Almost perfect ITX case!6/15/2016 2:25:34 PM

Pros: Wire management is pretty simple and I don't have to shove the back side panel on (great space in back) The filters included are sturdy and easy to remove/clean Great cooling with air and liquid setups It is a very solid case that feels like it won't bend easily Accessories come neatly separated and labeled Front panel connectors are long enough for any type of routing I personally think it looks very sophisticated and more expensive than it really is! Keeps my pc nice and quiet!!!

Cons: No video cards larger than dual slot unless you want to use a SFX psu, but even then it probably is best to stick with dual slot. The top removable panel is pretty hard to remove as it is snapped into place. No filter for top If you want to do a push/pull 240mm radiator in front you will be limited with GPU length.

Overall Review: For the price this is a solid case with good all around cooling and noise reduction. I feel like I could have spent over $100 on this case and still received a good value. If you are in the market for an ITX case with similar design as its big brother then look no further!!

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Very solid and easy setup with great cooling!6/15/2016 11:40:42 AM

Pros: -Packaging was simple and all necessary equipment is inlcuded -Comes with Mx-4 TIM which is what I normally use (excellent stuff) -The fans have good sound profile, as in, they make no noise outside of more whooshing air -The radiator is nice and thick and allows great cooling at low fan RPM -Mounting is easy and very hard to screw up -Tube length is ample enough for both front, top or rear mounting (ultimately depends on case) I have my i7 4790k OC to 4.5Ghz at 1.19v and in prime95, aida64 or furmark CPU my cpu never goes above 70c. For typical gaming and browsing it goes between 30c and 40c. All while running at half max RPM.

Cons: -the threads on the radiator can be tough to screw into -I wish the 3pin pump connector was a little longer for better routing behind MOBO (my current setup) -Wishful thinking here, but it would be awesome if they included larger amount of MX-4

Overall Review: I wish I could fit the 240 version of this cooler but my case would be very cramped then. I honestly do not think there is another cooler under $100 that can compete with this here.

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1st one was dud, 2nd was glorious8/13/2012 11:39:37 AM

Pros: -Uses hardly ANY power from PSU! -Literally nothing can utilize this much power gaming wise I had been using a PII 955BE from AMD for some time, and while that was a great processor years ago, this one BLOWS it out of the water. If you are on the fence about jumping to Intel from AMD then let me tell you I have Zero regrets (even with the dead cpu I received first).

Cons: I received a dead cpu and it took me over a month to figure out it was the cpu and not my new motherboard. Therefore I had to use Intel warranty to replace my cpu and It was more hassle than I would have liked.

Overall Review: All of my games are much faster now than ever before. Windows is much faster. This will last me for years.

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Amazing mid tower case! I give 4.8/5 stars3/10/2012 11:13:48 AM

Pros: This isn't a list of ALL the great features but the ones that stood out to me. -Very nice aesthetic and appeal. Has a brushed aluminum black sleekness to it. -The front door is easy to swing open and the front fans have a well made magnetic fan filter. -All of the side/top/bottom fan mounts have filters (magnetic and slideable). -This case is extremely quiet. The stock fans make almost no noise (albeit they push less air).The only thing I can hear from the case is my xigmatek cpu fan and it's very light. -HDD bays are incredibly easy to use and manuever. Took maybe 30 sec to get it where I wanted it. -The amount of space inside is plenty for two LONG video cards. -I have a Xigmatek Aegir cpu cooler which is tall and it has plenty clearance -Comes with a box filled with bags of all the screws and replacement pieces you will need. -Excellent cable management and CPU cutout for heatink installation make for an easy install.

Cons: -Fans don't push that much air and I would recommend replacing them with fans of your choice. -Tall cpu heatsinks will make installing a fan on the top half of the side panel cutout difficult. -A very long PSU might make the wire management a little more difficult also.

Overall Review: This case does it's main thing very well, it's QUIET. You definitely have the option to increase cooling at the sacrifice of sound, but this allows flexibility in future upgrades. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I know corsair will help me if I need anything.

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Best power for the price!!!8/6/2010 8:26:37 AM

Pros: After cycling through a few other cards, both ati and nvidia, I found this to be the best performance for the cost. I now play my games at maxed configurations and they run clean and smooth. I have this overclocked to 820/1640/200 on stock voltage and I have had NO problems. The fan is set at 70% and during stress I can get the card to 77c, but I attribute that to my room which is always 30c (86f). The sound of the fans is very very small to none. If you have a smaller case but still want high end power than this might just work for you as well. The card is 9' in length which is outstanding compared to other cards of similar performance. On top of all this, the card looks SEXY lol. Definitely the best card of the summer IMO.

Cons: I have one con and that's not being able to set the fan to 100% with msi afterburner. I don't knock an egg because the card still doesn't get hot, but it would be nice to push the voltage and get 900 clock speeds on this bad boy. So I run this at 70% (max i can set it) and I still get great speed, sound, and temperature.

Overall Review: This card will play starcraft 2 on ultra settings!

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Not the card we all read in reviews...7/15/2010 6:48:03 PM

Pros: This card is screamin fast for the price. I love the gtx 460 lineup and I love nvidia a lot.

Cons: The card itself works as it should but Palit decided to give the public inferior versions of the cards that we read in reviews. For starters the Fan is pretty loud. My least favorite part is the HORRIBLE heatsink on this thing. The card gets hot and then the fan gets loud. It's just not what was advertised in the reviews. (not reviewers fault, they received a better version of the card)

Overall Review: If palit fixes this issue that would be great but for now I'm getting a different gtx 460.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Sir, 1. The review is in UK which is out of Palit USA control. 2. We send to all our review in the USA medias are the one without heatsink in VRM. 3. You did not purchase the Sonic Platinum but the normal Sonic. So the review you saw are not the same because you purchase a model that is not the same with the review. Here is the latest "EDITOR'S CHOICE" review without the VRM heatsink. It proven that you do not need the heatsink. Thanks Palit's Specialist.
Another positive review and not one regret about it!7/12/2010 8:23:16 AM

Pros: Very very good quality build. Includes lots of screws and lots of function. The fans are very good at moving air around the case. The size is just perfect for those who don't want a scyscraper in their room but still want enough space to put about whatever you want. Can't stress enough that a good case can make or brake your current build. My overall temps are reduced by ~4c. Like everyone else says, this is one of the best midsize cases you can invest in.

Cons: The cons are fairly small but they do exist. The 3 speed switches are only accessible once you open up the case and find them amongst the wires. The front fan placement was a little off for me BUT you can move them around easily as I have done. HDD mounting can be tricky as not all slots have holes lined up for screws.

Overall Review: If you need a new case and want a solid case than this is it. I promise you won't regret it.

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Best bang for entry level psu!7/12/2010 8:15:47 AM

Pros: Plenty of wires and plenty of power given you aren't interested in SLI or CSX. I would say this is the best value and quality for the price. I picked this up with an antec 900 case combo deal and with the savings I am very pleased. This also stays quiet and cool. If you need a brand name psu with steady juice for most needs I would say look no further.

Cons: I may be the only one who doesn't really care for stiff wires, but that is a very small concern considering other factors. I kind of wish the 24pin cable was 2in longer.

Overall Review: I have no complaints in regards to this not being modular knowing that modular units tend to cost quite a bit more and are advertised as such.

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Excellent cooler for low price = WIN7/12/2010 8:08:08 AM

Pros: I picked this cooler up for ~$30 and it performs extremely well. Dropped my BE 955 temps by an average of 10c and is much much quieter than the stock cooler. Also took very little time and effort to install. I am definitely glad I chose this!

Cons: The design is a little odd even though it seems to perform very well indeed. I wish the fan could be mounted on other side. These are more or less just nitpicky though.

Overall Review: I also used tuniq thermal compound with this so I do not know the performance of the compound included with this unit.

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