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4/17/2015 6:49:56 PM

Pros: It did Charge & was able to Power an Android Phone

Cons: Built in Flashlight didn't work, Not Legal to travel with in Mainland China. it was confiscated by Beijing Airport Security for not having required Voltage & Amperage Capacity Labeled on it.

Overall Review: I should have Saved my $7.00 Bucks

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Don't Waist your Money10/26/2013 6:13:26 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Won't Pair with any of my Bluetooth devises, tied a Sony EXperta Smart Phone, I-Pod, PC Bluetooth dongle. Can't rate the sound Quality never had any. I ordered this from Newegg several months later got it out of the Box to give it a try. Won't work at all too late to RMA after reading the reviews of returning to Eagle Tech I will trop it in the Trash & note not to order Product with this Brand Name. Always read the Newegg reviews, I didn't on this what a mistake, if there aren't any reviews forget it find a product with favorable reviews from Newegg followers.

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4/5/2013 9:30:30 PM

Pros: Great AMD Board, easy set-up Fast & stable with an Athlon X4 processor

Cons: Onboard Sound is pure Junk, The front panel Audio works somewhat, the rear speaker port was DOA, I will say that the Jack is defective because I can't feel the wire click engagement. I am disappointed with MSI Quality. Still searching for Quality Board to support AMD Processors. ECS boards in the past have always preformed flawlessly, just not long term. Thought I would give ECS another try, since they have gone to Solid state Caps, I guess it didn't pay off, will try an add-on sound card to see how long the M-Board will last.

Overall Review: At least it was cheep, I don't expensive lessons

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry to hear about your sound issues. Can you test your rear connection with the front panel audio diconnected from the motherboard? If so, your front panel may be AC'97 while the motherboard header is HD. Please contact us and we can work with you in finding a solution. When contacting us, you can refer to case #ECD13040910024 I or any of my team members here at technical support will be able to help you. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST. Thank you, Andy Phone# 1-510-456-9836 Email:
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