Good Range, but not many configurable options12/4/2020 5:43:21 PM

Pros: The range is nice and the setup was really easy (use your smartphone). I like that they are pretty enough to put out in a public area (or the laundry room) and my husband doesn't complain that they are an eyesore.

Cons: All configurations must be done with your phone, the web GUI is useless (read only, basically). You cannot name the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands separate SSIDs, you are asked ONE TIME to name the network.

Overall Review: It's pretty good, I would recommend it to people who don't want to think about their network much.

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Unbelievable!9/1/2020 10:34:33 PM

Pros: It fits 6 HDDs. I use it for a home NAS box (FreeNas OS)

Cons: It is really heavy, which i guess shows how well it is build.

Overall Review: Fractal designs seems to be always improving, and I really like their stuff. I keep an eye out for this brand.

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Simple and great9/1/2020 10:31:31 PM

Pros: It is very straight forward, and I like that.

Overall Review: The small design is great for a media center case.

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Whoa. Great!9/1/2020 10:30:08 PM

Pros: This is an awesome case. I love the layout. I have two 3.5 HDDs and a 2.5 in there, along with a decent sized graphics card.

Cons: I do wish the front panel was metal, but the plastic isn't bad. It looks good at a glance.

Overall Review: i honestly think that I might only buy silverstone cases in the future, so that is a glowing review.

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Just as it should9/1/2020 10:24:17 PM

Pros: It works perfectly.

Overall Review: I would buy it again, my router sucks, so this is a nice work around.

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Surprisingly nice9/1/2020 10:12:19 PM

Pros: The side window is nice, and the front of the case looks nice. The included fan's are pretty quiet. the front port has both USB2 and USB3.

Cons: It is pretty thin metal, but not so bad that it crumbles.

Overall Review: I bought it for a friend who was on a budget, and we are happy with the purchase.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Yup, only worth 3 stars.9/1/2020 10:09:19 PM

Pros: Price is good for the size and resolution.

Cons: Here's the thing, the color is not easy to adjust and the refresh rate isn't great. Maybe refresh rate isn't the right wording: but if you drag a window across it horizontally, you can see jagged edges on the windows. If you are reading a web page, and you scroll down the text gets messy for a moment.

Overall Review: To be honest, I probably wouldn't buy this again. It isn't had enough to return, but not good enough to recommend.

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Nice and flat9/1/2020 10:03:29 PM

Pros: A good little piece of hardware, the buttons are nice for people like me who can never seem to put a USB in right side up. I just leave stuff plugged in and turn them off with the button.

Cons: Speaking of the buttons, I wish the LED backlighting was more precise. You can't tell which ports are on and which are off. If one is lit up, the ones next to it look lit up, too.

Overall Review: I would buy it again, and i would recommend it.

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yup, love it9/1/2020 9:58:54 PM

Pros: Really great. I would TOTALLY buy it again. Works fine with mac.

Cons: A bit larger than I thought it would be, but the dimensions are clearly listed.

Overall Review: Would buy again.

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Works just like it should.8/5/2020 8:22:01 PM

Overall Review: I bought three, and i am glad I did; They are pretty nice.

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Works great8/5/2020 8:21:10 PM

Pros: Allowed me utilize the PS2 input during windows install.

Cons: The symbols over the number keys are... not the same as other keyboards. when you strike the key, it inputs the normal symbol, but they are marked funny on the physical keyboard.

Overall Review: I bought it for a very specific reason, and it satisfied what i needed.

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So great I bought a second one8/5/2020 5:37:53 PM

Pros: The 5G and the 2.4 are both way faster than the onboard wifi that comes with laptops. The range is pretty good, too. Windows 10 didn't need any extra drivers, but windows 7 needed the CD. Check the manufacture's website for the drivers if you don't have a CD rive.

Cons: Obviously it sticks out a tiny bit from the USB port, but I leave mine in when putting it in my laptop bag. hasn't broken yet.

Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

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Perfect after Setup5/4/2019 4:54:03 PM

Pros: Fast and the GUI is very nice looking. It's a different layout than my previous router, but that's my problem.

Cons: In order to get it to work with my ISP I had to use the "MAC address cloning" feature to make it work. I never would have known that I had to do this if it weren't for the Linus Tech Tips forum, so kudos to those guys.

Overall Review: My NAS box is wired into this router and I get transfer speeds of about 110 MB/sec.

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No dead Pixels, VESA compatible12/3/2016 4:22:38 AM

Pros: The VESA mount holes are 100x100 size, which is great because that is pretty standard. I have this mounted with two other displays on the wall. It is very brightly backlit, I had to turn it down , actually. The housing around the screen is very slim, looks nice.

Cons: The color balance is hidden pretty deep into the menu system, but once you get it set you can forget about it. The DVI cable it comes with is a bit more stubby, which I thought was odd till I understood that a normal DVI cable's head is too long to plug into the monitor due to the stand mount extrusion being in the way, I ended up using the cable it came with which was long enough, but this could be a problem for people who need longer cable runs. I also considered using the HDMI connection, which is unobstructed.

Overall Review: The actual pixel density is very tight, which is great for creating a super detailed image, but that also means that your icons are smaller. Being part of a setup with two older monitors, I had to scale down the resolution to 1920x1080 to get the set to look right. This was my fault, not the monitors.

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Better than the rest!8/29/2016 2:21:53 PM

Pros: I put it into Access Point mode and plugged it in. It was up and running in less than a minute. But I wanted to have it replace the default wireless of my FIOS router so I had to do more tinkering. 1. You can choose what channel you want to broadcast on for both 2.4 and 5 gHz. Handy if you're in a dense residential area. I downloaded an app for my phone that shows me what channel all the surrounding wifi signals are on and then just chose a free one. 2. The three antennas on top can be pointed to make a very nice array. Just remember to point them perpendicular to the the coverage area (not pointing toward it like everyone used to think was how it was supposed to go) 3. The LEDs are not bright enough to distract you from across the room, but can easily be read when up close. 4. much smaller than the photos make it look. 5. You don't have to worry about keeping the owners manual around, cause the ip address and default login information is printed on the rear of the unit. ( 6. The physical switch to change the mode of operation is nice because it assures you that you are setting it up the way you meant to.

Cons: The owners manual uses small print? I mean... that is the only thing I didn't like about the product. EVERYTHING else is perfect with this.

Overall Review: If you are using it as a wireless access point, you plug the Ethernet cable from your router into the LAN port. The WLAN is for connecting straight to a modem.

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It's okay, I guess8/25/2016 6:06:51 PM

Pros: 1. The setup wasn't too hard, but I am a little above average in tech skill. 2. it is rock steady in it's connection. Never once dropped a device. 3. You can name it whatever you like, and if you name it the same thing as your original network it will EXTEND YOUR CURRENT NETWORK. 4. iOS devices are pretty sketchy if you do the above. my samsung phone and asus laptop and HP printer never had a problem while my boyfriend's iphone and macbook air wouldn't voluntarily switch over to the extender from the router.

Cons: Slow... I mean lest than 5% the speed of the signal it receives. The original 2.4 gHz signal from the router allowed downloads at about 50 Mbps. When connected to the extender, it went down to barely over 2.5 Mbps.

Overall Review: I would not recommend it to anyone who does anything more than checking email on a patio. Ultimately I am replacing it with an actual wired Access Point; far more expensive but will do the job better. I'm giving this one to my boyfriend's father who has no wifi on his porch.

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Fastest Blue Tooth Connect ever6/28/2016 4:45:33 PM

Pros: - The bar connects to your bluetooth INSTANTLY when you turn it on, I mean before you have a chance to slide your thumb down the screen of your phone to manually connect. - sound quality is pretty nice, it isn't up there with Klipsch or anything but it is certainly better than I expected for the price. - The bass is fine, it won't shake the walls, but it isn't insignificant either. - It gets pretty loud. I have it in my kitchen and while I'm doing the dishes I can hear it totally fine while it is only about half way up. - The remote is small, but not flimsy feeling. I leave it in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.

Cons: Nothing I can really think of. I'm pretty pleased, and that is saying something.

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Great little device3/6/2016 6:24:47 AM

Pros: The size is just fine, and the construction is such that i can just throw the mouse into the smallest pocket of my book bag. The receiver just stays in my laptop the whole time. The connection time is very fast (by the time i flip the switch on the bottom to the time that I bring the mouse to the table surface it is ready for use)

Cons: I really can't think of any drawbacks.

Overall Review: I would recommend it. it matched the color of my laptop perfectly.

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Really Like it1/27/2016 9:14:42 PM

Pros: The case is made of a really nice looking metal. And, the ventilation setup is pretty good (the GPU lines up perfectly with the top air holes.) When you put everything in place, it is very well packed, but that means that if you want to change anything, you have to take the whole system apart. The front of the case is really sleek, the pictures don't do it justice.

Cons: The last PCI slot of a micro-ATX board juts right against the power supply. That means that if you have a second video card in your fourth slot, it has to be one slot shallow. The actual length of the expansion cards can't be super long, the description says 11 inches will fit, but a lot of the longer video cards are more than 12 inches long (So I don't risk it by buying those ones).

Overall Review: i was afraid I would scratch the faceplate trying to put USB plugs into the front, but the aluminum hasn't scratched yet.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
A surprising punch1/27/2016 8:57:10 PM

Pros: I am actually shocked at how well these put out sound. The subwoofer is pretty clear and the satellites sound great, too.

Cons: I don't like the "roll switch" style volume control, plus it's on the cord. How odd. Also, the speakers cones are exposed, which some might like, but I think it looks too modern for my taste.

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Pretty Great5/23/2015 10:12:17 PM

Pros: This badboy is pretty great. I installed a microSD card into the expansion slot and have been installing programs onto that as well as keeping a few files on there, too. I bought this to use as a dedicated machine for work. I didn't need something super powerful, I basically just use Excel/Word, but I think this thing could handle a lot more.

Cons: The keyboard ins't back lit and there is no light to indicate the CAPSLOCK. I never realized how important that CAPSLOCK indicator is.

Overall Review: I certainly recommend it.

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Simple... but not customizable.8/31/2014 5:04:06 PM

Pros: Super easy to setup! I would absolutely order one of these for my mother in another state. I could talk her through setting it up over the phone; it's that easy. And the signal really is improved.

Cons: 1. CREATES A NEW NETWORK!! IT DOESN'T JUST EXTEND YOUR EXISTING ONE. 2. Only works on the low band of wireless networks. I have a dual band router and I am not able to see nor select the higher band signals. 3. There is ABSOLUTELY no room for customization. You can't name the new network, it defaults to whatever your network is already called and adds "EX" on the end.

Overall Review: I would not buy this again if it broke. The lack of higher band frequencies and customization leaves me wanting more. If anyone of my less-than-techy-friends says they need an extender I will likely give them this and buy myself a better one.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Shoutingsteve, We appreciate your feedback to our EW-7438RPn Air. 1. You can set the network name of the extender to be the same with your original network. Please refer the attached image, you can make the extender use the same name of your network. 2. Though the extender can be the same name with your network, we suggest our users use different name. Most people prefer to use the same SSID for extender (or for the extra wireless access point) and hope the WiFi devices can pick up the proper network automatically. We call the ability of changing access point while remaining connected to Internet “WiFi roaming”. Though these two WiFi networks use the same name, your WiFi devices actually aware that they are two different hardware. The roaming is dependent on the WiFi device’s “roam trigger.” In other words, the WiFi device decides when it is time to drop one AP and move to another. Some WiFi devices are more sophisticated and do a better job of determining at what point to let go of an AP, while others may hang on for a longer period of time before triggering a roam to a new AP. The roam trigger is completely client dependent. Users will need to manually disconnect from the existing WiFi network in order to connect to the proper WiFi network. Based on our experience, most tablets, smart phones, and wireless adapters of laptops failed to do this job properly. They will keep the weak connection even there is a stronger signal available. 3. The extender is 2.4Ghz frequency only. It is not a dual band device for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. You can see this on our product spec. We have a dual band extender, EW-7238RPd which will provide 150mbps link speed for 2.4Ghz and 150mbps link speed for 5Ghz network. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact our tech support at (800)652-6776 or write an email to " " directly. Best regards, Edimax Customer Service Team
Great Card4/22/2014 4:39:04 AM

Pros: Requires no additional power beyond the PCI slot. The audio from for the HDMI port also comes through the PCI slot, so there is no need to run a jumper cable between your audio card and your video card. Super compact. OC versions tend to have better chips.

Cons: The only thing I don't like about this card is that it doesn't exhaust through the rear of the card, I've always felt that cards should put as much heat OUTSIDE the case as possible.

Overall Review: I would recommend it.

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Perfect Size4/21/2014 8:51:06 PM

Pros: I went with a smaller card so that my Video card could breath, my full-sized Creative card was choking out my Nvidia. The features I really wanted on this were the smaller (height especially) size, a front port connector, Toslink, and good sound quality. I got three of the four with this card (four of four if I manage to not loose that little widget adapter by the time I buy a new receiver.)

Cons: The only thing that disappointed me was the auto-switching from the Front Panel jack to the rear jack. I tried to scour the Internet for a fix, but no luck. I even tried to unplug and re-plug in the rear port jacks, but that did nothing (even if it did remedy the situation, this solution would have been worse than the problem)

Overall Review: Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I hail it as a brilliant leap forward in the audio world? No. C'mon people, it's a mid-level sound card; not pro-studio equipment.

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Fixed Darkness issue12/9/2013 8:27:01 AM

Pros: The printer is very quick to start printing (about 5-10 seconds after I send the command) for a laser. Also the unit seems very sturdy. The wireless was simple to set up, but I have a great router.

Cons: There is no single sheet loader, in order to put in different paper types you must remove the normal paper and place the new type in the tray. Also, when I printed from photoshop the first few times, EVERYTHING was terribly dark. (fix below)

Overall Review: To get around this glitch, do this: Regardless of what you're printing - be it a text file or a photo in Photoshop - be sure to print via the print properties dialog. Select "Properties" and select "Color". UNCLICK the "HP Easy Color" option then in "Color Themes" select the "None" option. Oddly enough, this prints the darkness level that you're expecting from the printer. Documents look good, not over-saturated with ink. Photos look good, with the proper black levels, etc.

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