1/12/2012 12:13:26 PM

Pros: Works good in my Dell XPS L502X! If you question if your laptop supports it, google around about your specific chipset, the north bridge most notably. Any modern RAM is fast enough for my needs.

Cons: None, to me RAM works or does not.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
It's a running theme, died in a year.2/5/2008 10:35:06 AM

Pros: Connections so fast you're limited by harddrive speed, looks nice, can be mounted vertical or horizontal, in general good product...

Cons: ...but it seems as though they break in under a year. A very common theme here, but why do people give it any stars at all? What good is a networking product that does not last longer than a year?

Overall Review: Avoid this. It's fantastic while it works, but once it's broke it's broke!

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Dead jacks.9/18/2007 10:35:59 AM

Pros: Every thing goes into the case as a hot knife cuts butter. Very well made, and very easy to work with. The case also looks fantastic. The metal grill on the front is fantastic.

Cons: The front audio jacks stopped working on 2 out of 3 of the cases which I purchased (the third one I do not service, so I do not know if they still work or not). I emailed newegg, and emailed plus called Cooler Master. Newegg said they couldn't help me aside from me completely dismantling the computer, mailing them the case, and waiting for a replacement (costly and extremely anouying to my customers), and Cooler Master never returned a single email or (long distance) phone call.

Overall Review: Would of been a 5 if some one could of helped me. What good is a product if there is a common defect that no one wants to own up to and fix? If you care about front audio ports, I can't help but tell you to avoid this, and any other products from Cooler Master that may use the same ports.

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4/3/2006 6:01:11 PM

Pros: Well constructed, good looking interconnects, thick, MUCH better than my old 15inch s-video to RCA cable

Cons: None

Overall Review: I use this cable for capturing between my video card and my Huappage PVR-250. The results are suboptimal compaired to a fully digital solution, but better than expected :)

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12/20/2005 1:34:54 PM

Pros: I have been using this for an IBM Model M keyboard with out any problem.

Cons: {none}

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1/4/2005 6:32:11 AM

Comments: I purchased this printer for my sister who has recently gotten a digital camera. The images printed on Canon's photo paper were ashtonishing. The brightness apears far better then any low grade photo developer.

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12/20/2004 7:54:52 AM

Comments: _1-2 120mm fans in the front._ I recently installed 2 onto mine's front door. The Athlon64 3000+ (512kb l2, socket 739) now runs at 28/29C while idle, and never tops 36C. The 5 drives in the front bay now all run below 20C. Orignaly I used "drive bay coolers" on each disk, and I removed the front door. This was far noisier and provided far less cooling. Just make sure you purchase filters for them, and clean them out when ever needed. The fan on the top is non-sense. The case comes with that fan blowing in, not out, like it should be doing. And the funs that come with the case don't move a lot of air for their noise level.

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12/13/2004 6:25:04 PM

Comments: This (15foot) cable and a 6 foot USB2 cable, then hooked up to a powered hub run a keyboard and mouse just fine.

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12/13/2004 6:23:00 PM

Comments: This card is being used for a 3rd and 4th display. It works wounderfuly in addition to my 9600XT. It's low profile enough to suite was as a secondary video card in a system.

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12/13/2004 6:18:05 PM

Comments: I have been using this cable for my 4th display. The monitor typicaly runs at 800x600@60hz, but it works fine at 1024x768@60hz. I am very suprised that a cable of this length gives no problems and costs this little.

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12/13/2004 6:04:54 PM

Comments: This keyboard features low profile keys, much like thouse found on a notebook. Very easy to type on and makes very little noise. I use a Model M for the main terminal to this computer, and this keyboard for the second. I do not regret the purchase, makes the perfict addition when you're looking for small, cheap, and good-enough quality.

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12/10/2004 1:48:13 PM

Comments: Please note, these are patch cables.

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9/29/2004 2:27:34 PM

Comments: An Athlon XP 2500+ Barton running at stock specs running at 54C idle, and 64C underload with the stock heat sink and fan. I then put a <font>d</font>rop of Antec Silver thermal compound on top of the existing pad and it <font>d</font>ropped the temperature down to 45C idle, and 52C underload. I then switched to this new heatsink fan and it now runs 40C idle and 49C under load with the FSB at 400MHz (opposed to the 333MHz the above temperatures were taken at). I orignal bought one of these heat sinks a year and a half ago because it seemed to be the best price to quality ratio for an OEM Athlon 1.4GHz processor I was handed. Worked great, but was unable to compair it to the stock heat sink and fan. On this build, I found it to be far better then the stock equipment, expetialy once not using the stock includes. What people say regarding the clamp is true. If you can find the proper screw driver to fit properly into there undersized clamp area, it goes smoothly, even if the board is already installed. The price to quality ratio is astonishing. I do not regret using this heat sink my above mentioned scenarios.

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9/26/2004 1:01:06 PM

Comments: This drive operates with in, or below, reasonable noise levels. I have had no trouble burning DVD (single layer, 4x, Memorex) disks, nor have I had any trouble burning CD (32x, sony) disks with this drive. The price to feature (speed, capabilitys, quality) ratio is astonishing. I would highly recommend putting this drive into any computer build when acceptable.

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9/25/2004 1:56:27 PM

Comments: I installed my processor into an ASUS &quot;K8V SE Deluxe&quot; motherboard with no trouble. I found the lever clamp to put pressure between the stock heat sink and processor to be much easier to work then the older Athlon's clamp methoid. Using stock heat sink and thermal pad, this processor idles at 35C, and tops out at 47C in my case. I found the price to performance ratio to be extreamly good for use in a higher end home system.

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9/23/2004 5:49:03 AM

Comments: I installed this processor onto an ASUS A7V600-X board, which required me to upgrade the bios for me to get into BIOS config, so that I could properly set the CPU's frequency. Once I got that fine, I noticed the CPU burned hot using the stock CPU and thermal pad (which seemed pretty dry). It was running at 54C idle, and 64C underload. I put a <font>d</font>rop of Antec Silver thermal compound on top of the existing pad and it <font>d</font>ropped the temperature down to 45C idle, and 52C under loader. I would recommend an alternitive heat sink or, at least, a differnt thermal compound. I would fully recommend this processor for use in most standerd home applications.

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9/22/2004 1:00:56 PM

Comments: Inside of this case I installed an ASUS A7V600-X. I found the raised screw holes on the mother board mounting pane to be a poor idea, due to the chance of the board grounding/shorting in such an area- though I encountered no such problem. I also found their plastic clip in screw holes to not be a worth while idea. I have not encountered trouble with the included power supply, but I would not trust it if you can't gamble on failure. The screws holding on the front bezel were not easy to remove, making it some what difficult to install a front 80mm fan. The front panel connectors were clearly labeled and offered no fuss. The case cosmeticaly looks good. The side panels are no trouble to remove. The internal harddrive cage did not have support under the drives, which is useful if you plan on installing bottom mount hard drive coolers. The I/O plate was removable, but only by breaking the metal bridges holding it in (as seemingly intended by the manufacturer). The I/O plate that came with my ASUS board fit in fine, but the orignal plate can not be reverted to.

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