Spotty at Best9/12/2015 10:02:22 AM

Pros: Works about 1% of the time.

Cons: When ever you transfer large amounts of storage, the drive will fail and reconnect about every 10 seconds. Doesn't matter if you have one or two drives in the bay, both will fail sporadically and repeatedly. Doesn't work as described. Doesn't work well. Sometimes doesn't work at all requiring you to power off the docking station and powering it back on to recognize the drives.

Overall Review: sometimes works with very small amounts of data. What good is a cloning and backup drive dock if it can't do large amounts of data? I'll be sending it in for either replacement or refund.

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Powerfull machine10/13/2014 1:02:00 PM

Pros: This machine can handle any game I have thrown at it at full specs, but then again, I don't have the newest games there are so my experience may be lacking. For a laptop its fast and capable. SSD is a good size, and good sized additional hard drive. I love the keyboard! Keys are smooth and well fitted. Never had a problem with network connections. Never had any issues except for ONE! See CONS for explanation.

Cons: There are a few Cons, but if you do your homework on this product before you purchase it, you will be fully aware of them already. The size is rather large with a 17" screen with an additional inch due to the edges of the screen and lid. The thickness is also an issue with smaller laptop bags. It is quite heavy, but this beast isn't something you should be carrying around anyways. The only other thing that was a con for me was the one mentioned in Pros. I purchased this CyberPowerPC last December (Dec 16th, 2013) and just last week (October 11th, 2014) The screen lost its ability to display correctly. I expected higher quality screen for the price. This is why I removed an egg from this product. Everything seems sturdy and like anything if you treat it well it will last a long time. But this computer was pampered and treated very well, but the screen simply stopped working one day to my dismay and disappointment. I use this computer for work, school, and recreational gaming, and now its going to cost me in many more ways than simply losing game time with the screen going out.

Overall Review: Other than that I have been very happy with my purchase, and hope that CyberPower or Newegg will pick of the slack they left for me to pull around.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for purchasing a CyberpowerPC gaming computer throught We are lad the system has handle your day to day task with no problems. We do apologize for the issue you are having witht the system. Cyberpower will always stand behind their products and will provide support whenever in need and will make sure the issue is taken care of. Please contact us directly by email to for direct support or contact our direct line at 888/937-5582. Be sure to also include your full contact information since we do not have any information if the product has not yet been register.