Absolute BEST 2.5"8/15/2017 3:50:58 AM



Overall Review: Listen people....if you're going to upgrade your 500gb PS4 to something bigger you MUST use this drive. Not because others won't work but because this is the BEST. I know what you're thinking. You want that 2TB. However, that 2TB is the Seagate drive. Please STAY AWAY from Seagate. I fix computers all the time, and a good chunk of repairs are hard drive issues which result in having to replace the hard drive, and every single time I pull out the drive it's a Seagate. Think of it this way. Would you rather have an extra 1TB but have an unreliable drive with an extremely high risk of losing all your data ( game saves, games, movies, etc ) with the annoyance of having to re-download or reinstall everything over from disk and start your story modes over....OR....sacrifice 1TB for the MUCH BETTER RELIABLE WD BLACK drive? The black series are WD's PERFORMANCE drives and they're just plain EPIC. You also can't beat that 5 year warranty which you'll never have to use but you know it's there. I personally only had to warranty ONE WD drive in my life and it wasn't a big deal because the computer it was in is on literally 24/7 and the drive is being accessed 24/7 so things happen but WD gave me no issue replacing the drive, and now the replacement is going strong. I also upgraded my 80GB PS3 with a WD Black but with a 750GB Black because at that time WD didn't offer a 1TB 2.5". The biggest was 750GB. Just make sure you don't use a BLUE SERIES inside your PS3/PS4 because the intellipark feature it has will cause audio/video sync issues because the BLUE series are meant for laptops to save power. You want the BLACK drive. THIS drive RIGHT HERE is the ONE YOU WANT....TRUST ME.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Syringes7/16/2015 1:05:30 PM

Pros: Cheap Good Quality Has Stopper

Cons: None

Overall Review: Not sure why Gabriel T said they were difficult to use when doing it by yourself. I find it just as easy as any other syringe. Let's be honest Gabriel. The difficulty you're experiencing is not because of the product but because of you personally using it. Why would you give a con when that con is from personal use. How can a syringe be hard to use? The stopper I mention is the very end of the syringe. Most syringes will come apart if you draw it too far out but these have a little stopper. You can feel something grab the plunger stopping it from coming apart from the tube which is just a great feature with these. We like these so we bought 3 boxes. I'm about to order 5-10 more boxes right now.

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AWESOME HDD!1/16/2015 10:29:19 PM

Pros: $63 ( SALE PRICE ) 7200RPM\ 32MB Cache Not Seagate

Cons: Wasn't Free Doesn't Give Me Happy Endings. Not a WD Black

Overall Review: Bought to upgrade my PS4's HDD. I didn't get the 2TB one that everyone is using because it's Seagate and I don't want my drive failing in 2 months. I really wanted a WD Black drive but the biggest 2.5" Black drive is 750GB, and I couldn't justify only 750GB. I got one for my PS3 but that was coming from 80GB. I recommend this drive over the others for the PS4. 32MB Cache + 7200RPM = AWESOME. I DO NOT recommend a SSD for the PS4 because the motherboard is only SATA II so you won't benefit from the full speed. The PS4 slim coming out early next year will have a SATA III board and SSD already in it but for now get a spindle drive. This one is PERFECT. You also need to download the PS4 OS onto a flash drive because the new HDD will be blank so you need to install the operating system for PS4. The file you want is the 758MB one not the 207MB one. Newegg REALLY needs to stop sending stuff ground when customers pay for 3-day. I know they do it when they assume things will get there in the same amount of time to save money but that's technically stealing. I worked for UPS for 5 years and 3-day select and ground are TWO DIFFERENT service levels. If we pay for 3-day, I want the tracking and label to say 3-day, not ground. Other than that, I have no issues with Newegg but I do feel that's VERY SHADY. Ammazon's warehouse is about 2 and a half hours from my house, and if I buy something with 2-day shipping, they ship 2-day NOT GROUND. Newegg really needs to stop doing that before they get reported to the BBB.

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Great!11/26/2014 11:26:42 AM

Pros: Sale = $5 Very Light 64-bit version available Found 3 infections Avast did not

Cons: None

Overall Review: For $5, why not?

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I'M HAPPY3/27/2014 5:36:46 PM

Pros: On Sale for $139.99 down from $199.99 Acer Looks Amazing Acer

Cons: Doesn't ride bih on the back of my 2014 ZX6R

Overall Review: I've been using a 24" LG HDTV for a while with a max resolution of 1366 X 768....yeah...brutal. Well, the TV's power port started giving me trouble, and unless the plug was plugged in-in a certain position, the TV wouldn't turn on, and if the cord was tapped by a hair, or a slight gust of wind from a fan, the wire would move a hair, and the TV would turn off, I contacted LG, and I sent out the TV today for repair under warranty because this TV was really purchased for my little cousin's room. She's 3, but since when we got it she was still so little, I started using it for my PC, and PS3. Well, since I knew I had to send it in, and I would be without a screen for AT LEAST 2 weeks, I decided to jump on NE, and check out what they have. Right away, I saw this TV listed as one of the sales, and after reading the specs, I gathered this was a awesome choice for the money, and the best part is, I won't even need to pay the bill when it comes. The new monitor is AWESOME. I'm now running 1920 X 1080 via HDMI, and it's amazing. I love computers, and any form of electronics. I just got back into WoW, and this monitor provides a beautiful picture. At first I thought the colors looked washed out, but after some slight adjustments, it looks great. I also have to mention shipping. I purchased the 3-day shipping but since I live on Long Island, and this happened to ship from the NJ warehouse yesterday, I received it TODAY. That's right, I ordered around 2pm yesterday, and got it around 1pm TODAY. That's why I LOVE living here because all Newegg, and Am_azon orders that ship from NJ, I get in 1 day. Anyway, I recommend this monitor to ANYONE, but ONLY at the sale price of $139.99. I wouldn't of bought this for $200. Not that it isn't good but I can't justify spending $200 on a monitor but $139.99 for a 24" with the specs this thing has is a str8 up STEAL. I hope this helps! Have a great weekend!

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Outstanding Card For the Money!3/20/2014 6:10:57 PM

Pros: Great brand Great Price It's Not Nvidia 2GB DDR5 128-Bit

Cons: It wasn't Free It can't ride on the back of my 2014 ZX6R(636) It doesn't prepare meals for me. The ONLY issue I'm having is that sometimes if I tab out of WoW for a extended period of time, and tab back in, sound is gone and I have to close, and restart the game for sound to come back. I don't recall this happening with the APU graphics, but I can't really narrow it down to the card so I'm not removing any eggs. It could be a glitch within WoW itself because Blizzard is known for breaking stuff when fixing other things.

Overall Review: I recently build a low end computer for my new business I'm in the process of opening. I didn't expect to do any gaming on it but I said " meh, why not! " Nothing too special. Mobo = MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 ( SATA III ) CPU = AMD A4-5300 3.4Ghz RAM =Kingston HyperX 8GB PC3-12800 Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 128GB SSD ( For OS, Drivers, Some Apps ) Western Digital Black 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA III which is for most applications, music, pictures, videos, movies, and games. I have SOME applications on the SSD such as Open Office, Firefox, and other stuff that I want to be fast, but everything else goes on the storage drive. Now, I recently got back into WoW, and the integrated graphics on the APU ( CPU ) granted me 40-45 FPS in Orgrimmar, 50-60FPS in the outside world, and 20-25 FPS in heavy combat with a bunch of people. Now, all the other FPS is decent, but in combat FPS was a little low for my taste, so I started looking into low end gaming cards or perhaps this would even fall into mid range. I received the card within 2 days with 3-day shipping. I downloaded the drivers for the card via the website, and not from the CD as usually the drivers that come on the disc are outdated so always get the latest updated drivers via the website. I shut her down, opened her up, popped the card right in-in seconds. Closed her all back up, turned her back on, everything was big and nasty. I installed the drivers, rebooted, and BOOM. Everything looked normal again. I loaded WoW, and now I get 50-70 FPS in Orgrimmar, 100+ in the outside world, and 40-45 in combat which is honestly perfect. I was also able to test it wit a few steam games, and definitely noticed better gameplay. Most games automatically set themselves to the highest settings with this card installed. Even though I didn't plan to game on this built, I got the card anyway because a good every now and then is fun, and I didn't want a $300 graphic card as that's overkill IMO. Overall, for $100, this card is GREAT. I'm actually extremely happy with this card. I definitely recommend this card if you're like me, and don't really need anything too crazy. I also wanted a card that didn't require any extra power from the PSU as my PSU only has a 24+4 as i got a very basic PSU.

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Fun Game3/11/2014 10:39:24 PM

Pros: This is the second time I'm buying this game. The first time I got stuck at this one point where the map was telling me to go somewhere, and I just couldn't find my way there, and I ended up selling the game, but now recently, there's nothing like a good zombie game, and for $9.99 for the GOTY edition, I couldn't say no.

Cons: It doesn't pay for my 2014 636's monthly payments.

Overall Review: BUY IT!

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Love It!1/20/2014 12:55:31 PM

Pros: Outstanding Drive The Absolute Best Brand 5 Year Warranty ( Unbeatable By Every Single Competitor ) Black Series ( Can't Speak Highly Enough ) 1TB SATA III 64MB Cache 7200 RPM

Cons: Wasn't Free Doesn't Cook Dinner Doesn't Cheat On Me Doesn't Make Me Money Refuses To Do Oil Changes On My 636 Won't Do My Taxes You Get The Idea..

Overall Review: I love this box! I get to type 3,000 characters of whatever I please which allows me to say more than I'm able to in the Pros & Cons. I recently build a computer for a new business I'm opening. I'm talking like, last month or so. I bought a 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD SOLELY for my OS, Drivers, and a Few Applications. Everything else such as Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Games will go on the 500GB WD Black HDD I originally had in this build. Newegg decided to have a 1TB on sale for only $9 more than the 500GB so this ate at me for a good 24 hours until I finally decided to say meh, and I went ahead and ordered this 1TB which I received about 2 hours ago. I swapped it with the 500GB drive in about 10-15 seconds, and I sold the 500GB to a friend who was looking to upgrade from a 250GB Seagate. I lost about $10 dollars, but It's still totally worth it. I have tons of space now, more than I'll never need with this business computer, but it's still awesome to have, especially for only $9 more. I won't miss that $10 I lost out by buying it, and selling it to a friend. I also recommend staying away from Seagate drives. I've had too many negative encounters with them. I recently had to install a new HDD in my cousins laptop due to Windows yelling at her constantly to backup her data as it kept detecting a near future HDD failure. I removed her stock HDD to see it was a Seagate, yet another Seagate problem to come across my own eyes. I replaced it with a WD Blue Series, and the laptop has never been better. This was about a little over a year ago, and that drive is still going stronger than ever. I highly recommend Western Digital over anything else. If you're looking for a HDD, either for your OS or just a storage drive, this drive is great. It's a black drive meaning the performance is there for sure. I probably could of said no to the SSD and just used this as my only drive, and still most likely would of loved how fast it is but nothing beats having your OS on a SSD, and using a spindle drive for everything else. Have a good day!

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Love It!1/17/2014 10:49:11 PM

Pros: Not Windows 8 $99 Did I Say Not Windows 8? I can't recall...... Not Windows 8!!! The Best OS since XP Pro 64-Bit

Cons: The thought that one day, support for 7 will end.

Overall Review: I've been a long time XP Pro fan for a long long long time. Even when Vista came out, I stayed with XP. I loved XP. XP loved me. Now, in April of 2014, support for XP ends. It will be a sad time. Anyway, about 2 years ago, maybe a little less I decided to build a new rig, and I went with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit, and It's just all around fantastic. Windows 8 was already out, but screw windows 8. Windows 7 all the way. I've had my hands on 8 a few times, and every single time I hated it. I need a start button, with a full menu. I hear Windows 9 is will have that again, and maybe, just maybe, I'll look into 9, but 7 is the way to go. Now, currently, I moved back to NY, and that rig was put into storage down in FL until I'm able to go down, and retrieve my stuff. I'm currently in the process of opening my own business, so I decided until I can get my computer, I'll build another. I decided to go with the same exact case, but a better build with a 120GB SSD for my OS, Drivers, and a few applications, and a 1TB WD Black for my storage. Needless to say, guess what! What do you think I put as my OS? That's right! Windows 7! WINDOWS 7 ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT! Nuff Said!

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SIMCITY1/1/2014 12:35:47 PM

Pros: Free Fun Did I Say Free?

Cons: The code was invalid. Origin told me the code was used even though the code was not scratched. I contacted Newegg, and they sent out a replacement which I'm still waiting for. Not sure why they're sending out used codes.

Overall Review: I'll update my review once I see the new code works.

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FAST!1/1/2014 12:33:19 PM

Pros: Fast Cheap Samsung Did I Say Fast?

Cons: The only con I have is that any SATA cable besides the one that came with my board won't recognize this drive. I'm not sure why, I spoke to Samsung several times, and no one knows why. I spoke to a friend who is way more advanced than me, and he said it could be that the board is picky, and for some odd reason that the board won't recognize the drive with any cable other than the one the board came with. so now, I'm starting to think it's the board, and not the drive. I'm using a MSI FM2-A75MA-E35.

Overall Review: The bottom line is, this drive is FAST, and it's awesome. I have my OS, Drivers, and a few applications on the SSD while all my downloads, music, pictures, videos, and just regular documents go on my HDD. However, I do have most games installed on my HDD as it's a WD Black series so the speed is pretty fast for load times with games. This way I don't need to have them on my SSD. Also, people think SSDs die out after so many read and writes which is true but for the avg user, it will take longer than the time you own the computer. Meaning, you'll upgrade your hardware before you buy another SSD.

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Outstanding Case12/22/2013 9:21:30 AM

Pros: Great Budget Gaming Case Great Brand Great Price Good Room Extra 120mm Fan Bays Moves Air Like a Hurricane Looks Great! Feels Great!

Cons: The only con I have is that the other people giving bad reviews, and eggs because they don't know everything they're talking about. Read other thoughts.

Overall Review: Let me start off by saying this is my 2nd TTV3 case so if you're going to believe anyone, believe me. Basically, everything everyone is saying is true, most of the positive things people are saying is correct. It's the negative things that are not only not helpful, but they're wrong. The first thing I will touch on is the SSD. YES, this case will support 1 SSD drive. However, it does not have its own physical bay. If you look inside all the way on the bottom under the last HDD bay, you will see 4 risers, they look like small ant hills. Your SSD sits right on top of those, and you screw it in from the underneath the case. Hence " Hidden 2.5" Bay " per the specs on TT's direct website. To the ones who complained about this, see? Just a little research would of helped you, but instead you leave a con for it just because you did not see it, and removed eggs because of your own negligence. Next, are the fans. YES! You can mount TWO on top, and ONE in the front. I guess it COULD depend on your board, but if you bought a micro ATX, you should have no issues. If you're building a ATX for a serious gaming machine, then you should be looking at bigger cases anyway. I don't understand why people need to buy a mid tower that is honestly designed for micro boards, and then complain because they put a huge board inside with those crazy looking RAM sticks, and a huge PSU, and wonder why they can't fit extra fans. The way I got the two fans up top was by putting my hand inside, and pushing up on the fan grating causing it to push up a little. You won't see this, but you'll feel it, so while you're pushing up on it, wiggle a 120mm into place. Your RAM sticks will hold it into place so you can easily screw them down. Very simple. I highly recommend the Thermaltake AF0032 fans right here from Newegg. They match the color of the stock fan PERFECTLY! Now, to mount a fan in the front, the fan DOES NOT go between the bezel and the case, it goes between the bezel and HDD bays. You'll see the gap, you slide the fan in there, and screw it in from the front between the bezel and case. Super easy! Just make sure you flip the fan around and make it a intake. I've included a video of my first V3 case completed with 3 extra fans. Don't mind me though as I was drinking that day. Hope this clears up a few things. Happy Holidays!

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Decent For Uncle8/17/2013 5:28:26 PM

Pros: Decent Brand ( Even though I never hard of them ) Seems OK. Good Price Secure Company Packaging Easily Installed

Cons: None

Overall Review: Purchased for my Uncle for his Dell Optiplex 745 Ultra Mini. I had to replace the CMOS battery as he kept getting a low voltage message on boot and had to always hit F1. He asked me what that means, and I bought a CR2032 from Ace Hardware for 2.99, Duracell brand, installed, reset date and time, and message vanished. During this time, I noticed he had a available slot for another stick of ram, so began searching, and found this product. Kingston was over $100, and since the computer is decently outdated, I figured spending that much for it doesn't make that much sense. However, it didn't dawn on me that he is running a 32-Bit OS so unfortunately, only 3GB of the 4GB is being used even though the bios shows all 4GB. This also makes me glad I didn't spend double the price for the better brand even though I'm not paying for it. I don't see a reason to reformat with a 64-bit OS just to gain the extra 1GB even though it would be nice, but this is his business computer, and I don't want to have to back-up and stuff. He feels a difference with speed for sure, but he doesn't know it's only 3 of 4 nor would he notice the extra 1gb unless I told him it was there. In conclusion, good ram for half the price of the other brands especially if you're upgrading something as outdated as this. Also stay away from the identical ram from the same company that has the white casing. That model is known to not work in the 745 as well as another Dell Optiplex. Hope this review helps.

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I LOVE IT!!!1/18/2013 12:12:51 PM

Pros: Great Brand Great Series Massive Space Great Price 5 Year Warranty I bought this to replace my stock 80GB inside my PS3. Installed, and formatted with no problems. Downloaded all my games, and demos, installed perfectly. I only paid $60 for this drive. Seems to work well, no weird sounds like clicking, felt very solid when I had it in my hand. I also went with the Black series because the Blue and Green series have aggressive head parking, so that can and most likely will cause lag in games because of the drive having to spin back up so often. That is why I went with the Black series.

Cons: I removed 1 egg because of the way Newegg shipped it. Normally, they wrap these things in bubble wrap inside of a small box, and then they put the smaller box inside a Newegg box very secure. This was not the case with this drive. The drive was held by two plastic slot things inside a small box that was shipped to me in that box. Newegg should of packed the small box inside a bigger box like they always do especially when it's a hard drive. I work at UPS so I know how boxes can be handled sometimes, and I was very disappointed when I saw how this was sent out. I am just very happy the drive did not get damaged for the way it was sent. This really did bother me. If I worked for Newegg, and I was the one packing orders, I would back them so nice, every customer would never complain about the way something was packed. Another thing that upset me is that I am a Preferred Account Member, and I ordered the drive around around noon. I get free rush processing, but they did not ship til the following day when they had more than enough time to get it out the same day. I feel as a Preferred Account Member, I should of been taken care of faster. They charge you fast thought, go figure.

Overall Review: Keep in mind when upgrading the HDD of a PS3, the drive will be completely empty. Therefor you will need to download the PS3's Operating System Firmware from the Sony website. You then need a flash drive. What you want to do is open your flash drive folder, and make a folder called PS3. ( MUST BE IN ALL CAPS ). Then inside the PS3 folder, you are going to make another folder called UPDATE ( MUST BE IN ALL CAPS ). Then you are going to open the UPDATE folder, and slide in the firmware you downloaded from Sony. Once you do that, put the flash drive in the PS3, and just follow the on screen prompts to get the PS3 to install the OS. As soon as you turn on the PS3 with the new drive, it's going to tell you the PS3 cannot boot because there is no operating system or something in that nature, and all you need to do is just follow the simple on screen instructions to get going. Once the firmware is installed, you will be prompted to make a user account, and set the date, and time, and stuff like that. Once that is done, the PS3 restarts, and you're off to the races. Also, for the people out there who are hardware smart. This may be the perfect time to exchange the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU. The stock thermal paste Sony uses is very cheap, and dries out after about 2 years of normal use, leaving the chips BONE DRY which can cause strong overheating and eventually lead to the YLOD. I recently just took mine apart, cleaned off the old thermal paste, and applied Artic Silver 5, blew out the case with air duster, cleaned everything out, even the fan, put everything back together, and now my PS3 is running better than it did brand new. I also happened to do my friends last night after begging him for a week, and now hes so glad he did it. It's not hard to do, and will do your PS3 wonders. I also would like to point out that a 7200RPM drive in the PS3 doesn't seem to be creating more heat at all. My fan is always on low, and nothing seems like it's hesitating at all. Everything seems MINT. Especially after cleaning it out, and putting new paste. I honestly feel the extra 1 or 2 degrees from the faster drive is not going to phase the PS3 at all.

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Dead In Less Than 24 Hours1/10/2013 10:56:29 AM

Pros: Great Price Massive Space

Cons: Turns out, this drive is poor. It was working GREAT when I first put it in. I spent hours downloading all my games again. I also had sony reauthorize all my video content for re-download which I did. Around 4:30am, I decided I wanted to go to sleep, so since there was only 2 more games to download and install, I set the PS3 to turn off after it's done. Around 6am, I woke up to see the PS3 still on, so I turned on the TV. Infamous was at 97% installing, and I started to watch it, and it took a good few minutes to go from97% to 98% which wasn't that good, but I didn't really pay it no mind. I woke up later that day to see the PS3 off as normal so I went about my daily business. That evening, I came home to play some GoW II and I turned on the PS3, and got smacked with a Corrupted File System message. My heart stopped....It started to restore the file system, but kept hanging at 41%. No matter how many times I tried it, it kept hanging. I tried to do it from the recovery menu but hung at preparing, and would not go any further. I was forced to format the drive just to be able to get it to work again, and I couldn't even do that with the PS3. I has to hook it to my PC which was a pain. I decided not even to try again because I knew it would happen again. What REALLY upsets me is that now I have to pray hard that Sony understands my situation and kindly re-authorizes my stuff again for me which they probably won't. Funny thing is, when I saw the Samsung drive I ordered was a seagate, I said to myself " oh boy "...sure enough...drive failed in under 24 hours. If you filter the reviews from lowest rating first, you will see other people mentioning the corrupted file system errors as well, so I am glad it's not only me. I will be looking deeper into another drive as soon as my RMA is collected and a refund is given.

Overall Review: Please disregard my other review as I jumped the gun on writing it.

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Artic Silver 5 is King1/8/2013 8:11:28 PM

Pros: Best Stuff on Market ( IMO ) Not too expensive for the Quality. Free Shipping

Cons: Doesn't Pay My Bills

Overall Review: I purchased for my PS3 YLOD Prevention Project. Sony uses real cheap stock thermal compound on the PS3's. It dries out in under two years leaving the PS3 wide open to extreme heat which eventually causes heavy damage which leaves you with YLOD. I opened my PS3 up down to the motherboard where I saw my stock paste bone dry. I cleaned off the old compound, and applied the epic Artic Silver 5. I put her back together, and I can already see and hear a difference. The fan is always on low now when idling. I highly recommend using Artic Silver 5 for anything that calls for thermal paste. Also for those who have PS3's about 2 years old now. I recommend changing the thermal paste to prevent any possible heat problems in the future.

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Word!9/11/2012 2:20:28 PM

Pros: Decent Price 12GB more then I had Good Trusted Brand I love the color Matches my blue case fans

Cons: Wasn't free

Overall Review: I haven't really noticed that big of a difference coming from 4GB of ram. Probably because I don't do anything that really needs more than 4GB of ram, but It doesn't hurt to have so I bought it anyway.

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More WoW Time9/7/2012 1:12:10 PM

Pros: It's 60 Days instead of 30. It Never Expires until you use it. You can give it to a friend as a gift. Y

Cons: It's $30. It should be cheaper if you buy 60 instead of 30. I could just pay 14.99 through blizzard store for a 30 day game card. If maybe the game card was ALWAYS 24.99 or something, then it would be more worth doubling in one shot.

Overall Review: You can always sell it in game for 30k I actually got this card for only $10 because I decided to buy more ram which was $80, and then I decided to sign up for a NPA and added a game card to get the $20 back

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SWEET GAME!7/12/2012 12:41:38 PM

Pros: Very Very Fun! Awesome Graphics. A must play!

Cons: Wasn't Free

Overall Review: I received Arkham City for free, but was told to play Asylum first, and I'm glad I did. You MUST play this game!!!

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AWESOME!!!!!7/9/2012 11:59:33 AM

Pros: Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! These fans are AWESOME! They match the color of the fan that came with my Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Dead On!!! I was actually a little worried about this, so I put the one that came with the case as a intake behind the front cover, and the three I bought, I put two on top, and one in the back as exhaust. They ALL MATCH! It's AWESOME! I am very happy!

Cons: None so far, I am very pleased with my choice. I spent so much time deciding and deciding with all the fans out there. I'm so glad I made the right choice.

Overall Review: I had two Xigmatek fans I ordered prior to these, and they pushed less air. The new TT fans PUSH air! They ARE NOT as loud as others are making them seem. I did however, have one fan that had a slight whine / whistle as some stated, but I moved it from the top to the back, still as a exhaust, and the noise is gone. I'm not removing a egg but the shipping on this order this time around was a little poor. Shipped and scanned on the 3rd, did not receive to the 9th, with Newegg's 3-day Guarantee. They also shipped it ground service, when it should of went 3-day. Newegg told me, 3-day and ground is the same, but I work for UPS, and no, it is not. Ground takes much longer than 3-day, so please note that they are not the same service.

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Nice Fans6/23/2012 5:53:55 PM

Pros: It's not as loud at full speed as most people are saying, it moves a lot of air, and it looks cool. Very nice packaging

Cons: Im not removing a egg for this because it's more of the case's design, but I bought two of these, one for the top as another exhaust, and one as a front intake, but I should of bought a thin 120mm because my case's cover doesn't snap on correctly when this fan is installed. It pops off a hair causing the power button not to hit the power switch with a gentle push as normal, so I unscrewed the fan and going to return it to newegg, or 3bay it and buy a thin 120mm for the front.

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Word!1/17/2012 11:49:20 PM

Pros: Came Fast, Works Great

Cons: None

Overall Review: Had no idea it came with 2 bottles. Awesome!

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Great Poduct, Horrible Shipping.12/6/2011 12:30:00 PM

Pros: Great Software, I've always had the free version, but for $9.99, I could not pass this up. I love to build computers. Well, I love anything electronic. Electronics are my bread and butter. I care for computers like a living thing. If I know someone with a infected computer, I feel the computer's pain, and I fix it. It's easy anyway. This software is probably even worth it at full price. But, again, for $10, killer deal.

Cons: I have no cons regarding the software. I have not got it yet, but I know it's awesome.

Overall Review: Newegg messed up real bad this order, and I was very upset and frustrated. I ordered this 11/25/11, and it did not ship until 11/30/11. It probably would of took longer if I did not call 5 times, and talk to a online rep about 7 times. No one knew why this was not shipped. All the online reps kept saying, oh' it's passed the verification stage, and it's a good chance it will ship today! I heard that 5 times. It is scheduled to be delivered 12/9/11. So, Egg saver is 4-7 days. Not 14 days. Newegg did nothing to make this right. It took call after call to even get the tracking number because I never received the email. Newegg should of did the right thing, and sent this 3-day after taking 5 days to ship it. 14 days is totally unacceptable. I've never had shipping issues before with you guys, and I was honestly blown off several times by a few of those reps. I am at a loss of words how egg saver in total is taking 14 days. It just bothers me that no one even apologized for the mistake...

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WOW!12/4/2011 7:58:47 PM

Pros: I scored this bad boy for $119 Free Shipping, and I was a little afraid at first because I've been wanting a new monitor for ages. I upgraded my computer, well, I built a whole new computer, and I put in a HD video card, and I never had a HD monitor, so I finally pulled the trigger. I was also afraid of having dead pixels when it arrived, and some people were saying the contrast and colors were off. This thing shipped the next day, and It came very fast. I waited until I got my new keyboard before hooking it up. This thing is amazing. It's so thin, and its so nice. It blows away my expectations. It has 2 HDMI ports, and a regular VGA it seems. No DVI but that's fine for me. I watched a couple HD movies on here, and it's awesome. I love this thing. No dead pixels, the colors look fine to me, I do not know what the others are taking about, this thing is AWESOME! I am very happy with my purchase. I play WoW and this thing is awesome. Matter of fact, I gtg, I have to raid Dragon Soul. =D

Cons: Not really a con, but I noticed there is no slits, or little holes or anything for the monitor to breath. The back left seems to get warm very fast. I just hope it doesn't cause any issues in the future. Also, not a con at all, but this was shipped in it's own box. That's cool and all but it would be nice is newegg tried to be a little more discreet with stuff like monitors. It would of been cool if the monitor itself in it's original box was then placed into a plain brown box, this way no one would know what it was. I work at UPS as a package handler, and I see all types of expensive stuff come through, and a lot of stuff is poorly packaged, not necessarily newegg but it would also provide packaging being more secure.

Overall Review: Great Monitor, Great Great Great. I recommend this monitor to all.

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Nice!12/2/2011 12:47:05 AM

Pros: Snagged this with the 20 for 40. It shipped the next day, and I received today, and so far I really like it. I really didn't need a gaming keyboard, I probably won't use the G keys. I play WoW and I'm a clicker. I mainly wanted a keyboard that lit up, I first bought this Ativa Led keyboard for $15 at comp ups, but it felt very cheap, and was a thin keyboard so some keys were smaller than normal or squeezed in. I returned it the next day. This puppy was $20, and well worth it. The red is indeed the brightest as people say. The blue is still nice but not as bright as red. I haven't tried the headphone jack or the usb port, I prob won't use those either.

Cons: Not Wireless, that would of been awesome.

Overall Review: Overall, it's a cool keyboard. Logitech is awesome.

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