Faster than expect. Solid as I need it.2/8/2016 2:05:11 PM

Pros: - Faster sequential transfer speeds than I'd expected. Moving files to and from my SSD and this slower spinner is relatively quicker than I'd expected overall. I've had transfer speeds peak 100MB/s for a few seconds before dropping down to the 40-70MB/s area. - Lots of cheap space.

Cons: - Random read speed isn't that fast. But that's kind of to be expected with a 5400 RPM drive.

Overall Review: Overall, I'm very happy with this. I bought two by mistake, but ended up keeping both. One I put in my Aorus X7 as a good reliable spinner, and the other I used for backup and, eventually, as a main drive for a linux box. All in all, this would be a decent drive for anyone looking for a drive that would be slightly faster than most stock 5400 RPM drives. 2TB doesn't hurt either.

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Great monitor for software development2/8/2016 1:58:38 PM

Pros: - The most clear AOC monitor I've owned - Works well in Windows and Linux - No ghosting - Fantastic for working on multiple files in an IDE I wish I'd bought a few of these. I only use the HDMI on it, and never have any issues with it.

Cons: - Speakers are shabby at best. Don't use them if you don't have to. - After a while, it seems the top of the monitor cover is bubbling up just a little bit. Nothing major or anything that would affect the functionality. Just a little ugly if you're OCD. - The software it comes with is garbage.

Overall Review: It would have been nice if this monitor came with a USB hub or something, but other than that, this is fantastic monitor. Color and clarity are especially good for the money. I've played a number of more modern games on it (like Mechwarrior Online and a few of the Arkham series games) and it doesn't ghost or blur. The only thing I would say is that it takes a little getting used to since it's so wide. It would be nice if the screen were curved like some of the other 21:9 screens. There actually is a perspective issue that requires you to sit directly centered with the screen.

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Not all that reliable12/15/2015 9:53:18 AM

Pros: Reasonably fast. Not that expensive.

Cons: Firmware flashing is a pain on computers with a UEFI rather than a BIOS. The hard disks are hardly reliable. (I'm at a 66% failure rate.) Still not as fast as some of the other drives.

Overall Review: I read good reviews about this drive and did my research well ahead of time. I pulled the trigger and bought 3 of them. At this point in time, 2 of the 3 come back as failed to my storage controller. Somehow they still boot and store the data, but their failure prevents booting without power cycling a few times. Clearly there's something wrong with them. They weren't failures on delivery either. This happened over time one after another. I now anticipate the 3rd drive will fail within a month. I haven't spoken to Crucial about this yet, but plan to after the holidays. After benching these drives, I get about 500 MB/s reads and [a very low] ~200 MB/s writes. And this was my best case test after testing a few times. I'm running these drives on an Aorus x7v2, which is far more than powerful enough to stretch these drives out on the bench. ..Not happy with this purchase.

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Not worth the money.12/25/2014 2:09:26 AM

Pros: Large size and low cost

Cons: Low resolution, terribly blurry

Overall Review: I got this monitor free with the purchase of my new gaming laptop. So luckily I didn't lose any money on it. However, I've plugged this monitor in via HDMI and VGA and I can tell you the picture quality is terrible for text. I played a game on it for about 5 minutes and decided to switch back to my old 23" screen. I tried everything to get the picture to be less blurry, but when you have this large of a screen with that low of a resolution, there's only so much you can do. I have no clue why they built a 27" monitor that only goes to 1080. It really makes no sense.

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Absolutely Great!11/4/2011 6:14:17 PM

Pros: I've had this drive installed for 2 months now. I have to say I didn't expect as much performance out of it than I'm actually getting. It's definitely not as fast as an SSD drive, but a 500GB SSD costs more than my laptop. Running a Core i7 on Windows 7 64 bit was slow before with the stock drive. This drive has increased the boot/shutdown speed as well as the load speed of all my Adobe products! I have to say it was WELL worth the money to buy this drive.

Cons: They don't support RAID, so they're really meant for laptops. Other than that there's no cons to buying this drive.

Overall Review: I game a lot of these laptop as well as build websites. Since this laptop isn't my primary gaming platform, having an SSD rather than disk space wasn't in the cards. I got this drive for $100 so there was no way I could pass that up. I updated the firmware on it and I have no clue if there was any performance difference in it, but the drive really seems solid. Considering the use it gets, this is a very well rounded drive. I notice that loading game levels from Left4Dead2 is a little slow on the first load, but it's not a deal breaker. I'd like to replace the 2nd drive in my laptop with another one of these.

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Not great.11/3/2011 2:39:32 PM

Pros: Not many good points about this card. It is a 32 GB micro SD.

Cons: This card has failed on me once, I lost a lot of pictures and video that was one it. My fault for not backing it up, but still it is a new card that has already experienced data corruption. This card is SLOW. Nowhere near class 10. Neither my computer or phone have been able to exceed write speeds of 8MB/s. This card should be classified as class 6, not 10. NOT worth the money at all. I bought this card before any other class 10 32GB cards were out on the market for over $100. Even at $60, this card is not worth the money. Read speeds are about average. On my phone, it reaches read speeds of about 21MB/s but averages around 19MB/s. On my computer it averages around 25MB/s. Simply not good.

Overall Review: I have a 1GB EXT2 partition and a 29GB FAT32 partition. I use it in my Android phone and basically just store pictures and videos on it. Nothing important anymore and I use Ti Media Backup to ensure I don't have to worry about it's fidelity.

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Dear Valued Customer, We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with our Class 10 SDHC. On that note, please don't hesitate to contact support for any technical questions you may have and we'll gladly look into the issue to see what the issue is. Thank You for choosing Patriot Memory! Regards, Patriot Support
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