Not Just For Mac, Activated Steam PC Game Too!12/16/2013 6:16:12 AM

Pros: Activated on Steam, I can download on Mac or PC, and game is a lot of fun. Price was outstanding too, but I caught it on sale.

Cons: Game is a really, really big download.

Overall Review: I had this on my Steam wishlist awhile and when I saw it was on sale through here I took a chance to see if it would activate. It did and I got it for a song as opposed to waiting for Steam to have it on sale again. Now I need the second one...

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Excellent Drive/Thoroughly Tested4/18/2013 1:22:29 PM

Pros: Fast boot, reliable, accesses common files quickly, and saves important files from two OS'es (dual boot Arch and Windows).

Cons: Doesn't write files as fast as SSD. Still basically a HDD for transfers.

Overall Review: Bought this from local retailer because I was concerned that with Seagate's track record that I could get a DOA drive. I got this and a 2.5" to 3.5" mount and put it in my Alienware Aurora R3 to test it. It runs 2-3 degree celcius cooler than my other two 3.5" HDDs, but it also boots as fast, if not faster, than the SSD boots videos on youtube. It does require concurrent runs to achieve these speeds, but unless you're going for a runtime record in Linux you'll reboot enough to appreciate the speed. I've also had to cut power a few times to the tower because of a Windows lock (caused by ESET background scanner) and each time this drive has come up without failure or bad blocks and still starts up as fast as the boot before the failure. It is an excellent drive and anyone splitting hairs over a 1-3 seconds on boot-up is worried more about bragging rights than space or useability. I also run portable apps instead of full blown apps and the ones I use most open almost instantly. If you're worried about DOA and return time go to a brick and mortar store, but definitely give this drive a chance. You won't regret the performance increase and space that you'll pay a LOT more for with SSD. Also, the people that tell you to get SSD drives instead get small SSD's 60-120GB drives and only install Windows on it and they install everything else to a regular HDD. They are in essence using a hybrid drive because pure SSD builds are incredibly expensive.

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