What a colossal cluster5/24/2021 11:30:36 AM

Overall Review: Ordered 1 Lenovo laptop battery from this company. That's right, one item. Item took a week to ship, and another 4 days in transit....and was delivered to an address in Idaho (I live in Florida). I reported the issue to Newegg, who forwarded it to BeTechParts who took another 4 days to research the issue (this should have been resolved in hours, not days). Now today I get an email from BeTechParts (through Newegg) with a new tracking number. No indication what's being shipped to me, or a resolution of the original issue, just a tracking number. But wait, twenty minutes later I get another email from BeTechParts with another tracking number and a note indicating the last tracking number they sent me was incorrect. Still don't know what they're shipping me or if any of the tracking numbers they've sent me are valid. So let's recap....I'm out $90 for a battery that after two weeks I still don't have, and at this point, I'm not sure I'll ever get. I tried calling BeTechParts directly to untangle some of this and surprise, they don't answer their phone(s). So how about a simple review for BeTechParts. Put simply, avoid them like the plague. Do not buy anything from them, regardless of cost, unless you want nothing but headaches. If I could give this country less than one star, I would.

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