No complaints11/1/2017 8:40:28 PM

Pros: -Basically everything

Cons: -Blower cooler is a little loud but much much better than older generations

Overall Review: I ordered this card at launch and wanted to wait to write a review. Driver updates have been flawless. Performance is great. Zero complaints. I've had no buyer's remorse.

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Exactly what I've been wanting. Sleek, clean and quiet.6/22/2017 6:13:58 AM

Pros: -Light weight -Small. Seriously, this has to be one of the smallest cases on the market that still accommodates a standard ATX motherboard. -Beautiful. This is classic Lian-li styling. Brushed aluminum is a great simple and clean look. -Build quality. Every panel fits great. No damage during shipping. -Easy to build in for its size. What little real estate the case has, it uses very well. -Almost every screw, mount or fan has rubber grommets to reduce noise and vibrations. -Top and front panels are easy to remove.

Cons: -Lack of fan filters or grills that match the case style for the optional top 140mm fan. -Cannot fit a modern top tier GPU without removing the drive bay. Lian-li states the case will fit up-to a 280mm card, but with the drive cage installed and in use, I don't see a card over 260mm fitting. Still fits my aging GTX 780 but a GTX 1080 is out of the question. -Does not have dedicated mounting for 2.5in drives (SSDs) but not a major issue. Double sided 3m solves it easily.

Overall Review: Overall this is a perfect case for what I was looking for. I moved my system from a Corsair 750D and I couldn't be happier. I was sick of the giant tower, windows, lights, RGB and the noise. I just wanted a simple, clean and functional case that saves some space on my desk. Corsair makes a very nice case but there is something about a Lian-li case that is hard to quantify. It really is a joy from the beginning of the build, to the use of the system. System Specs i7 4790k @ 4.7Ghz ASRock Extreme6 Z97 16GB Corsair DDR3 2400 EVGA GTX 780 1x 1.5 TB HDD 1x 2TB HDD 256GB nvme SSD 120GB intel SSD Corsair H80i GT DVD-RW Rosewill Capstone 1,000watt PSU

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Cooling crystals1/20/2014 4:59:16 AM

Pros: Color, ECO Friendly, Can be used as pillow (keeps head 10 degrees cooler) and its a good listener.

Cons: Not as ECO friendly as I hoped. I wanted to test how nice it was to nature so I tore it open and fed the crystals to my goldfish. The next day we had a ceremony for Dr. Fishy. He will be missed by all.

Overall Review: Dr. Fishy is survived by Mrs. Fishy and his best friend/adopted son Scuba diver next to the bubble chest. Laptop runs cooler and my legs aren't burned.

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Seem well made5/28/2011 7:11:14 AM

Pros: Looks amazing, quiet, perfect green glow and seems to move a decent amount of air. Fan grills keep me from sticking my finger in the pretty green fan.

Cons: Fan grills keep me from sticking my finger in the pretty green fan.

Overall Review: Ouch

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Good Mobo8/14/2010 12:23:52 PM

Pros: Good basic features. Price. Compatibility. Support. Basic motherboard that will power a budget gaming system or as a replacement for an OEM build. Board supports everything from a single core AM2 Sempron to the newest Phenom II X6 chips (With a BIOs update) Foxone is a good basic overclocking and system monitor program.

Cons: 2 memory slots. 1 PCI-E 16x. These were known at the time but will limit future expandability

Overall Review: For the price this board cannot be beat. For an aspiring gamer or power user, you will feel restricted.

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Memories6/7/2010 10:22:38 AM

Pros: Its Battlefield 1942! This is an amazing deal, comes with all expansions and Battlefield Vietnam. Vietnam has the same graphics engine but is cleaned up and has a more modern feel. Servers are still active and has one of the best large multiplayer war experience. This is where PC gaming really started to take off. Easy to play on older hardware.

Cons: No in game music. When this game was made, that wasn't a big deal. But if you are used to modern games, it will feel very quite. 8-Discs! WOW! Glad DVDs are now the standard haha. Seriously though... wow. Disc 5 is needed to play Vietnam and Disc one for the rest.

Overall Review: Really takes me back, the game hasn't aged very well but is still a blast. No modern widescreen support, 1400x1050 works well.

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dv4-2140us2/15/2010 10:10:07 AM

Pros: This is referring to the review below.

Cons: Almost no laptop/desktop comes with recovery discs. HP,Toshiba, Gateway, Acer , eMachines, ect ect. They all give you an option to create them with a small program. HP takes about 2-3hours on 3 DVDs, Toshiba takes about 2 hours on 4-5 DVDs, Gateway/Acer/eMachines takes about 2-3Hours on 3 DVDs. Dell and Asus are two big companies that still pack the discs with the machines.

Overall Review: The Turion M520 is a good chip that holds its own with the Core 2 Duos. The Ati imbedded card is powerful enough for most DX9 games and some newer ones with lower settings. This seems like a run of the mill HP dv laptop with a great price and a lot of features to make it a great buy.

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Good RAM3/23/2009 10:09:00 AM

Pros: Its 2GB... its cheap... installation is simple


Overall Review: Newegg shipped quickly and got to me in perfect condition.

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Good upgrade3/23/2009 10:07:07 AM

Pros: CHEAP! Who would have thought that a dual core CPU would get this low with this much performance? Went from a 4200+ 65nm to this 5600+ 90nm and saw a good little performance increase. Temps are around 36-42c on stock cooler.

Cons: If you have anything around a 4400+ to a 5200+ or above, it isn't really worth it. It won't cook my breakfast like an Intel would

Overall Review: Amazing little CPU for what I paid. As always Newegg came through for me.

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Better than I thought1/30/2009 8:28:56 AM

Pros: The thing looks great. I moved the black fan into the front and put a green led thremaltake thunderblade in the back. The CD-DVD Drive was a little bit of a pain because the door but, it works and doesn't get stuck. Side window is extremely clear!

Cons: The sides are pretty flimsy but that doesn't bother me.

Overall Review: Thin metal cools better. My HD 4850 w/ single slot cooler went from 75c idle with 10-15% Fan speed to 40c with 0% fan speed. CPU (AMD 4200+) Went from 40c idle to 35c. All-in-all its a great case for forty-something dollars.

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Arrived Just Fine12/10/2008 10:03:41 PM

Pros: Not a single dead pixel. Runs at a great resolution for the price. Very smooth motion. Looks sharp on my desk and got a lot of envy from friends.

Cons: Every once in a while in fullscreen watching a DVD in windows media player the screen will cut out then come back on but I am sure that its due to my borrowed graphics card (x1550)

Overall Review: All-in-all great monitor for half the price of a retail store. You should buy it.... have you bought it yet?... you should.

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Kingston all the way12/9/2008 9:01:22 AM

Pros: It got here very quickly and in one piece. Works well, installed very easily. Vista RAM base score is now 5.9.

Cons: When I got the package it was the low profile version, well nothing really bad there. When I used CPU-Z to look at the memory it was running at PC-5300.

Overall Review: Really though, I doubt I would have noticed without CPU-Z. Good memory, dirt cheap... BUY IT!

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Eh...ya right (new)4/4/2006 7:32:50 PM

Pros: Cheap, it came in a nice box. THATS IT!

Cons: Like I said in my old review the speakers have the horrible "tin can" sound. I replaced the samll speakers. Fine. The Sub also had to go. I replaced it with a little 3 1/2 in sub from another system. Sounded great for about 3 months. This morning it died... Great... Right now I am using my old system with the same speakers in this system. Sounds much better (even tho it is 2.1) Save your money. Get a better system.

Overall Review: I want my money back... Also this is NOT neweggs fault. Eveyone gets what they paid for. Newegg got it to me very fast. They have many other good systems out there for just a few more $$

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GREAT MOBO!1/20/2006 9:25:53 PM

Pros: Ok, I was the one who wrote, "DRAM error" well... come on. Every once in a while everyone makes a bad board from the factory. Newegg being very awesome and fast replaced it and a week and a half later i was running everything fine. Drivers were a little difficult but nothing horrible. 8-channel audio is a very nice touch. Nvidia software is nice.

Cons: My Radeon 9600xt seems to be running hotter in this then in my old system with NO case fans. It was around 31 degrees celcius then now its around 38-39 when I am doing nothing. I will replace it soon anyway.

Overall Review: Good all-a-round board. Its not cheap but its no Lanparty board. Give it a try. You'll be happy.

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DRAM Trouble1/1/2006 10:22:29 AM

Pros: 3x DDR 400, SATA, AGP 8x and the reason I gave it a 2 instead of a 1. It looks cool

Cons: When I got it I got NO IDE cables (not a big deal because I also got round cables) NO Atx panel! also not that big of a deal. When I was done hooking it up and putting the spacers in i got countinus long beeps meaning I had a DRAM error. I tried 4 different sticks of RAM in all the slots and nothing. I RMA'd and newegg being as awsome as they are, are going to replace it. UPS is SLOW!

Overall Review: Instructions were good. Tech help from GIGABYTE were helpful. And newegg had real friendly customer service.

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GREAT!11/30/2005 4:49:33 PM

Pros: extreamly fast shipping! I paid for 3 day shipping and got it a day early. Very easy to understand manual (did need it tho) good features in BIOS. stable. thats all i need from a motherboard.

Cons: Well I have only had it running for a little while so there isn't anything I can say wrong about it.

Overall Review: Have it running an Athlon 64 3000+ at stock speeds. very fast. AGP and all PCI slots are fine. I love gigabyte and newegg will always be there when I need them!

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PERFORMANCE for little money11/2/2005 4:15:08 PM

Comments: I bought this about 4 months ago for the same price it is now on refub. It plays doom 3 on ultra with 1 gig of ram and a 2.4Ghz P-4. Its is very good for the price and plays new games just fine.

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Northwood.10/30/2005 6:10:06 AM

Comments: I have the 2.4 Northwood. It has smaller cache but it handles ANYTHING! just fine. I play Doom 3 on ultra settings with 38Fps average with 1 gig DDR-400 and a Radeon 9600xt. Bash all you want, its true. I am guessing the Prescott will be even better! Etheir way you will be fine.

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Eh... ya right10/25/2005 4:43:15 AM

Comments: I know what you are thinking "5.1 for $xx!" Hang on a sec and consider this. you get what you pay for. If you need just basic sound for light gaming and simple music these are for you. If you want real gaming spend another xx or xx dollars on something better. I had to replace all satalite speakers before i got a good sound. Be wary about these. But always newegg is the best! this was my 5th order and nothing to complain about.

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