....These were minor cons that were not and issue for me.

Overall Review: Upgraded from a MSI 760 4GB OC gpu. For anyone looking to play games at 1080p on high to max settings and not wanting to spend a fortune on a gpu, this card checks all the boxes. It's beautiful to look at and performs as good as it looks, though if anyone is concerned with the color scheme of their system with a windowed case, the blue is very blue and may clash with the color of some lighting and components. The Sapphire TriXX software works great. It lets you control the RGB lighting and can create a custom fan curve. The fans also will remain off at idle temps and the card stays very cool ( 24c @ 0 rpm fan speed ) and while running at load it still remains cool and quiet. The software will control the RGB lighting on the Sapphire logo with several different lighting options but not the fans, they will always remain blue. The card will look stunning in any windowed case setup. The size of the card is a bit smaller than many other mid-range cards of similar performance, that allows it to fit just about any size case, which is really nice. The price/performance at 260.00 + free shp + 3 (quality) free games is a super deal that I can highly recommend. System setup : i7 3770K MSI Z77-G45 16GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 Seasonic 750w psu Intel 530 240GB SSD WD 1TB HDD Win 7 Pro x64 Zalman CNPS 9900 Fractal Design Define R4

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Very Pleased !7/18/2017 10:13:12 PM

Pros: Great mouse...excellent build quality and performance. Bought this on a refurbished deal at a great price, much cheaper from what it normally sells for.... Mouse arrived on time and was in new condition, no scratches, no marks and packaged in it's original box with manual. I was using a SteelSeries Rival 100 prior, which was also terrific for a budget gaming mouse, but this mouse is a step up. It tracks extremely well, all buttons and scroll wheel are very responsive. The RGB lighting on the scroll wheel, sensitivity button and and SteelSeries logo light up very well with many colors and brightness setting to choose from to match any color scheme one has on their PC setup. I have large hands and the shape is very comfortable where my hand does not get tired after long periods of use...it's also designed for right & left handed people.....very pleased with this purchase.

Cons: If I had one complaint, and it's minor, it's the location of the right rear mouse button's location. It's in a positions where I hit it very easily with my 4th finger and causes my screen to scroll down....The software is the same as the Rival 100's ( which is pretty decent) so I just need to set it up for this one and remap the buttons a bit. But if the buttons were designed a little further back it would avoid this, also it may have been located like this due to the mouse being for left and right hand people.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a very good gaming mouse and for this price and it being refurbished is a great buy.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent Card5/21/2016 10:20:38 AM

Pros: Price<br>Cooler design, idles between 25-30c, max load never goes above 70c<br>Backplate<br>Beautiful design<br>Low power consumption<br>Copper heatsinks<br>Runs games at high and ultra settings<br>Very high quality build<br>no sag when card is installed<br>Looks fantastic in case<br>OC's very well<br>Fans are very quiet at low and high speeds

Cons: None atm

Overall Review: Upgraded from an ASUS R9 290x OC edition (really liked that card) almost didn't want to give it up. I paid less for the 980ti as I did for the 290x I purchased almost 2 1/2 yrs ago...I would have gone for a new 1080 but the Founders edition @ 699 would have been about 150 more than what I paid for this 980ti....didn't want to spend that much.<br>I've had it running for about a month now and have had no issues at all...excellent card at a great price...they have since gone up again, so I'm very pleased with the price/performance ratio I've gotten here. <br><br>MSI 980ti Golden Edition<br>i7 6700k<br>Phanteks Evolv case<br>Seasonic 860w Platinum PS<br>G.Skill Trident 32GB DDR4 3400<br>Gigabyte Z170X G1 Gaming 7 MB<br>Intel 750 PCi-e x4 400GB SSD<br>Samsung 512 GB 840 Pro SSD<br>Intel 730 Series 480GB SSD<br>WD Black 640GB HDD<br>Kraken x61 AIO cpu cooler Windows 10 Pro

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Great KB4/25/2016 2:35:56 PM

Pros: Well built low noise adjustable backlit keys nice form factor, not to big or small types well nice for gaming macro keys great durability

Cons: None really...some sellers are listing this KB for around 300 dollars....is that a joke ?

Overall Review: bought this on sale about 4 years ago for about $35...one of the best additions to my PC ever.

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Great AIO System2/13/2016 6:32:07 AM

Pros: Cools cpu extremely well, fairly easy install, very good warranty, pump attachment looks nice in case, not too noisy, CAM software.

Cons: Price, could be a bit cheaper and never goes on sale (not a knock against the cooler) Instruction are very limited but you can go on line and download the manual..also plenty of YouTube videos out there if you need help or questions answered.

Overall Review: Have had this running for several months and haven't experienced any problems some other have mentioned...leaking, air in pump, etc. Idle temps avg between 19-22 C in silent mode with a fan speed at 25% and pump rpm avg at 2500. Under load conditions fan speed at 50%, avg cpu temp about 60C and pump rpm at 3000 in performance mode. I changed out the fans to a set of Cougar CFD 140 Hydraulic-Bearing 1000rpm extreme silence fans with white LED. The stock fans were good but I wanted something a bit quieter with LED lighting. CAM software seems to run fine, no issues and gives me the info I need. Color lighting options are cool, just have mine set to steady red to match my re & white color theme. This is my first AIO cooler and am very pleased so far..if you're looking to go from air cooling to water, I highly recommend this product. Sys Specs: Phantek Enthoo Evolv case i7 6700k 32 GB DDR4 G Skill 3400 860w Seasonic Platinum PSU ASUS r9 290x Intel 750 x4 SSD Gigabyte G1 Z170X MB Windows 10 Pro (hate it) etc..etc...

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Really nice Flash Drive2/13/2016 5:29:36 AM

Pros: Well designed, quality construction. Very fast drive, great price, made in USA !

Cons: None

Overall Review: I usually lose the cap covers but this one stays firmly in place when snapped on...Thxxx Mushkin. I had to format this in Fat32 to flash a bios update on my new MB. But no big deal, just have to reformat it again. Love the Mushkin logo and that it has an activity light with an attachment for a key ring. Made in USA ! Got this on sale for $19.00 + free S&H...Thxxx Newegg. I highly recommend Mushkin :)

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
High quality, very fast, beautiful design.1/24/2016 11:35:48 AM

Pros: Top quality materials, well constructed, beautiful design, very, very fast memory. Price has dropped a lot since it's first release.

Cons: As previously stated in another review...."XMP profile did not initially boot with the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 that I purchased as part of a combo deal with this memory." I purchased this same combo deal and had trouble setting the memory frequency to the correct settings. The MB needed a Bios update from F5. At the time the most recent was the F7b, which I installed and gave me nothing but trouble. A week later Gigabyte released the F7g which seemed to resolve the issue and I was able to use the XMP profile to run at 3400Mz. The con here has nothing to do with the memory, just the MB was not very cooperative. Price has dropped a lot since it's first release.

Overall Review: I've been using G.Skill memory since DDR1, 2 & 3 in various builds over the years and have had nothing but great success with it. After finally getting the MB to work correctly with this ram I can highly recommend it...very fast, beautiful and well built ram. The price has dropped a lot since it's first release but I got it at on a good combo deal at the time, Now I just have to get further bugs and kinks worked out with this Gigabyte board, but that's for another review. If you're looking for really fast, high quality memory, buy this one.

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet !1/4/2016 12:09:20 PM

Pros: Easy install, very fast, good warranty, well constructed, great sale price.

Cons: None atm.

Overall Review: Was going to use a new copy of W7 I had sitting around for some time but after purchasing this x4 MLC SSD realized I really needed to go with W10 for compatibility issues. I'm using this drive as my main bootup and am very pleased with the increased speeds it offers over my other 2 drives I installed into my new PC build (Samsung 512gb 840 Pro & Intel 730 Series 480gb SSD's)...Don't get me wrong, these 2 drives are really fast and can now serve me with more additional storage space, but this Intel 750 Series is smokin' fast and boots up at start-up in the blink of an eye. I caught this on a 72 hr sale last week for 249.00, about 100 dollars cheaper than it is atm. It was a great deal and a quality product...I would highly recommend if one can catch it on sale.

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EXCELLENT !1/1/2016 11:23:28 AM

Pros: High quality material, enables very smooth tracking with your mouse, Lots of room to maneuver if you need it, great grip on the bottom to keep it from moving.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Best mouse pad I've ever used. Tracks well and material is a high quality thick rubber with a soft and smooth top that has a nice cloth feel to it that is very comfortable to my hand and wrist when gaming. Logo in the bottom left corner looks sharp and is not intrusive to one's mouse movements. I needed a larger pad and this was the biggest I could find which suits my needs perfectly. If you're looking for a larger mouse pad for gaming as well as everyday use, I highly recommend the SteelSeries Qck Heavy gaming mouse pad

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Cool & Quiet12/27/2015 8:33:45 AM

Pros: Pushes lots of air, very quiet, well constructed, pleasant LED's, price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought 2 of these to add to a Kraken x61 for a push pull config. for the radiator on top of a Phanteks Evolv Mid-tower case. Fit perfectly, works well and has increased my cooling for the cpu considerably. The LED's aren't overly bright but give off a very nice illumination that works really well with the color scheme of my Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 MB. Even at high rpm's the fans are quiet when under load conditions during gaming sessions. Cougar makes really nice products. I am currently running a Cougar 850w semi-mod power supply which has operated perfectly for the past 5+ years. I highly recommend Cougar and highly recommend these fans for anyone that needs to add or upgrade their systems.

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Exceptional Quality, Style and Functionality12/20/2015 9:50:47 AM

Pros: Beautiful looks, styling, fit and finish with high grade aluminum. Interior layout is open and spacious for a mid-tower case. Large side window to show off all your components and lots of room behind the MB making cable mgmt a breeze. Plenty of velcro straps to tidy up loose wires and well placed high quality grommets to give your build a super clean look and a nice PMW fan hub on the back along with 3 SSD brackets (2 in back, 1 in front that can be shown off thru the side window) Cover to hide power supply and hidden HDD's Case comes with 3 x 140mm fans (2 in front, 1 rear), has excellent air flow and placement for many more and it's well designed for water cooling with AIO or full loop systems and dust filters all the way around.

Cons: None that I have encountered

Overall Review: This case screams quality and has the high tech understated look to it that I prefer, not really into the over the top bling type cases. It does have a power LED that can be changed to 4 different colors. It also has a pull out bracket on top to make installing a radiator very easy. My Kraken x61 was a breeze to install. I should also mention that this case doesn't come with an optical drive bay. That wasn't a problem for me, I already have an external DVD/ writer, but for some this may be an issue. The Phantek EVOLV is without a doubt the best looking (always subjective) most well built and designed PC case I have ever owned and for the price I can highly recommend it. The Evolv will be replacing a Lian Li Lancool PC-K63 Mid-tower case that I really love, but felt it was time to move on with my new build that is coming off my old 775 socket platform from about 7 years ago. Phanteks EVOLV for new Skylake build : i7 6700k Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7 16GB G Skill Trident DDR4-3400 ASUS R9 290x 4gb Cougar 1000w modular psu Samsung 512gb 840 pro SSD Intel 480gb 730 series WD Black 640gb HDD LG external DVD Writer Kraken X61 AIO 2 Cougar 140 white LED fans Windows 7 Pro

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Excellent SSD12/12/2015 7:24:46 AM

Pros: Very fast, Stable, good warranty and reliable.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Can be pricy. Have had this drive for almost 1 year and has performed flawlessly. It can be a bit pricy but found it on sale for 209.00, wish I bought two of them at the time. Intel drives seem to be very well built and reliable as opposed to a other SSD's I have used. Glad to see SSD prices coming down from where they were a year of two ago.

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Nice Keyboard...but defective12/6/2015 10:51:59 PM

Pros: Well constructed, many keyboard functions, designed well for gaming, back lighting is very nice, wrist rest is very comfortable.

Cons: Keystrokes are defective while typing. User manual it comes with is lacking (but one can download a PDF for the actual user guide online)

Overall Review: As nice as this keyboard is, I have to RMA it back for a replacement. Some keystrokes don't register and will make typos and it keeps typing nonsense on it's own. I updated the firmware after installing the software and tried it on two different PC's it kept making the same errors while typing on both machines. I still want this KB not only because it looks to be of high quality but I paid a great B-Fri. price (89.00) Newegg customer service was understanding and sent me a RMA return for a replacement. I hold G. Skill products in high regard and feel I just got a bad one...happens. Hope the next one works as intended. I'll submit another review at a later date after I receive my new KB. Till then I can only give it 3 eggs.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Peter Glad to hear you like the high quality construction of the RIPJAWS Gaming series keyboard. There are surely many functions and features that can be customized to your preference. With the built-in memory, any changes from default can be retained even if USB and power is disconnected from the keyboard. As a result, your configuration can follow you to any computer you use. With regards to the keystrokes issue, make sure it is not a programming issue with the software. Load defaults and retest, each key should work properly on it's own. If you feel there is an actual defect, feel free to send it in for a new replacement. All RIPJAWS KM780 keyboards are backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty so you can expect a perfect working product during this time frame. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
2 yrs old and still going strong5/22/2015 9:02:38 PM

Pros: Comfort Movement Accuracy Customization Software Looks & Feel Durability

Cons: Price, unless it's on sale.

Overall Review: I bought this SteelSreies Sensei Raw 6/11/13 on sale for $35.32. One of the best purchases I've ever made. This mouse has gone through the torture test with my gaming and still functions like the day I bought it. I play mainly online Hawken. The mouse movement and accuracy is fantastic and highly adjustable, it's highly customizable (don't know what others are complaining about) with great software. I thought the high gloss was going to be a problem but I couldn't be more wrong. Fingerprints clean up in a snap and the materials used are of really high quality which make it very durable. The shape is just right for me, I have large hands, which make it very comfortable for long gaming sessions. The mouse itself looks just great with the high black gloss finish and white led lights, this thing is a knockout. I see that the price is still very high even when on sale, but if you can find this at around 60-70 dollars it's still well worth it. I've use many other mice, some work well and others did not, but this SteelSeries has really won me over. It's an outstanding performer.

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G.Skill is Top Notch3/23/2014 2:30:14 PM

Pros: Very fast Stays cool excellent quality Heatsinks look terrific Purchased at a great price T

Cons: NONE !

Overall Review: Bought 16GB of this ram for a new build for my wife. Was running 4GB of G.Skill DDR 3200 in her previous PC and they still work great and I have 8GB of DDR2 1066 running in my PC for the last 5 yrs. Bought these on sale at a very good price with a 15% off. The heatsinks fit nicely in the MB and have lots of clearance with the aftermarket cooler. Using the XMP Profile to set the timings to 8-8-8-24 was a snap. G.Skill is a great product. MSI GTX 760 OC 4gb MSI Z77-G45 Military Class III G.Skill Ripjaws X 16gb DDR3 1600 CL8 Zalman CNPS9900 Intel 530 series 256gb SSD Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HHD Seasonic 750w Gold modular PSU Fractal Design R4 Titanium Mid-tower LITE-ON DVD Burner 1 Cougar CF-V14HB Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing intake fan 3 Cougar 14C Blue LED Hydraulic (Liquid) Bearing Ultra Silent Fans 2 x Hydraulic bearing 140mm Silent Series R2 fans, 1000 RPM speed HP LP2465 24" 16:10 1920 x 1200 Monitor Corsair Vengeance K90 KB E-3lue Cobra EMS 109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse 1600dpi Windows 7 Pro x64 Logitech 2.1 speakers w/ onboard sound

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1st MSI gpu is terrific3/23/2014 1:35:19 PM

Pros: Excellent build quality Runs very cool & quiet Awesome looking back plate A 4gb card for a great price Easy install of drivers and software from Nvidia' site Looks fantastic !

Cons: Not really a con, but the card has just the slightest bit of sag , though I have to look really hard to notice it, so not a big deal. Didn't receive the free copy of Assassin's Creed IV that was offered with the purchase of this card at the time. I have called Newegg several times about this and they said it would be sent to me once back in stock, which it has been several times but still didn't send. Received an email basically telling me it's out of stock and I'm **** out of luck....I know it's just a silly game and was offered for free as an incentive to purchase that item, but I've been a very good Newegg customer for 10+ years and have had great customer service till this. If you tell me over the phone that you are going to do something, then do it. If not tell me you're not. I hate to be disappointed about customer service over a stupid game, though this seems to be the case. Com'on Newegg you can do better.

Overall Review: 1st MSI card and Nvidia card in a long while. Love it ! ..This was for a brand new build for my wife's PC. She does a lot of video editing and web design work for her marketing position. Card looks great in the case and runs flawlessly. MSI GTX 760 OC 4gb MSI Z77-G45 Military Class III G.Skill Ripjaws X 16gb DDR3 1600 CL8 Zalman CNPS9900 Intel 530 series 256gb SSD Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HHD Seasonic 750w Gold modular Fractal Design R4 Titanium Mid-tower

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Great deal ! Terrific SSD !11/28/2012 10:19:46 PM

Pros: This drive is really fast. Windows was easy to install, PC now boots in approx 15 sec. Nice 3.5" mounting bracket with screws. Great looking and has a high build quality.

Cons: Just got these up and running today so can't yet comment on their long term reliability...but I have have no cons at this point.

Overall Review: These are my first SSD's and I couldn't be happier with this kind of performance. I have used Kingston memory in the past and have had very good results with their products. I was lucky to grab this set of 2 on a Black Friday special for 59.99 ea. I wish I had picked up several more at this outstanding price. Newegg packaged it well and shipping was prompt. Of the really good BF deals, this was one of the best.

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Quality Product12/24/2011 7:49:45 AM

Pros: Great buy and an excellent product. These solar lights are well made and give off a nice white bright light (though they will not light up the surrounding area at greater distances) they provide a nice illumination for your pathway or garden area. Once fully charged they will last for a solid 8 hours +. The design is very stylish and look as nice as much more expensive sets.

Cons: None.......

Overall Review: For the price and quality this is a terrific value. We bought two sets and are very please with the performance of these solar lights. As always thanks Newegg !

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A Work of Art 112/7/2011 8:37:59 PM

Pros: Just received this Invicta watch today and I must say I'm stunned to say the least. This watch is unbelievably beautiful, the quality and craftsmanship is superb and the look is very elegant and rich with just a touch of sportiness that allows it to be worn just about anywhere I go. The color combination is very unique, it being a copper/rose and black which I like very much. I didn't want that gold plated look. The face design is like nothing I've ever seen before with a black inner bezel over laid on top of the copper/rose face dial which houses the chronograph and hour, minute and second hands. The band is a very heavy duty rubberized material that adjusts fairly easy and looks fantastic with the metal clasp that has the Invicta emblem engraved on it. Just stunning ! It was very well packaged In the box provided by Invicta. The watch itself was wrapped in foam and the watch crystal and back were lined with clear protective plastic.

Cons: If I have to give any con at all it would be that the watch was already running when I received it in the box and the time was off my 2 minutes...neither of these things are a big deal and worth removing an egg.

Overall Review: Shipping was fast and the packaging was very good...Thxxx Watch Grabber and Newegg. Got a great price for 133.00 + Free S&H. I also must mention this watch is large and has some weight to it. Not as big as some of Invicta's other watches, but it will really stand out on one's wrist. I have fairly narrow wrists and was a bit worried it would be to uncomfortable while looking just much too big for me. Once I put it on I don't want to take it off. Looks and feels great. If Your looking for a large manly watch with a bit of understated elegance that has a truly unique color and appearance to it....I highly recommend this watch !....Thxxx again Watch Grabber and Newegg.

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High Quality PSU12/5/2011 7:18:31 PM

Pros: Quality power, quality construction with high grade components. Looks great and runs very cool & quiet.

Cons: NONE.

Overall Review: Picked up this psu several months back on a Shell Shocker deal. I never heard of Cougar before and was not sure about the quality and reliability of this company, but took a chance after reading some reviews and I so glad I did. The price was so inexpensive I just couldn't pass up the deal. 84.00 shipped for a power supply worth more that twice that. This thing runs great, powering a C2Q Q9550, Zalman 9700, Sapphire 6970, 2 WD 640 HDD, Gigabyte X-48 MB, 8GB GSkill DDR2 1066, Lancool PC-K63 case with 5 fans. 2 optical drives and a Sound-blaster X-Fi. They also make a great Mid-Tower case called the Evolution that has got very good reviews. I'm impressed with Cougar and will be on the lookout for more for their products in the future.

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Eggsellent Deal / Eggsellent Product11/30/2011 4:23:55 PM

Pros: Very good size for a mid-tower case, plenty of room inside to install any components you may have including large multiple GPU's. The steel and plastic case materials are of high quality with a nice finish that doesn't leave fingerprints and the painted black interior also has a very high finish to it and matches up well with the exterior color of the case. 5 fans that move a ton of air very quietly, four are blue LED which are not overly bright. Good cable mgmt with plenty of MB cutouts to route cables behind the RT. side panel. Removable HDD cage for better airflow or larger GPU's. Air filters on both front 140cm fans and bottom of PSU intake. Easy removable front and top panels. Very large side panel window that is made from high quality thick clear plastic. Decent instructions and a PC accessories list for additional case parts. (Looking at getting a nice USB 3.0 converter for direct connect to MB made for this case) Shp was fast and case arrived in perfect condition. Thxxx Newegg

Cons: None really. Could have used a bit more space behind MB tray to hide cables, it was just a bit tight for me. Another half inch would have been perfect. This case doesn't have the grommeted cutouts like other case mfg. are going more with today. It has several small cutouts along the bottom and one long narrow opening along th back panel behind the drive bays. It still makes for a clean build when taking your time, but I think the grommeted holes give it a bit better look.

Overall Review: All in all this a a great case. I wasn't really thrilled with the overall looks when viewing it on line, but once I unboxed it at home it was very stunning with clean pleasing line. I got it on a special 50% off Lian Li sale thru last weekend for 79.00 & free S&H. I wanted to replace my CM 690 (original version) which I'm not happy with at all (terrible cable mgmt, no fan filters & unpainted interior) and was looking at the Corsair 650D but no sales were to be had at that time and it was more than I wanted to spend on that case. I'm really glad I decided to pull the trigger on this Lancool (made by LIAN LI) From the quality of build and materials they put into this case for the price, for me it's an unbeatable and awesome deal.

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High Quality Component8/14/2010 7:19:00 PM

Pros: Very well constructed unit, runs cool even though I have it in a somewhat tight space in the entertainment cabinet. On screen setup display is fairly easy to navigate and use. This A/V receiver has much improved my surround sound and HD video quality from just using the HD TV speakers. Many connections on the rear, PRICE !

Cons: I'm having a difficult time using the remote. The menu buttons are setup more complicated than I feel they should be to make selections and for some reason it doesn't work unless I'm within several feet of the receiver, which means I have to walk over to be close enough to it for the unit to respond....very annoying ! I'm also having issues with the volume settings. when using the remote, I don't really start to get any noticeable volume until around level 50...that doesn't seem right. Also I had trouble with the Audyssey 2EQ. It would not finish a complete scan (kept cutting out) for the speaker setup in the room when cycling through the sound check.

Overall Review: As I mentioned, I'm not highly knowledgeable when it comes to audio systems and I sure some of the issues I mentioned in the cons can be remedied with more tweaking and updating myself on the equipment and how to maximize the settings. Overall I believe this to be of excellent quality/value with many features to adjust your settings to fit one's A/V needs. I'm running this receiver with a Samsung PN50B860 50" Plasma and Polk Audio RM510 5.1CH High Performance Surround Sound Speaker System.

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Rock Solid PSU7/29/2010 8:53:11 PM

Pros: Very high quality product. Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS Certified, +12V Rails-Single@30A, 120mm double ball-bearing fan, runs very cool and quiet, extra long nicely sleeved cables. Comes with a 3 yr. mfg. warranty, Price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A power supply of this quality and performance is amazing. It is equal to other units that are more expensive and powerful. I bought this for my wife's PC that I built 5 1/2 years ago. The PS then was a no-name 425w unit that just finally died. Newegg had a great deal on this 400w Corsair at the time, so I decided to do a bit of upgrading on her 939 socket system starting with this power supply and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The unit is built to handle much more than most other PS in it's class. For anyone looking to anchor a nice PC system on a budget, this is a great place to start. System specs : Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939, 2GB Corsair DDR 400 PC-3200, CM Hyper N 520, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.2GHz, ATi X800 XT PE 256mb, WD 150GB 10K rpm Raptor HDD, Creative SB Audigy 2Z5, 2 ASUS 24x optical drives, Win XP Pro 32 bit. It's an oldie but a goodie. Corsair will be a mainstay in all my future builds along with Newegg.

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Not what I expected7/18/2010 8:46:37 PM

Pros: Price, got this on a Shell Shocker deal for $35...decent sound, clear with little distortion.

Cons: Cheaply made ! Would never pay the full price for these. Very uncomfortable ! Little to no padding across the bridge over my head. They cause a lot of discomfort after the first 20 mins of use. The fit around the ears is rather small and again not very well padded, if you have normal to larger size ears it might cause additional discomfort. The Mic is very flimsy at best and would not stay connected, kept falling off. If it wasn't for fairly good sound and a cheap price, I would take off another egg.

Overall Review: For the price, they accomplish their intended purpose for me...to be able to listen to sound without disturbing others in the house at certain times. I really can't see this set used for high intensity gaming and would look elsewhere for something of better quality and sound.

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Really nice Flash Drive7/8/2010 10:28:42 PM

Pros: Very fast data Transfer, hard rubber en-closer protects this drive well, very cool looking.

Cons: Price...for another 5 bucks one can get the 8GB version of this drive here on Newegg.

Overall Review: Bought this drive for my wife. She using it for school and the 4GB has plenty of space for the moment, but as mentioned above, I would rather have spent a few extra dollars and purchased double the memory. She is very pleased with it's performance and people in her class have commented on how cool and good looking it is.

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