Device failed about 6 months later9/26/2013 12:32:27 PM

Pros: I needed a really small device to be placed in a small room that only had a small area under the cabinet so this was perfect. I picked up 16gb of ram and a 180gb drive and installed win 7 pro without any issues. It's been working great and would boot in less than 30 seconds.

Cons: Then the until wouldn't boot. I powered it off a few times and it eventually booted, but the next time I turned it on nothing. Tech support asked to remove the cmos battery connector and nothing. Removed all ram and drive and nothing. Tried to force it to boot into bios and nothing. Device is dead. Spent the next 3 hours (hung up on twice and sat on hold for up to 30 min each time) to get an RMA.

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Video works, but sound corrupts the system1/20/2012 10:48:39 AM

Pros: I purchased 10 of these cards because they have the small x1 PCIe connection. The video works and they look great, but for whatever reason PNY decided to add audio to the VIDEO card. Since my MOBO has audio already it causes conflicts and I don't get any audio at all. If I disable the PNY audio in the bios it then sends all the audio to the PC speaker and can't be turned off. I called tech support and they are USELESS!! Before I even finished my sentence they found out it was an HP desktop and immediately pass the buck by saying call HP. So I call HP and we run test and everything works fine without the card. Put the card back and audio is forced through the PC speaker. I call PNY back and same run around. 2 minutes into the call without ANY troubleshooting or suggestions my answer was "I guess the card is not compatible". Luckily several other companies offer the same card.

Cons: The card works great with video, but I can't keep them due to audio problems that PNY refuses to offer ANY support on.

Overall Review: Although I prefer dealing with support in this country sometimes I do prefer getting help from other countries because at least they are willing to try and help you fix an issue. Over paid, lazy Americans unwilling to help is why other countries now support more than 80% of all Tech related companies. Wake up America!

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Manufacturer Response:
NVS300X1 has DMS 59 pin to Display port cable option, Display port require to transport video and audio ( digital) via single cable. It is part of display port standard. You can chose audio driver during driver installation ( custom) – not install audio driver. You can also select audio play back selection in audio section in Win7 control panel.
Great card for the price you pay!12/8/2010 9:07:36 AM

Pros: This card is cheap for HDMI connectivity and playback!

Cons: It's a bit slow and isn't made for gaming

Overall Review: I have a DC5700 SFF desktop and HAD to get a small card, but needed an HDMI connection so I can convert the pc to an HTPC and playback blu-ray and connect it to a flat screen. If you just want to connect a pc to your flat screen and watch HD content don't spend hundreds drop a $50 put the pc behind your rack and impress the heck out of friends and family!

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DOA drive!2/4/2008 11:30:10 AM

Pros: cheap, but the drive never worked!

Cons: Life other people who have reviewed this drive I got stuck with a paper weight. Received the drive, put it in an external case, did a quick format with xp and tried to move some data. Within seconds the drive was clicking and disconnected. Tried diag on the drive and it failed. What a waiste of time.

Overall Review: This is not the first WD drive that has failed on me. I will more than not likely bother with WD again as the previous time I lost a lot of data that couldn't be replaced :(

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