Best Bang for the Buck2/6/2011 2:30:28 PM

Pros: Stock idle around 38C. Overclock idle around 42C @ 865 Core Clock, 1730 Shader, and 2325 Memory Clock - I feel like there's more room to push if I tweaked it some more. SMALL- this card is over 1" shorter that my 8800gt akimbo. I've got about 3" of clearance lengthwise in the case and I've got it sitting next to an akimbo cooler on the 8800 which takes up 2 slots+ some.

Cons: Fan is a buzz at stock idle (25-30ish), and just gets louder and louder - to put into perspective, louder than stock rosewill 120mm fans rated around 35 dbs.

Overall Review: I didn't dock any eggs off for the noise, because if I wanted a quieter setup I'd get scythe fans for my case... The OC room this card has would make any enthusiast, with a mid range cash flow, happy. Specs: i5 750 OC'd to 4.01ghz 12 gigs patriot ripsaw RAM @ 1300 mhz ASUS P7P55 delux mobo Rosewill green series 700W psu 5 120 mm Rosewill case fans for cooling Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 768MB series EVGA 8800 GT Akimbo 512MB - dedicated PhysX 3D Mark 06 everything stock = 18000 3D Mark 06 everything OC's = 23650

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