Great Smart Phone3/26/2017 3:44:55 PM

Pros: This phone is advanced with user simplified commands and access. It is a MUCH BETTER smart phone from any that I have owned.... The phone audio quality is clear and sharp with sufficient audio level for most calls. The Motorola operating systems has functioned without fault and as a power user, has met all of my needs. I expect that anything news will also be supported by this phone. Pairing the phone to my two Ford SYNC sync systems we absolutely simple and easily done with in 20 seconds or less from never doing it before... You will like this phone

Cons: I have had recent problems with FOX NEWS application where I cannot access home page news as I get an error where this page cannot be opened in the app.... This does not appear as a phone issue but one with FOX NEWS.. I added more memory without improvements. I have also seen this issue on an LG phone somewhat vindicating a possible phone issue. Perhaps, I could mention that some phone calls may be at lower than desired hearing volume. Again, perhaps NOT a phone problem either....

Overall Review: I would purchase this phone again without any reservations. Suggest new purchaser that plans to take a lot of photos, consider a Micro SD car and format for on board use. Be sure to purchase a fast card... Buying less than a Class 10 card can be a bit slow for most photo needs...

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No brainer - just out the parts together and use !3/14/2017 12:50:18 PM

Pros: Looks strudy and of quality design and workmanship

Cons: None known yet :--) but I expect that this will continue to provide needed support for years.

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Norton Security Deluxe10/26/2015 8:14:55 AM

Pros: Software functioned as designed.....Easily tracked by logging onto your account...which is needed.

Cons: Easy to get lost in the installation screens, especially if your internet is slower than what you might think. However, Norton keeps track of the loading process and the end result is a good load. Norton provides TOOOO MANNNY reminders that will (*@#$% you off and and is NOT needed for those that really care about their computer. It is a reminder for DUMMIES....

Overall Review: Dump all the reminders.....The renew date is on the opening screen, so what else is NEEDED as a reminder. -also- true for webpage security and Google reminders....Once is enough !

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Dragon Ver 12 Home Edition1/25/2014 4:46:59 PM

Pros: This product performed very well after completing the profile setup. From opening the package to installation followed by actual usage the process was faultless. After learning just few of the basic commands, I have used this software for long dictation and even a few short emails. I am impressed with it capability and with continued use, I will learn more of the commands. Each command functions as prescribed with a very good to excellent tutorials and search routines. It is easy to find the commands to do what you need. Take the time to follow the examples. You will find it will work as well as I have. POI: Be sure to understand the minimum computer hardware requirements to run this program. I have a fast computer and the software keeps up as fast as I can easily speak. I am a fast talker, not slick, just FAST.

Cons: I have no cons to offer at this time.

Overall Review: The software has functioned as the product was sold. I have used this software to generate tabbed documents in Word 2007, professional letters and have written process documents and numerous emails using Outlook 2007. For each of these, I used many but not all editing commands. I easily found a Dragon command that allowed me to easily complete my literary work in rather simple fashion. As time goes on, I may want to purchase a more comfortable USB headset. The one included is perfect for beginners and functions extremely well. Use the one included first and then spring for another that might be a bit more comfortable. NewEgg has most all of them in stock. NOTE: This should NOT be considered a CON at all but one of a personal nature only. Look at the Nuance Compatibility list for headsets that has been tested and verified for the Nuance Product purchased.

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Alkaline Batteries8/22/2013 10:48:21 AM

Pros: The order was placed and the material ordered was delivered in seemingly record time. Packaging and labeling was acceptable to protect the material ordered. there were no shipment issues or follow-up required. I would and will order from this supplier in the future.

Cons: I have no cons to offer for the material ordered.

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