Nice laptop, just some minor issues9/27/2021 2:50:49 PM

Pros: - Good value for the specs. - My daughter really likes the mechanical feel of the keyboard. - Eluktronics tech support is helpful, once you get hold of them.

Cons: - Eluktronics tech support is located on the U.S. East Coast - you have to reach them before 2 p.m. during the week if you live on the West Coast. Or, via email, which is answered intermittently after hours. - The laptop we received did not have a Windows product key embedded in the firmware for some reason, and there was no key included in the box. We had to reach out to tech support, who issued us a product key. I am wondering if this is a manufacturing glitch with some of their laptops. - The laptop seems to get a little warm under load.

Overall Review: Overall we like this laptop, and my daughter is pleased with it. Just beware that you may have to iterate with Eluktronics tech support a bit to get Windows activated if you receive it sans a product key in the firmware.

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Just what I needed5/23/2020 10:42:23 AM

Pros: - Decent value - Quick delivery

Cons: - Not medical grade, but I did not expect this for what these cost

Overall Review: I have to fly across the country soon to be with my mom who is having surgery, and I needed some good masks to wear on the plane for the trip. I ordered these about a month in advance, to ensure that they would hopefully arrive before I had to leave. They arrived about a week after I placed the order. They are exactly what I needed. With the quick turnaround, I would absolutely order these again.

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Not as advertised5/6/2020 5:18:44 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: This was advertised as a "USB-C USB 3.1 Type C Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 LAN Network Adapter Supporting 10/100/1000 Bit Ethernet Converter." What actually came in the package is labeled as a "USB/Type-C 2.0 to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Network Adapter." I would attach pictures as proof, but Newegg's platform does not allow me to do so here. In other words, it's not USB 3.1, and it doesn't support Gigabit (1000 Mbps) Ethernet. Avoid this.

Overall Review: Also extremely disappointed that these took over six weeks to arrive, with no communication from the seller regarding the status. I would have understood if they had communicated that these adapters were being shipped by snail mail from China, and the tracking info provided would not register in the U.S. for an extended period of time. I had no way of knowing when these would actually show up. I had already ordered true Gigabit Ethernet USB adapters from another source weeks before these finally came. Very, very poor experience.

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Solid4/1/2020 2:01:13 PM

Pros: - 2 TB provides lots of real estate for storage. - Excellent performance. Cloned my original SSD drive (nearly empty, just Win 10 installed) to this one in just a few minutes. Boot time is very rapid.

Cons: - A little expensive, but worth it to me.

Overall Review: Got this drive as an upgrade over the 256 GB SSD that came with my Razer 15. No regrets, works great.

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Did the job, with great effort4/1/2020 12:44:50 PM

Pros: - Fairly inexpensive - Relatively easy to install and remove SSD drives - Comes with both USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C cables - Relatively fast transfer rate over USB 3.1, when fully working

Cons: As others have pointed out, this unit has a tendency to overheat, especially with certain SSD drives. I had a lot of problems getting it to work successfully with my new 2 TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe SSD. I had the Rocket installed in this enclosure while trying to clone my laptop's original drive to the Rocket as part of an upgrade procedure. The cloning process kept failing before completion, with the computer no longer able to recognize the drive until the whole thing cooled down again. I finally had to put the entire enclosure (and my new drive) in my kitchen freezer while cloning my laptop's original drive, to keep it from overheating during the cloning process. (Fortunately, this only required a few minutes to successfully complete, as my laptop's original drive was fairly empty.) This may be partially due to the fact that the Rocket SSD has chips on the bottom as well as the top. If you have a beefy SSD, beware that this thing may overheat and cause problems. I do also have an older Intel 660 512 MB NVMe SSD, and it seemed to fare better with this enclosure.

Overall Review: Decent, but beware that it may have some issues, depending on the SSD being used.

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1/26/2011 8:51:24 AM

Pros: Overall I really like this monitor. I got a great deal on it after my old LCD monitor died. No dead pixels. Works as expected, and had it set up in minutes. Generally satisfied.

Cons: Monitor only ships with a VGA cable. If you want DVI, you will have to buy a separate cable. Maybe this was mentioned in the fine print, but I don't remember seeing it. Wasn't a big deal for me, as I had a spare DVI cable. VGA connection seems a bit loose. It is tough to get a proper VGA connection without one color signal dominating the others - in other words, if the VGA cable is not set just right, the screen colors will take on a blush tint or otherwise look off. DVI connection does not seem to suffer with this problem. Unfortunately, the KVM switch for all my computers is old, and only supports VGA. (Time for an upgrade, I guess.)

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Love it!1/18/2008 10:31:59 AM

Pros: Installation is a snap. The box comes with a nice foldout pamphlet with color pictures, showing exactly how to plug the CPU and memory into the system. An experienced user should be able to fire up this box in less than half an hour. The system is exceptionally quiet, even under heavy load. The first time I switched on the system, I had to do a double-take to make sure the fans were actually spinning! I have yet to even have the fans dynamically rev up under load, the way they used to do on my previous AMD-based XPC box. The system is FAST, particularly if you plug in a nice CPU like the E6650 or E6750. If you're looking for a new XPC box, it's hard to go wrong with this one.

Cons: It won't make me a sandwich! Actually, documentation is somewhat sketchy compared to previous XPC models. There is absolutely no documentation on BIOS settings, unlike previous models. I had inadvertently underclocked my E6750 (2.66 GHz) processor to a measly 1.6 GHz by simply accepting the default CPU multiplier and bus speed present in the BIOS on first boot. Only by checking the settings later in Windows did I discover that this had happened, so I had to research the correct parameters online. It would have been nice if this info had been covered in the docs, as in previous models. Fortunately, I have managed to properly clock my processor at 2.66 GHz now. As mentioned before, the power supply may be a little underweight for a serious gamer. I think it works just fine for general use or even casual gaming.

Overall Review: I haven't tried overclocking the system yet, but it appears easy enough to do so.

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nice card with latest drivers10/31/2006 2:52:35 PM

Pros: I really like this card overall. For the price, it offers very good graphics performance for most recent games. The extra media center features (TV and FM tuners) really make this card a great value.

Cons: As others have mentioned, the drivers on the CD shipped with this card have serious defects. In particular, they will not reliably tune any channel above 62 or so. Do not even waste your time installing the drivers on the CD -- instead, go directly to the ATI (AMD) site, download the latest drivers, and install those. This solved my problems, and I can now tune all my analog channels just fine. I think the program guide as shipped with the Catalyst Media Center is a bit ugly. They could have designed a nicer software solution that integrates well with the TV application. ATI support is not the greatest. I found their support website to be confusing and unhelpful with regard to the aforementioned drivers issue.

Overall Review: Does not ship with a remote, although you can obtain one separately from ATI.

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