It is what it is3/7/2014 8:10:17 AM

Pros: 8 Port 10/100/1000 for a decent price. After MIR and promo code it could not be beat. Auto shut off unused ports

Cons: Wall plug is kind of bulky. Doesn't interfere with other sockets on my UPS though, so.

Overall Review: Why do people complain that it's white or plastic. It's a consumer grade device, not enterprise. And flimsy? What are doing with it that it's flimsy case would compromise the unit? Driving over it, throwing it down stairs, rage-quitting a game and hurling it across a room? Seriously. And no power switch. Big deal. Rarely do switches, even enterprise class HP and Cisco switches in our data center do not have power switches. Nor did any of the Netgear/Linksys/Cisco consumer grade models either. Picky people are picky over things that don't really matter. It's a switch. Plug it in, hook up your devices and leave it be.

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Works10/29/2013 8:21:31 AM

Pros: So far, easy to use. UEFI is somewhat easy to navigate, just not organized well. Overclocked my 4670k to 4.6 effortlessly and stable. Also has no problem with all 4 ram slots occupied.

Cons: BIOS would not connect to internet to update. Had to download and flash via USB. Useless feature if it doesn't work. A-Tune utility is a joke. Why does it not offer the granularity that the BIOS does. And the driver update feature, who knows if it actually works. It initially detected all the devices, but didn't display current version. So I updated with the utility and now it doesn't display all the devices, nor the new driver versions. So, I really don't know what it's doing, if anything. It did reboot the machine a bunch of times. Would have been nice to know it was going to do that, nope, it just shuts down while you are in the middle of things. Since doing that driver update now Windows wants to run chkdsk at every startup. Very annoying as that increases boot time. SATA ports are also difficult to get to. X-Fast LAN utility actually slowed my connection down. Not even going to try the other ones.

Overall Review: 4670k @ 4.6 w/ H80i 2X8GB Gskill Ripjaw 1866

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with A-Tuning utility. Please uninstall the utility, restart the Windows. Download and install utility at link " ". If you have any technical issues or warranty questions please contact our Tech Support at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
It burns, it read3/5/2009 7:00:47 AM

Pros: It's quiet. It's SATA. It burns everything I've tried to burn without making any coasters.

Cons: It's no faster than the IDE part it replaced. At least I don't have to look at a nasty ribbon cable in my case anymore. Too much white print on the drive tray.

Overall Review: For the price it's an excellent unit.

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Sweet2/20/2009 10:16:51 AM

Pros: Works as advertised. Extra adaptors are nice to have for compatibility.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For a phone that's not SDHC compliant this is the best choice.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Fantabulous2/10/2009 12:30:45 PM

Pros: Excellent cooling! Went from a TR SI-128 to this on my Q6600. At 3.5Ghz load temps dropped from 70C to 55C. That with the included fan. I slapped on a high speed Yate Loon and temps dropped to 51c at load. For the money this can't be beat!

Cons: It's tall. Make sure your case has room for it. May interfere with some mosfet, NB or RAM coolers. Also needs the bolt-thru kit to maximize performance.

Overall Review: Buy it! You won't be disappointed!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great deal!1/26/2009 9:01:33 AM

Pros: 12+1 months. Cheaper than Best Buy or directly through XBL.

Cons: What's not to like?

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It's good to know what you're doing10/5/2008 11:38:00 AM

Pros: Extremely fast and rock solid stable. Had them up to 1000 w/ 5-4-4-15 2.2v on my GA-P35-DS3R. Currently keep them at 800 4-4-4-12 2.0v.

Cons: Weren't free?

Overall Review: People need to do some research before buying these. They're not compatible with all motherboards. For the boards they do work on they work flawlessly and are extremely fast. -- Q6600 @ 3.4, GA-P35-DS3R, 2GB Geil Utra, Gigabyte 8800GT, BFG 650w

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Nice, if it worked2/25/2008 4:42:06 PM

Pros: Quiet, fast, burned nice when it worked.

Cons: Died after burning 2 discs, made 3 coasters then stopped working completely. Won't eject the disc even.

Overall Review: Newegg RMA rocks!

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Forget the rest!2/15/2008 1:51:59 PM

Pros: Cheap, fast, stable. Have mine running at 1066 5-5-5-14 2T @ 2.1v. Took it up to 1200, same timings but 2.2v and it was as stable as could be. This ram simply rocks! Competitors ram at 1066 & 1200 speeds cost 2x if not 3x as much.

Cons: Not a single con. For those who complain about the color, who sits and stares at the inside of their rig?? LOL This memory could be orange/green/brown plaid for all I care. Stop being picky about color people. Does color affect performance? IOW: My orange memory is better than your red memory! LOL

Overall Review: Newegg and Geil rock!! I only buy from Newegg and I'll only buy Geil ram. I've had nothing but stellar success with Geil ram and their support is the the best! OC'ers dream support!

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Excellent Board, but......2/15/2008 6:33:34 AM

Pros: Small, spacious design. No jungle of heatpipes and massive chipset coolers to get in the way. Overclocks like a dream, very stable. Plenty of room between CPU and RAM for a large aftermarket cooler. Voltages are surprizingly stable, not much vDroop.

Cons: Needed a BIOS flash right out of the box to make my keyboard work in Vista (LOL). 24pin power connector is loose on board, causes machine to get stuck in a reboot cycle after POST and loses BIOS settings (very annoying). Not much in the box, but that's what you get with a mainstream "business class" board. Memory ratio's are kinda wierd in the BIOS, took a few mins to understand what it was doing. NB cooler uses thermal tape that sucks and comes unstuck when installing CPU HSF. It eventually sticks back together, but leaves me with an uncomfortable unknowing feeling that it's not seated properly and going to overheat eventually. IDE port is in a bad location, if used the cable covers the SATA ports making it hard to access. Clear CMOS jumper is in a REALLY bad spot right next to PCIe 16x slot, need to remove vid card to access it. Easily fixed with a 2pin connector wired to a momentary push button switch that I mounted on the back of my case. An overclockers must.

Overall Review: Price-to-Performance wise this board rocks. If you can look past the little things that are annoying about this board it's a board that can't be beat. I'll be RMA'ing mine for the bad 24pin connector, but will definately stick with this board.

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Excellent GT compared to others!2/15/2008 6:06:58 AM

Pros: Zalman cooler! Stays very cool compared to other GT's, much shorter card, performs like other GT's. Nice clockback feature puts it back to 450/700 when idle to save power and less heat. Ultra-Durable caps and mosfets make this a winner. Includes molex-to-6pin PCIe power adaptor.

Cons: No ram cooling. A cheapo set of short ramsinks solves that problem. Not a major con. And, NWN 2? C'mon, they could've picked a better game to give with this card. Crysis, Bioshock or COD4 would've been better.

Overall Review: Overall an excellent card for the price. 2 in SLI decimates all! Q6600 @ 3.0 w/ ThermalRight SI-128, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R, Geil DDR2-800 @ 1066.

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SCHWEEET!2/14/2008 2:00:09 PM

Pros: quad-core, G0 stepping (WOOT), easily overclockable, runs stable OC'd at stock voltages, stays very cool with a good HSF, price-to-performance it smokes the Phenoms! AMD fanboi's eat it!

Cons: poor stock HSF. C'mon Intel, this is the same junk HSF that came with the dual-cores. Shame on you!

Overall Review: Q6600 @ 3.0 stock voltages w/ ThermalRight SI-128 w/ Panaflo fan, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R, Gigabyte 8800GT HPV1, Geil DDR2-800 @ 1066 4-4-4-12.

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Awesome Opty 4 the money!5/5/2007 10:20:08 AM

Pros: Overclocks well. 2.7 (300x9) so far @ 1.392v prime stable. 37 idle, 59 load on stock cooler. With better cooling and a little more voltage this bad boy can crack 3Ghz. Doing this on a MSI K8N Neo4-Ultra. Keeps up with stock E6600's.

Cons: Not really a con, but good memory is key to unleashing this procs overclocking potential. Loosen the times and let'er rip!

Overall Review: LCB9E 0704 stepping not too shabby. Thermalright SI-128 w/ Shin Etzu coming next week as well as Mushkin Redline DDR500. Take the proc up 2-300Mhz at a time and burn in for 6-8 hours each increase. Good burn-ins and stepped increases will get great results!

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Decent, but LONG4/25/2007 8:21:59 AM

Pros: Decent card, performance is as expected for a x1950pro. Remains cool with good case ventilation. mid 30's @ idle, high 40's to low 50's at load.

Cons: LONG LONG LONG. If you have an MSI K8N Neo4-F mobo you will have issues with it hitting the NB cooler fan. Needed to zip tie the PciE power cable to the case with tension on it so the card wasn't hitting the fan. Card doesn't OC well. Minimal core increases, 605 was my max, and next to no mem freq increase, 710 was my max. Maybe driver related, but I doubt it. Doesn't like high settings of AA, AS or HDR.

Overall Review: Overall a decent card that plays every game I throw at it w/ decent settings. Would have been nice to get some OC'ing headroom, but oh well. Don't bother with Xfire on these cards, x1950xtx performs as good and will cost less. W/ 8800GTS's dropping in price would be more cost effective to go with that.

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Superb Bang for the Buck!10/19/2006 10:31:58 AM

Pros: R481 Core is clockable. Takes the XTPE flash to unlock 4 pipes. Currently have mine running at 560/590 stable w/ ThermalTake's Tidewater All-In-One liquid cooling @ 31 idle / 45 load. Amazing card for the price granted you get the proper chip.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: Upgrade the cooling. These cards get flakey above 70 degrees.

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WOW!9/29/2006 10:24:36 AM

Pros: WOW! That's all I can say! x850 Pro OC'd to 540/570. Used to run around 70c at full load and would crash a lot. NOW, 45c max at full load! Increased my clocking potential. Fan on low too. If you want upgraded GPU cooling this is the ticket!

Cons: GINORMOUS! Be aware you may need to modify ur case to fit this beast! Don't over-tighten the waterblock to the card, can warp and crack the card. Waterblock not as polished as expected. 2000 grit wetsand and mothers polish fixed that. Would be cooler if the tubing was clear.

Overall Review: Nip out the PCI card seperator on the case to allow for better airflow. Try not to put any other card above or below it for 1 slot in either direction. Consider buying memory heatsinks for the vid card as well.

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Quality & Price = Excellent8/9/2006 7:17:15 AM

Pros: For the price you can't beat it. Quality is excellent for what it is. Perfect for the kids puter or listening to music at a reasonable volume

Cons: Cords could be a bit longer. Would be nice if the speakers were not connected together. A separate bass control would also be nice.

Overall Review: For a little more money other systems have more features, but what do you want for twenty bucks?

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