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The box says Deskpad for a Reason12/25/2012 2:02:53 AM

Pros: - Smooth Surface :D! - Stays pretty clean even when dust falls on it, you can just brush it off - Very grippy - Good thickness, not too cheap and thin and not too thick (haha thats what she said.)

Cons: - Smells Weird (Just for laughs :D) - Doesn't make me a better gamer.

Overall Review: I did however take out ONE star BECAUSE, the edge/sides where my wrist/ forearm move around most the microfiber surface is beginning to slightly curl upwards and separating from the rubber mat under it, since I move my arms up and down it drags on the edge of the mat which is causing it to kinda break... try it now, keep your arm touching your table push alt and then move up to push F1 while still having your arm touching the table, notice how your arm drags on the table? or it does for me, imagine the edge of the mousepad being messed up like that.

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Nice Pair of Headphones5/20/2012 11:40:39 PM

Pros: - Comfortable - Clear sound - Nice design - Useful software - Big round cups for your ears - Extension cable - Good distance - very loud.

Cons: - Mic is super weak... - Looks like metal but none of it is metal... - Very sensitive volume scroll on earcup - very loud.

Overall Review: - Got this headset 2 days ago and its alright, Mic volume is really really low when the mic is 3 inches from my face its still very low and quiet but when i switch over to my Logitech C910 webcam which is 2 feet from my face it picks up my voice Much louder and clearer then the mic that is right in front of my face. That is the worst thing about this headset. - the volume scroll wheel on the earcup is like the scroll button on your mouse, it clicks when you scroll around. the volume button is very sensitive isnt like a smooth volume increase, its more of a jump and gets loud real quick. - the software is pretty useful, allows you to adjust the sound quality easily and has presets which are up to you if you want to use it. - Overall a decent headset sound quality is good, ima bass junkie so i wish it had a little more kick to it, very comfortable, plastic sides that look like metal, Nice look to it overall, widely adjustable for any head size.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with you new headset's microphone. The Vengeance 2000 uses the most sensitive microphone component available for this type of headset, and it should not have difficulty picking up your voice. We'd like to ask you to contact our Tech Support for troubleshooting assistance so we help you get your headset working properly. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support
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Corsair Tech Support
DA BEST.5/8/2012 9:48:31 PM

Pros: - Everything - Custom colored Profile indicator - Interchangeable grips :D - weight tuning - Super fast scrolling :D - Program detection to switch profiles automatically - Braided Cord - easy reach thumb buttons and easy to press - Contoured Trigger finger :D - Very smooth on mouse pad (Mionix Propus 380)

Cons: - i just need ONE more button somewhere....

Overall Review: - Very nice mouse easy to use and software allows users to make any button do pretty much whatever they desire - For all you FPS gamers who are trigger happy the left click is contoured to easily unload rounds into your enemy :D - Great for BF3 ! >:D - Best mouse for unlimited amounts of customization to the keys ( Logitech Software = the best)

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Awesome Keyboard5/8/2012 9:40:10 PM

Pros: - Back lit keys - Cherry MX Red Switches :D - Nice grippy feel to the keys - awesome wrist rest that helps alot - Lit media keys and Mute button - Super bright to the point it may get irritating

Cons: - Non-Mechanical keys are poorly lit - Doesnt come in different colors D: sad face.. i want it in red lol

Overall Review: - The non mechanical keys (G Keys also) are poorly lit you can see them lit once all the lights in the room are turned off but other than that you can hardly tell that they are lit - shows wear fairly quickly but that just means you have been on the computer too much... lol - Wrist rest is a must have because the keys are higher than usual and the wrist rest gives your hands a little boost to make it feel leveled - G Keys are easy to use and have 3 different profiles so you can ave up to 54 programmed keys only if you can remember them all.. - Make these in red :D i'd buy another one just to get it in red :)

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Perfect Mechanical Keyboard5/2/2012 11:03:53 AM

Pros: -The mechanical switches arent extremely loud compared to the Razer keyboards - Textured keys are a nice touch but wont make you a better gamer lol - Media Keys are a good addition instead of pushing a combination of buttons - Very responsive typing, good for people who type essays, makes you feel very productive - Doesnt move around during intense gaming sessions, but if your table is dirty and dusty then of course its gonna move around. - Palm rest is quite useless in my opinion, never used it and makes the keyboard move around too much because it lifts the existing rubber feet off the table.

Cons: - Keys are slightly high compared to a traditional keyboard - Did not come with a wrist rest which would have been very helpful because without it while using the keyboard you will notice your palms are floating off of the table. - Keys began to get a little dirty after 2 months of use, the lettering was beginning to turn slightly brown which was dissapointing. - Keys are very sensitive so if you rest your fingers on the keys sometimes you will notice youre running in a different direction or when youre typing this happens aaaaaaaaaaaaaa O_O

Overall Review: 3rd Mechanical Keyboard i have bough after the razer black widow and the BF3 edition of that keyboard, but this one has to be my favorite because it isnt too loud but it wasn't illuminated so that was sad but i will be upgrading to the k90 soon, hopefully it will look much better

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No LAN Party?4/16/2012 3:38:45 PM

Pros: Easy Set-up Just call Comcast to get it working Plug and Play Maintains my Down Speed and Upload speed

Cons: STILL DROPS CONNECTION EVERYDAY... Under heavy usage modem will restart itself...

Overall Review: While my friend and I were playing BF3 on the same network 5 minutes into our game the modem would restart it self and instantly disconnect both of us. After multiple attempts of playing the game again it continued to drop the connection during heavy usage...

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Its Okay...10/27/2011 11:48:23 AM

Pros: Very easy installation of all types of drives, nice design, good cable management, good ventilation and fan placement

Cons: Cause is too small to fit Corsair H60 Radiator (the radiator is too tall and hits the top of the case), depending on your motherboard placing 120mm fans on top of the case wont fit (for me the fans hit the RAM release knob things)

Overall Review: If you decide to use the Stock CPU cooler you should have no problem with the fans, but if you want to build something a bit hardcore i suggest getting something different.

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Worth the $$$10/27/2011 11:40:20 AM

Pros: Very fast card, gets stuff done, can't expect a ton from it because its just a 6850 nice look to the card

Cons: Fan is pretty loud even when watching youtube videos... therefore when i play Fullscreen games it gets even louder. Maybe because i run a Samsung LED 23" Monitor

Overall Review: Comes with a Door knob thing that says "I'm Gaming don't disturb" and a bunch of stickers and an emblem like thing to put on whatever.

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Give me More10/27/2011 11:34:36 AM

Pros: Looks Awesome, picture shows it like a plastic color red but its a Anodized red somewhat shiny and beautiful :D!

Cons: Can't stop starring at it...

Overall Review: Get more than just 2 DIMMS LOL

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