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Cheap insurance9/2/2014 10:32:50 PM

Pros: If you're serious about ESD (and you should be!) then you need to get one of these. I am (mainly) employed in the two-way radio business; but do the occasional computer related job. Both of these markets nowadays use equipment that can't stand the slightest electro-static charge. I've seen quite a few radios and computers destroyed by "improper handling". Get one of these and you will reduce that risk by at least 50 percent. I've had half a dozen of these (not exact same brand/model) and a few weeks ago my second one "changed owner", whilst on the road, without my permission. Had to get another one, naturally; and this one was the perfect fit. I used to pay close to a hundred bucks for one of these, many years ago. So get one now, even if you use it only once!

Cons: None, really. It's a must-have item. And Newegg's shipping was very reasonable. Just a few bucks, so they obviously found a cheaper way to ship these (as opposed to some of the other reviews you'll find here).

Overall Review: Other thoughts....? I miss Miss Lucy :-(

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Good while it lasted, but it didn't last long!10/25/2013 9:59:21 PM

Pros: Quiet and fast. Good price and excellent performance, at the time.

Cons: Good this one in January of 2013. Worked real good until about a month ago. Then load times started increasing like crazy, and eventually I started getting many Windows OS errors a few days ago. Decided to reinstall but couldn't do a full format. Quick format, then, and a new Windows installation. That lasted for exactly a day, never even being able to do all Windows updates and such. I eventually ran a test with HD Tune, and it turns out that this drive is toast: more bad sectors than good ones. Tested it in another PC; but the results are the same.

Overall Review: On mine - and I admit it's 9 months old by now - the SATA connector is not a very tight fit. Out of three systems, with various SATA drives and identical SATA cables, this is the only drive that has this problem. Also, and this is really too bad: I've had many Seagate drives over the past 25 years or so; and I've built many a PC, both professionally and for my own purposes. This is the very first time that something breaks on me months after putting it in service and before the warranty experis; because I pick my parts carefully. So this drive failure is pretty shocking...

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