Easy to install and read/write speeds are as advertised2/7/2021 9:21:08 AM

Pros: Real easy to install. Read 3477 vs 3500 (spec) Write 3123 vs 3100 (spec)

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Upgraded from Samsung 960 EVO 500GB to the 2TB. Needed more capacity. Easy to install. I just swapped it out and used the same screw.

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Took a chance on these and glad I did.1/19/2018 9:44:02 PM

Pros: 16GB of DDR4 at 3200mhz is hard to find below $200. Got these for overall price of $186. Worried that they wouldn't work with Ryzen 1800X, but ASUS B350-F Gaming mobo recognized it right away. What a relief! Started at 2133mhz, then 2400mhz, then 2800mhz, but didn't post at 3066mhz. So i'm at 2933mhz and will continue to tweak ti to get it to 3200mhz. Enabled D.O.C.P. on the ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard and was able to get it to 3200mhz without issues. RGB is cool added feature.

Cons: RGB cycles through the color scheme. Not sure how to keep it at one color yet. Will look into it later. Had to install ASUS Aura Sync. Now the motherboard and the RAM are all in sync. Looks very cool!

Overall Review: RAM is white in color, but I selected it more for its stats. Doesn't match well with the black mobo, but not that important to me. I would recommend this as it performs as expected and at a great price.

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