Refurb = Great Value5/2/2014 11:03:14 AM

Pros: Overall great value for the refurbished product at the $150 price. I would have been unhappy to get this product at full retail price since the sub does not produce a big / full sound.

Cons: The sound from the sub is too soft. This is not an issue for my wife, but I would have preferred something with a more powerful Thump! You have to use the sound bar's remote to control sound unless you have the latest Samsung TV. My 2011 Samsung Smart TV remote can't control the soundbar volume. This is a big issue for my wife and daughter because using 2 remotes for Cable & the SmartTV features (Netflix, Hulu, Amaz0nPrime, etc) was bad enough. Now there is a 3rd remote! I actually don't mind it too much, but I have stop what I am doing to help them get the sound turned on.

Overall Review: I connect to the sound bar to my Samsung LED LCD via Optical Cable. The sound bar connects to the subwoofer via wireless connection. There are HDMI IN & HDMI OUT connectors. There is also an Aux IN jack (looks like you can connect from your mp3, ipod, cell phone, etc... headphone jack to the Aux jack if you have a Male to Male 3.5mm Stereo Audio Headphone Aux Cable - ~$4.00+/- at NewEgg). My wife and I connect our smartphones to this sound bar via Bluetooth to stream music. The sound is way better than most standard LCD TV speakers. You don't "feel" the sub during movies; however, my wife does not like the big booming sound of a powerful sub.

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