Went from 1 star to 5 based on ASRock response. Excellent in the long term7/4/2020 7:42:45 PM

Pros: - Extremely compact yet still roomy enough to work in - Very low power - Flexible chassis

Cons: - Limited CPU options - 2nd memory slot difficult to access - Had to return units to get working ones

Overall Review: Originally I gave these boxes 1 star, because I ordered 3, and 2 of them arrived damaged. I'm now sitting with 4 boxes that work great, and ASRock/Newegg handled the returns well. These are about the best you're going to get for a usable Ryzen platform that can be used for VM labs or other flexible environments.

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Barely functional at the best of times8/31/2018 9:09:12 PM

Pros: - None.

Cons: - High impedance on audio port means your analog headset will sound terrible with a lot of static and popping - USB hub is only 1.1 on the off chance it even works. 1 out of 4 ports is just non-functional. - DisplayPort doesn't work at all, monitor (nice high quality ASUS ROG PG279) does not work on KVM at all - Only the keyboard USB port works consistently, the rest only sporadically work - Doesn't come with any connector cables at all - Adding a powered USB hub to the mix does not make anything better

Overall Review: Unless every USB device you have is a thousand years old and is only 1.1, you'll get only 1/3 use out of this device. Even that's pushing it, because the only thing this does consistently is switch the keyboard port. The primary reason I bought it, the DisplayPort switching capability, is non-functional. The second reason, the 4-port USB hub, only 3 of the 4 ports work, and they only work in USB 1.1 mode, which some devices can't function on. The third reason, the audio, sounds awful. Terrible device.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your feedback on SV231DPDDUA. We're sorry for the problems you had with it. We notice that the ASUS ROG PG279 has a maximum resolution and refresh rate of 2560x1440 @ 144Hz, which exceeds the maximum bandwidth this switch is capable of and may have caused the video to not pass through. It is, however, very unusual for the 2 USB hub ports to report as USB 1.1, as they should be full USB 2.0 ports. The keyboard and mouse console ports are only 1.1, but higher USB standards should not be required for most keyboards and mice. We recommend contacting us directly so that we can find out the cause of these problems and get your setup working as quickly as possible. You can reach our Technical Advisors 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, at 1-800 265-1844 or www.startech.com/chat. Sam, StarTech.com Support
Ridiculously awesome, if you can find them.11/12/2017 12:26:32 AM

Pros: Really great card. Wish I could buy more, but they're never in stock. Looks great, fast, easy to work with, not too loud even with the blower fan. I'd buy 20 if I could.

Cons: Never in stock.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thank you for taking a moment to write this review, we truly apprecaite it. If you have any issues moving forward, or any questions, please contact us xfxsupport.com. Cheers Mark at XFX neweggsupport@xfxforce.com
7/23/2012 2:58:05 PM

Pros: A lot of hardware packed into a small budget. Over a year running with dual six-core Opterons and this board hasn't skipped a beat once. No complaints.

Cons: None

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Died in less than a month7/23/2012 2:54:53 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Died after less than a month. Because I didn't keep the packaging, I doubt they'll accept it for RMA - not to mention it would still cost me money in shipping to do such. I specifically selected a high-cost powered hub thinknig a cheap one would probably die sooner. Pretty disappointed in this.

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Manufacturer Response:
Please note there is a firmware update available for the U360-004-R, which will address the issues you are experiencing. To download the firmware update, you can visit the U360-004-R product page on the Tripp Lite website (http://www.tripplite.com/en/products/model.cfm?txtModelID=4864) and click the Support tab. If you have any questions, please contact Tech Support at 773-869-1234.
perfect if you like silence10/4/2011 11:12:51 PM

Pros: none

Cons: the volume adjuster is defective, resulting in a headset that works only about 1/4 of the time. because i recycled the plastic eggshell, i can't send it back for an RMA. waste of money on a bad product.

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Get what you pay for, for better or worse6/9/2011 3:34:46 PM

Pros: Cheap, especially for the material used. Solid aluminum, which does well to dissipate heat for the drive itself (though not the controller). Simple design makes it fairly robust. You're unlikely to accidentally break it.

Cons: Gets extremely hot, especially if left on for long periods of time. I own six of these; two of them got so hot from being left on the controller smelled like burnt plastic. Now I leave a fan behind these to carry some heat away, but if you have no airflow over them don't leave them on for days at a time.

Overall Review: I'd give them 5/5 if they had a tiny fan just for the controller.

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