WD FAN!2/6/2016 2:14:28 AM

Pros: Fast and reliable! Bought in 2010 and still working like a champ. I have yet (Knock on wood) lost a WD drive.

Cons: Cost a little more than others....

Overall Review: Just bought the 1TB and happy with both! :)

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Made the change and never looked back!2/6/2016 2:12:22 AM

Pros: Fast and reliable antivirus. Not a Pain in the @*% to get off your machine like some others. (Starts with an M and ends with an E)

Cons: The fact you have to uninstall and reload to get it cheap. I wait till it goes on sale and buy my next years copy. I WISH they would offer a simple code to loyal customers to stay current, instead of having to repurchase a new disc to get the discount price.

Overall Review: I switched probably 9 or 10 years ago and been happy enough to stick with them since.

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Crapped out!2/6/2016 2:05:44 AM

Pros: 16GB

Cons: Died very quickly.

Overall Review: I changed my Email and it seems my reviews dissappeared......Or maybe i forgot to do them...IDK. This was purchased in 09...They may be better now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We're sorry that your Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Drive doesn't seem to be working. Please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at corsair.force.com and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot the issue. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: support@corsair.com Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
NICE SPEAKER!2/6/2016 1:56:44 AM

Pros: Light,Good sound, better than average battery life, AND USB capability. I usually listen to my music via USB in my garage, and this does exactly what I wanted. It's lightweight, solid built, and i like the idea of the replaceable battery.

Cons: Battery life could be a little longer, and I don't think it charges very well/if at all,when it's plugged in and playing music. But overall it is a good buy for what it does.

Overall Review: I'd never pay what they advertise as "Retail".....BUT, It IS a great "Under $65.00" speaker!

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Powerful little speaker2/4/2016 10:38:14 PM

Pros: Got it for my son at Christmas and he loves it. Big sound in a small package.

Cons: Little heavy but worth the weight for the playtime you get.

Overall Review: Recommend

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Works like a champ!2/4/2016 10:35:28 PM

Pros: Low cost, relatively quiet, and it looks good.

Cons: Plastic is almost like Acrylic and is a little difficult to tap straight with the screws. This is minor and not worth dropping an Egg, especially for the price.

Overall Review: Recommend :)

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Love the fan!2/4/2016 10:32:21 PM

Pros: Review for Thermaltake Riing 12 Series High Static Pressure 120mm Circular Blue: Nice, quality product! Have to take my CPU fan down to a setting of 5 to hear this one. Would definitely buy again. Hopefully it lasts as well as it looks.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would recommend!

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Great Compound!2/3/2016 9:10:15 PM

Pros: Just removed my CPU the other day after having it in for over 4 years. The compound had spread evenly and had not dried out at all. CPU Temps with an Arctic cooling Freezer 64, CPU fan set at 8, were around 32C. Highly recommend.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Used it 4x now and had no issues at all>. Follow the manufacturers directions and don;'t over apply.

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Nice little Micro Board.2/2/2016 1:22:09 AM

Pros: Booted first time....Always a plus!<br>Bought this to do a Micro build in a Deepcool Steamcastle...Just for fun, but the Case didn't work out. (A different review there)<br>I thought enough of the board to keep it as a spare instead of returning it. Good Board to reuse some old parts and upgrade a few others.

Cons: Not sure if it's due to the price or if it's the "new" standard.....But you don't get much in the box.<br>I/O cover, 2 Sata cables, manual, and a CD......Granted I usually buy Full size ATX boards with a higher price tag, but I would expect some screws at least. It wasn't an issue for me....I have tons of old boards,cases and whatnot....But if someone didn't..<br>Also no 1394 header...Again..not an issue for me...Just throwing out some info. :)<br>Just a heads up.

Overall Review: Hard to find a better board with these features for $50.00. I can't say much on stability or reliability, because as I said, I only booted it up and tested it. I will update the review when I can add more.

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Western DIgital Fan!2/2/2016 1:16:06 AM

Pros: It wasn't DOA! Fast drive, large capacity, and if it's as reliable as the 500GB WD Black HD I've been using... I'll be happy.

Cons: Ummm...wish it were 10 bucks cheaper? Little info: If your still hoarding an XP machine like I am. Don't forget to initialize & QFormat the drive, as XP may not recognize it even though BIOS & device manager do. I don't think i had to do this with the 500GB Drive, but i did have to on this one.

Overall Review: I've had good luck with the WD black series...I tend to stick with what works.

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Works as intended1/29/2016 11:40:19 PM

Pros: It was solid, good connectors, no issues.

Cons: REALLY tight going into case.

Overall Review: Wish they had a model with (2) USB 2.0 & (2) 3.0 +Audio connections

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Dissapointed :(1/16/2016 12:29:06 PM

Pros: The metal side paint was good, packed well, parts were there.

Cons: There was some kind of hazy looking spots on the black plastic parts, making the finish look spotty. Because the plastic is super shiny they stand out when you look at it from an angle. If it were not in noticeable places,(side of the top, and front) i'd probably have kept it. Some of the "spots" had minor scuffing by them like there was an attempt to remove them. But, i guess Deepcool decided to pass it along anyway. I tried a small spot at the back with windex and a low lint soft eyeglass cloth, and i see why they gave up trying to get it removed. I can't comment on the functionality or wiring as I never installed anything other than mounting the Power Supply before I noticed the cosmetic defects. FYI this case is almost as tall as my Full tower Cooler Master Case and about 25% wider. This is in the specs, but just to give you an idea. Thought it would be fun to build, but I'm just going to "punt" and stick with my Cooler Master. I feel my "egg" rating is generous. -1 Egg_Appearance -1 Egg_QA failure/Ship it anyway -1 Egg_Because I have to return it

Overall Review: No, i would not purchase this again. No, would not recommend it to a friend. I guess the fact it appeared someone saw the defect, tried to fix it,failed and shipped it anyway, hoping someone would accept it, was the worst part. I mean face it....if you are buying this case, it's probably for the looks, not it's ease of building in. Now i get to deal with a RMA.....Glad i bought it at NEWEGG and not somewhere else.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for purchasing STEAM CASTLE BLK. We are sorry for all the inconvenience ti had caused to you. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. The product comes with a warranty and can be replaced or returned. Please contact us directly via email to support@deepcool.com for any further assistance. DEEPCOOL Support Team
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Good Christmas Gift!1/7/2016 5:36:12 AM

Pros: Big Sound with GREAT Battery life!

Cons: It is a heavy little Unit....But not sure it's a "con", considering the run time on it.

Overall Review: Nice speaker for home/garage/small party. Worth the price for sure.

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Great Little Speaker!1/7/2016 5:25:57 AM

Pros: Works as advertised! Plays about 6hours running on USB stick at maybe 3/4 volume in my garage.

Cons: None so far. I Would not buy it at the "list price" (over $100.00) But $50.00-$70.00 is a good deal for the unit.

Overall Review: It's a trade off....Go bigger you can get more sound/Battery life. But, This is a good combination of sound/run time/size. And No, I did not get it free/reduced price for my review...I bought it. (If you were wondering)

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Got a Bad One5/22/2012 9:11:58 AM

Pros: Ummmmm.....Newegg.

Cons: It didn't work.....Nothing else to say!

Overall Review: Bought it when it went on Sale. Unfortunately my Unit was defective, it powered up, but that's about it. Wouldn't read games or even play a DVD. Had to do a RMA.....First time ever I had to do this, and I have been shopping with Newegg for many Years. However, I usually buy new. As Usual though.....Newegg Rocked & made it right. Wish could say the same for the company selling these. :( Looking at the reviews it's a 70/30 chance of getting a good one. If you Like Vegas....Take the gamble.

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Pretty Cool4/28/2012 9:10:41 AM

Pros: Small, light, comfortable, sound Pickup is pretty good. Battery life is pretty good as well.

Cons: Only complaint is it doesn't fit small ears. Bought it for my son who's 10, and it doesn't fit him very well. Fits an adult just fine.

Overall Review: If you are buying it for a teenager/Adult think you will be pleased. If you buy it for a small child the fit may disappoint you. No issues whatsoever so far other than the fit.

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Good Cable4/28/2012 9:04:26 AM

Pros: Good Cable at a good Price!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Does what it is supposed to....What more can ya ask for! :)

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GREAT BUY!4/18/2012 10:49:12 PM

Pros: Great sound & comfortable. Also has volume control slider.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Well worth the 20 bucks.....Would say they are worth up to twice that....But probably not the 89.99. Much clearer than the SkullCandy's they replaced.

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The Skinny1/29/2011 8:25:15 AM

Pros: Fast---Fastest I have owned to date & I have quite a few different ones. Very noticeable with small files, where my other drives bog down. Size/shape----About 3/4 the size of some of my other drives. Can use in top/bottom ports and not obstruct the other port. Looks great and doesn't stick way out when using it in my Car stereo either. Dim green activity light---Yes, it's a pro! as i also use it in my car and my Razzo (which I love almost as much) nearly blinds me at night.

Cons: Formatted size in FAT32 is 29.7-29.8G I contacted Mushkin and this IS what you get. Most memory products have less than advertised space, but just something to be aware of if you have "plans" for all 32G of the storage.

Overall Review: Good drive for the $$! Can't speak about its longevity, but so far, I love this Drive! Thanks to my fellow reviewers who took time to review this item. The reviews helped me decide to purchase this one....I Hope my review in turn, helps someone else. ;)

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Great Bargin10/4/2009 12:27:23 PM

Pros: Works like it's supposed to and all necessary items were included. (Actually more than were needed for my installation.) Sturdy, well made, and everything lined up like it is supposed to. Easy installation & Price.

Cons: Directions slightly lacking, but it's not rocket science to put it up. If they offset the cable holes in the back part of the cover you could use a male to male threaded adapter. The 2 holes are too close in the rear for the connector to do this,and the cable needs to be pulled through the hole before attaching the connector.

Overall Review: Bottom line:It's a eggcellant buy for the Price! It is VERY sturdy, I only used it to mount a 19" flatscreen in the corner of our kitchen, but would feel confident mounting a much heavier TV using it. As a matter of fact I only used 2 of the stud screws, as all four would have overkill for such a small T.V. Color is SILVER-Not black, not white, not nickel. Looks fine in our room, which uses nickel fixtures, just thought I'd mention it. Newegg is awesome-Never, ever, had ANY issue I could not resolve with them, and I have bought everything from camera's, to PC components, memory, software... And now this mount.........In all I bought I only had 1 issue which only took 1 call to resolve. I only WISH everyone had a customer support department like theirs!

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USB Devices Hang Boot2/5/2009 4:11:06 PM

Pros: Not a totally bad board....Just be aware it doesn't like certain USB devices. I am not saying NOT to buy it, just know what to expect. Everything besides the USB configuration seemed to work fine. This MB did not come from Newegg...(I have NEVER had a single issue with Newegg I couldn't resolve in some fashion.) But since I buy and research My products here...I decided to post what I knew of this item.

Cons: I don't write alot of reviews But figured I might save someone a headache. This board came in an "off the shelf system" my friends bought thier mother as a Christmas gift. It came bundled with a USB printer and the Motherboard worked fine... until the USB printer was installed. Then it wouldn't boot at all if the Printer was connected. They called and said thier Brand New computer had locked up. I thought it was probably just a Boot priority issue.Uhhh....No! Worked with the BIOS settings until I could get it to boot with the Printer connected....BUT, the Printer still had to be turned off before turning the computer on, for it to BOOT. Some might call this a minor aggravation...Others might find it unacceptable. Got typical response from all parties involved...

Overall Review: I am not the first person to experiance this issue....Search the various forums for yourself.

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GREAT DEAL!3/29/2006 2:08:50 PM

Pros: This case is hard to beat..Unless you're upgrading because you want alot of "FLASH".It is smooth and the design says "Less is More".It looks/functions as good as it does in the pictures.The only thing it offers I didn't see originally is a 2nd fan behind the power/reset buttons to cool your HD's.I'm impressed.

Cons: Well.. I'm waiting on my Power Supply because Newegg shipped this WAY fast...But None that are visible.

Overall Review: I don't build these for a living ..Just for friends and Family. This is by far the best case I have seen in this Price range.

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nothing better for $2811/23/2005 10:03:22 AM

Comments: Bought this case for a $300 budget. *Psu works fine *the fan doesn't circulate too well *when it was shipped it had a dented top *it says DIGITAL for where you would put a cd drive the side locking piece was broken *Also no documentation was shipped with the case but the plugs are labeled. *all in all great case just buy another $5 fan to balance it out

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