Best Keyboard i've ever owned7/31/2014 12:36:16 AM

Pros: Everything about this keyboard is a Pro, I cannot find a single con yet except for one. See below this line for that single con. For now, Key response is amazing, comfort level is through the roof, the keys on the Cherry MX Red are just clicky enough but don't wake up my girlfriend. I chose these over the MX blue's and I'm so glad I did. So is my girlfriend. Accurate, Comfortable, Quick and quiet are the names of Corsairs game with the K70. Me personally, I dub them the winner. Hands down.

Cons: A littlee pricey however it was worth every single extra hour at work I will need to pay off my new PC and this gem of a keyboard together,

Overall Review: This keyboard is amazing, make sure you attempt to find a local retailer where you can try out all three of the MC Cherry Key styles. I'm glad I did, it helped me find the right keyboard for my life style. Also, you could always check out CM-University, Cooler Master's initiative to get all of us learned in the ways of new PC tech and tech vocabulary. :-)

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Corsair does it again7/31/2014 12:28:08 AM

Pros: Awesome, Easy to install Appealing design Eggcelent cooling capacity Quiet fans and pump] Custom color ring (Red, Grey and Blue included.) are a nice touch. Albeit a small one, but still very nice.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Just buy it, if you want the software integration than maybe wait for a little while to see if they bring out a 105i variant. However this 38mm radiator is awesome as it is. You will NOT be disappointed in this devices phenomenal cooling abilities or it's whisper quiet operation.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Best Multi-Platform Headset, Period.7/31/2014 12:18:46 AM

Pros: This headset provides the best in comfort and sound quality that I have ever experienced in a universal gaming headset. Universal... Did he say that right? Yes, this headset works on all platforms that I've tested it on. (even on my Nvidia shield over a 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux.) Long battery life and amazing range in volume. eggcelent construction and overall build quality.

Cons: windows defaults to USB connectivity even though USB is mainly plugged in for power. The USB connectivity mode provides the WORST sound quality of the connectivity options available out of the box and never once did not produce static. however, since it is clearly intended as a power supply method and not as sound transfer, I will not be deducting any eggs for this particular con. Otherwise, NONE!

Overall Review: This headset is amazingly comfy, provides amazing sound, and Astro seems to have a keen eye in presentation as the included headset stand is a wonderful, albeit a small touch. I constantly forget I'm wearing them because they are so comfy and I absolutely love that. Still have not made up your mind? Let me lend you some words of assistance from the wise... If you're a serious gamer, or just love having the best sound possible without family or neighbors complaining... Then this is the BEST headset for you, hands down. Just buy it. I am Positive this headset will not disappoint.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Sound for the money.7/31/2014 12:05:50 AM

Pros: Good price, Good sound, Easy setup and very appealing design.

Cons: no cons for this product so far.

Overall Review: While I have no cons of this product, make sure to check ALL retailers in your area before purchasing. found my set $20.00 cheaper (60.99) at a major local retailer the day after I set mine up. Waiting on the Iron Egg Guarantee to go through. Will finish my review then.

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So lightning does strike three times.7/31/2014 12:01:41 AM

Pros: Here goes: - Black on black, as has been a staple of the CM69X series Cases. - Lots of layout customization, again another CM69X Staple - Lots of cable routing options, did not even need the extra space granted by the backside panel "Extension." - Accessory box filled with all the necessary hardware for any devices where tool less install is not an option - EASILY REMOVABLE FILTERS! Thank you Cooler Master! - Beautiful Fan-less side window for those who enjoy admiring their handy work. (Also available in a less-expensive solid window that has 2x 120mm/14mm fan mounts. - included 120mm rear & 200mm front fans move lots of air and are super quiet. - included cable routing and external liquid cooling grommets included. (CM Confirms this was only an issue on first run cases, all further models should be shipped with all shown grommets.) - As to be expected with the CM69X series, I found no sharp edged, no poorly assembled components, etc. - Front panel USB and Sound ports are firm and sturdy. - Entire hard drive cage can be removed. - Lower hard drive cage can be retained and moved rearward to support a 360mm Rad in the front of the case. - Room in bottom of case for 120mm fan if need be. - Top of case Supports any of the following cooling configurations: > 1x 200mm fan > 2x 140mm fans > 2x 120MM fans > 1x 240mm radiator w/ 2x 12mm fans (push & pull not recommended) - Super tall rubber feet allowing for tons of airflow to the PSU and optional lower intake fan. - Access doors slide on much easier than previous models. - Cubby by front I/O system is handy but.... - TONS OF ROOM! - SSD Mount on back side of Mobo Tray, talk about a stealthy install. -Adjustable HDD/SSD drive tool-less mounting hardware. this feature alone is very well done.

Cons: Cons are few, so no loss of eggs. However they deserve mentioning. - Black finish scuffs/ scratches much easier than previous versions in the CM69X series. though if you're careful this wont be an issue. - while the cubby is kind of handy why was there no X-Dock of any kind included? this was my favorite feature of the CM690 II Advanced case. PLEASE bring this back, or provide an optional add on. - rear fan only 120mm, no 140mm... why? - Only one routing hole directly below the MOBO, and that is the opening for the PSU bracket, while for most builds this could be enough, the available routing options of the CM690 II were a little better here. Please keep in mind none of these problems are major in anyway. I'm knit picking at this point for objectivity.

Overall Review: Here are some facts to note simply for transparency. - push pull impossible without removing top filter panel (though this can be done without removing the primary top trim piece, depending on your build and style this could have a really awesome look to it.) or without super thin 120mm fans. - only 3x 5.25 drive bays. While not widely important, those of you that like you're 5.25" drive HDD mounts or fan controllers, be mindful of your selected accessories. - front panel is a little picky if you rotate the fan at 90* increments.(there are two stabilizing pegs that interfere here.) 90* either left or right from stock and the front panel will not fit correctly. Be mindful with aftermarket 200mm fan systems. not a con, just an observation. - as part of the con I mentioned earlier, the black finish inside the case scuffs rather easily. And while attempting to remove my upper 2.5" HDD Cage, the force required to finally free said cage scuffed the top of my 3.5" bays and the sides of the 2.5" Cage pieces. Since this level of friction could have been a result of poor handling in the shipping process, again no eggs lost on the product.. As a final roundup; The CM69X series have played home to my last 3 major personal builds so I am very familiar with this line of cases (my first being the OG 690 back in 2007.) Admittedly, going into this build I was super hesitant, I had concerns that CM May have lost their touch, or that it would not live up to my expectations. Well I can happily say that those concerns were unfounded and while I did list a couple minor cons (what case doesn't have a couple?) The CM690 III Mid tower case has quickly become one of my favorite cases of all time. Everything from the cable routing options, the crystal clear clean lined window, Stealth SSD Mounting, Tool-Less install, and removable filters... To the extended side panel, quality components, customizability, freedom and the Solid and vibration-free build quality have come together to build an absolutely phenomenal case that only improves on the CM69X lineup. Despite the Lack of X-Dock, and the ease of scuff on the internal coating, this case is easily one of the best cases for the money. You can NOT go wrong with a CM69X series case, period. They are amazing, and I dare say the best in their pricing bracket hands down. So please, be mindful of my knit picking and be sure this case is right for you. But lets face it, we all know it's the right one. So go for it, I am positive this case will never disappoint.

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Perfect11/25/2012 12:41:58 PM

Pros: -Its Metra -It does what it says it is supposed to do. -installation was fairly easy, though instructions could be better.

Cons: none really, aside from sub par manual.

Overall Review: There was no definition for extra connections and wires within the manual. I assume these are for when I get the module to retain my steering wheel controls, however it would have just been nice to know out of the box what they were for.

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Easy, Easy Peasy9/25/2012 10:01:40 PM

Pros: I'll keep it short and sweet, this cooler is really well made. I purchased this to replace my buddies' aging stock cooler on his Q9550 and was dreading the installation process when compared to some of the other large coolers on the market. I was pleasently suprised at how easy it was to install (SOOOO MUCH EASIER than the CM Z600) and to be fully connected and running properly. I will definately end up either buying another any build I make in the future. and for the 49.99 I got it for, there is NOTHING better in this price range.

Cons: For once, I can actually say NONE about an air cooler.

Overall Review: This cooler is the same size WITH IT's FANS as my old CM Z600 was WITHOUT IT's fans... Simply amazing, and the double V heatpipe design as well as the well-placed LED strip down the front of the cooler are all subtle but awesome features you will come to appreciate with this cooler. (would buy one for my self if my Own rig didn't just transfer over to an H100)

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Does what it says9/25/2012 9:55:51 PM

Pros: It does exactly what I expect it to do. Charge both of my cell phones at the same time without needing two seperate adapters. Simply awesome.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Will probably buy more in the future, fantastic little product.

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Absolutely Fantastic!9/25/2012 9:54:05 PM

Pros: I purchased this drive for my ASUS G75VW - TS2 (Tiger Direct model) looking to get a little extra speed out of my unit. This was my first adventure into the SSD world and I must say that I am absolutely blown away by the results of that random adventure brought on by a daily deal. For the price you pay, this drive is PLENTY fast and took my boot up times from 40-45 seconds down to 8-12 seconds (depending on setting changes and such.) I could not be happier with such a well put together piece of hardware and with Kingston themselves. I used to avoid Kinston for a long time, they seemed dull, and out of touch with the gaming and moding communities. However, I am glad I gave them a chance to prove themselves and their products to me once again. Definately a perfect buy for someone who's looking to make the jump into the SSD Arena, or even for someone who's been in before but needs something a little more mild for their current build. Will buy another unit for sure.

Cons: Not really a con, but for me the capacity is a bit low. However I knew that before buying it and refuse to knock this product because I couldn't wait for the 256's to go on sale. Doesn't cut my cake and eat it too?

Overall Review: I cannot say enough about this drive, I could go on for hours with how fast it has made my gaming laptop and Battlefield 3. IF it's your first time, in the SSD Arena or even if you are a seasoned veteren from the 8-16 gb ssd days, You WILL love this drive. I will be buying another when I finally upgrade my desktop to a MOBO that is equipped with trimming and garbage collecting protocols. p.s. The encloser and the 3.5 inch adapter included in this set are all nice touches. Though the USB would be even better if it were 3.0

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Simply Amazing8/25/2012 3:00:30 AM

Pros: Where do I start? This thing has made the transfer between two different LGA 775 Processors (q6600 to a q9550) and over the last several years that I have owned this Cooler it continues to amaze! The twin mounting, push-pull, fan configuration is Amazing! though crude by modern CPU Coolers (EX: v6GT, V10GT). The mounting screws are a fantastic supliment for the usual push and twist locking mechanisms from the intel CPU coolers. Keeps my overclocked q9550 (2.83 ghz to 3.4ghz) at rediculously low temps ( as low as 28 C and highest at 42 C (Heavy extended Gaming.) Fan mounting brackets fit ANY 120 mm fan, This is one of the best features I have ever seen. Also makes for a tight fit so very little rattle even at high RPM's. Easy installation. Quality construction Fantastic Longevity! All these attributes come together to make this, quite possibly, the BEST CPU cooler I have ever used. Period!

Cons: The Cooler is Large, but it fit in both my mid cases just fine (first the CM 690, than the CM 690 II Advanced.)

Overall Review: I can't speak enough positive things about this cooler. My only other thing i should mention is a concern with the design lies in the fins... they are VERY VERY VERY SHARP! I sliced my finger open as a result of their sharp design. However, I refuse to dock any points because of my carelessness (It only happened once and it was part of my first build.) Just be Careful and things will go smoothly. As dated as this cooler is, it has been updated for all the latest intel LGA processors as well as most modern AMD processors. (i would imagine at least as modern as everything was when it was discountinued. Phenominal CPU Cooler. I Highly recommend picking one up no matter what kind of build you are working on.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Good value8/30/2010 2:00:39 AM

Pros: Purchased mine for 2.99 from a gamestop that was cleaing them out. Did everything it needed to do, transfer data from one harddrive to another.

Cons: notta.

Overall Review: Swapped my 120 gb drive into my HALO3's Harddrive enclosure and used this hardware to swap the data back into the Halo3 enclosure which now contains a 120gb drive, one of the easiest data transfers i've ever done. BUY IT! DO IT NOW! GLAAAUWWHHHHH!

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Works great8/30/2010 1:57:48 AM

Pros: Does what it is supposed to do, Even works on my HD DVD Attatchment. I love it.

Cons: Uses AA's? No way to charge it via USB or something Shnazy like that.

Overall Review: Wish HD DVD Hadn't lost the war, Transformers looked so much better on it than on Blueray.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Nice8/30/2010 1:56:18 AM

Pros: Comfortable Good sound Good noise cancelation. Easy to connect.

Cons: Miss having volume and Mute control down on the controller not up on my throat. That is the only thing I hate about this new unit.

Overall Review: Does what it is supposed to do. (aka, be a backup for the rare occasions i forget to charge my Wireless headset! Hahahaha!)

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Perfect8/30/2010 1:44:59 AM

Pros: Feels like the Keyboard on my Cellphone, making it very intuitive and very easy to use. I love it. Headset included is definately a positively good buy as well

Cons: Sometimes the buttons don't exactly take properly, though this could just be because mine was purchased used so i wont knock off any eggs for this minor detail.

Overall Review: Wish it came in Custom Halo green for my Halo3 controller. Wish it Came in Custom Halo Silver for my Reach slim that I am getting soon.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Awesome Faceplate8/30/2010 1:41:31 AM

Pros: Awesome Color (same color as my 1973 Chevy Nova) Easy to install Made friends' eyes bulge and their glances double take when they came in the room.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Wish they would make clear faceplates that would be easy to custom paint ourselves.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
DO NOT PURCHASE!8/30/2010 1:37:51 AM

Pros: Does keep your xbox cooler... Kindof. Asthetically pleasing, Asthetically well designed and matches it's paired hardware well.

Cons: DO NOT PURCHASE! Using this on your Xbox 360 Console WILL VOID YOUR WARANTEE! At least if you mention to tech support that you have been using this device. The problem is this particular unit draws power directly through the power port, now while this seems like a solid plan it is not. For some reason or another this unit draws enough power to cut the fanspead inside the console in half, thus reducing the console's own ability to cool it'self and making any additional cooling capabilities lack luster if not even worth it at all.

Overall Review: Nyko does however have another offering, one that uses an AC power adapter that does not Kill your XBOX and is perfectly safe to use and does not kill your Warantee. That Particular unit is Called the: "Nyko Intercoller TS 360" link to newegg: Again, buy the Intercooler TC 360 for your Xbox, it is perfectly safe for your console. DO NOT BUY the Intercooler EX. I was told by Microsoft techsupport personally that if that peripheral was used, my warantee would be void.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
awesome8/30/2010 1:30:53 AM

Pros: Awesome connectivity, nice and simple, easily hooked up to my computer model to test Units I am fixing or selling. Optical output is a nice option to have built in. Good call.

Cons: Notta.

Overall Review: Price point is acceptable. Quality is good. Definately a vital purchase for anyone who fixes xbox's, or uses their computer monitor (OR VGA Equipped TV)

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Ownership: more than 1 year
4-1/2 year ownership.8/30/2010 1:27:55 AM

Pros: Ok, first off, I still either have, or know where My original 3 wiresless controllers are that I purchased when the system came out back in 2005. They all still work flawlessly, and like all stick based controllers, as long as you don't rest them upside down, their sticks don't end up leaning in any direction over time. My joysticks still sit perfectly in the center position and they have seen extensive use... Thousands of hours if not close to tens' of thousands of hours. -Battery life still goin g on 30+ hours each charge, the batteries for these controllers (weather be AA or rechargable) last a long time, and remain pretty consistant over the years. - NO wires - Ability to buy wired or wireless is nice In total I have 4 controllers now. 1 white from my original console 1 straight green from my H3 Console 1 Warthog controller 1 ODST Controller. My Other two Controller's have been given away to friends when I got Custom versions. All still functioning properly.

Cons: Pros. Continued. -Buttons never stick, ever, I have never had an issue with this (except for what I list next). -Controller fairly spillproof. My dog knocked over a soda Onto my controller, Ended up cleaning it off, dismanteling it to clean the button housings and rubber properly, and to my suprise the soda never got past the rubber seals, all interior electrical componants were shielded by this anti-slober solution and therefore saved the controller. Great overall mechanical and Electrical design here Microsoft. My hat's off to ya. Cons: PLay and charge kits are lame in my opinion. D-Pad kinda useless cept in menues, than again I think this is a good thing personally. Over time the trigger's can get a tad bit.... "Squeeky" you'll know it if happens to you, and if you play a lot of shooters or racers... It will happen to you. However, so easy to add WD40 that it's not even worth removing an egg.

Overall Review: Love the design, feel, and practicallity behind these controllers, great job Microsoft in designing the best controller ever made. (To support my above claim) It is now common knowledge that ALL ground based military drones are piloted by marines by remote. What is not exactly common is that all the "remotes" that are used are XBOX 360 Controllers, Granted wired through a much more powerful Reciever, but still an Xbox 360 Controller none the less. Those soldiers put their lives and the live's of other's in the hands of The best Controller on the planet. So why would you put your gamming career in the hands of anything else? Madcatz? That's a laugh, not even Logitech has come out with anything comparable to this. So Here's all the info you need. Now make the smart decision and charge this Wonderful device up and add it to your Arsenal or repituar of digital Equipment of destruction and Mayham, you wont regret it.

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Aweosme Controller8/30/2010 1:08:56 AM

Pros: This Controller is awesome! I didn't think it was possible to improve upon the 360 controller, however i was wrong. -Improved Sticks and triggers feel absolutely perfect. Not sure what the difference is in the redesign that matches the slim, but it makes it that much better. -Buttons feel about the same, no changes, which is definately a possitive. -Chrome Guide button is cool lookin. -Paint used gives the controller an even higher quality feel than the original white ones, kinda odd how that works. Again, -Easy to sync -Easy to use -Long battery Life (30+ hours) NO FRIGGEN WIRES! (no i do not use a play and charge kit)

Cons: - No play and Charge kit to match? (not for me, i hate those things, but for the people who do like it) I mean, even the limited RED controllers custom play and charge kits with them. -No Matching Qwerty Attatchment. I kno I know, no other color has this either, but still, I'm nitpicking here. -comes with AA's rather than a rechargable battery pack. Again, this is the same accross all controllers, this is just a general annoyance. -D-Pad isn't the greatest, but only really used for menu navigation, so no eggs removed here either.

Overall Review: I just really wish when they did these things, Custom Peripherals would follow as well depending on the sales rate of the Controllers, Having a Reach themed Qwerty Keyboard would be awesome. Ya know, just to keep the theme going, or the twin battery charger reachified. Ya know, I'm all about matching it up. Anywho, that's it for me.

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Awesome8/30/2010 1:00:23 AM

Pros: Wonderfully comfortable, easy to sync, charge, and use. Power button doubles as the mute and unmute button. one quick click to mute or unmute yourself one long click to turn the thing on or off. 1-4 indicators on the headset indicate which controller the headset is sync'd with (great if you have four people playing on xbox live with their own accounts. Nice long battery charge, I charge mine once every two days, and I never have to worry about my teammates not hearing me because of running out of batteries. It's Wireless It's Reach It's Halo It... is Awesome.

Cons: pricepoint, My biggest gripe is you can buy this for the PC for 29.99, Granted that version does not work with the 360 but still, kinda feels like i'm getting mistreated a bit. But that's ok, the cool paintjob that matches with my upcomming Reach Slim makes up for it, so no loss of egg here.

Overall Review: How do I have more than 1 year of ownership on something that's been out for a few weeks? simple, it's the same as the 1st generation, the only difference is the charger and the color scheme. and I have had the wireless headset since launch. Than ontop of that when Halo3 came out, I got that Limited edition one as well. So obviously, I have extensive experience with this device.

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Soon to own8/19/2010 5:24:12 AM

Pros: This mouse is amazing! I have not purchased it yet, however i got to experience it's pure genius at a local store that had it hooked up to a display gaming computer... This thing is absolutely amazing, I don't need to go into the features, it is just that good.

Cons: I will be replacing my MX revolution with this... MXR you have served me well.

Overall Review: Battery life kind of short, but as mentioned in another review on here, you can turn down the settings on this mouse. This alone makes up for the battery life and even makes it a plus

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Amazing8/19/2010 5:19:36 AM

Pros: It's the old G15, that's all that needs to be said. It is even a tad bit more comfortable than the original. They keys feel great, have just the right amount of travel... And the backlighting is absolutely amazing. Oh... The G keys are back in all their wonderful glory!

Cons: it's a tad bit expensive. however, worth every penny you spend on it.

Overall Review: yes the screen is small, but this one does not have all the driver and functionality errors of the original. Install the software and it works... Just works and very well I might add. Bring back the old G15? this is it with a revamped look and feel and even better quality than the original. I love this thing!

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Awesome8/9/2010 8:01:11 PM

Pros: Inexpensive Cooler with hardware for Push-pull configuration included. Also noise dampening foam stickers included to go between both possible fans and the heatsink to lower any excess noise.

Cons: Box was confusing, i purchased in a local store.

Overall Review: Cooler Master got lazy and put all processors supported on both AMD and Intel version even if the version you were purchasing was just one or the other (which it always is). so if you are purchasing this in the store, make sure the little tiny tiny orange round sticker is over the box for the version you are purchasing. example: For intel: RR-H101-22FK-"RI" intel supports LGA 775, 1156 and a couple others. for AMD: RR-H101-22FK-"RA" AMD Supports AM2, AM3 and a couple others. SO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. And you wont have any issues. Great product, great cooling, horrible package marketing.

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Awesome Case.8/6/2010 3:47:41 PM

Pros: This Case is excelent for the budget build, and even if you're looking to spend a lot of money. No sharp edges in mine (purchased over a year ago for a friends system. was one of the easiest installations i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with (and i have assembled a ton of computers.

Cons: None, Great Case, Great price, Great Quality.

Overall Review: Buy it, it's definately worth the money, heck probably worth more. It would be nice with a black interior like the Elite 430 tho.

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Great GPU8/6/2010 3:44:19 PM

Pros: Great Graphics Card, hasn't had any issues running some of my friends favorite games, everything from oblivion, to Dragon age, to the Sims, no issues and runs pretty cool.

Cons: Notta.

Overall Review: Buy it... DO IT!

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