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Great Value, Pretty Decent TV.9/8/2012 6:16:53 PM

Pros: Great picture for the price. While I've definitely seen a better picture on some of the direct LED backlit TVs, those are three times this price. It has a decent look to it once it's set up and across the room, but when you're right next to it, you can tell it's cheap plastic. The stand problem everyone talks about is not a problem. 1) The stand is not symmetrical, it does have a front and rear. 2) Make sure the screws are in tightly. (Just not too tightly, -plastic threading-) That said, the sound is actually as bad as everyone says but you should never really depend on internal speakers these days anyway. You'll be happier with a sound system.

Cons: Fairly cheap feeling build quality, but that shouldn't matter once it's on the shelf. Bad sound of course.

Overall Review: Short and simple: Great bang for the buck, 1080P, <$400. (And usually on some kind of sale) Get external speakers, use care when putting it together.

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AWESOME Headphones!9/8/2012 5:50:49 PM

Pros: These headphones are awesome. I was lucky to find them on a Newegg Shell Shocker deal for $40 with free shipping, but after owning them for over a year, I can say that I'd definitely pay the full $100 price. The sound is not perfect (Coming from a somewhat experienced audiophile) but it's better than anything else close to this price range until you get up to the $200 - $250 around the ear sets. They have a nice look to them, they have some great features: Breakaway cable, in-line mic, three button control, comfortable around the ear fit. Here's the big seller though: Durability. The breakaway cable is great. The other day I was moving and I dropped a filing cabinet on the wire... it pulled the wire so hard that it ripped away from the headphones and out of my phone from my pocket and was pinned to the ground. They still work great! Definitely worth your money.

Cons: They don't dispense money?

Overall Review: Short and simple: Good sound, good features, good value, great build quality. Easy decision.

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