Descent Core I7 laptop for the price12/20/2013 10:27:01 AM

Pros: SSD/HDD hi-brid: 4 Fast boot and app access although not at par with what's advertised. More like 7-10 sec boot time and about 4 from sleep. Not a complain by any means, just callng out the advertisement. Happy the way it is Track Pad: 4 Very responsive. Sometimes too senstive. Gestures work well. Maybe a personal preference but, would prefer pad to be a bit further to the right to be ergonamically correct for me Form factor: 4 Aluminum casing is a nice touch. Light, slim and sexy although the lid is quite a finger print magnet Processor: 5 Very snappy. Never lags and handles everything I use the laptop for with ease

Cons: Keyboard: 2 Maybe even a 2. Layout is not very comfortable. Dont see myself typing a complete report or project on this. Keys are a bit too close to each other and tactile feedback is mediocre. Number keypad for me is useless. Still hitting the wrong key after a month of use. Pretty solid indication that the KB layout could be improved. Would love to have been able to select Function priority defaults for the Fn keys such as a one key press for volume rather than pressing Fn + F5 or F6 as an example Display: 3 15.6 is perfect for me but LCD could be better. Lower quality than I was expecting. Display qaulity too washed out for my taste. Had to adjust color, contrast, bightness etc to get it to an uncceptable level. Dont have anything to compare but touch screen seems to be very responsive and precise Windows 8.1: 3 Cant fully appreciate the Touch feature. Would rather use track pad and/or external mouse to navigate. Also tablet operation on a laptop isnt very intuitive. Still prefer the traditional Windows we all grew up with Memory: 3 Upgraded to 8GB right off the bat Wi-fi: 3 Standard. No performance gain compared to a 4 yr old laptop it replaced Battery life: 3 4-5 hours on 40% brightness with normal computing and entertainment. Charging time from depleated state to full is about +2 hours

Overall Review: Purposely waited a while to post a review to give it a fair assessment of the product. Have had the ultrabook for over 2 months with regular daily usage. Above are my rating (1-5) for each relevant componenet and thoughts. Note: 1-3 rating in Cons and 4-5 rating as Pros I've had a couple of instances when both virtual and physical keyboards wasnt responsive after waking up from sleep. Had to restart for it to work again. Havent been able to replicate it and not really sure what caused it. Descent Core I7 laptop for the price

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Sweet mid-range packaged laptop at a great price point12/11/2009 1:51:38 PM

Pros: • Good build and finish with aluminum hood • Big HDD for a laptop and PLENTY of memory • Dual Processing speed - comparable to Core 2 Duo on normal load • Perfect screen size, brightness and resolution • Dolby sound - great surround simulation in a quiet room • Excellent battery life - could easily be extended with minor system tweaks • Light and extremely portable • On/Off button for trackpad when using a mouse • 64bit Win 7 OS • Good keyboard layout • Bloatware is not any worse than other brands. Infact they're less than usual • Newegg's competitive pricing and free shipping keep me coming back for my electronic purchases. Free 3 days shipping is amazing! Thanks Newegg!

Cons: • Unusual navigation buttons (recessed making it a bit more difficult to press) • Sound could use a little more boost • Mediocre GFX card • Recovery disc creation keeps throwing an error. Requesting Acer to send discs instead

Overall Review: This is for my daughter who will be a college freshman next year and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. This is much more than a Netbook as some people might compare it to. It's really a laptop with out a DVD drive which helps cut down on size, weight and cost. I have an external DVD drive so this is not an issue for me. I love the fact that I don’t have to upgrade anything anymore with this laptop. I stacked this up against Tosh, HP, Dell and even with another Acer Costco carried before purchasing but Newegg's package came out to be the best deal. With $100 rebate is a great but it's still a good deal even without it considering what you're getting. Wish it had illuminated keyboard though:) Other than that, it's a great laptop overall for the price and Acer is a very decent pc manufacturer. I have a year old beat up 10" Acer Netbook and with the amount of use it's had, that thing has not failed ever. Despite the minor cons, I'm still giving it 5 eggs for price and value. Le

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Elegance meets ergonomics10/1/2009 8:46:31 PM

Pros: This keyboard is what everyone is raving about so I wont bore you with what's already been written here. The laser etched keys look like buttons on a car dashboard. All the keys are perfectly lit by cool white LEDs and the edges of the letters, numbers and characters are sharp and crisp at any angle. Even the dimmer dims softly and resembles that of a luxury car. This keyboard will make you love typing again. Guaranteed! Logitech and Newegg delivers once again!

Cons: I wish the FN key is the toggle type just like on my Logitech S510. With this KB You need to launch Setpoint everytime you need to switch it back and forth. A USB port would have been a nice addition which I'm sure will be present on the next gen. I'm keeping my rating at 5 Eggs as these are very minor cons when compared to all the pros.

Overall Review: There's a learning curve of about 6 hrs max to be efficient on it. This keyboard draws a lot of attention as it should since it's the center piece of my system

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Nice Little Gadget1/5/2008 9:24:15 AM

Pros: Vista compatible; Easy Set up; Solid build; Blue light indicator; Universal application; Excellent range; Portable

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this mainly to transfer files from my phone to PC. While it accomplished what I needed it to do, I was pleasantly surprised that I am also able to use my Motorola H700 BT ear piece on Skype. I live in a 3 story house and I have no problems receiving the signal anywhere in the house. I really don't have a lot of BT devices but from the infinite potential of this product, I might slowly start replacing my peripherals with BT compatible devices to alleviate the wire clutter with my PC. Azio is definitely a strong competitor against other name brands that cost 3x more. Excellent product! Highly recommended. As always Newegg rocks! Got it in 3 days as promised including the New Year holiday.

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Huge difference from ob-board sound12/11/2007 8:56:17 AM

Pros: Easy intallation; PCI Express interface; Optical input/output; Crystal clear sound on music/movies/games; user friendly GUI and Vista complatible drivers; Good bass management and all the features Creative Labs is known for

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I thought I was happy with my onboard sound until it started to produce random crackles and pops during gameplay which prompted me to shop for a dedicated sound card. I havent bought a sound card since the SB Live days so I wasnt sure what to expect. Also, this is my first PCI Express card so needless to say I'm a bit skeptical about this purchase. I'm glad that things turned out great and I can now truly enjoy my 5.1 Speaker systen. I higly recommend this sound card to anyone with PCI Express slot looking to improve their PC Audio.

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Not a bad budget gamer card12/9/2007 2:53:29 PM

Pros: Plug and play, above average "over-clockability" using ATI Catalyst Software, thin compared to other cards, leaving access to neighboring PCI slots, cool temps @ 50-60 C, smooth play on GRAW2 and HL2 Ep2 @ 1400x900 res on mid/hi settings.

Cons: Color a little flat on a Viewsonic VX2025WM 20" Monitor,

Overall Review: No current need to overclock it further than ATI Overdrive's recommended frequencies @ 628/500 from 479/398 but it can easily be pushed if so desired. Not bad for a $70 card. Installed in: AMD Athlon 64 3500+; 2GB RAM; 350W OEM PSU; MSI MOBO

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The Z-5300e Brings PC Entertainment The Next Level12/3/2007 2:04:04 PM

Pros: Handsome finish, Excellent sound separation, Ample power.

Cons: Wired remote not responsive, short surround speaker wires, noteceable hum @ around 75% volume, bass in movies a little soft but that could also be my on board sound card

Overall Review: This is an awesome upgrade from my old Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers. Logitech packaging has always been excellent and this is no exception. Each speaker is securely tucked in individual compartments enclosed in not 1 but 2 boxes. I currently have an on board Realtek 7.1 HD Audio sound card running on Vista and it does the job fairly well. The mid range of the satellite speakers is clear and sub has ample power producing clean, tight bass. The sound of bullets flying over your head in Crysis and GRAW2 will make you run for cover and the water effects in BioShock sounds so realistic. Well worth the price!

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PC TV Tuners are thing of the Past8/27/2006 9:06:12 PM

Pros: I actually bought the Slingbox for my sister who lives abroad and it is hooked up to an over the air digital receiver. She was pleasantly surprised by the video and audio quality of the Slingbox and how easy it is to use. I've also tried it myself from a remote location with a laptop on a 1.5 mbps broadband connection and I could attest to my sister's assessment. However, there was a noticeable but negligible lag when I tested it. Install was a breeze for internal network use but it gets a bit tricky for remote access with multiple routers. Both routers need to be configured differently to successfully open up the ports. Although a mid to high end video card is reommended, it is not required to get a clear picture. Also, audio/video quality with in my network is excellent! Don't waste your money on a TV Tuner card. Get a Slingbox instead.

Cons: The only thing I would have liked to work better is the desktop remote controller as it takes about 2-3 sec to recognize and execute the commands.

Overall Review: You need to have a decent bandwidth to get the most out of this product.

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I should have bought this a long time ago8/24/2006 7:31:46 PM

Pros: Wow! I couldn’t say enough about this VGA cooler! It does everything AC advertised and a lot more. I have been able to overclock my ATI X800XL to the fullest with out losing stability. Before I upgraded, the farthest I could take my Core and RAM speed were 415/1025 with intermittent crashes depending on how hot the GPU gets. After the upgrade, I was able to reach a blazing 440/1152 with much stability and ease! And the best part is I couldn’t even hear it work unlike the stock fan! I know I can still push it further but I’ve reached the speed I’m happy with and I don’t want to jeopardize my investment just to gain a couple more mhz. Another bonus was the fan managed to cool the hard drive area in my ATX case where it gets awfully hot when both HD are working. This is an excellent upgrade for the ATI X800 series even if you are not an overclocker. Just the added silence is worth the money!

Cons: A little pricey.

Overall Review: Please clearly understand that this card is specifically made to fit ATI X800 series. Not Sapphire, not Powercolor etc. Straight forward installation I dont understand how the other reviewer came to the conclusion that it doesnt push any hot air out of the exhaust. I can definitey feel a lot of hot air being pushed out in the back of my case.

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Perfect for what I need!8/20/2006 2:50:47 PM

Pros: I've had the HBB1 for more than a month now and I couldn’t be happier with it! I use Skype as my primary home phone and my VOiP quality improved significantly even with all 3 computers connected to the internet. It may not have "boosted" my uplink speed by 400% as advertised but it did what I needed it to do. It's cool when callers comment how clear we sound, especially for a free VOiP service like Skype. I also noticed that my other internet applications run smoother. Set up was fool proof and literally took no more than 5 min to get it up and running. The bright blue LED confirms that the unit is connected correctly and packet management is working. Impressive packaging with everything included for a PnP install. Hawking even included a 4" converter cable allowing you to plug in the AC adapter to a regular power strip without blocking the socket next to it. Highly recommended to anyone who has more than 1 computer on their network that engages a lot in websurfing!

Cons: Non so far

Overall Review: Set up: 1.5 Mbps DSL; Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router; Actiontec Modem; 10/100 Network Card; Skype; Linksys CIT200 Skype phone

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Excellent Buy!4/2/2006 10:42:16 PM

Pros: I just received this on 3/31 from Newegg and I’m glad to report that there are no dead pixels! This monitor is absolutely beautiful! It’s huge, bright, with sharp fonts and pictures are extremely clear, all housed a sleek and elegant design. Height is perfect to eye level so adjustability is not an issue for me. OSD is also easy to use and understand. Compared to the 2 Dell 2005FPW I use at work, the VX2025WM is clearly the winner. I connected it to my on board graphics for a fair comparison and the picture is still crisper. I've auditioned FEAR and HL2 so far through my ATI X800XL PCI-E and I am absolutely stunned. Coupled with Newegg's excellent service, this monitor is definitely the best bang for your buck!

Cons: The built in speakers are a complete waste but who needs them?

Overall Review: With the VA2012WB which I also own at the same price point, the VX2025WM is the way to go.

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