UPDATE REVIEW: Good RAM with lazy LED effects5/30/2017 11:58:52 AM

Pros: -Got it cheap; $100 -So far it works as well as I expect Corsair to work -Compatible with my Gygabyte ab350m mobo

Cons: -LEDs default to out of sync blink pattern? I thought we left blink tags behind in the 90s. -Available patters for the LEDs are static, forward blink and reverse blink. Why can't they all blink at the exact same time?

Overall Review: Finally, Corsair updated the Link software and the LEDs are working kind of as expected. Sure, I expected an synchronous blink pattern but then again I'm just silly like that. LEDs will light up static as well as a ripple blink that you control the direction and group which RAM sticks participate. Overall no problems with these sticks.

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It's Noctua, how do you think this is going to go?5/4/2017 6:12:04 AM

Pros: -Quiet. This fan simply does not make noise even during burn in. -Well built. The fan, the fins, and the heat sink do not feel flimsy or cheap. -Easy to install. Never had a Noctua CPU cooler before but it was a breeze to install. Had it in under 10 minutes including reading the instructions. -Comes with primo thermal paste in a syringe. I hate pre-applied thermal paste so I may be biased here.

Cons: -Expensive. But you do get what you pay for. -Colour. Dear [CENSORED BY NEWEGG] in Heaven have they never heard of bright and cheery colours?

Overall Review: If you need an air-cooler for your mATX Ryzen build then this is your baby. Easy to install, quiet as a sleeping mouse, and ugly, this thing will keep your shiny new system nice and cool.

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Great case; bad instructions5/4/2017 6:03:11 AM

Pros: -Compact. Nice little cube and you can, if you really need a full sized tower, stack a second one on top completely missing the point of having a smaller case for your mATX. -Semi-modular. All but the rear panel comes off so you can orient this thing however you want it. You can even hang your components from the top if you are so inclined. -Roomy. It doesn't look it but there is plenty of space for air-flow not to mention room for your hands when you get round to building your system. -Easy access. The panels and "dust filters" come off easily to allow access to parts for cleaning, upgrading, etc. -Moveable front panel buttons/USB. You can mount these wherever you want for that extra touch of convenience. -200mm front fan. This large fan doesn't need to run fast to get good airflow going which means it will be silent.

Cons: -Cable management. There isn't a whole lot of space to hide your excess cable. -No HDD air-flow. This kills me; there is no way to get good airflow around your HDD so if you are planning on mounting three in the provided slots you are going to get some heat build up. -PSU-Vent. It is on the bottom which means you'll be trying to suck air up through your carpet. -Front panel wire lengths. One of the things I love is you can orient your front panel buttons/USB ports on whatever side you want. One of the things I hate is that the wire lengths for these things is insufficient if you want them of the opposite side of the MOBO's pins AND you want your cables hidden ... which I do. -The instructions. I honestly believe they didn't even try to get somebody to build a system off of the instructions included with this thing. The bracket for the PSU is just .... stupid and the instructions do not help.

Overall Review: I know I put more cons down than pros but I love this case. The cons are minor and I was well aware of most of them when I bought this case. It is a really solid thing for being so modular and the overall value is great if you're looking for a smaller footprint height wise. The nit picks are minor, unless you're going to use 3 HDDs, and won't really affect you if you are just a bit creative. To install the PSU bracket you'll be best served if you put your PSU in first. And before you even do that you'll be best served if you figure out how the bracket installs first. The bracket is dependent on the PSU to be there to use as a way to add tension to the bar that goes along the bottom. This bar latches into another bar which hooks into a tiny little nook in the HDD rack. The other end slots and screws into a near impossible to see slot in one of the rails. The instructions in no way indicate this so use them to get a general feel of where this goes and then ignore them; they'll only confuse you. Once you find the slot for the bottom bar and the nook for the side bare it will all make sense. The way I found easiest, after finding where everything goes, was to get the side bar in the nook and use something to hold it in place with enough pressure to keep it in the nook. Next, hook the bottom bar into the side bar. Finally, get the bottom bar into the side rail and install the screw. Expect the side bar to fall out constantly and resist the urge to chuck the thing through the window. All in all I recommend this case and love it.

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Quite disappointed2/1/2012 3:09:02 PM

Pros: The working cathode is bright, red, and beautiful.

Cons: The other tube is dim. It is quite disappointing to get something that you know you can't return because the return costs as much as a new purchase.

Overall Review: I'd advise against ordering these even if they are substantially cheaper. If you have a defect, which seems likely, then you'll have to spend what you saved and then some to get a replacement. Or, like me, you just suck it up and use the one good one you got. They really need to get their quality under control at Logisys. Either that or refund the product themselves.

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