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Great Pure Sine wave Inverter!11/2/2011 7:13:16 AM

Pros: We run our entire office on Solar power and thus batteries in 12 and 24v banks. We used larger 1000 pure sine inverters but I picked up a couple of these from newegg on special as we were replacing for efficiency not failure. It's listed at 87% but in reality it was closer to 90% until the fan turns on. THE FAN IS TEMP CONTROLLED! Very important! Unit stays below +7*F ambient with a 177w load from MacMini and 25" HP screen along with 2.1 stereo 25w JBL sound, lights etc on same circuit for office room - Kill-A-Watt tested and averaged. Over a week we saved about 900 watts over the larger unit and NEVER needed more power. Run efficient office and you can get by on a lot less. Go Solar.

Cons: The 50/60hz switch is on one side with no label to indicate. The indicator light is on the back side. We ran 50hz for a couple days, equipment didn't care as it's all AC-DC inverter based parts. CFL and LED lights had no issue.

Overall Review: It's PURE Sine! 60.1hz Pure wave and no wave bounce on equipment startup! NICE. Large for it's rating but it's all capacitance.

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Excellent Versatility - Great product.9/26/2011 12:36:02 PM

Pros: 5V Amorphous panel - after 6 months - before it kicks out 6.2v. Good light output. Magenetic base easily tags onto steel posts, hinges and under the car hood. Replaceable 3.6v 3x1.2v battery. Amorphous panels work well in ALL light conditions but produce a lot less mah per sq in than Poly or Mono. Battery lasts about 6hrs each day. There's a switch to turn the LIGHT on and off. Panel uses basic plug which can be extended easily. Takes about 12hrs to full charge. We get 5 peak sun hours a day in the Mid-Atlantic... 6.7 in Florida Think about the math. It doesn't matter what state or how HOT it is.

Cons: Reviews here from "High" skilled people who have no idea what they are using. Battery pack is $6.95 at the Shack, plug and play. Upgrade to 3 AA's and you'll get over 20hrs runtime BUT it takes 3+ days to charge. I modded two to use AA tabbed batteries I soldered and then shrink tubed into a pack. NO charge controller! Warning! You MUST run the light at least once a month till dead OR swivel the panel out of direct sun. The battery will overcharge and become useless and replaceable. Panel looses power when it gets too hot but produces more power when it's cold or cloudy compared to other types. This and low cost are why TFT panels are good and good at.

Overall Review: Great for backup lighting too. I have one in the Shed, garage, laundry room. It's basically a rechargeable flashlight with solar panel. I'm adding 2 more to the shed, only one will be mounted. There's one mounted in my old Jeep (panel is bolted the plastic on the inside of the tailgate and light is in the storage box). It's LED power... Not a flood light or some mega light that will be a great work light or something. It's basic, petty light. NOT tax deductable (I guess this is a con). Panel Only is weather RESISTANT. Mount under the eve of the house/shed but low enough to get sunlight and angle to the LATITUDE of your area towards 188* South. So, S. Carolina would be about 36* angle, PA is 40*.

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SOLAR Netbook that WORKS! LOVE IT!9/17/2011 10:33:35 AM

Pros: 5 watt mono-crystal solar panel! Genius! 1hr in the office nets me about 20mins (it works under CFL and Halogen lights). Sun is about 50%, 1hr=30min. This is PURE Brilliance! Thank you Samsung. Turn on USB charge mode in the BIOS and the panel will supply power to a USB port.

Cons: Intel Atom Performance.

Overall Review: I got this elsewhere, same price but pre-ordered. Upgrade to 2gb ram and a Samsung SSD, from NE. Brilliant. Get more girls talking to me than when I had the MacBook Air... Wink. Mono-Crystal panels are the most effecient for size.

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Has it's purpose - works as advertised7/17/2011 4:01:46 PM

Pros: It powers off as it's supposed to anything on the PLUG side. We switched in 2008 to 100% solar power (company did the switch - my company - my rules) and batteries, netbooks and ULV powered computers, LED lights and swamp coolers and cargo shorts over A/C (A/C is still used but not 5 months a year). So powering off the accessory parts was vital to not drain the batteries overnight.

Cons: 150w TOTAL capacity. Please EVERYONE learn how electricity works. Amps X Volts = Wattage. MaH is MilliAmp per hour consumption. So divide by 1000 or just move the decimal three spots for AMPS. So an iPad power adapter is .21 amps, not 21amps. 150w is not as much as you think. A typical desktop computer from 2005 will draw over 300w. A 19" CRT will draw 45w, a 19" LCD will draw 45w (surprised on that one? me too), 22" LED LCD will draw 20w. An Epson stylus AIO inkject consumes 31w when copying. An Apple APE base station takes up 16w. External drive 10-40w depends. Know your stuff.

Overall Review: 1000 watts is 1KW. Use 1000w in an hour and that's 1KWHr. In PA at this time we are paying total .1344 per KwHr (tax, distribution, etc and that's average). They pay YOU only production rate when you sell back, hence batteries. Less panels needed with batteries which saves more than it would produce, cost wise. So each cell charger, LCD, etc has a vampire draw. Most are 1w. Add up all the devices on the power strip and you get 6-8w of standby (average here some may be more or less) saved per hour. Over 14hrs that's 120w PER unit. 3.6 KwHr per MONTH. Or roughly 50 cents per month saved (3.6 X .1344 x 30 days x #Units). So it would take a few years for most to get the "payback". It will save power and works as advertised. It saves us about 7hrs sun per month, per person. Which is worth about 10 work hours. Batteries have less drain = less wear as well.

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FAIL6/16/2011 11:35:32 AM

Pros: Cheap, like a Hyundai.

Cons: And much like a Hyundai, it's built cheaply too and fell apart on day one. 50% failure in less than 48hrs! Purchased 12, six are dead. Powers up, shows in drive management for about 1/2 a second then powers off. Repeat. Tried on several machines. D-E-D dead.

Overall Review: How hard can it be to produce decent flash memory? Seems like every Chinese company makes at least one. I would expect it to last at least a year, like a Hyundai. Too expensive to return for replacement. I guess that's also like a Hyundai huh... Cost more to repair than it's worth. [insert manufacture apology here]

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REAL HD Experience! Wow!6/13/2011 11:58:03 AM

Pros: AMD's new Vision platform is it! The graphics GPU is OFF THE CHART good for a laptop, now put it into a netbook! Awesome. A Dual core version is available too and it does step up the performance even at 1.0ghz. YOU CAN PLAY GAMES ON THIS! AMD based netbooks can actually play games. Tablets may be the hip thing but after owning an iPad and iPad2 briefly I'm going back to netbooks. You know what a netbook has that a tablet doesn't? A Computer. Seriously... Netbooks used to try to be a Tablet and now Tablets are trying to be Netbooks. This is better. AMD Finally beat Intel on the mobile front. AMD Vision software ROCKS! Streams 1080p MKV files No problem in Win7 or Ubuntu 11.04 using VLC Media. Quicktime runs SMOOTH. Media Center works good but little twichy on startup. Dock it to a larger screen at home. Consumes 14w, 24w when charging! Miracle!

Cons: Download the newer AMD Fusion Software and take the 3 mins to learn and customize it. You can dynamically overclock the GPU there and LIMIT the CPU so you get more battery (clock it up for gaming though). When underclocked I got 13hrs! YEP, 13! That's 4 more than my iPad EVER gave me and my iPad couldn't run FLASH. In a mad dash for numbers the newer Intel Atom N570 outperforms this on paper. But Intel's Dual-Core and running a little quicker. Plus it's In-Order only. AMD can do out of order proccessing. Where's the Matte screen from the 1001PX??? Black and Blue models ONLY... My last con: I don't get to keep this...

Overall Review: Most people would probably be happier with an iPad. It's easier to take and go with and far more HIP. Open a netbook at starbucks as I did about 20mins ago and you get looks. One guy even whispered to his friend "how dated is that"... while using his iPad... I turned on Hulu and started watching an episode of Little Britain, with my iPod earbuds installed, and whispered back, "Can you do this?"... They left but not without watching me watch TV.... On a NETBOOK baby! These work so much better for business. Don't forget the Intel AppUp store! Angry Birds away! Compared to my Asus 1001px that I use for work (building apps for netbooks) this machine screams. Compared to my MacBook Pro 13"... I could switch back. I don't find the 10" screen a hinder much after using an iPad for 1.5yrs. This works. Last, to Asus: LED light aimed at the keyboard PLEASE!!!!! Built into the LCD frame, next to the cam with a FN switch. PLEASE WILL SOMEONE BUILD THAT!

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Better than you'd think5/22/2011 6:44:15 PM

Pros: ECC Ram. Power consumption!!! Raid 0+1. Windows Server 2008 STD 64b with Filemaker Server 11 and it's running better than I imagined. RMClock overclocks CPU to 1.5ghz if you need it. Installed 4x80gb Intel 320 SSD's in Raid 0+1. Running 44 days straight with no problems and performance is above par. Uses less power than MacMini's and obviously has twice the drives. Kil-A-Wat showing 28w/hr average... Seems a little TOO low for a 7 day average. USB slot internal is bootable... Tip: Use 16gb drive as OS drive or XEN and Raid 0+1 for VM's or data.

Cons: Getting a little hotter than I would prefer. Not even close to serious, just a personal thing. NO RAID 10? DO NOT use the 5.25 slot for a boot drive. Network speed is a little slow but this COULD be the router as it's a MiFi style.

Overall Review: Client purchased two of these from previous IT Company. That company then had zero experience with Filemaker and SQL and dumped the project with a BIG bill. Client is using these with EeePC laptops, Desktops and 5 iPad's over AT&T Wan/VPN we set up and FMGo. It works! Power consumption HAD to be low for the office as it's running off of 15 220w solar panels and batteries, NO LANDLINE power! Rainy, Cloudy and NIGHT it pulls from batteries and runs 24/7. Other server is in a regular bldg. Surprisingly good performance with EeePC 1215 laptops, this server and our software. Really surprising. Too the point I really wonder what we need Xeon's for. SSD's and E-Fecient cpu's are the future! We had to re-write some scripts and TOC's but it's rocking perfectly and on SOLAR POWER ONLY! Future of Business? Homes? Bring on 4G and let's find out.

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Great Server! Poor Newegg Shipping again!4/26/2011 4:26:39 AM

Pros: Excellent backup and speeds (56mb/s on a heavy traffic 44 user network). Backs up the SQL, AD, and File servers overnight at a clients site. Also runs as the VPN server with Homeserver for remote connections for execs. Sharing Pictures and Video's over the web makes for easy training of new staff and temps on their own time. eSATA port will do multiple drives. Media Server's only did one... Port Multiplier on board with Vault series.

Cons: Newegg put the shipping label right on top of the Serial# tag needed for the mail in rebate. So now I have to eat the $50 discount I marked on the invoice! Nice. And sadly I half expected it from their shipping department. HP stopped production of these. Which is good because like the Media Server series the boards get chip creap and tin whiskers after two years. Not one has made it longer than 25months and HP will not warranty. Parts are non-existent (search the BAY for used units).

Overall Review: Ordered a second unit today. This is about the 100th home server I've installed in a business solution. It will image 10 pc's or servers very well and it's high availability for internet media is a plus. Drive Extender has been removed from WHS 2011! HP Ceased production on ALL WHS back in Feb so these will only last so long. If you need quality you have to built it yourself. A TS200v with WHS 2003 or the new Vail and you have a rock solid 10yr solution. These are just disposables and priced as it.

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No Mac support - Newegg WTH?3/14/2011 12:28:09 PM

Pros: Works OK at best under Windows. On the Mac side even though they have an app it does not work well at all. You get one channel and it's OK. But change the channel and no video. Restart the app and pick that channel, OK... Repeat as needed. Media Center on Win7 it took almost an hour to work properly. I gave up twice and I know this stuff in and out.

Cons: Returned to Newegg as it shipped to me and they shipped it back citing it was missing hardware. Not sure what I missed. The TIGER does 1000% better job at returns. So if it's an iffy product I will NOT be buying it here. It's an HD tuner but would not pick up HD channels... Huh? Their support said Comcast was not supported. So the 3rd largest provider ON THE PLANET is NOT supported but the 2 smaller ones are. I'm too used to the Mac way where it all works.

Overall Review: This post will get removed like the rest that mentioned how Newegg's return service has gone downhill. Product stinks. Good idea though. 2 PC's can connect but NOT over wireless with HD.

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It's a picky machine. Read the review12/31/2010 8:24:59 PM

Pros: The D550 cpu makes a world of difference in the netbook. Docking this, it remembers your settings once you connect the VGA so it turns off the 10" screen, turns on the LCD and sets the much higher resolution and adjusts your programs in about 3-4 seconds. Keyboard is a breeze to get used to and type is great. 10" screen is LED and no better or worse than other netbooks since they all use the same screen. Comes with Office 2010 Starter edition which gives you excel and word, it states ad supported but there's no ads it's just like normal (add in windows live mail and you got what you need for the office - Don't forget offers FREE online Office Excel, Work, Powerpoint and OneNote add in Mesh and skydrive and you got 25gb of online storage and the best CLOUD office suite in the world, WAY better than google's spyware garbage). Very fast netbook. I do actually recommend it now. Has 1 open long PCI-e slot and SIM card holder. WiFi range is as good as my Late 2010 MacBook pro

Cons: Memory is very picky. I had to get it from crucial after 7 fails with newegg (DDR3 yes, but 8 chip only and everything newegg sells is 16chip). Contacting Acer is useless, their CS is as good as Dell (Dell has the worst in the industry, some of us IT feel GeekSquad is better and they overcharge for free stuff Glary Utilites is FREE BB). Doesn't get hot but I worry with such small vents. Cheap flimsy plastics. But it's really light. My left clicker feels like it's broken and makes 4 audible clicking noises because it's got plastic flashing. Taking it apart is tedius. Four tabs at top of keyboard, push in with tiny flat screwdriver while prying keyboard up - start in middle left - then take out a dozen screws and push driver through a hole to pop out the bottom plate.

Overall Review: I upgraded it to windows 7 home premium for less than $10 with a MS online deal (it's on the MS site, take a survey about your netbook and then you can buy the upgrade for $10 or pick other stuff). I'm loving it with the OCZ 60gb SSD and 2gb. It's brilliantly fast and with Hyper Threading it shows 4 cores, kinda impresive. This CPU platform is business ready. It runs Filemaker Databases locally with impressive speed to the point you would be wasting your money going with a Thinkpad. The low weight is fantastic. Battery life is a good 8hrs with 40% screen and all on. With SSD I get 1 hr more. Ram needs to be not so picky. Performance is very good. Got a red one and put the Ferrari sticker on it, looks good.

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Pricey lump of good looking aluminum12/31/2010 8:01:53 PM

Pros: It holds a 13" Macbook pro very nicely, looks good, similar finish (although it's wrapped in a Speck case), holds well.

Cons: Seriously they could save the buyer $10 and not pack the darn thing like it's a Mac. I got it, you wanna be like apple. Great but your wasting paper, cardboard, etc and NON was made from recycled content.

Overall Review: It's pretty, it's nice. If your clients see your setup-Yes get it. Docking is not pretty since you still have cables sticking out everywhere. I double sticked a rare aluminum USB hub underneath it and now run one USB to the laptop and three out the hole, Keyboard, Printer and Time Machine drive. Magic mouse = no cable. Grab the bluetooth keyboard too... If you don't need the USB ports and they are pretty much useless since they have no power (seriously Apple, they are useless my USB flash drive comes up as "not enough power"). Ok that was on Apple... Use Recycled paper, don't use so much of it. Well packed and well styled. I love it, but morally I won't buy another.

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The Gift Receiver Loves it and he's picky!12/31/2010 7:56:02 PM

Pros: It was a gift, secret santa. The receiver is a bit of an audiophile. He went through 8 computer speakers and can tell the difference between a first gen eMac and a 2nd, 3rd or 4th (first gen was the ONLY generation to have JBL soundstage speakers and you can tell the difference). So two thumbs up.

Cons: 4 stars because the mic is a little sensitive. Don't plan on using this walking down a busy city street. The mic just picked up the enignes of the cars and the whiring of the steam pipes too much. BUT that is a good thing for most people in 99% of the situations.

Overall Review: It switches between phone, computer and stereo very easily. Bass is a little lacking but not bad. Mids and highs were reproduced very well for a bluetooth setup.

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Very good, better than APC IMO.7/16/2010 8:45:31 PM

Pros: Excellent runtime with moderate to low load. Decent size for power output. LCD display works well. Software works as advertisied.

Cons: Software works well but has limited adjustments. You CAN turn off the buzzer, set it to go off differently... But you only have 2-8 mins after the power is out or 1-5 mins before it's out of power to shutdown the computer. Would like it to be load based off percentage of depleation... But it does work.

Overall Review: Cyberpower units are sturdy, reliable and well built. Best of all the batterys inside are standards based. Save your APC money buy something like this. I have a larger unit on my iMac and a fourth on my Modem, router, vpn, NAS. This unit running an atom 330 based server runs for a little over 1hr 20min on battery power. Software allows scheduled tests with email report - NICE.

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Great SSD drive!7/16/2010 8:40:28 PM

Pros: DOES support AHCI. Decent performance for an SSD, which is to say better than most 2.5" HD's. HD Tune states: 112 mb/s read average, 88mb/s write average. SSD Tweaker (search it) does a great job of setting up the computer for proper SSD performance. Once setup (4 seconds) your set. Amazing battery runtime increase. Lenovo X100e was the first subject. Added over 1hr of run time with RMClock utility reducing CPU core voltage (30+min without). Have a netbook? This would make an awsome upgrade. Quickens performance noticably but not like you would get with a high performance SSD, still it's faster than even 7200rpm Scorpio Black drives.

Cons: Acronis software that ships with it can only clone FROM same size or smaller drives. Refused three times to properly clone Lenovo X100e, S10-3 or T43. Small size... But price to size this is better than most!

Overall Review: A really good average user's SSD. If your into utmost performance this isn't your drive. But if you want a little snappier performance from the lagging component on any computer and feed the CPU what it can actually work with, yep this is the drive. Does NOT support Lenovo Resue and Recovery. This is mostly due to it's smaller than OEM size as the software is looking for sectors that don't exist (too high). Overall: Great for battery life and durability increase. OK for performance increase - it's not the fastest SSD but it's FASTER than spinning media. GOOD: Price for size in SSD. Supports AHCI, Hybrid Sleep, Hibernation. Works in old and new laptops. Uses S1 power profile.

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It's an HTPC and it's AWESOME at it!7/4/2010 9:54:47 AM

Pros: ION 2 graphics! Dual Core Atom! Hulu Desktop, Boxee work fantastic. Install and run OS X super easy (your gonna have to search this on google... It's EZ with the Lenovo Installer app). Very quick performance with Windows. Not a slouch. Keyboard takes about 20mins to get used to... I don't text with my cell phone but my Bro-In-Law does, a lot, and took to this like icing on cake. Vesa mount allows EZ attaching to your flat screen... Already used the Vesa mount? Get the 3M dub side sticky tape (kind with the red backing) and use the mount to stick it to the back of the screen. It sticks like nothing else.

Cons: It hasn't made me breakfast yet, but recording Hulu and Boxee screencasts takes it's toll. Updated to Flash 10.1 and you'll be OK just don't record them in 720p... Use NATIVE for recording and 28-30 FPS. Plays every online RPG game very well, but some games took a while to catch up so to speak. The Harddrive is a little slow. Swapping to an Intel 40gb SSD later this week to fix these. PARENTS: Kidzui is what you want, what you need on any computer the kids touch. It emails you what, when and how long as well as the chat transcripts your kids do. It COMES WITH this machine as well as every IdeaCentre Lenovo computer. Get it, it's free, for Mac Linux and Windows on others for free. It emails you every couple hours.

Overall Review: Lenovo got it 9/10 right on this one. It works great as a Home PC, wonderfully fast as an HTPC with screencast recording (Dual core Atom's only), and great family internet browsing and music streaming. Wasn't thrilled about the seagate drive. We are a Lenovo Partner so we get these direct. However Newegg's price is only about 20-30 more than Cost.

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Easily the best upgrade to ANY computer!6/6/2010 11:57:23 AM

Pros: Aging computer? System running Slow? Don't fall for the TV Commercial gimicks (Glary Utilities does the same without the spyware installed)... Get one of these! Stuck in a Dell GX270 SFF desktop (yep, SATA 1 in that) and had to put on a seatbelt! Ran Vista Biz like a Core2Quad! Ok, not REALLY but the system felt much faster than my real Core2Quad!

Cons: Not Price. For $120 you keep your old hardware which means less landfill and toxic chemicals. Your system runs more than 3x's faster. Gladly pay this for that type of performance.

Overall Review: It's like Redbull for computers, it gives them wings and a new lease on life. Now we can FEED the CPU and GPU as much as they can take. Imagine this in a newer machine... It's expensive but really worth it. Dropping them in a team of Lenovo S10-3 in 2 weeks. Can't wait to see what an Atom can do if it's fed well.

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A great workstation - XP Pro preloaded5/29/2010 10:02:11 AM

Pros: Uses the GL41 chipset. OVERSIZED heatsink and fan which means massive cooling. VERY quiet. Comes with Win 7 Pro, but XP Pro SP3 is preloaded and COMES WITH XP Recovery media! Legacy ports still present which was a welcome need. Much faster than you'd think, really.

Cons: No cons.

Overall Review: A very good and fast system even with 1gb of Ram and a Celeron CPU (Dual 64b cores with good cache). An inexpensive and easy upgrade for any business. Takes Low Profile PCI-e 16x and PCI cards only - Not like older SFF's that turned the card slot sideways to facilitate full height cards.

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Wow! Server steal! Much better than you think!5/27/2010 1:52:52 PM

Pros: Nehalem based Celeron, ROCKS! Very, VERY good speed. Dual core CPU! Works better than we expected running Server 2008 64b with 8gb of Ram (we upgraded) and SQL 2005. It's a replication server but it's actually FASTER Than the Poweredge 2900 it's paired with, SERIOUSLY it is! We are switching it over to primary this weekend. Hard to tell when it's on. It doesn't make a single solitary sound. If it wasn't for the little LED I'd swear it was off, this could be a problem for idiot IT people. 4 RAM slots, ECC UNBuffered. eSata port, 4 SATA ports on board. EASY PEASY tooless drive upgrade and install (read the instructions, it's 6 pages). What heat? it's rated for 72w TDP. SILENT operation.

Cons: Less memory than what's really needed. That's my only complaint.

Overall Review: Easily upgraded to Xeon X3xxx series but you probably won't needed. Designed for SOHO or Small biz (25 users or less). Ideal as Parent or Child AD server, replication server, file server, mail server. Comes with 2008 drivers only, no 2003 server drivers. Super easy Raid setup, insert the disc, boot to it select Raid 1 or Raid 0 and then continue. A monkey could do it.

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Know what your Buying BEFORE you order!5/27/2010 1:46:58 PM

Pros: Lenovo makes the BEST PC hardware. This NETBOOK is no different. GREAT SCREEN! Great Thinkvantage Technology! A laptop with a netbook logic board. Runs OS X better than Windows (any version). Newegg shipping rocks. Very portable, MUCH better build than the junkbooks from everyone else (cut my hand on an Acer!). Pop in a virgin mobile USB 3G modem and it's darn near perfect. Really love the LED 1280x800 display. Buy the larger battery!

Cons: Need to order FROM Lenovo to get WWAN compatible board, these do NOT have second Mini PCI-e slot. You can get it cheaper from Lenovo with linux installed and a larger battery... Hint, hint - call. It's an Atom. It's slow. You want it faster get the Athlon Neo or the SU based Intel cpu.

Overall Review: It's an Intel ATOM CPU. Pretty much the most worthless CPU on the market. It's also a NETBOOK in a laptop chassis. Turn off unecessary services and remove unneeded apps (do not remove any Lenovo apps, they HELP more than they hurt). Also the warranty is outstanding. Lenovo will NEXT DAY AIR you a replacement machine for the cost of shipping ($28). You swap the HD (as long as it's not the problem) and ship back the busted unit. Only Apple and Lenovo do this, ONLY. Finally: Know what your buying before you b*tch, or ask for help. That's what a phone is for... Remember the days when we talked on a phone. I bought a TV to browse the web, a phone to send email, and a computer to watch videos - Welcome to 2010.

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GREAT Server/Workstation5/26/2010 2:21:14 PM

Pros: Great system, great board, good components. Comes with NO OS so your not paying for bloat. Comes with Lenovo's Server productivity suite as well as reg. Works a treat as a Server for ANY small business and as a specialty server (SQL Replication, Child AD, MySQL, Web) for any situation. Easily upgraded to Xeon X3xxx series for more power. 2gb Ram is SINGLE Stick. Running WHS on these for SMB backup servers. Our office has one running Server 2008 STD with Filemaker Advanced Server 11 along with some IIS web bits for IWP. All in all the best servers under $1000. HD's from Lenovo are all WD. They got smart about a year ago and with constant barraging from vendors like us they switched and we all couldn't be happier. 250gb Drive is WD Enterprise class. eSata port in the back is nice. 4 Sata ports inside. Really nice and not HP or Dell junk. 3yr Onsite 4hr warranty upgrade is less than $150, call Lenovo. 1yr Onsite is standard.

Cons: No cons, Not one.

Overall Review: TO remove the HD, press down the horizontal tab above the HD, slide the HD steel caddy back 1", then swivel out to you (back of HD swivels out). Lenovo makes the BEST in the industry, you don't need to remove anything to get the parts out. Read the manual's, they are light but to the point.

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Getting old and showing it5/17/2010 8:07:52 AM

Pros: The Atom CPU: Should NEVER be compared to a modern CPU in terms of POWER of Processing. The 230/270 are 32b and are EQUAL in capabilities to a PIII 550mhz. This combo of GMA945 chips and 270 make for a lousy 2010 variant. Asus, MSI, ChenZeng all use the SAME BOARD. Even Dell, HP use the SAME BOARD. Scorewise you'll get a GeekBench overall of 200-230, Same as a 1998 circa PIII computer. Pros... There are really no pros for this type of computer. ION graphics make it worth it otherwise don't bother. Intel MSRP of the CPU only is $1.92 USD per 100.

Cons: Your buying a NEW 1998 Performance computer and expecting it to perform well in 2010... Don't. I love the "Email and basic web" used to describe these computers.... Yea, MY PHONE does that well too. Don't waste your time or money.

Overall Review: The Atom N330 is a little better but it performs more like a PIII 933. These WILL NOT run Netflix, Hulu or anything with Flash well AT ALL. The new N4xx series are just an die-shrink of the N2xx series, SAME performance. What are the they good for? Tricking consumers into a cute little box to get "Email and basic web". You can help the environment, buy a refurbished or used computer, get a better package with better features and save. Seriously people, stop buying this junk. Get an iPad or Archos tablet. This is outdated junk. The Chipset came out in 2004. The CPU was designed for car computers, phones, and your fridge. You can do better, and so can Asus.

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Beats Intel Core i5 hands down! Business Review:4/29/2010 2:13:11 PM

Pros: Was able to import, perform 7 auto-calcs, sort on 4 fields, and then export to CSV. All this in under 2mins on 2.7m records. Our core i5 machine with twice the Ram and a 300gb Velociraptor took over 4 mins. This was done in Filemaker 11 ADV. For half the price of an i5, two more cores than an i5 and WAY Better performance than an i5... Why would you bother with Intel? Was an i5 a good comparison? You tell me, i5's are twice the price. Isn't that a real comparison? What does xxx dollars buy you in performance on AMD and Intel. AMD Rig is running an OLDER ECS A785 board with 2gb DDR2 800 Ram and a WD 320gb Black. i5 running 4gbs DDR3 on a NEW INTEL board with a Velociraptor. The Intel should have outperformed the AMD machine by a mile due to faster drive. But it was our calculations in the import script that slowed it down. AMD CPU's handle business applications much better. There's a reason why, but it won't fit on here. Two Thumbs for Biz use!

Cons: Intel beats AMD in laptops due to better power management. But this ain't no laptop. Newegg didn't have the best price on launch day... Bad Newegg. Still they probably delivered it faster.

Overall Review: 1/3rd the price of an i7 and performing 90% of the speed... While remaining cool and quiet. There is no choice, it's AMD. I love Intel, but only on a laptop. AMD has better pricing, better support and an overall better experience. AMD have always been faster when numbers need cruched and text operations are performed. They are also WAY faster when it comes to read/writes to the Hard Drive/RAM. Use the right tool for the job. While AMD's cpu's are not the best for gaming... They do the job very well. For business use we always reco AMD and unless it has an "Apple" or a battery on it's back it's AMD in our offices - Desktop and Server. Building a server with this CPU tomorrow. It will run 2008, Filemaker Server Advanced, and 12 databases for WAN and LAN use.

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Not too shabby2/26/2010 6:41:37 AM

Pros: DDR2 support for those migrating to a newer board, you can keep your old Ram. AM3 support with 2600/5200 HT speeds (make sure you look for these in AM3 boards). Great onboard audio. Included drivers CD installs no junk, all drivers and software are actually GOOD! Accepts pretty much ANY AMD CPU that fits which is cool... Check though, the list is Ultra Long! eJiffy software is pretty cool, let's you boot to a Linux based Browser without loading your main OS. Takes about 5-6 seconds on my machine which is Sempron 140 and a Velociraptor drive (manual states 8 seconds so not like you'll notice a 2 second difference). Good memory voltage and timing support, DDR2 1066 does require you to manually set the timings for optimum speed but eve the default is good. Onboard graphics is SLI and works well, add in an inexpensive Radeon PCI-e 2.0 card and you can control multiple monitors all independently really easy, actually impressed me with that.

Cons: No DDR3 support. Only 2 RAM sockets. Not like I didn't know when ordering just that Gigabyte puts 2 DDR2 and 2 DDR3 sockets on their boards. NO WAY TO UNLOCK second CPU core! Not the best for Overclocking... In the BIOS you can get to the FSB speed but you can't change it... You can, but it's not as easy as 1,2,3 like a Gigabyte board. And unlike a Giga board no Dynamic overclocking... Also OLD style capacitors.

Overall Review: Driver install is fully automatic, 2 restarts and your done. Nice board. I'd prefer a Gigabyte board for it's flexibility but ECS does a nice job. Selling point to me was the AMD 785 chipset. Running it with a Sempron 140, 8gb of DDR2 800 Ram and a Single 150gb Velociraptor (it's a work computer, not for games...)

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Follow Up Review2/16/2010 3:18:24 PM

Pros: Just wanted to throw a follow up for others. 1) it will consume 2 slots worth of space due to the heatsink, this should be noted. 2) It doesn't come with the updated drivers or Hydravision (3 monitor control software). The driver CD under "Website" does take you to the correct location though. 3) Do NOT install the MSI tweaker app! I did this just to play around over the weekend, BOY DID IT GET HOT! Passmark Tests showed less than 3% improvement with it, so don't bother unless you REALLY need that last little bit. Also Avivio video decoder is also free from AMD/ATI once you register, not the cheap version either... Nice little plus. It's OK. Not like MPEG Streamclip but OK. Get the updated drivers, Avivio app, Hydravision. One NICE thing for IT pro's is the Driver Only MSI package... You know that was nice of them... 1/27/2010 latest driver update.

Cons: Takes up 2 Slots due to heatsink size, this can be rectified through the use of a cooler with fan but would require some custom work. I still give it 5 eggs, just watch, measure and take a look before you order. I had to move 1 PCI card down a slot but others may not be as lucky or capable.

Overall Review: For dual DVI just grab am HDMI to DVI adapter (cheap) since DVI is HDMI without the audio. Haven't tested Tri-Monitor capabilities but DVI and HDMI worked great... Played a Movie over the HDMI and did some work in Office on the monitor. PC CPU was pegged pretty hard but it's an old Single core AMD so it was to be expected. Just a test rig... Audio output through HDMI was better after driver upgrade, video was no different.

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Good, Nice, but let's get to know it...2/11/2010 11:27:04 AM

Pros: Passive cooled, no locked up cheap cooling fans you don't know about till it's too late. 10.1 Direct X, OpenGL 3.1 (not 2.0 as listed - Newegg, update your OGL values). Card uses 25 watts peak, but can down the wattage to as little as 4.4 when not needed! Here's the trouble, if you Power Supply is weak or single rail you will notice some flicker, blackouts, etc when it goes from idle to high performance. Reason is the card has a startup like draw that goes over 40 watts! That's a LOT for a passive cooled card but it's only for a second. ATI states 350w power supply is required, true but depending on the CPU, HD and other equipment (as well as # of devices inside) it may not be enough. With a 350w PS my screen would flicker and the second monitor would turn off for a couple seconds when switching Res (separate per monitor). Upgraded to Tuniq 550 with 4 rails, works brilliantly!

Cons: Heavy heatsink could cause connection issues in PCI-e slot over time if your card lock breaks or is not very good. Under heavy load it will get hot, once it gets hot it will begin turning down the voltage to cool off. HD video won't do it but gaming could.

Overall Review: Great GPU, specs here aren't 100%, they are better. Separate GPU per monitor allows separate resolutions, Cool! Not great for gaming, 4600+. Great for business though! Smoothed out the edges of alot of graphics working on development projects. Love the dual monitors at different res!

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