Awesome!4/26/2014 6:59:39 PM

Pros: Crystal clear. Matches perfectly with the whole F-30 system.

Cons: Was a bit Smaller then i was hoping for as the center for the F-30 surround system. No fault of the speaker and definitely not worth taking a star off for it makes up for it.

Overall Review: Went from a very large Paradigm center to this rather small c-20. First thought "I made a mistake" as i was taking it out of the box. That thought quickly went away once i started setting up my 7.1 surround. Matches wonderfully with the F-30 fronts. Sounds float across the front sound stage with out a flaw. Take some time, run your room correction program. Then bust out a spl meter and the measuring tape and tweak the program. Theres a reason the F-30 surround system with this center channel gets ratings of 9+ out of 10.

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Nice Sound Stage4/26/2014 6:47:54 PM

Pros: Great as Surround back. Immersive and Clear.

Cons: Not very ambient. Quiet sounding, like they were trying to make them soft for ambient sound and went to far. Would never pay the full price got them for half price thanks to new egg.

Overall Review: Had to put these as my surround backs and my b-20's as the surrounds on the sides in my 7.1. The reason, you couldn't hear them. The s-20's have a very soft sound to them as if they were trying to make them sound ambient. As surround backs they definitely come alive and withe the whole F-30 surround system you feel like your in the movie.

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Shocking4/26/2014 6:36:55 PM

Pros: Very clear Highs and Mids. Impressive bass for such a small speaker. Sounds much bigger then they are.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Use the b-20's as surrounds in my 7.1. They sound amazing. Not muddy. Nice soft Highs. Of Course if your planning on using them as your main front speakers a sub would be mandatory, as with any book shelf speaker this size. Have hooked the b-20's up as my main front's to show friends how amazing they sound. They never disappoint or fail to get a "wow".

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Fantastic!4/26/2014 6:20:39 PM

Pros: There Fun! Nice full sound. Huge sound stage. You'll hear things in movies and music you've never heard before. And Price!

Cons: None so far.Seriously doubt there will be.

Overall Review: There Klipsch speakers. Do your research. They sound amazing on my system. Mainly because my AVR has super smooth highs and very nice clean tight bass. Will it sound like that on your system? Couldn't tell you. I've had several friends and family over to watch movies and listen to music. Get a lot of "that sounds amazing" then i tell them the price and the look on there face is worth it. Love em!

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Got everything i paid for and then some4/21/2014 8:49:56 AM

Pros: Air play, DLNA support, Lots of power, Very immersive sound. Crystal clear, you'll hear sounds in movies you've never heard before. Being able to save more than one set up for Audyssey.

Cons: Lots of testing and calibration needed. Tons of options and certain options that only turn on for certain types of signals. If you don't enjoy the challenge of making it sound they way you like, could be a problem.

Overall Review: Took a bit of trial and error before getting it to sound like it should. Don't get me wrong out of the box its amazing. Put in some time, do a few Audyssey test and if you aren't on the edge of your seat watching a movie you've seen 10 times theres something wrong. Theres so many options and ways to set this receiver up, you'll really need to do your research and decide what works for you. Thats the biggest perk, it will sound how you want it to. If your not satisfied just keep at it you'll definitely find a setting that is what you were wanting. I mean if my wife who is perfectly happy with listening to a alarm clock for music says this is now her favorite room of the house and gets excited to watch movies at home. What more needs to be said.

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