Great Headset, Amazing Sound12/11/2013 11:41:25 AM

Pros: Sound is amazing! The depth of sound and base is outstanding and caught myself several times turning my head physically when the noise was in my headset. Also, does a great job of cancelling out all the ambient sounds in the room like dogs and kids! Unfortunately it does the same for the wife and she does not appreciate that.

Cons: A little on the heavy side, also the boom mic does not hold it's bent position as well as it should. However, even though it does not stay as close to my mouth as i would like my fellow players hear me loud and clear.

Overall Review: This is a great headset so far and has blown away my last wireless headsets i have had. Granted, we will see if they last as durability seems to be a concern from what i have read but the past week has been a whole new experience for me in gaming with 7.1 surround on my head.

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Great cooler... little tall though3/23/2009 12:28:37 PM

Pros: This does a great job keeping the temps down on my Q9400 at 3.0. I liked the syringe with thermal paste too.

Cons: Too tall for my case when the sides were open and then try to shut them. Luckily someone I knew had already installed this and warned me of this problem. Otherwise I would have mounted it and tried to shut it and realized it would not fit. Once the panel was shut, it installs fine.

Overall Review: Great setup for the price. Only reason it is not 5 eggs is because of the height preventing me from opening and closing the sides of my case with it on as it hits the powersupply.

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Good board, nice features3/23/2009 12:23:51 PM

Pros: Great looking board. Good features for the price and the cabling that it comes with is the best of all the boards I have built.

Cons: The memory clock defaults at 800 so you manually have to adjust everything for 1066 memory. When auto was selected the clock, timings and voltage was not correct.

Overall Review: The above did not cause any problems and was not hard to adjust, just kind of annoying in that they advertise the standard as 1066. I would recommend this board as it has worked flawlessly.

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great affordable gaming memory3/23/2009 12:19:48 PM

Pros: Great performance for the price. I have had the 800 and 1066 versions of this memory and all have performed flawlessly...

Cons: None

Overall Review: Using default timings because they provide all the performance I need without overclocking.

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Good for price...3/7/2008 8:42:59 AM

Pros: Very affordable, lightweight and great ear fit. I really like the ear loop. Much more robust than others I have used. Good range and clarity.

Cons: Volume not quite as loud as I had hoped. It turns up but not as loud as I would like. Still clearly audible though.

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Screaming Fast!!!6/1/2007 7:15:11 AM

Pros: Like all the others said... this is a hot rod. I have been an AMD guy up to this point and I don't think I will ever leave intel.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I put this on a P965 DS3 gigabyte board too and it screams. I have vista ultimate with 4GB of corsair XMS2 gaming ram and there isn't anything that has even made this thing sweat.

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Great Board6/1/2007 7:12:00 AM

Pros: Great board, lots of features. Gave me the ability to do an entire SATA system. NO IDE cables in my box!!!! Easy to O/C and great utilities.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Not really sure why any boards have PS@ connectors anymore... waste of space IMO.

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Great Case!!!!!6/1/2007 7:09:11 AM

Pros: Awesome features.. some I thought were kind of a gimmic but I love them now. Like the tool tray. Plenty of power, 4 SATA cables and a great tool-less mounting system for optical and storage drives. The fold out sides and drive bays are the best feature of this case.

Cons: Only one and it isn't really a con as you can get an adapter. It only has 2 SATA power connectors. Again this is remedied by a $2 adaptor.

Overall Review: I could not have been happier with this case. Plenty of air movement, easy access and lots of power. As always, GREAT service.

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Good but not Great10/5/2006 10:46:53 AM

Pros: Very accurate. Battery lasts a long time. Great feel in my hand. Easy to control

Cons: Can't use the extra buttons in the game unles you disable Logitech SW. Even then only some of the 10 features are recognized as inputs in games.

Overall Review: I still highly recommend this mouse. I just wish you could map all of the functions in games as well as not have to disable the Logitech SW.

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