Great case4/22/2017 7:17:32 PM

Pros: Plenty of space for most builds. The power supply is located at the bottom, the front intake fans can support 120mm and 140mm fans, both configurations will blow air onto the drive cage, power supply, and main board. There is ample room for hiding cables behind the motherboard for cable management. I used a modular Seasonic power supply and had no issues making a neat looking computer case. The window on the case is acrylic and looks great. The top of the case supports mounting for up to a 240mm radiator, and comes with a magnetic grill cover. It will mount 2x 2.5 inch drives within the main area and 3x 3.5 drives behind the front intake fans.

Cons: The top of the case that the magnetic grill cover rests on is NOT removeable and you may run into issues when mounting a liquid cooling setup if you want to mount the radiator on the outside.

Overall Review: I bought this case to replace an aging mATX case for my 3570k build. I cooled my CPU before using the hyper 212 evo air cooler, but decided to upgrade to the Deepcool Captain 240mm liquid cooler. When mounting the radiator inside the case, I wanted to do a push/pull setup using 4 fans, but was unable to fit the radiator and fans completely within the case. I ended up taking a Sawzall to the back of the case above the exhaust fan and mounting the radiator outside the grill with 2 fans below the radiator and 2 fans above. Overall I am very happy with the case and cooling setup.

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Works great3/27/2017 5:21:23 AM

Pros: - Acts just like a PCIE SSD would except you can mount an m.2 drive

Cons: - none

Overall Review: If you are going to buy this, I would probably opt for the SST-ECM20, which has a PCIE and SATA interface m.2 slot on the card.

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Its a good vibration.11/20/2015 8:19:09 AM

Pros: Excellent headphones that will do 5.1 or emulate 7.1. The bass in this is thumpy, for the price, this headset is excellent. For example, playing H1Z1, someone throwing grenades at you, the 7.1 and the bass let me pin point how close the explosion was. Microphone is clear. Definitely recommend when on sale (I got these for 40$)

Cons: The drivers are a pain in the caboose(lol). The CD drivers were out of date, the windows 7 drivers from the website didn't work. I just used the drivers found through Windows device manager and they work fine.

Overall Review: Obviously the sound will not be as high quality as other, more expensive headsets or high quality headphones, but that is expected. I was using ATH-M50's before, but I need something with a microphone attached and these fit the bill quite nicely.

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Excellent memory11/20/2015 8:09:31 AM

Pros: Had some 4x4gb 1866 memory from another manufacturer causing intermittent BSOD's and crashing during games that used more memory than normal (H1Z1, Skyrim). Swapped in 2x kits of this memory into a Z77 Asrock Pro4-M board along with a 3570k clocked to 4.1ghz. Works VERY nicely with both, Totally recommend to anyone looking for some bulletproof DDR3.

Cons: None.

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Great little card11/20/2015 8:04:41 AM

Pros: Card drives 2 monitors at 1920x1080 just fine. Plays games like Fallout 3/NV on medium at 1080. Card seems to have an easier time in graphically intense games if you bump the resoluation down to 1600x900 though, but can't argue with the performance on most indie games and 3d games 5 years old. Doesn't need outside power so it great for a media pc.

Cons: After installing the card and running through a single monitor for awhile, I would have completely up to date Nvidia drivers, the screen would go black and "recover" back into windows sporadically, lasting 1-2 seconds at a time. I took the card out and noticed the screws holding the heatsink to the card were not fully torqued down, I tightened each screw down only a tad, just enough so the heatsink was making full contact. The card has not crashed since and doesn't hiccup during normal operation or beating on it in games. '

Overall Review: Nice little card for the money, just make sure your heatsink is making full contact.

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You must destroy the Shagohad!2/21/2013 5:32:48 AM

Pros: Xigmatek made a very nice fan for what you pay. (You can find these on sale often, 2 for 10$.) The purple also really brings out any neon colors in your case if you're going for a PC-Master race vibe with the guts of your machine.

Cons: None. Its the shining beacon of fans.

Overall Review: I've bought Cougar, Scythe, Rosewill, Zalman, Foxconn, and now Xigmatek fans of all sizes, These compare to the Cougar and Scythe fans (Esp. Scythe, both use FCB). I don't know quite now the life of these yet since I bought them a week ago, but at 5$ a fan, I'm not worried about it.

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Fission Mailed1/30/2013 7:23:03 AM

Pros: This card SCREAMS. I am running a 3570k with 16gb of 1866 and an OCZ 256gb Agility 4 and now this card on a Asrock Z77 Extreme4. Don't be fooled since this is their "reference" 670 card and considered the lower end of the 670's, it WILL run anything out right now at maximum settings. Ran Planetside 2 on High settings, constant 80 fps at warpgate and in battles. Pushed the card further and edited the Useroptions to run the game on Ultra settings, Constant 60 fps. Also tried Day Z on ultra with the virtual resolution at 3840x2160, VERY snappy. Runs Witcher 2 on ultra, Path of exile at max settings. Even while running these games, alt+tabbing to windows is instant, the card has doesn't break a sweat. It idles at 25c and under load, 55-60c on air cooling. Overall, if you research this card, it is essentially a gtx 680 with one core disabled and a slightly lower clock. If you are worried which to buy, I can say first hand that this card is a massive upgrade, even for someone coming from the 400-series cards and that is well worth the pricetag.

Cons: None, I am completely happy with this product.

Overall Review: I purchased an EVGA 460 2win card from Newegg recently that was defective after 5 months. I RMA'd my card and EVGA sent me this as the replacement. EVGA is a great company and they really stand behind their products. If you have any doubts about who to purchase you're video card from, go with EVGA. They will take care of you.

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Fission Mailed1/30/2013 7:08:14 AM

Pros: Fully Modular, Highly efficient PSU by Seasonic with Normal and Hybrid Fan controls. Seriously, this is the quietest PSU I have ever owned. This power supply is amazing. Comes with enough cabling to support 4 video cards and 6 sata drives. 850 watts is a very decent amount for any gaming rig or someone looking to make a whisper quiet machine.

Cons: Not really a con, but the labeling on this PSU will be upside down if you install it in a case where the PSU is on top.

Overall Review: The PSU comes in this microfiber bag, like you bought something from Airmall, and the cables themselves come in a duel satchel bag with Velcro. There is a Seasonic badge as well. Hands down the nicest power supply I have ever seen.

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Fission mailed1/30/2013 7:00:44 AM

Pros: Good duel band card for a very affordable price. This is not loaded with options, but you can output the card at maximum performance, and it connects near instantly with a properly setup router. Works great with Windows 7.

Cons: None, does what its supposed to.

Overall Review: Thanks for the speedy package, Newegg is pleasant as usual.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Fission Mailed1/30/2013 6:57:49 AM

Pros: This controller destroys everything that exists. This PS3 controller has transcended history, and the world, a tale of upgraded trades and masterfuly crafted computer parts, eternally retold through Sony's unending desire to make quality video game controllers.

Cons: The only con is that I did not purchase this sooner. Seriously what is wrong with me

Overall Review: Heh.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
1/17/2013 5:45:35 AM

Pros: Please read the allyourbase guys review

Cons: Its hilarious

Overall Review: No seriously. He spent more time talking about his car and his computer than the actual USB stick.

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Flaming whirlwind.9/21/2012 7:57:53 AM

Pros: Works. Good cable.

Cons: gooby pls

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Daleks?9/21/2012 7:56:12 AM

Pros: Works, bridges 3.5mm audio to RCA.

Cons: Tastes salty.

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Taco Supreme.9/21/2012 7:54:45 AM

Pros: Works. Braided cable. Flexible.

Cons: Meatballs.

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Taco Supreme9/21/2012 7:53:22 AM

Pros: Pushes alot of air and is virtually silent. Comes with giant anti-vibration rubber grommets. Orange looks nice. Looks great with a black case.

Cons: People seem to have problems mounting these fans flat. Possibly due to the design of the fan?

Overall Review: Cougar makes excellent fans. I am running 2 of these and 4 of their 120mm PWM fans. Why buy 25$ noctua fans when these push/pull more air and are still silent?

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Taco Supreme9/21/2012 7:48:10 AM

Pros: Easy to install, prints fast, compact.

Cons: Doesn't do color, no wifi

Overall Review: Great printer for office needs. Ink can be expensive if you buy it new, but high yield/capacity toner says you can get 3,000 prints off of a 40-50$ cartridge. Not bad.

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Dalek Supreme9/21/2012 7:44:36 AM

Pros: Decent capacity SSD. Bought an 128gb Agility 3 6 months ago for the same price as this, SSD's are finally financially viable for the average user.

Cons: Not a con BUT UPDATE YOUR SSD AFTER INSTALLING IT. People with negative reviews probably didn't upgrade the firmware and tried to install an OS on it on factory-installed firmware and then run into a plethora of problems.

Overall Review: I compared benchmarks in ATTO of this drive to my 128gb Agility 3 drive running OCZ's Sandforce Controller. The Agility 3 achieved 380/400mb read/writes. The Agility 4 achieved 250/450mb read/writes. I bought this drive primarily for all my Steam games and it works flawlessly, everything loads extremely fast. Loading games like Diablo 3, Crysis, Tribes Ascend is extremely fast and even older games, like Fallout 2 and Half-life 1 are near instantaneous loading. Real world differences compared to the agility 3 and agility 4 is barely noticeable unless you're transferring or installing extremely large files.

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Juggernaught of a Card8/24/2012 1:36:41 PM

Pros: I bought this card for 170$ with rebate, even though its a 2 year old card, just one card has no problem with today's games. I ran a single gpu with my 3570k and it casually handles Tribes: Ascend on Very High. With SLI enabled, It wails on games out right now like Joachim equipped with a full sized locker. Comes with 2x6pin to 8 connectors... and a sticker. Oh and the EVGA logo lights up. Looks pretty schweet.

Cons: This is a large, power hungry card.

Overall Review: I fit this card inside the Rosewill Ranger-M micro atx case. The card peaks out at about 480 watts under load, and EVGA recommends atleast a 700 watt power supply. I am running 7 fans, an SSD, and this card on a 600-watt OCZ modular power supply. How much power you're rails can deliver is more important than the total wattage. Do some research and alittle math and you can see how much strain you are putting on you're PSU. I see many users have problems with SLI on their boards. You indeed need an SLI-capable board to run this card. There are some nifty programs that may enable SLI on a non-sli board but I have no idea where one would find such a magical thing. ;) If you see this card under 200$ though, its a steal. It has comparable benchmarks to a reference gtx 580 on 1920x1200 or below at over half the price.

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Further praise.8/24/2012 1:20:33 PM

Pros: See other thoughts

Cons: See other thoughts.

Overall Review: I am writing another review on this case. This case when on sale for 25$ is hands down the best you can buy. I removed the floppy drive cage, cut the 5.25in. bay in half, cut the front metal panel behind the power button out, and finally took the grill off the side panel and replaced it with a 240x240mm grill panel. I put 4x120mm fans in the window, 2x140mm fans in the front grill and slim 92mm fan in the back, along with an EVGA Duel GTX460 2win video card (card is nearly a foot long) and it fits very nicely inside this very small case, as well as staying at 60 degrees celsius under full load playing games. If Rosewill made a Ranger-M Pro or something with a much larger side grill, a single slot 5.25 bay and no floppy drive cage, It would be an overclockers dream.

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YES.7/31/2012 6:15:55 AM

Pros: This case is sturdy. I threw my phone with this case on it at a marble wall. Works BETTER than before. (Don't actually throw you're phone at a marble wall.) The rubber encasing is good for when I use this phone as a GPS.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Its a phone case...

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6/28/2012 1:36:27 PM

Pros: You cannot hear this fan and it will fit anywhere. It does not push a huge amount of air, but what do you expect, its a low speed slim fan.

Cons: Price.

Overall Review: I bought this to mount on the side of my computer case door for alittle extra air flow, which it does. It comes with mounts for a 3.5 hard drive, but is great for what it is.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Shark Fin Laser Beams.6/28/2012 1:33:39 PM

Pros: The shark fin design actually seems to pull alot more air than a normal fan of the same size while maintaining the silent factor. Comes with the rubber plug type of screw which is very lazy and easy to use. You will not be dissatisfied with these

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought this alongside a scythe and a cougar fan. They all perform well, but the design of the blade on this is great as an exhaust fan.

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Cools the Fury of 1,000 Warlords6/28/2012 1:29:29 PM

Pros: These fans at 90% voltage move a ton of air and you CANNOT hear them at 1300-1500 rpm's. My friend bought 3 of these also and loves them. The orange is actually nice looking too. Gives my case a halloween theme.

Cons: Instead of being cougar themed, they should make it dinosaur or voltron themed. Or both.

Overall Review: For the price, you can't beat these. Don't bother with other silent fans when these are half the price and move more air while being extremely silenet.

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Pretty good earbuds6/28/2012 1:24:37 PM

Pros: They are a glossy cherry wood color, comes with 3 different sizes, and they have decent sound and bass for the price. They are fairly good at blocking sound as well, Im in a server room all day with fans constantly on so these help immensely. It also comes with this odd maroon leather pouch... yup. Leather pouch.

Cons: Not worth 90$ at full retail.

Overall Review: If you see this on sale, you won't regret buying this.

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Sleek-looking Monitor5/30/2012 1:05:56 PM

Pros: Good sized monitor that is beautiful, lightweight and has very low energy consumption. No fuzziness among icons, plenty of display options and downloadable software/drivers to customize. Diablo 3 looks sexy. So does Crysis 2. Mmm. Maybe worth 270$ at retail price, bought it for 199$ here on Newegg. definitely among the best. The red border is pleasant to look at and the tilt is a sturdy, transparent plastic with good angles.

Cons: There is no DVI slot, which isn't really a problem, just be aware if you have an older video card.

Overall Review: Was torn between this and Asus 24. inch. (VW246H) To be honest, you will be exceedingly happy with either.

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