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Works as advertised3/8/2019 9:33:18 PM

Pros: Can install 4 NVMe drives in one PCIe slot. When installed properly, all drives do show up in the BOIS. I am running this in an X399 mobo and I now have 5 (just ordered 2 more) NVMe drives. Despite what ASRock says, this can be used in RAID, (See Other Comments).

Cons: Not mentioned in the 1 page "manual" you must set your PCIe slot to Bifurcation, separating the channels. On my first attempt, with an older BIOS, I could only change PCIe slot #4 from X16 to X4/X4/X4/X4. To do this, you have to dig deep into the dark depths of the BIOS. After a small error on my part, the adapter only showed one drive and not two. I did a BIOS update and the system then let me adjust all PCIe slots to Bifurcation. After moving the card to the proper slot, all was working correctly. May or may not be a CON, but (for best/proper operation, requires 6 pin "GPU" power plug. The manual states only required when using more than 2 drives or if using Optane drives. I connected it just to be on the safe side, and I plan on installing 2 more drives.

Overall Review: As mentioned, the manufacturer says the adapter doesn't support RAID. For that, they are correct. HOWEVER, using Windows management, you can RAID 0 or RAID 1 the drives. The primary reason I purchased this was to install more than the 3 NVMe drives that the mobo can hold, and to run them in dual RAID 1's. (My first level of back-up) Other people have commented about the fan noise, I flipped the switch to were it uses 50% power and I don't hear it over my other fans, (2060RDX, twin 120's in AIO cooler top exhaust, two 120' on the front running about 1/3 speed and a 120 rear exhaust at 66% speed. When the side panel goes back on, 2 more 120's at 1/3 power for intake. Since everything appears to be running correctly, I haven't even looked at the included disk. Since it works how I want it to, I don't plan on installing the utility that is on the disk. Drives must be NVMe type and not SATA type. Other than 1 large HDD for second level back-up, I plan on using nothing but NVMe drives in my system.

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The X370 CArbon is a grewat board, this one (X399 Carbon) is garbage8/26/2017 11:23:00 AM

Pros: Has Threadripper socket 8 SATA ports 3 M.2 slots Massive amount of USB 3.0/3.1 ports Has separate header for water-pump Comes with extra covers (gold and silver) for the BIOS, Chipset and rear ports so you change to your liking.

Cons: Not mentioned in the manual on how to update the BIOS. When trying to do it through the BIOS/UEFI it kept failing. There is a special button and USB slot (BIOS Flashback) on the back for updating but that requires the USB stick formatted FAT32. So, reformatted my USB stick to FAT32, and the normal BIOS/EUFI update worked. On the X370 board, the Mystic lighting is awesome. On this board it is garbage. The X370 has different zones and each zone can be a different color and different effect. This board, everything is only one color and either on or off. There is a "breathing" effect which is the only one that works. BUT, you are still restricted to the entire board and not the individual zones. Worked good with non-approved memory, but when doing a CPU/memory intensive task, it crashed after 3-5 minutes. Going to approved memory, it worked until bringing it out of the screensaver to see how much longer. Then it crashed after 45 minutes. Had to run again and let it end on its own without being able to check on its status. When making changes in the BIOS/UEFI and you select "save and reboot" it doesn't. It saves, screen goes black and an hour later I have to hit the reset button for it to reboot. It does this EVERY TIME. The reboot error, isn't restricted to BIOS/UEFI changes. In Windows, when I have to reboot, it does the same thing. Goes to black screen and just sits their. Major problem with the "reboot" coding in the board. As with all boards with M.2 slots, these with "heat-shield covers" are even a greater pain in the backside to install.

Overall Review: I have the X370 Carbon and it is a great board. I bought this one (X399 Carbon) on that premise. What a huge mistake that was. Now I understand why every review on a Threadripper CPU is done using an ASUS board. "These are not the motherboards you are looking for."

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, If you need further assistant, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific standard Time. Use the reference number of KL08282017001 for your case. Best Regards, MSI Review Team | KL08282017001 |
Great idea, bad execution8/24/2017 11:51:57 AM

Pros: Pretty, pretty lights.

Cons: I wish I had read the reviews first before I wasted my money on this deification. I have used G.Skill memory in the past and it was great. But these sticks, absolute garbage. They have a program so you can program the lights and the effects, but everyone who has used it has bricked their memory. Every time I run a CPU/Memory intensive task, my computer blue screens. Replaced the memory, and all is well.

Overall Review: Good-bye G.Skill. You left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Craig Good to hear you like the colorful RGB lighting. The Trident Z RGB memory depends on other hardware to work properly, so unfortunately compatibility is not as simple as we would like. When experiencing lighting issues, make sure to have the latest BIOS and RGB lighting software for optimal results. Outdated versions can cause strange problems. For blue screens, check to if XMP is enabled in BIOS or the settings are manually input properly in BIOS. This is a high performance memory kit so it is not plug and play. In addition, only G.Skill QVL certified combinations are guaranteed to operate at the rated specifications. A capable CPU will be necessary, as not all are capable of DDR4-3200. To determine whether a module may be defective and causing a problem, test each individually to see if one performs differently than others. If so, send them in for RMA exchange and a new kit should work much better. For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
External Link(s):
G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZR QVL
Speedy Speedy drive7/3/2017 8:36:11 PM

Pros: Works great in MOBO's with M.2 slots and Win9 (you call it 10). Great price for the "gum-stick" drive. Most drives of this size are $300+, especially the over-priced samsuck EVO drives.

Cons: Two different brand MOBO's would not work with Win7. Even after using NVMe drivers for the MOBO and using generic NVMe drivers.

Overall Review: Bought a second one to use in my Win9 system since Ryzen only supports 6 SATA ports.

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Almost a great MOBO, But...7/3/2017 8:05:33 PM

Pros: 2 M.2/U.2 sockets. Disk comes with a program to inject USB 3 drivers into a bootable Win7 flashdrive. Has numerous LEDs around the MOBO of which a program can change the colors of and the lighting effects of. Or, you can turn the lights off if needed. You can also control an LED "rope" with the program.

Cons: The program to inject NVMe drivers into a bootable Win7 flashdrive works, but the drivers don't. Using an approved NVMe drive, that was recognized by Win9, didn't work with Win7. Having used numerous other NVMe drivers, non worked with Win7. Only 6 SATA ports. If you use a SATA NVMe drive in one of the M.2/U.2 slots, it disables one of the SATA ports. Since there are no inexpensive 4TB SSDs, more ports are necessary. Even using the onboard USB2 ports/adapters, Win7 will not recognize them without the USB3 drivers.

Overall Review: MSI needs to fix the NVMe drivers issue under Win7. First thing to do, update the BIOS/EUFI. When using Win9, it kept rebooting on its own until I updated it.

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Works Great, BUT...6/22/2017 9:16:16 PM

Pros: Keeps my Ryzen 1700X nice and cool.

Cons: The AM4 adapter needs some work. The screw holes are too small and the screws won't screw into them. Had to "ream" them out a bit to finally get them on.

Overall Review: Didn't install their single fan. I am using two fans for better cooling.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Craig, Glad you're enjoying your MasterLiquid cooler, I'll be sure to make note of the installation troubles and pass them onto the appropriate teams. Should you ever need any support regarding your product just give us a shout at any of the links below. Best Regards, Mychal CMCC Phone Number: 888-624-5099 Live Chat & Support Ticket:
AMD is back!!!6/22/2017 9:10:58 PM

Pros: Great price for the performance.

Cons: This one doesn't come with heatsink/fan. All the reviews I've read it seems you can't overclock over 4Ghz, (I haven't tried yet). Not all heatsinks/water AIO's support the AM4 socket yet. Many require you to contact the manufacturer to get the mounting bracket.

Overall Review: Pitting this against an i7-5930X overclocked to 4.0Ghz and encoding a 90 minute video file, here are the results. The i7 encoded in 69:30 and the Ryzen in 72:30. This tells me a stock clocked Ryzen 1700X is almost as fast as an overclocked i7 5930X. Ryzen 1700x MSI 370 Gaming Pro Carbon 16GB G. Skill Ripjaw 512GB Western Digital Black NVMe Sapphire Toxic R9 270X

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Garbage, Garbage, GARBAGE6/3/2016 9:28:26 PM

Pros: 10 port hub usb 3.0

Cons: If you turn this on after you have started your computer, it will not fully recognize it and you will get an error about the device not being properly installed. You MUST turn this on before you turn on your computer or it will not work! Next issue, it does not play well with usb 2.0 devices. I have 7 external usb 3.0 drives and 1 usb 2.0 external drive. It refuses to recognize the usb 2.0 drive and when it is plugged in, the usb 3.0 drives don't properly install. For each port, there is a red LED. These light up all the time. Not just when something is plugged into that port or when that port is being used. From the desk it makes a 5 foot glow on the ceiling. It is quite annoying having the red LEDs glowing so brightly.

Overall Review: Don't waste your money on this piece of junk. I will be looking for a better hub, and hopefully, one that is usb 2.0 friendly.

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Poor design5/14/2016 9:27:16 AM

Pros: It holds discs, barely.

Cons: There is a 1/2 inch lip on the back and a 1/4 diameter rod in the front and this is what holds the discs. if you touch one disc, the discs on either side fall off the back lip. when you go to resit the ones that fell of, the ones next to them fall off. Just slightly bump it, and the discs fall.

Overall Review: Once you have it assembled, take a box cutter, cut the front and back off the box it came in. Trim the front and back to fit the back lip and over the front bar. Tape in place. This will prevent the discs from falling. If you use this, you cannot instal the "divider" piece.

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Wrong item1/27/2016 7:56:50 PM

Pros: Well, the one I received looks like it might hold 2 monitors.

Cons: The one I received is not a stand alone, but one that bolts on to the table. The one I received only holds two monitors. I am trying to RMA it and get the correct one. BUT, I will most likely have to send the bad one back first before they will ship the correct one. Mean time, I have to wait three weeks to set up my three monitor display.

Overall Review: Looks like we are dealing with the weatherman here. Can't do their job right, but still won't get fired for being wrong.

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Good cooler, bad design6/18/2015 12:32:00 PM

Pros: When doing video encoding, which usually has all cores running at 100% for 2-3 hours, my system would hit 80-85C with air. This drop the temps down to 60-65C.

Cons: Antedc needs to provide two separate locking mechanisms, one for Intel and one for AMD. The "universal" one they provide is absolute garbage. It would lock on the AMD tabs but not the Intel tabs. By the time you got the fourth tab in place, two of the others moved back to the AMD tabs. I finally taped them in place to keep them from sliding. The pump requires a connection to an on board USB plug. The plug uses one side, but takes up both ports. Antec should either use a one sided plug or provide a back plane with a single USB port so we can still use the other USB connector. The Antec Grid software is garbage. It crashes every time I start it, which starts with windows. The one time it didn't crash, it looked nice till it crashed my system.

Overall Review: My ASRock 2011v3 mobo has a built in CPU back plate. I didn't need the flimsy plastic piece Antec provided. One person had issues trying to get the screws through the back, the fan and into the cooler. I slide one screw through the back and fan, lined up the cooler and got it started by hand. Then did the second one the same way. This made easy work of mounting the radiator.

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Jimmy Johns is Alaska Molasses compared to this6/18/2015 10:53:38 AM

Pros: H O L Y expletive deleted is this puppy fast. Initialized and partitioned and then went to format it. Took less then half a second to format 480 Gigs. I remember waiting 15 minutes to format 1 Gig on a DOS system.

Cons: As I mentioned in my earlier review, microscopic manual and cloning software not included.

Overall Review: Hope this lives up to its initial perception.

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Great Chip5/31/2015 3:41:57 PM

Pros: If you're going for the high end, go with this CPU. The 5820K only has 26 PCIe lanes. And a funny thing about that, people are complaining about because they didn't read that it only has 26 lanes. Do yourself a favor, spend the extra $200.00 and get this CPU. If you have money to burn, then go with the 5960X.

Cons: CPU coolers designed for the 2011 socket do not work with the 2011v3 socket with out a little modification. Make sure your cooler is 2011v3 approved.

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What is going on5/31/2015 3:30:24 PM

Pros: These are decent sticks and the heat spreaders have a coolness factor. I was able to overclock them to the "rated" 2800/ PC 22400 using the XMP profile, otherwise it defaults to 2133/PC 17000.

Cons: Since DDR4 is still fairly new, the price is high. This was the first 32GB kit (that I liked) that fell below $300.00. OOOPS, they are now $600.00. Hey ADATA, isn't the price supposed to go down? The other kits I was looking at were $450.00 and they are now at $300.00.

Overall Review: If the price goes down, then get these. If the price doesn't drop, go with something else. I've used almost every brand and have only had one stick go bad on me and that company replaced it after I had it for 18 months.

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Great board with a couple of flaws5/21/2015 3:45:40 PM

Pros: This is a great board with mega features. This is my second ASRock board and it is wonderful. One of the best features, ASRock didn't drink the SATA Express Kool-aid. Almost every board I looked at for the past 6 months have SATA Express ports. Where are the SATA Express drives? NON EXISTENT! They did build in two M2 ports. One is SATA and the other is PCIe. Supports 4-way SLI and 3-way Crossfire. Has 2 USB 3.0 headers for 4 front ports.

Cons: First flaw, the #1 PCIe slot is just a bit to close to the CPU. I installed a Thermaltake Nic F4 cooler, but not the fans until it was mounted. I was going to install the fans last, but had to remove the top GPU because it blocked the fan springs for the cooler. In the UEFI, it has a "boot manager". DON'T USE IT. The boot manager was the only first boot issue I had. It would ask what device I wanted to boot from, I would select it, and black screen. I once waited 15 minutes and still only a black screen. Disabled the boot manager, selected the device manually and it booted right up. Another issue and this is one with 90% of the boards out there. It only comes with the bridges for SLI. Why not Crossfire? These minor flaws would only take down half an egg, but you can't do half eggs.

Overall Review: ****************************************************** System Specs i7 5930K 32GB ADATA 2800 memory 2X Sapphire Toxic R9 270 GPU's Kingston Hyper X 480GB SSD 2X 4TB in RAID 1 2X 1.5 TB not in raid 2X LG Blu-ray burners Antec 1100 Illusion Super mid tower Rosewill Lightening 1000watt PSU

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Update to my previous review10/22/2014 9:14:44 PM

Pros: Still a great monitor, but some flaws only rate it a 4 egger.

Cons: Finally got the HDMI to work with the satellite. Since there is a constant signal from the satellite, it defaults to that signal, even when booting up the computer. Even trying to manually change the inputs, it kept going to HDMI instead of DP. Will not do "picture by Picture" (split screen) with two inputs that don't have the same frequencies. DP is 60 and HDMI is 30. Doing "Picture in Picture) with two different frequencies made a mess og the DP input.

Overall Review: For the price, you can't beat this monitor. It even comes with $100.00 worth of cables.

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No tilt stand10/22/2014 9:04:49 PM

Pros: Holds 4 28 inch monitors. Very stable and solidly built. Very nice left and right adjustment.

Cons: You have to completely assemble with monitors and then turn it around. Can't do any assembly from behind if your desk is against a wall. You cannot adjust vertical tilt. I recommend staying away from this stand.

Overall Review: The top bar feels it is angled upward and the bottom bar feels angled downward. Swap the two bars and still get the same effect.

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Great Card4/9/2014 8:54:25 AM

Pros: This is an excellent GPU. I am sporting 2 in a quad-display. Although I am not a gamer, I found this card has cut my video editing times in half. With an I7 3770 and my old GT 640's, it took 4-4.5 hours to encode and burn a 2 hour blu-ray. Now, it takes 2-2.5 hours. Although these cards are huge, I have an ANTEC 1100 case. These fit in with out having to modify the drive cage. And, I can still leave the internal fans in.

Cons: Price. I will mention, while reading the reviews, the price dropped from $279.00 to $249.00 and that's when I bought them. Now, three weeks later they are $239.00. The size of these cards are huge. They are close to 13 inches so you will need a large case for them. Extremely poor support. Comes with a 15 page micro-manual which tells you to install the card then install the drivers. Does this in 14 languages. I got on the Saphire website where I learned that the switch on top of the card is to select whether you are using BIOS or UEFI. Off (default) BIOS, on UEFI. There is a row of LED's on the back end of the card. One of the reviews mentions that this is how you tell the temperature of the card. I guess more lights on, the higher the temp. Haven't found any documentation about this yet. Did contact Saphire three times asking about a manual. Have yet to receive even a response that they have received my question. No acknowledgement that I have contacted them. Not looking good for the customer support.

Overall Review: May not be the top shelf card, but it isn't the bargain basement either. It is a great value for the price.

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Better Instructions11/19/2013 1:24:45 PM

Pros: Decent enough of a cooler that works good. Allows for extra tall memory chips without hitting them. While doing a video encoding project, running all cores at 100% for 4-6 hours, One core hit 60C and the others hit 58C. You don't have to use the stock fans that come with it, as any 120mm fans will work.

Cons: The included fans are wired together so you have to use both. The instructions tell you how to have the hex-head bolts so they don't slip. My cooler came with round-head bolts. Taking a closer look at the pictures on Newegg, it also shows round-headed bolts. As other people have mentioned, the fan mounting clips are flimsy, and have a hinky, wonky, funky way of clipping on. It is also difficult to clip the fans on once the cooler is in place. The catch 22: can't install the cooler with the fans mounted, can't mount the fans once the cooler is mounted.

Overall Review: This puppy is tall. Have about 1/2 inch clearance between the top of the cooler and the side panel on my Antec 1100 Illusion Super Mid-Tower, which is 9 1/2 inches wide. Instead of the stock fans, I installed two Apevia CF12SL-SGN fans that have rubber anti-vibration pads. I think these are helping to keep the fans in place. These fans have a lower RPM rate, but they look better, keep the CPU cool and don't sound like a wind tunnel either.

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Damaged goods11/18/2013 2:33:20 PM

Pros: Since I drank the kool-aid and have eSata devices, and newer mobo's don't come with eSata, you need something like this. It does work.

Cons: Since the original Sata connectors would fall off when you pass gas, they redesigned the connector with a metal clip. These don't have the clip. WHY? Also, one connector was crushed. By removing the broken piece I was able to still use it, just don't move the case. The cables are short. Would have been nice to route them under the mobo instead of over it.

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Nice fans, but...11/18/2013 2:23:02 PM

Pros: I bought four of these fans and they are great. Low noise and bright LEDs.

Cons: It would have been nice to have a 3 pint to Molex connector separate instead of 2 wires sticking out of the 3 pin connected to the Molex connector. Now you have an extra piece just dangling in the way.

Overall Review: Could use a set of diagonal cutters and cut off the Molex connector, but that leaves a chance of shorting something out.

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Spacious Case11/11/2013 9:47:20 AM

Pros: Nice large case with lots of room inside and a drive cage for 6 internal HHD and 2 SSD's. Comes with 120mm rear and 200mm top fans installed. It mentions 7 optional fans, but does come with 2 120mm blue LED fans for the user to install. The 2 120mm fans that mount on the window are low enough not to interfere with a CPU cooler and are located where they will blow into the GPU card(s). You can install 2 120mm front fans that will install on one side of the drive cage and 2 120mm fans install on the other side of the drive cage. This gives a nice push-pull over the HDD's for excellent cooling. There is a mount on the back side panel below the access cut-out for the CPU back-plate. Here you can mount one more 120mm fan for additional CPU cooling. Speaking of the CPU cut-out, it is huge. Unless your mobo was built upside down, there is no way you can't access the back side to replace/install a back-plate. The PSU mounting allows you to install the PSU either fan up or fan down. There is a cut-out and screen on the bottom of the case where the PSU fan is positioned. This case also has four grommet-ed cut-outs for running/hiding cables, and two on the rear for water cooling.

Cons: A first of second time builder may have issues with this case. There is only a small piece of paper in multiple languages indicating where different components go. Doesn't explain how to use the tool less mounting, which is easy enough. But an explanation of the 27 different types of screws would come in handy so you know where they are used. Standard fan mounting screws are used only on the rear, top and back-side panels only. the other 6 fans each use different mounting for their location. The front fans use 2 dimples that are 1/32 inch high and 2 bolts to hold them in place. The 2 fans on the back side of the drive cage use snap clips built in. I suspect over time, these will loosen and cause vibration sounds. The 2 fans on the window have 2 posts the stick up 3/16 of an inch and 2 rubber bumbers that you screw the fans onto. How tight do you tighten the screws? How far down do you squish the rubber bumbers? 2 corners on rubber bumbers and 2 corners on the hard plastic. Again, I suspect vibration noise after time. If you have a fan controller or some other device that installs into the optical drive area, be warned if it is not full length. The tool less design requires that what is installed must push against the back lever of the locking device for it to lock in place. Again, you have 2 dimples 1/32 of an inch to hold the drive or device on one side and the locking device on the other. I had to remove the locking device and use screws to install my fan controller as it was not long enough to push on the back side of the locking lever. A manual that would show how to remove the locking device would have been helpful. The installed 200mm fan is a proprietary fan. I had to modify my fan to get it to mount into the case. Antec only has blue fans. I've had blue fans for almost 20 years. I'm sick of blue and want a different color. Replacing the 200mm fan was a chore to get the new one in. The grommets that are in the cut-outs for running cable fall out quite easily and are difficult to put back in when cables are already ran through them. Antec only installed 6 mobo stand-offs. from reading reviews this seems the norm, but maybe case manufactures should see that larger mobo's require 9 stand-offs and that a "Full Size" case usually isn't going to have a micro-atx mobo installed.

Overall Review: On the top of the rear of the case, there is a "controller" for fans. It has a cut-out for 2 that are marked "Rear" and have H-M-L. No switches or anything else, just the cut-outs. It also has one that is marked "Top" which has one of two switches installed. The installed switch is On-Off for the 200mm fans LED's. The not installed switch is marked H-M-L. There is also a power distribution point on the inside top rear of the case. You connect a 4 pin molex connector to it and it has five 3 pin fan connectors. If you don't connect the power to it, your rear fan will not work. You have to remove the back-side panel if you need to replace or install a HDD/SSD. with the drives installed, the power and data connectors are to the back side. The SSD's are almost impossible to get at since they don't slide back as far and are under the optical drive cage. After removing the rear covers for expansion cards, the metal between the slots is really flimsy. I bent everyone as I was installing expansion cards. Makes me wonder just how sturdy is the rear having a fan, 2 GPU's and 2 other expansion cards installed. The front panel USB 3.0 cable does have headers so you can use those as USB 2.0 if you don't have USB 3.0 or if like I did, have a different USB 3.0 jacks. It does have thumb-screws for the expansion cards, but I just prefer to tighten items like these down with a good old screw-driver.

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Get it now4/26/2013 3:11:35 PM

Pros: It's not windows H8. Bought the three pack for future use when H8 will be the only OS available.

Cons: Price. For an OS that is being put to bed, the price is still expensive.

Overall Review: The only people that understand and love windows H8 are under the age of 21. They grew up using nothing but touch devices. H8 doesn't work on desktop or non-touch laptops.

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Additional comment12/21/2012 7:15:04 PM

Pros: Read the cons to see why I am amazed these work.

Cons: Wish newegg would let us use someone other than UPS for delivery. UPS left two of these in the snow at sub-20 degree (f) weather at an entry door that is not used. It was well over 12 hours these sat outside before they were discovered, only because UPS didn't leave them at the front door. Since they couldn't be seen when coming or going, I had to check tracking info to find that UPS left them at the side door, which is never used.

Overall Review: Don't use UPS!

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Quad is good12/21/2012 7:08:45 PM

Pros: Holds four monitors and holds them tight. I have read reviews of other brands that have droopy monitors after a couple of hours. This has no such problem.

Cons: Be aware of the monitors you install. I have four HP's and they have power/adjust buttons on the bottom of the bezel. You can't have the top monitors touching the bottom monitors if the bottons are on the bottom of the bezel.

Overall Review: Didn't knock them for it, but both cable guides are the same size. Works great on for the top monitors, but the bottom guide, just doesn't fit four power cables and four display cables. Use Dell monitors as they have power/adjust buttons on the front. Samsung's are okay also since their buttons stop working after two weeks.

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