Bad monitor at a bad price10/2/2012 10:39:26 AM

Pros: Not many, beyond that of any simple and cheap monitor. Will likely tan your face while it burns out your retinas.

Cons: Causes all sorts of eyestrain and headaches, poor color definition and uniformity, not enough input options, way to expensive for this low quality trash.

Overall Review: I had a technical and in-depth review but evidently my session timed out before I posted it and it was lost. Sorry. The bottom line is that even though this has the rare vertical resolution of a good non-widescreen monitor (which is why I bought it), its design and quality are horrible and it's not worth half the price. Wait for this one to go on clearance because that's where it's headed. You can then pick them up at realistic prices and use them to keep your kids from using the computer too much or getting employees to quit without hassle.

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Possible heirloom piece9/21/2012 11:04:41 PM

Pros: The main unit apparently runs forever. It's made of steel so it can dissipate heat without a fan as well as being unquestionably physically sound. There are no settings, adjustments, drivers, firmware, or things to get hacked or infected. The ports and lights are on the front with the power cord in the back because that's what works for wiring cabinets. It's not meant for show and tell, but for quick and easy hookup and diagnostics, while keeping that all-important power cable out of 'oops' reach. Gigabit will likely remain viable for a very long time yet. Sixteen ports is plenty for my past, present, and future 'networked everything' geek home.

Cons: The power supply failed after 5 years of 24/7/365 use, including on uninterrupted backup power through power outages. The first 4 years was in a location with low quality power, and the last 1 year is in a place with higher than usual voltage (125V). It is never turned off. Being a brand and model that has lasted so long, it was not hard to find an aftermarket replacement power supply, but the experience of network paralysis was so traumatic that I suggest a backup plan be ready in case it happens to you. It also does not have all the fancy management software that a company would usually need to hire an employee to maintain. That's sort of a take it or leave it feature unless you want to trunk your ports for a poor-mans multi-gig connection, but that would put many of the related parts and software into another price ballpark anyway. This device is simply plug in and go until the lights don't light up anymore. Until the power supply quits, it will never need a reboot.

Overall Review: Having 16 ports will generally suffice for an exceptionally smart home, and if 'hotspots' are culminated onto sub-switches before making a run to this main switch, there's not really enough wired network objects in the near future to fill it up. It has plenty of ports, speed, and capability to merge multiple office sections onto one line before several of those lines are sent to a more expensive switch to trunk them onto a multi-gig or optical line. That saves a lot of money in both wiring and hardware. I prefer the 'store and forward' technique that this uses, as some modern devices, like security cameras, are commonly 10-100Mbs and don't yet use jumbo frames. The method this switch uses will buffer an entire packet from a device and then send it to the destination at that new speed. This keeps the small/slow camera feed packets from slowing down my jumbo framed, gigabit packets between more capable devices.

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Not worth the price5/17/2012 2:03:26 PM

Pros: BOINC measures it at twice the GFLOPS as my older GTX260.

Cons: The fans, which are attached to a heat source (<-emphasis), are made of low melting point plastic. One of the three fans on my card simply melted off and the one next to it is going mushy. Besides this error that demonstrates an incompetent manufacturer, this card doesn't even perform that well in the games that I play and I don't even play the 'latest and greatest'.

Overall Review: Video cards are one of the most expensive parts in a computer and I expect them to run until the technology is obsolete. This manufacturer chose the wrong plastic for a critical part, which I think is a pretty basic engineering consideration, and I won't buy from them in the foreseeable future. I would like to continue using what's left of this card, but apparently they did such a bad job of standardizing it that I can't even find an application that is capable of communicating with it to manually spin the remaining fans faster to compensate for the missing one. It runs at about 207F and probably won't last the rest of the week.

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RAM upgrade is better/cheaper1/8/2012 12:09:29 AM

Pros: It's pretty quick for a hard drive. Some *parts* of programs load faster. Since it crashes the system if it powers down it is always *spun up* so to speak and ready to go. Was pretty much the fastest and biggest SSD I could get in this price range... and has dropped about a hundred since then. Would be ideal for someone with a stripped down operating system with minimal services and load-on-boot programs for the purpose of boasting fast boot times... though you could do that with a much smaller drive. Low power consumption for my overtaxed circuit breaker and UPS to cope with.

Cons: Some programs error out on bootup because requisite services (like network connectivity) are not ready by the time programs are done loading and need them. This means that even though I have faster theoretical boot times I have to do additional work and even restarts to get everything running, resulting in slower real-world boot times and additional work. Had to wait for the 3.3.something firmware before it stopped crashing my computer 1-5 times per day. Some people report that even this did not fix their crashes. Requires in-depth BIOS, operating system, and firmware tweaks to make it work. Good luck if you don't have a premium motherboard with BIOS tweaking options. Since I have abundant ram, most of my data is cached anyway so program performance was largely unaffected. A standard hard drive and a large quantity of ram is much faster (and cheaper) since DDR3 trumps SATAIII and windows will cache everything into RAM... and you will have more drive space.

Overall Review: Though it was a rather expensive lesson, I learned that if you have enough ram (I have 12GB) it really doesn't matter in most situations how fast your hard drive is because windows will cache as much relevant data as will fit in your ram to improve performance. All of the slowdowns and waiting to load/start/game transitions/web page reloads were all caused by other factors such as server synchronizations/update checking, pre-measured wait times for network or hardware response, and I don't know why local game content still takes as long to load/transition but it does. With 16GB of ram costing 1/4-1/3 as much as this you would be much better served by a big ram upgrade. I run 4 web browsers across my 4 screens and anywhere from 20-40 tabs. I have music streams and VoIP running 24/7 and several monitoring apps running always. I play video games regularly on top of this base system load and swap file is turned off. The SSD was nothing but headaches when RAM had my speed maxed all along.

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Obsolete11/30/2011 8:18:16 PM

Pros: It has Intrusion Protection and stately packet inspection. If these features were on all network destinations then there would simply be no point in most internet attacks. I highly regard this feature.

Cons: It's very old and can't keep up with my internet connection of 25Mb. I moved the entire local network to a separate switch and only use this for setting up static IPs and as an internet gateway/filter but its decrepit processor can't keep up. The internal memory is too small and so when there is the rare IPS update it has to remove signatures to put new ones in, re-opening holes. Requires subscription fees to use its built in security features which is a scammy, scam, scam.

Overall Review: I bought mine over 5 years ago when it was still a Linksys product. Since Cisco took it over I've found the updates are now very hard to get and apparently they now charge for the updates that open the old holes to patch new ones. One big thing that is not stated in the features list is that most of the really good management stuff (like blocking web sites) is a subscription based service that is built into the unit but requires you to pay a fee to use it. I loved this unit a long time ago but lately it is becoming the biggest bottleneck on my network and I'm fed up with its obsolete and protection racquet based fee for security business model.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Uncle Buck, We’re sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with the RVS4000. Have you tried upgrading the firmware? That could help resolve some of the issues you’re experiencing. You can find the most recent firmware release here: If you need further troubleshooting assistance, we recommend contacting support ( or checking the Small Business Support Community ( Thank you for your comments! We hope this helps. Andrea Cisco Small Business Team
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Dinky little tables10/11/2011 5:13:16 PM

Pros: Lightweight and sturdy. Fold flat and then fold into a self supporting structure so you don't spill your stuff. Designed so that weight reinforces its deployed state so it won't collapse with something on it.

Cons: This is one of those things where items on the internet are smaller than they appear. You can probably put 4 tumbler cups on this but not a plate and a cup. These tables are also very short... you will have to reach down a ways to reach an item on them... They won't be reached with some kinds of chairs.

Overall Review: I'm not bothered by the small stature of these tables really. I just wanted something to put by 2 typical outdoor chairs to rest drinks on. I wouldn't say they were cheep or expensive because they seem to be made alright but just small. If low weight and compact size are what you're looking for then these are good. For a home camp fire, not so much.

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One weak link8/26/2011 1:52:21 AM

Pros: A mostly impressive unit with high-grade battery, great air compressor and hoses. AC out is a great feature and an air pressure gage is a great addition. It's an awesome thing to have for minor problems as well as more serious strandings or power failures.

Cons: Wall mounted power supply destroyed its self after a few months. Now what am I supposed to do with a battery that can't be charged? The high-grade battery is an AGM type so you can't safely charge it with a solar panel that has a car adapter on it. I wanted that capability so I'm disappointed with that. The internal charge controller is not good enough for that type of battery so the instructions tell you to charge it all the way but not leave it plugged in too long. Had I known this I would have skipped this product immediately as I want something that can keep plugged in without destroying its battery. That was a serious cheap-out on the designers part.

Overall Review: With the power supply that failed, the lack of a proper internal charge controller, and the limitations on charging solutions this is a problem solving device that is rendered useless by one simple weak link.

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it's not very good8/23/2011 5:04:53 PM

Pros: It's a powerful toaster. Has settings for various toast scenarios.

Cons: The range between untoasted and overtoasted is miniscule and changes a lot between different grades of bread, let alone other products and settings. I would like the slots bigger for home made bread.

Overall Review: This toaster is built in the purgatory between low tech/easy and high tech/does things for you. You push the leaver down but it wants you to push the cancel button to pop it back up. I think this may have lead to another reviewers breakage if he popped up the toast the old fashioned way. It has lots of selections to do some custom stuff but has a numbered dial to make every toasting endeavor an exorcize in guesswork. It has all these options but no way to measure what it's doing and apply those settings in a smart fashion. It's less useful than a basic mechanical version that has few enough options that you can get used to it. Sure it's just a toaster and makes toast but it's expensive and will mess up your toast as often as it does it right. I wouldn't recommend buying it since it's more likely to make toasting harder rather than easier. Seriously, for the price it does not have the performance to back it up. All it has to do is make toast and it struggles at that.

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hard drives8/23/2011 4:19:53 PM

Pros: Bought 4 of them, all 4 worked and continue to work. I'm happy

Cons: None that I have found

Overall Review: I got 4 of these to replace the western digital drives I had in my QNAP NAS RAID box. Half of the WD's were so awful that they are now banned from my shopping cart. The compatibility chart for QNAP says these have no issues with my TS-419P unit and that has proven correct. This NAS box really searches for signs of trouble with hard drives and was constantly throwing errors with the WD's but these just plugged in and worked from the word go.

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Not for non-technical people8/23/2011 1:16:10 AM

Pros: Wielding this device to rescue someones files from a 'dead' computer is the closest thing to walking on water in their eyes. I was impressed with how simple and elegant this thing is. From its connection layout to its power supply design, I believe this to be the absolute best product for the task it was meant for.

Cons: The light on it didn't work but is not even necessary so no biggie. It is meant for temporary use as it doesn't have any permanent mounting stuff but this is good because it's clean and compact that way. It doesn't have a cape and x-ray vision but it will turn you into a superhero. It does not have any instructions so some people will not be able to figure out how to use it. My friend, who bought it from my recommendation, couldn't figure it out without instructions so -1 egg for the emotional damage he suffered as he thought his music was never going to be saved.

Overall Review: My buddy had a computer failure and was very upset about all the music and pictures he lost. I emailed him a link to this, knowing that his hard drive would still be fine, and he bought it. He called me up stating that it doesn't fit his hard drive and he doesn't know what the cables are for. I went over there and he demonstrated. He was trying to use the hard drive cables instead of plugging the unit directly into his drive. I put it together for him and once he saw his files come up on his new computer he was visibly very relieved. My point in describing what happened is that because this didn't come with enough instructions to show him how to plug it in it clearly needs a few pictures to make it perfect for anyone to use. For a lot of people this device is a no-brainer and absolutely perfect but most people don't know how computer parts connect together. A small scrap of paper with a couple drawings would make this device absolutely perfect.

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good but....8/23/2011 12:13:35 AM

Pros: The resolution and ability to track on my black mouse pad are as perfect as I could imagine. The cord is very long. It's comfortable and the buttons are good for any size hand.

Cons: The mouse wheel has become flaky and when you rotate it it will randomly go up or down regardless which direction you rotated it. Its logo backlight turns on and off nonstop which is an unwanted feature.

Overall Review: The tracking and clarity on any surface are the best I've had in a mouse thus far. If it didn't have the big stupid flashing light and a bad wheel sensor this would easily be a 5+ egg product. If you buy one and the wheel stays working then it's a marginal 5 egger because of the flashing light. Weather it's worth the risk depends on how cool you are about returning stuff on warranty. It is potentially a superb mouse.

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Makes a good gift8/22/2011 11:20:09 PM

Pros: Simple to use. Simple looks. Obvious activity light.

Cons: Gloss black finish shows finger prints badly but that's not a big deal.

Overall Review: I bought this for my buddy. He is completely incompetent with a computer. His hard drive was full and he didn't know what to do. I gave it to him and he took it home and got it to work without having to ask for help. I wish I could say more but it's just a USB hard drive that anyone can plug in and use. He's really happy with it though and that's what matters.

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Long range8/22/2011 11:11:14 PM

Pros: Nice long range transmission. Receiver batteries and charger included. Receiver is also a MURS portable transmitter. Took only a minute or two to select a tree and mount sensor to it with a (not provided) bungee cord.

Cons: Requires 12 batteries to power one sensor and receiver. Sensor batteries are not included. Sensor circuit board does not match the one in the manual and does not have any settings for sensitivity, etc. just the channel code, privacy code, and zone number. Receiver feels like an el-cheepo unit but it's simple to use and it works. Sensor did not come with mounting screws or other mounting aids.

Overall Review: The sensor is mounted in light woods, at the bottom of a steep hill, about 200ft from my house. Receiver is all the way at the back of the house and receives the programmed voice as clearly as when I tested the unit in the same room. This is good performance and I suspect that if I lived in town I could detect a visitor even if I was down the road with the receiver. The cheep look of the components are tolerated only because this is a specialized set of equipment that is generally not available at consumer prices. I was shocked at the amount of batteries this system takes but fortunately I have a nice charger and a drawer full of rechargeable batteries. If you intend to mount this to a tree I highly recommend you pick up a small bungee cord and hook it into the screw holes at the top of the unit. The bark will keep a good grip on the cord without having to mess with screws.

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Decent for non-professional use1/17/2011 1:11:23 PM

Pros: The self-feeding feature seemed to work well. It cut a nice clean hole in the floor so I could run my cable. Comes with a quick change socket so I guess you could swap to a larger bit for bigger holes. It did not snag or unravel my carpet.

Cons: The bits seem very sharp, which is good but I think it is actually a burr on the edges of the bits that make them seem sharper than they really are. The amount of torque required to make a 5/8" hole in my floor made the drill stall or twist in my hands a few times but I don't know if that is because my drill is not great or because of the threaded nature of these bits causes the torque required to increase compared to a common spade bit doing all of its cutting at the face.

Overall Review: Overall I like the idea of these bits because they make a smaller hole and then enlarge it as the bit goes into the material. This should result in longer life of the sharpness but greatly increases the difficulty of sharpening them. As I think the original sharpness is due to a burr being on the edge of these bits and not actually being sharpened I bet they will get dull quickly. I essentially bought this set because I needed one hole drilled and will eventually need only a few more holes as time goes on. I wouldn't recommend these for professional use because I think they will get dull quickly and be very hard to resharpen.

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Superbad!1/17/2011 12:44:18 PM

Pros: I can't think of anything I like about this particular product.

Cons: The instructions say that no part of this doorbell with remote button and mat is designed for outdoor use! The package says it can receive a signal from the transmitter up to 100feet but if I have it any farther than the floor right next to the door then it won't receive a signal at all. That's 4 feet. It also uses an unusual type of battery and although I'm grateful that it came with a battery I'll have to search far and wide to find another when it runs out in a few months.

Overall Review: In my opinion, this product is a complete piece of rubbish. It wasn't even intended to work. It's a doorbell that's not made to be used outside but I didn't see that limitation when I bought it. It claims a good distance of operation but only works 4 feet away so it's no better than making a person knock on the door. I bought it because I can't hear someone knocking on the door and my house is not wired for a conventional doorbell. I feel scammed.

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Skip this junk1/17/2011 12:25:49 PM

Pros: It has a solar panel, LEDs, and removable batteries. Light produced is a good white without being excessively blue.

Cons: The construction quality of this flashlight reminds me of a party favor. It is not designed or built well at all. There are no gaskets and there was no attempt that I could see to make this thing resist water. The 2 AAA 600mAh batteries (and it should have been built for AA) that it came with were absolutely discharged when it arrived which tells me that there is a draw on them even with the light turned off. It's been in the window charging for half a month now and is still not charged past dead. I turn it on and I can't see more than a glow in the dark. I don't expect a super light, I just want to see inside a computer or find my way around the house in the dark and it won't even do that.

Overall Review: My impression is that the solar panel is not putting out enough power to charge the very wimpy batteries and they are loosing power overnight because of bad circuit design. I put some fresh non-rechargeable batteries in it just to make sure it could make light and it was alright. It's an unimpressive amount of light but it will let you navigate a house and read labels in the dark. It has a fairly wide spot of light with a large but very dim area around it so you can generally see where you're going. Non-rechargeable batteries have a higher voltage than rechargeables though so I can't expect even that low performance from fully charged batteries. Overall I say don't buy this horrible piece of junk because it can't charge its self enough to keep up with use or internal draw, and when it is fully charged (by taking out the batteries and charging them with something else) it still isn't very good.

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Better than travelcube1/17/2011 11:47:12 AM

Pros: I took one apart like I did for another unit and found that this unit is vastly superior in capability and construction quality. Oddly, it is cheaper than the other unit as well. Component values and construction are very good for a surge protector of this price. Displays whether or not your plug is grounded properly. Phone line circuit is surge protected and fused on both lines. All 3 power line MOVs are covered by heavy fireproof socks to contain a fire or explosion (this can happen in some protection situations). Noise suppression capacitor has ten times the capacitance (.1uF vs .01uF) as the one in the Travelcube. The surge energy absorbed by this unit is very high, partly because there are 2 MOVs for the phone line. The main circuit board has been cut in strategic locations to reduce the potential for arcing.

Cons: These units are not meant to be disassembled but I took one apart to make sure I could trust it to do what it claims it will do. This unit is fastened together as well as spot-glued from the inside, making it hard to open without leaving marks on the outside but still possible to open. I found it too difficult to remove the main circuit board and didn't want to damage it because I want to use this device again. I wanted to remove it so I could check solder joint quality and make sure the circuit was laid out correctly as it is much more complex than the other device I reviewed. Fortunately the phone circuit board is physically isolated and can be removed easily. From this I can see that the solder joints are well done and the circuit layout is proper and logical, at least for the phone circuit.

Overall Review: I wanted at least 5 of these and I could only get the last 3 in stock. From the price point and the overwhelming quality of these units I would instantly snatch up another 10 or more and distribute some to my friend as well as keep some in reserve. They are so far above my expectations that I don't think I'm likely to see anything like them for this price in the future. These are very good units and I really hope they come back in stock soon! With the heavy, fireproof socks to absorb an explosion and snuff out a fire if the power company or a wind storm feeds your house with an outrageous voltage (happened to my sister, power company wouldn't pay for damages) you can at least rest easy knowing your house won't burn down on top of your problems. The 'grounded' indicator is a good thing to have as surges to the phone line are shunted to ground. Overall I say buy many, put them on all electronics and things with coils or motors (because those make surges and line noise).

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IT STINKS!8/25/2010 12:00:45 PM

Pros: The surface works well with my mice. The used tire rubber backing has decent grip, though not any better than the standard rubber backed mouse pads. Does not have metal strands or anything like that. The stiff tire rubber will probably make a bump all the way to the surface of the pad if it sits on a crumb or something though since it is not pliable like an ordinary pad.

Cons: THIS THING STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN! It smells like a tire store but with dead animals and fuel oil stench mixed in. It will make your hand stink. It will make you seriously doubt the efficacy of recycling. This is the worst recycled product I have ever seen/smelled. The picture on the surface bears only a faint resemblance to the picture on the store page. It looks pretty dull and is covered by a rough surface for mouse tracking so is even more boring to look at. Looks old and cheap like a free giveaway mouse pad.

Overall Review: Seriously, don't get this thing! You will regret it strongly with every breath of stench this thing produces. I'll use my pants as a mouse pad before I use this thing. The only effect of this recycled product was that someone got a few extra bucks from garbage before that garbage was thrown away. Its horrible stench makes it completely unusable.

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Not for Windows 78/25/2010 11:39:20 AM

Pros: The buttons click right and it tracks fine on my non-standard, black mouse pad. Cord retractor works fine. Detects automatically as a standard mouse. Feels decent in the hand. Good looks and very nice finish for this poorly designed, low quality mouse.

Cons: I wanted to install the software so that I could reverse the page forward and back buttons so they would be like my other mouse. The install disk says it's for xp, 2k, and vista so I downloaded the drivers from the website. The installer loads but I can't click on the install button. Mouse wheel feels very sluggish and clunky. Mouse feet are so thin that the mouse crashes hard on the smallest crumb. Cord strain relief is very poor and I suspect that the cord will fail quickly.

Overall Review: If you really need a small mouse for a laptop this one will work but I don't think it will last long, it's not a good mouse overall and if you have win 7 then avoid this one.

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Did not get what I paid for8/25/2010 10:12:26 AM

Pros: The computer sent is pretty fast for an ordinary laptop. A little slow at a lot of stuff but with the solid state drives various things are pretty fast for a laptop. Some of the features are nice like the screen changes brightness in relation to the ambient light. The keyboard feels fine and at least new out of the box the keys have a grippy feeling to them.

Cons: The computer I ordered listed 6GB of ram installed. The one I received shows only 4GB. On the Sony site this is listed as a $150 difference. A major reason I chose this computer over the similar one on newegg was because of that extra ram. Also, the keys are having a moderately strong tendency to double the characters I type. Probably 3 occurrences per sentence. I have to keep going back and deleting the extra characters. The keyboard is important and if I didn't need it I would have gotten a tablet.

Overall Review: Overall this is not a cheap computer by any means. For the price I expected a top of the line product but the sloppy keyboard means it is not good for typing anything. I'm not sure who to blame for the missing RAM. When I chatted with Sony they say they don't even carry this computer anymore. So it is not even a current product. I don't have a thorough test of the system in yet but at this point already I'd say stay far away from it.

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Heeeell, it's about time1/2/2010 12:56:57 PM

Pros: This is the first time I've gotten a CPU and overall computer that yawns at everything I throw at it. I've got 3 EvE-onlines, 1 DDO, and 1 Killing floor, streaming high-res music, ventrilo(talk/listen simultaniously), and virus scanning all network streams... 22% CPU load... This will be a system that will last a good long while as long as I keep making sacrifices to the zeus, the lightning guy. Hyperthreading 4 cores makes 8 graphs on task manager for me to watch on monitor #4. :)

Cons: It's expensive but unless it breaks down it will not need an upgrade for probably about 4 years I'm guessing. Multicores tend to age far better as well since chores don't have to wait in one line. Hyperthreading is junktarded on my single core comp... haven't been able to get a good real-life test on this one because I can't give it enough things to do.

Overall Review: With this computer I've also got 12GB of ram and 4 monitors and runing my old OS (vista 64 ult.). I intend to upgrade OS and video cards when they become propperly matured but the chip and ram are good to go for years IMO. The major problem with trying to do a good real life test on this system is that now that the CPU's have got their acts together it becomes very obvious that video card designers have years of making up to do. Sure you can get a card or two roped together and get a high frame rate on one monitor for one application fullscreened but who the heck does that anymore? For multicards on multimonitors the overall system just doesn't know what to do. This lets the CPU idle while the video cards are trying to figure out what the heck's going on. This is why I'm holding my horses on the rest of the gear... My CPU is sorted for years to come.

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Built to pha1l10/23/2009 5:42:51 AM

Pros: Clear vibrating lows... mids and highs are bland, acceptable sound for a twenty dollar headset. Nice soft earcups make a good vacume seal to ensure you hurt your ear drums when putting them on and off. Greatly reduces ambient noise, which is why I wanted this type of headset. This would be a decent headset for noisy environments like airplanes, public settings, and prison... as long as you have a few spares for each time the cord fails.

Cons: The speaker elements are underpowered so the design uses sealed earcups that will hurt your eardrums if you put these on/off too fast, someone taps on them to get your attention, or you bump into something. Causes headaches from the sound pressure being forced into your ear canals. Clear sound dissapears behind distortion when you turn the volume higher than a background music setting. Not designed to fit a human head. It's shaped for pumpkins of various widths, not heights. I have a standard issue head and this puppy puts it's entire weight on a 1cm spot of my dome. Most importantly, the cord is a deliberately planned point of rapid failure. Very thin in diameter, impropper rubber coating will displace if pinched under a chair weel... exposing the wires, impropper strain reliefs, all seals are welded to prevent repairs, volume box and cord belongs on a nine dollar piece of equipment.

Overall Review: As I took this headset out of the box and assembled it for first use and tried it on I noticed it does have decent sound compaired to my broken one but a coupple days later I'm seeing a piece of junk with a brand name of some guy I don't care about. I've carefully hung the cord so to try and prevent the tiniest of strain to make it last perhaps a few months. The doggone thing is giving me headaches from the non-vented cheap design. The microphone idea where it pluggs in is a novel idea but unnessisary and even silly. I supose you could remove the mic and use it to covertly record something though... that's all I can think of for why someone would design a mic like this because it's not in the way or stiff or anything. Unfortunately there was a limited selection of full-cupped headsets available when I was looking for a replacement. I passed this one over a few times because I knew I was paying for the name of some guy on there instead of quality but alas, limited selection.

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beautiful but with a problem2/7/2009 7:32:43 PM

Pros: Absolutely stunning case. Couldn't look better.

Cons: Side doesn't seem to fit using standard power and SATA connectors. Total shame as one drive fried immediately on power up and I can assume it had something to do with the side not fitting on with cable clearance.

Overall Review: I can reverse the drive section by changing dozens and dozens of screws but have measured it to give even less room. It appears to me (and I could be wrong somehow) that this case requires special right angle data and power connectors for each and every drive in it's vast array... nuts to that! For now it will just look stupid without it's side panel. What a shameful existence for a case so very elegant.

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Qualifies for it's job title7/23/2008 4:33:39 PM

Pros: Performs both surge and noise supression. This is critical because many electrical problems are due to noise and not just surges. A surge ruins things but noise causes erratic problems. I bought 5 of them for surpressing noise and spikes at their source as well as frontline protectors for my UPS's. I opened one up to verify that it had all the right parts in the right quantities. *don't do this unless you are qualified* Earned the 5th star back for being easy to re-assemble and eventually proving it had all of its qualifications.

Cons: Newegg says it has noise protection, it's manufacturer's site says it has noise protection. Nowhere in, on, or around the package does it say it has noise protection. That is why I had to open one up to verify that it does, in fact, have noise supression to some extent. The passive type noise supression could be a bit better but the part value I would have put in there would have forced the price up and most people wouldn't understand the benefit for the aditional cost. Anyway, take the "up to 20DB" with a grain of salt if you have this connected inline with a quality UPS that will also have some filtration onboard. Even if you don't, you should still have one of these connected to your computer and anything else that is expensive and has a circuit board or a heavy coil (like the fridge, washer, microwave, etc). The only other con here doesn't effect me. People who still have a phone modem probably have a second line to run it on. This device prottects only the first, not the scnd

Overall Review: I'll give you the details here so you don't have to open one and potentially ruin something: -Surge protection is via standard MOV's on all 3 power lines and 2 wires (your first phone line not your second) of the phone circuit -MOV disconnect (because they short out after they're done protecting) is done by both a cheep but workable fused link and a thermal fuse rated for 115c for the power lines and glass tube type fuses for the phone line. -The dual fuse types on the power lines is the best way of meeting the latest revision of UL1449 in my opinion and although the implementation was rather cheap it was not shody for a disposable device -The noise supression is performed by a single .01uF cap across the hot and neutral wires. I'd prefer .22uF or better but this should dampen out most RFI and the computer glitches it would cause. The cap is of high quality and is rated at 400VAC. -You should have something cheap and disposable like this as a first defense even if you have a UPS.

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Good Nuke, Confusing Keypad7/16/2008 4:35:04 PM

Pros: Very large interior, Cooks quickly and hasn't left a cold spot yet, Doesn't burn or harden edges, I can trust this machine to autocook my food without supervision. Has several extra features that will remain untried for the life of the product... unless I decide to ask my microwave what to put on my shopping list, as this thing has recipes programmed into it. This is a full featured microwave that so far has proven that it knows when to stop cooking to prevent burning. Overall, I like it but I hate the keypad.

Cons: construction smacks of cheep... some lines don't match up, Keypad is confusing and hard to find the buttons you want, autodefrost is completely clueless, Recipes built in will remain untried until a later model with network connectivity can interact with my shelf and email a shopping list to the store for me... yeah, I dont intend to use that feature

Overall Review: All asthetics aside this oven works pretty good and it isn't ugly or anything, it hasn't given me any real problems except that the defrost doesn't seem to do much of anything. I usually use 2 buttons and thats autocook + start. It autocooks things until they are quite nuked but doesn't harden or burn stuff. The keypad is so poorly laid out with so little deliniation between selections that I often try to click on the subheading instead of the selections. The door latch feels cheep and the line between the top of the door and the case is not uniform. If the keypad was easy and quick to operate my tone would be completely diferant as this is otherwise a good-cooking microwave (besides clueless autodefrost).

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