Great price:performance4/4/2010 7:29:40 PM

Pros: The 1001P EEEPC does everything you'd expect it to for a netbook. Handles word processing/internet browsing/playing lower res (480p/320p) streaming content from youtube/hulu. A bit sluggish at times but overall very powerful for the price point. Boots up very quickly and has a large battery life (8-9 hours with a high brightness/10-11 hours on lower screen brightness). Great for what you're paying.

Cons: The GPU only supports software vertex/pixel shaders and not hardware which is a bummer if you were expecting to play games. The result is that most games run very slowly or not at all with software shaders. The hinges the screen are on feel really really weak.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this netbook to anyone looking to do some light work on the go or in need of a mobile internet device. The GPU's limitations aren't really that big of a disappointment, if you're looking at netbooks on purpose you probably weren't expecting to run many games (although you can still run plenty of great older games no problem).

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Great cooler1/13/2009 7:19:45 PM

Pros: Great heatsink. My e8500 OC'd at 3.80ghz stays 30c-ish while idle and fights its way up to 51-53c under Prime95.

Cons: Kind of big, the rubber mounting system for the fan can be a wee bit difficult.

Overall Review: I used the pushpins and it took a little big of fighting it to get one of the last pins down. Installation was more or less painful overall though.

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