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Foxconn Brazos AT-5570 AMD A45 (Hudson D1) Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System
Foxconn Brazos AT-5570 AMD A45 (Hudson D1) Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System

Pros: Fanless!! So, so nice to have a fanless media PC. Small form factor, and good hardware specs. I installed OpenElec on it, and it runs everything flawlessly, and does full screen visualization buttery smooth.

Cons: Gets a bit toasty; enough to where it made me a bit nervous about stability when I first got it, but it's performed quite well

Overall Review: You should get this. There are some old reviews that say that the OpenElec drivers have a watermark about not working with the hardware, but this has been fixed. If I needed another media pc, I would get another one of these.

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wouldn't buy again

Syba 4400 mAh Mobile Rechargeable Power Bank with Flashlight CL-CHG20147
Syba 4400 mAh Mobile Rechargeable Power Bank with Flashlight CL-CHG20147

Pros: construction feels sturdy enough.

Cons: Their service department were horrible to deal with. I wanted to know what kind of batteries were used in the thing (ie, lithium, nicd, etc) and they told me that was proprietary company information.

Overall Review: I really wish companies would be more clear about weather the CURRENT capacity of these things is at battery voltage (typ 3.7v) or 5v output voltage. there is a 25% difference between in the POWER capacity of the thing depending on where they specify CURRENT capacity. Bottom line, I wont buy Syba or Connectland again just on the grounds of how unhelpful they were.

Can't recommend

Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Pros: 3 modes of noise cancellation, for whatever that's worth.

Cons: pretty flat sound.

Overall Review: I really wanted to like these headphones! I had some of the anc7's ~4 years ago, and loved them! They were half the price of the b0se noise-cancelling headphones, and I figured the anc9's must be amazing; so much so that I returned the B0se phones that I had bought 3 weeks earlier. Turns out that was a poor decision. These phones have very poor bass response compared to the b0se ones, and are quite bulky. If you want a good product, and want to save money, go with the ANC7's, but if you're going to spend three hundred dollars, go with the B0se model.

decent speaks

Hercules 4769202 2.0 Speakers
Hercules 4769202 2.0 Speakers

Pros: They sound great for cheap 2.0 speakers. Bass response is surprisingly good for small speaks. They don't distort as much as I expected them to at higher volumes. Definitely on the higher end of the low to to middle price point speaks.

Cons: They are definitely low-end speakers, and sound just a bit brassy. If you have an audiophile bone in your body, don't buy these for anything but a stop-gap, or for listening to talk radio.

Overall Review: I'd buy them again. For the price, they sound great. These are the perfect speakers for your grandfather's computer so he can hear the AOL noises, or for your luddite girlfriend to listen to Bon Iver.

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Good product, slow delivery

There a lot of pretty bad reviews about this company, but I had a very satisfactory experience. Contrary to many other reviews, all my products were new and just as they would come from the factory. My only complaint would be that the shipping took about a week and a half. I called the store about the fact that there was no tracking information available after a week, and she was very polite. She told me she would look into it, and call me back, but never did.

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