Great Drive, Great Space. Fine Product10/26/2020 4:55:38 PM

Pros: Fast as I would have expected,,, Faster than External backups Nice to know I have the space, for a while...

Cons: None

Overall Review: -This 8TB Drive is a clone of a 5TB Internal BackUp Drive. -Both are used to Backup 3 separate smaller drives that are file specific. 1-Music, 1- Photography, 1-Work and Random files. - Having 2 Master Backups separate from the original drive gives me helpful redundancy to reduce file loss under bad situations. - Another 4 drives, 2 SSD and some external docking station using internal drives as download and hard use drives. Nice to keep files in a large "Vault" away from drives that could easily become corrupt.

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So small, So FAST USB 3.110/26/2020 3:55:45 PM

Pros: I love this. Size is Absolutely Perfectly compact. No 46 card reader garbage, simply SD and MicroSD. The only 2 I need. Did I mention VERY FAST Read and Write.

Cons: No Cons

Overall Review: I wish my motherboard was USB 3.1 Capable. I'm currently limited to USB 3.0 My card reader is the USB 3.1 version. Connecting Canon T5i camera with USB-B cable and transferring 1.7 GB seems to take forever, because the camera's limitation. The computer can use this and copy all the data in a Fraction of a Second! Literally. Instantly.

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Motherboard is Thanking Me!6/10/2020 12:50:07 AM

Pros: - gets my external drives all in one place, and off the floor - I now have plenty of free ports on motherboard (back of PC) - helps to organize and it looks pretty cool to me - works transferring data from external to external drive both plugged in to this device, slightly slower speed though. - works as advertised and is nice and compact. -aesthetically pleasing, increases Feng Shui of PC's work area

Cons: USB cable is too short, again. Sensing a trend... 3ft long cable is just long enough to keep the device from dangling on the floor on back of computer (slight exaggeration). I used a 6ft Type A USB cable from a nice big box of extras so now it sits on desktop, where it should be. So that is not an issue if you have a longer cable.

Overall Review: Orico comes through again to provide me with very helpful tools. I don't know how I got along without this. Now everything is charged via a USB port or used as data transfer. -Vape MOD charger -18650 and 21700 Battery charger -Camera battery charger -Cell phone battery charger and Data transfer -External Drives, Mice, Keyboard, Printers, Input Devices for PC -Flash drives -Flashlights -Powerbanks -HD Docking Stations -Wireless Bluetooth Speakers -Even a car battery jumpers -lots of things. I'm sure I'd be surprised to see what charges via USB now. I love this device. -It's Perfect

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear, Thanks for your supporting ORICO. If you have other question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks. Sincerely ORICO
The Drive You Need, It's Reliable, Decent Pricing.6/8/2020 3:20:47 PM

Pros: Large Capacity - Reliable & Dependable - Price is Alright with me for now. - Formatted Usable Space, out of box 4.54 TB This is great for now.

Overall Review: I am happy with this 5TB Portable External HD. I have a 4TB drive and now the 5TB and both perform to expectations and satisfaction is result. Never hearing noises, Doesn't get too warm. Holds great capacity and best part, Not requiring DC Power and a USB cable. Both are included in the single cable included. I recommend for anybody looking for backup and room for growth. I have confidence with Seagate drives and love these. Shipped in original Retail box with sticker seals.

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So Very Handy!5/30/2020 11:32:36 PM

Pros: - Light in weight - Size is perfectly compact - File transfer speeds to other drives, internal or external are impressive and reliable, dependable - Brilliant blue LEDs show a drive is in a bay and ready to do some work - The angle of the design is a nice extra feature. This allows for extra drive lean over the Sata plug, extra weight to keep it "docked". - Clone feature may one day be helpful. In the meantime, I have no use for it. But a nice Bonus.

Cons: - USB cable is a bit short of what I was expecting. 3ft I believe. I have to keep it on the floor. Drives deserve to be on desktop. - Drive size limitation is 8TB per drive/bay. I think should be a standard 10TB

Overall Review: I'm glad I chose Orico over another option I was seriously considering. I would recommend to friends and family if they needed such a device. Much better than my single bay Therm^LTake, 2TB drive limit. This is so very handy to have! Especially when you have a Hard Drive collection. The typos in the descriptions of Orico products don't reflect on the product, only the seller perhaps. (Only changes: 1. USB cable length longer - 2. 10TB drive per bay standard.)

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UPS Backup better than unregulated power5/11/2020 9:57:06 PM

Pros: Nice to have USB plugs for device charging Works to condition electricity preventing spikes and noise which can damage equipment. Confidence knowing as Power Outage happens, PC is not affected by these damaging changes. 1 is dedicated for Modem and Wireless Router - internet while neighborhood is in the Dark-Priceless!

Cons: Of this model, 1 of 2 battery was in need of replacement a month after warranty. Luckily they sent a free replacement. I believe that battery going out was far too premature considering with similar usage, the other is still going strong.

Overall Review: buy Them, buy larger than you need, you won't regret it.

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Webroot Internet Security Complete + Antivirus - 5 Devices 1 Year Subscription - Download10/19/2019 10:36:38 PM

Pros: - Been using for many years now. - Been very content, happy with the software and service. I will continue to use if they continue the great protection. I have no doubts they will remain on top of the competition in many ways.

Cons: I with this was government subsidized and we didn't have to pay for the license. Joke, ha ha. No Cons come to mind, ever.

Overall Review: this is simple ennough for any user. It is thorough enough to satisfy some of the more hardcore critics, gives you plenty of protection on many levels.

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Perfect for 70 yr old Mom7/30/2017 8:03:02 AM

Pros: Mom doesn't have to bend down to plug phone in to charge. Doesn't have to move cable to computer to transfer pictures/files. Sits in her centrally located recliner and is able to do everything within arms reach. No loss of power or data integrity.

Cons: Some i-phones cases need to be trimmed slightly to allow the solid plug to fit snug to the phone, no problem.

Overall Review: Give it a shot. I like it. Kids like it, Mom likes it, Yay - Finally. Tough and Durable so I don't have to worry about thin insulation of original cord getting rolled over by desk chair and severing it. The way the cables should come, for the price of the phones........

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Perfect. No problems like many others I read.11/20/2016 10:34:59 PM

Pros: I love the physical size and capacity, surface cool to the touch. it works flawlessly and have had zero problems. I love that it is powered by USB and not having an extra power plug - wonderful. it transfers data exactly at the same rate as my Toshiba Canvio's. - It's nice to have breathing room for a drive that's filling up at 2TB, or even a 1TB. got to clean house and keep active copy of all files on this drive. Size is astonishing, for now. I

Cons: Cable is Too Short! Once cable issue fixed, i do not find anything wrong with it.

Overall Review: I want to see affordable SSD in these capacities!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Absolutely Wonderful11/20/2016 10:30:38 PM

Pros: They work like expected and don't have too much design so you can't write on it.

Cons: only con is when you receive the spindles and one has been cracked and discs are all over the box.

Overall Review: they didn't package it correctly. Discs were loose in the box. Other than that, no issues. Great company and discs.

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Unsure what to use it for11/20/2016 10:27:22 PM

Pros: I wanted lengthy cord for phone charging, then for portable external hard drive. I can't seem to make up my mind what it's purpose is.

Cons: Do not recommend charging cellphone on this, it has a loss of power at that distance of 15ft.

Overall Review: feels like a reliable cord. just need to find out what it's purpose for me is!

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Great Features/Performance10/23/2014 11:43:55 PM

Pros: lots of goodies to help bring out the power of the components. I'm finding quite useful the fact there's a power button and reset switch on the motherboard, case is a bit messed up, doesn't work.

Cons: wish when restarting computer, the motherboard didn't have to shut down, including the fans.

Overall Review: LAN Port is dead or fried after 9 months. Lucky has 3 year warranty and they accepted RMA to fix board.

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Favorite Grafix Card Yet10/23/2014 11:22:03 PM

Pros: It performs just like the specs say and keeps me satisfied. glad to have the technology advancements.

Cons: price was high even on Holiday discount and coupon, but was worth it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello and thank you for the great review. We truly appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know XFX Support contact:
Great Reliability at One Year10/23/2014 10:55:21 PM

Pros: Love 'em and in my black case, they stand out and it's easier to find my devices and slots on motherboard. Fast data rate, strong, sturdy, reliable, ok price, the short lengths are better priced but still well worth it.

Cons: bit much money for 6" cable.

Overall Review: still love them regardless of this one being most expensive.

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Strong After A Year10/23/2014 10:51:47 PM

Pros: Colors great for identification of devices and obviously distances. Still strong and providing a fast data transfer rate after a year. no degradation or breakdown physically, why would there be, they don't move!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I think the colors are an added bonus to being sturdy, strong and reliable.

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Still Strong After a Year10/23/2014 10:48:42 PM

Pros: Love colors to separate which devices and drives based on distance. The data transfer rate is as good as I expected.

Cons: no cons

Overall Review: Buy some. Always have backup.

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Truly Feel Safe10/23/2014 8:45:55 PM

Pros: I've been able to protect my family for 2 years now and not have to look over everybody's shoulder to do so. Webroot has been one of the only software packages that is so comprehensive and so light on systems resources, it's insane if you don't try this. Instead of renewing on Webroot and paying $80, I paid on Newegg $24.99! I know it will go cheaper, but grabbed while it was on my mind and had the money. Best Gift for Christmas! I feel and experience it when I am on the web, and after using web it protects and warns and never gets shut down by being overridden.

Cons: can't think of any cons.

Overall Review: I just would like to know for sure if I can stop using McAfee with it? I have it as Total Protection and has useful tools, but not sure I need them.

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Nice Desktop Processor1/6/2014 3:30:25 PM

Pros: I like the performance out of the box. Also for overclocking. And again for the energy conservation options, pretty sweet. Plenty of computing power for my needs, and I just sold my server/workstation, 2 quad core AMD Opteron Shanghai 2378 2.4Ghz, 8 solid cores. Rendering now takes a little longer in Maya, flies in Adobe CC, and doesn't lag on anything so far.

Cons: Cooler bulky, really only complaint. I cannot fit a side fan on my case unless I go from 200mm down to 140 or 170mm and custom mount. No worries, plenty of other sources of airflow.

Overall Review: I am a proud owner of a nice piece of desktop power. I know there's lots of debate. I wanted something from the box that the company could stand by, out of the box! (Since overclocking isn't my specialty)

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Very Good Product1/6/2014 3:24:16 PM

Pros: Works for me, like a charm, flawless. I don't know why there is so much debate over this. It works, and does so with a little noise while working, but that's owning a computer for you. Why is everybody wanting everything to be silent? IF everything works silent, you don't know if it's working!

Cons: want it for lower price

Overall Review: Noise isn't that bad like some say. plug and play. wish it came with software to watch Blu-Ray discs! Movies I bought from the store. Still working on that though.

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Great Drive!1/6/2014 3:15:46 PM

Pros: I have a 2TB version and now a 1TB version. Both of which I deleted the partition and got rid of pre-installed software. Now I have extra storage space. I still really like the feel of the materials, weight, size, and capacity.

Cons: cable is short, not a con, just be aware.15" long (15 inches)

Overall Review: The pre-installed software seems useful for some people, but I will never use it. and on backups,,, I do those manually thus getting rid of the need for auto backups. I will clone the drive, or just use as extra storage depending on my needs.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
One Last Thought1/6/2014 3:08:12 PM

Pros: I think if you can get this to work, it is a great idea. I just don't know why that it didn't work. but did want to give positive eggs for being a good idea for those that can make it work for them.

Cons: no need to mention, disappointment

Overall Review: So as This seems genius idea, if actually made 5 USB 3.0 ports, I would be thrilled. I didn't really want to send it back. So it has that effect on me to want to try and keep it to make it work. but resorted to refund. Cheers to those who make this work for them. Again, Great Idea! eggs are for thought and design. Not for performance.

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Drive is Demon on Speed1/3/2014 12:52:41 PM

Pros: Again back to say< this drive is amazing piece of technical mastery. It seems to be absolutely flawless and reliable. Again, never worked on such a fast drive. This should last for a long time, I'm using it now and I complete tasks in record time. I love this and will love it for a long time!

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: Blue and Purple Unicorns

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it's ok, at best12/26/2013 11:55:53 AM

Pros: I like the cable management and size, and drive bays.

Cons: Do not like the top and front plastic panels that come off if you look at them wrong. I put AMD FX-9370 with stock watercooling heatsink and 2 fans. Now I cannot install a side fan for intake. The fans that come with this don't move any air it seems. I have to put my ear to it and hand in front and behind it to see if it's working. I tried to replace them, but the fans bitphenix has too many mounting holes and won't fit inside the plastic case cover. I now will dremel the fans to fit so some air will move.

Overall Review: all in all,,, for the price, it's good. But now it will take me a few hours sizing down the fans to fit for some CFM action. that's really my biggest pet peave. I will also have to drill custom mounts on side of case for another 200 mm fan. But, it's a great little case for the money with some project remaining to be done. case looks good too, with the blue lights and the all black interior. The logo on front panel lights up blue and fades out. neat looking. Hard Drive docking port on front top panel great.

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Works like it should12/26/2013 11:40:43 AM

Pros: A Pro out of the ,,, bubble wrap in my case. Awesome performance. Works fast and reliable.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Buy a few!

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Love it, gotta have it12/26/2013 11:25:21 AM

Pros: This is my second disk drive for burning, reading. It works flawlessly. never any trouble or problems. Works as it should and still impresses me. So this is my backup to the LG Blu-Ray Burner.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I love it and have to have it.

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