Not a GT 650m2/22/2013 5:12:48 PM

Pros: Back lit keyboard is nice. Metal housing for the screen and hand surface area, plastic base. Well built doesn't flex if held by one hand. Nice and light. 2 1/2 battery run time for simple task, 30mins if you're trying to play planetside 2. Runs cool at idle and good air flow on the left hand side, blows nice hot heat out when running high usage, get's up to 82 Celsius with the gpu and cpu in tandem, aka planetside 2. Keyboard well spaced and no annoying proprietary keys in the way. 14" screen makes it nice and compact for easy travel. Overall I like the laptop.

Cons: The downside to this laptop is, it does not have a GT 650m chipset. A 640m LE has 384 cuda cores according to nvidia. The one on this laptop only has 96, but it's core clock and shader/memory clocks are much higher then a stock nvidia 640m LE which is 500/900 vs 753/1505 which come stock on this laptop. A GT 630m is most likely the chip they used and lenovo used a 640m LE bios on it, or the other way around it's a defective 630/640/650m chip modified to disable the defective components and loaded with a modified bios. It's possible that it actually has a GT 650m chip but was loaded with the wrong bios at the refurbishing center. I'll have to take it apart the laptop at some point in the future, only then will I know for sure when I clean off that dried out thermal paste on the chip. It only has 1GB of memory on it. Despite this, it actually runs Borderland 2 max settings at 32 FPS, Battlefield 3 on medium settings, you can run it on high but you'll be around 20 FPS instead of 30 on medium. Crysis 2 on "High" settings at 29-31 FPS. Planetside 2 on medium with high texture quality and render distance 1000 with FOV of 74 at 35 FPS at warp gate and 17-24FPS at The Crown. I think it has acceptable performance, I would rather have the GT 650m though. The hard-drive is a bit slow and a lot of bloatware, mcafee comes preinstalled on this. Also when fully booted, it's running 110 processes from how much bloat software is running. Way too many, eating precious cpu cycles and ram. That's ok, a simple wipe and reload of windows will fix that.

Overall Review: I was about to return this for a refund but after playing a few games on it, I was satisfied with what I got. It will do great for work and when I hit the road next month. If Newegg, wants to exchange my laptop for another lenovo like this that actually has the GT 650m I would be willing to do so. I don't mind buying refurb products, just as long as it works and actually is what was advertised, and not a lemon.

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This is the coolest thing since LED fans were made.2/14/2012 8:39:18 AM

Pros: This is the coolest thing since LED fans were made. These fans are awesome. Not only are they "pretty," but they are functional as well. They move alot of air and are very quiet. They are built quite well, and are very light, so light that you may think they are cheap and flimsy, but yet they don't flex and retain their shape when they are mounted. They have a speed control knob and a tact switch for changing the color/modes. You can actually turn off the LEDs and still have the fan running. Green propeller mode is my favorite.

Cons: I like the Vegas Duos more then these Trios, only because the Vegas mode is missing on the Trios. These trios only have the combo setting which flashes all the colors then puts them in double propeller mode and goes through all the colors, then resets to flashing all the colors then to propeller mode, and repeats. Duo's "Vegas" mode starts off with blue single propeller, double propeller, triple propeller, changes to red, repeats the above, changes again to red/blue, repeats above, flashes each color, then steady then goes dark and starts over again. Trios Reminds me more of Christmas lights and the Duos remind me more of Vegas

Overall Review: Seriously Enermax and Newegg need to market these fans better. This whole time I was looking for some cool tri-color fans and kept running across these with no idea that you can control the color, the fan speed, and have a light show all at the same time. The pictures don't do it justice since all I saw was all the colors on at the same time. I had to youtube these fans to see them in action. After seeing them, I crave them... so I bought this one and 5 of the Vegas Duos. Hopefully these won't get discontinued due to bad marketing and poor sales and are actually improve upon by adding additional colors or modes. Because I would buy them again. These are the coolest unique fans I've seen since LEDs fans were made.

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Good card for linux raid 59/13/2010 5:27:05 PM

Pros: Mini-sas 8087 to 4x SATA times that two. This is great card for home/small business use. Works with CentOS 5.4, Opensuse 11.2, Ubuntu 9.10 Server. I used this card in my fileserver for my home office. When I first got it, I played with it for 3 days. I did everything with mdadm from Raid 0 to 6, using 6 1TB Samsung drives. I maxed out at 585MB/s due to 300MB/s per mini-sas port. Currently using mdadm Raid 5 with ext3, average read 275MB/s write peaks 175MB/s which is fine for my gigabit network.

Cons: The design of the board is good except the placement of mini-sas ports. With the cables on, it butts up against my drives causing me to bend the 8087 cables 90 Deg. up and down to make it fit. It could be my case being too small, but with 10 drives stuff in there with a full atx mobo and 750W PSU, I doubt it's anything but small. But I made it work.

Overall Review: My board came with LSI firmware already, so I was happy. If I was building another server I would buy another one. Newegg ROCKS! I've order stuff from them for the last 5 years, never had a problem and shipping on time is always reliable, and customer service is top notch.

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