Very Quiet and Very Dim1/21/2018 2:41:58 AM

Pros: Whisper Quiet even at high RPM LED has a dark Blue Color. Very calming Because of the blue ring, the color seems spread evenly

Cons: I seriously almost can't tell that the LED is even on, VERY DIM

Overall Review: I bought this thing to add a little color to my rig. I also used it as a 2nd fan to my Corsair H60 AIO but mainly for some color (the fact that it was on sale helped). Installed it and I honestly don't even notice that I've installed the fan. Two reasons. A) SUPER quiet. B) SUPER dim. I have a MITX case (Silverstone SUGO SG13) and since the fan is near the middle I hoped it would illuminate the entire case but it honestly does next to nothing in terms of aesthetics. STILL an excellent fan though. The type of blue is very lovely and serene. I would not hesitate to buy this fan again. Just keep in my what I've said.

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Important: Make Sure The CPU Is Mounted Correctly!11/9/2017 12:57:42 AM

Pros: The cooling capacity is unbelievable! Fan is generally pretty quiet. The best solution for a ITX solution with limited room

Cons: Fan can sound like a jet engine above 75% speed. Fan has a whine and less of a drone.

Overall Review: Please make sure any capacitors near your CPU are not interfering with the proper mounting of your CPU! I installed this cooler incorrectly twice, unknowingly because of the capacitors that sit so close to the CPU. The first time my temps were astronomical. I could barely do anything without jumping up to 76*C/170*F. Sometimes above 200*F/93*C! I call Corsair and they suspected it was not seated correctly. I reinstalled and put on new thermal paste. I thought this time I had gotten it correct because my temps were about 30*F/15*C lower. I thought this was acceptable. Come to find out I installed it wrong again! Of course the techs at Corsair (Great guys btw) helped me find this out. I installed the cooler plate a last time but made sure to move it over as much as possible AWAY from the capacitors. Results? 105*F/40*C at 100% CPU load with 55% fan speed all day, literally. I run my CPU 24/7 at 100%. I'm just shocked at how well this cooler works. I'm also wondering how many people have ran into this problem because I've read many reviews where people installed this cooler on their rigs and they post pretty hot temps.

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Wonderful Picture For The Price6/10/2017 1:02:36 PM

Pros: Amazing Price Huge Screen Size Lush Looking Colors VERY bright Good Darks Stand Is Reasonably Stable Thin Bezels BRIGHT

Cons: Viewing Angles Could Be Better? Low Resolution For A Screen This Size (But Seriously The Price!)

Overall Review: I know reviewing a monitor is very subjective so I won't go in depth. I'll just say that if you are an average consumer who looking for a great looking screen for a very affordable price then please don't hesitate to give this one a try. Yes it is refurbished but it has not given me a problem yet, I have had much luck with refurbished equipment and I have had many brand new components go bad on me too soon, expensive televisions included. You should also know that this monitor is so bright that I have had to set the brightness down to 60-65% otherwise it feels like it's slowly burning my retinas.

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Great but missing some essentials6/10/2017 1:01:59 PM

Pros: Color scheme is great (Looks like a F-117 Nighthawk) Nifty LED readout of your temps in Celsius of course Reset and Power Button built onto the Motherboard Premium Thick IO Plate BIOS is simple and effective Everything that I've overclocked so far has been absolutely stable

Cons: Missing Wifi (Can be added through M2 slot on the bottom of the Motherboard) USB 3.0 Speeds rather than 3.1 (Do any other Z170 ITX boards come with 3.1?) M2 Adapter Cannot be used for SSD's Capacitors sit very close to CPU and can interfere with the mounting of certain CPU coolers (Corsair Hydro H60 in my case)

Overall Review: Why would they not include an M2 adapter that can handle an SSD? This was my biggest disappointment (Ultimately my fault for not noticing it though). Since this motherboard is geared towards overclocking you'd figure that the person who buys it may want a faster than ordinary SSD. I already knew it does not come with Wifi so it wasn't a big deal but other motherboards for less price have it included. Lastly USB 3.1 would have been nice. But far and beyond the fact that you cannot used an M2 SSD should be the thing you should consider first. Other than this flaw, I have had not an ounce of trouble with this board. I have overclocked nicely and with very little effort. Oh and if you're overclocking your ram and having trouble setting manual timings, try leaving it as XMP Profile with Auto Voltage and just change the timings. Overall I'd definitely recommend this motherboard as long as you know what features it does and doesn't have.

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Awesome Little Case3/23/2017 2:12:30 AM

Pros: Small Foot Print Keeps All of Your Components Cool Well Thought Out Looks Good Power and HD Lights Are Not Annoyingly Bright Reasonably Sturdy For It's Price

Cons: An All In One Water Cooling Solution is really your only option here Make Sure You Get It Right The First Time An SFX Power Supply Is Highly Recommended, Therefore Limiting Your Choice Can't Screw All 4 Screws when using a 140 mm fan? 140MM fan may interfere with the included hard drive mount which sits on top of the case Included Front Fan Filter Is Hard To Clean (Must Disassemble Front Panel)

Overall Review: This case is great and you can tell that Silverstone has had quite a well to figure out how to make a great, well laid out ITX case for the masses. It has everything you could want in a small case. Openings to either release or pull in air for all of your components. Great design. An open or closed front panel. Time consuming but easy to put together. Bumpers on the bottom keep it elevated an inch of the floor. It's not perfect though and knowing some of the things I found out would have made my decision on buying certain components MUCH easier. For example. I bought and installed a Cougar 140mm fan. I could not screw in all 4 holes because there are not 4 holes available for a 140mm fan. 120mm fan yes. 140mm fan NO. So I used the 2 available screw holes only to find out that my fan was interfering with the hard drive mount Silverstone gives you (Metal plate that sits on top and can hold 1 3.5" HD or 2 2.5" HD's. Why? No idea. But I used zip ties. Which worked out well anyways. Otherwise, it's great. Good luck!

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They Work Great3/23/2017 2:09:15 AM

Pros: Color Is Great No Weird Heatsink Design No Gigantic Heatsink

Cons: None I think

Overall Review: They work. Popped them in and set the XMP timings. Boom. Done. Have them overclocked to 3200 with 1.35 V around.

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Legendary Seagate Quality?2/17/2017 1:29:47 AM

Pros: Decent Read and Write Speeds (90 MBps Average Read and slightly lower writes if I remember correctly?) Quiet when in use Runs as cool as my Samsung 750 SSD, in fact even cooler Affordable for the amount of space given Lots of Cache (128MB)

Cons: Went bad about 2 months after installation

Overall Review: I hesitated buying a Seagate because as of the last few years it seems like certain lines of HD's from Seagate have poor reliability. Nevertheless, I needed something affordable and reasonably fast and this was on sale so it fit the bill. Now I realize that components do occasionally go bad so I won't knock it too much but I will also say that I did not do anything to hasten the failure of this hard drive. In fact I was pretty gentle all things given ( I still have HD's from YEARS ago that work fine). It's going back for an RMA so we'll see how that goes (RMA process could be a bit easier but it's okay after you do some digging on Seagates website and oh btw, 21 Minute wait time to speak to support. Wooh) Testing with Samsung's Magician software showed Seq. Read Speeds of about 70-80 MB/s and Writes of 140-150 MB/s. Accurate? Not sure.

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Pretty Amazing Stuff?12/31/2016 12:11:03 AM

Pros: Keeps my Core i5 6600k CPU at a cool 115*F Overclocked to 4Ghz Very manageable consistency, not runny or super thick

Cons: Expensive for the amount that you get

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Silent and Efficient12/1/2016 10:04:55 PM

Pros: Very quiet fan It's a workhorse Seems relatively cool

Cons: Not the greatest value out there although the price has dropped

Overall Review: I can't give you FPS on any games as I mostly use this card for emulation and folding. I can tell you that it has been running at full capacity for MANY hours since I built my PC and it has not given me an ounce of trouble. Very quiet. Temps never go above 145*F. Is that good? I'm not sure. If you can get it for $100 then you're getting a good value. I'd recommend it at the full price as well but if you need something for gaming a 480 goes for $80 more. Just don't expect it to compete with the big boys.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX
SILENT and Cool Looking11/28/2016 11:35:17 PM

Pros: Cool Color! SILENT Move Good Air Frame takes a minimal amount of room in your case You will die before the bearings do apparently.

Cons: Could push more air? Could also be louder so.....

Overall Review: I loved this thing for the short while I had it. Was Silent (Had to put my ear against my front grill to hear it and even then it was a whisper quiet hum. It also moved a good amount of air for as silent as it was. Even when it was pushed it was very quiet. If the bearings really do last as long as they say then I would HIGHLY recommend it.

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Powerful, Tiny and Silent11/28/2016 11:31:54 PM

Pros: Tiny 450 Watts 92mm Fan while others have 80mm Fan stays off 100% of the time for me Completely Modular

Cons: Does not come with an adapter plate Cables are too long (Go figure an SFX Power Supply will probably be used in a small case right?) Don't like the fact that they put 4 Hard Drive Power Connectors on one cable

Overall Review: It would have been LOVELY had Corsair included an SFX to ATX adapter plate. That part really chapped my toosh. I would have gladly paid an extra $5 for it.

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Rock Solid5/29/2013 9:23:35 PM

Pros: Simultaneous 2.4 & 5 Ghz Frequencies, Good Looking Router, Cool Blue LED's, IPV6 ready, Guest Accounts Can Be enabled, Atheros Chipset, Competent Settings Page

Cons: Large Router, So many blue lights flashing on front of router that its confusing to know what exactly its doing, Router Settings Page can still use some work with explanations and terms to make it more user friendly, Time Settings will not set automatically correctly

Overall Review: I had the TL-WR1043ND for almost 2 years before getting this router and it was absolutely rock solid. Never gave me trouble in the least bit. I was hoping for the same thing with this router and it seems that I'll be getting the same reliability as it has not given me a problem yet. TP-LINK makes great routers to me and I honestly feel like a hot mess when I have to choose a router for someone and for whatever reason it's NOT a TP-LINK. Great job guys. Heres to hoping they don't screw up my rebate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, We're happy to know you like our routers! For the rebate status, you may check with GPG’s customer care department. The info is as follow: Phone: 1-800-619-7403 Email: Online look up Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team (866) 225-8139
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Ownership: more than 1 year
EXCELLENT Router2/19/2013 1:19:18 AM

Pros: Completely Stable, Good Range, Good Looking, Does Not Overheat, LED's Aren't Too Bright, Lots Of Configuration Settings, Excellent Price

Cons: Configuration Settings Can Be Confusing Due To UnCommon Labels (Port Forwarding is Not Know as Port Forwarding For Example)

Overall Review: This router has been running 24/7 for almost 2 years now and not ONCE has it given me even the slightest HINT of a problem. It works and it works well. I have it in a condo building with a crowded 2.4Ghz band and with the lowest range settings (low power) and we get full speeds at all times. On high settings I can walk down our parking lot with our Macbook and still get signal. In terms of range, I've compared it to a WRT54GL with 7dBi Extended Range Antennas and using stock antennas, it got about the same range. I'm confident the extended range antennas sold here would be awesome. I'm really confident in TP-Link products ever since the first router I got my Wife years ago.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Product But Bad Shipping and Instructions4/1/2011 7:19:48 PM

Pros: Tasts Yummy - Newegg Protein Filled - Travels The Extra Distance On Halloween - Can Be Used To Fill In Cracks In Your Cars or i7 Extremes Radiator Like MacGyver Did In That One Episode - Mutant Eggshells Can Be Crushed And Used To Ultra Fertilize Your Soil - Can Be Kept Naturally Cool When Shipped To Chicago During The Winter

Cons: Shells Not So Durable As Evident By The Dripping Ooze At The Bottom Of My Box (Thanks FedEgx!) - Had To Fight The Squirrels In My Neighborhood Tooth And Nail For My Delivery - FedEgx Driver Suing Me For Injuries Due To Squirrels - I'm Suing NewEgz Due To Driver Suing Me - NewEgz Is Settling Out Of Court and Hiring Raccoons To Escort FedEgx Driver

Overall Review: Instructions On Incubation Were Barely Readable. You CANNOT I Repeat CANNOT Sit On The Eggs To Incubate. These Are Instructions From The Factory. You CAN However Place In Your Computer Case For Natural Mothers Warmth While Playing World Of Warcraft.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Seems Great At What It Does2/3/2010 2:43:46 PM

Pros: Individual Charging Circuits Means You Can Charge Any Different Number Of Batteries At Once. Rapid Charging. Soft Charging. Conditioning.

Cons: Weakest, Faintest and Most Terrible Display In History. Big Brick Of A Charger. Ticks When Charging. Bit Expensive.

Overall Review: I've been using this charger for quite a while and I have no problems with it besides what is mentioned above. The display is absolutely terrible. It's bad enough that it's cheap and you can't see it from certain angles but even when you CAN see it, it is very faint. The brick charger was a mistake, seeing that you can buy all types of different adapters to plug directly into outlets if you're traveling rather than buying different types from Powerex. The "TICK" when charging can be annoying if you're sensitive to slight noises. Most times you don't notice it though.

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Great Little Drive7/25/2009 8:44:11 PM

Pros: Very Quick Read Speeds. Very Small Translates To Keep it In Your Wallet. Black Color. No LED's. Is reasonably tough.

Cons: Very Slow Write Speeds. Very Small Translates To Easily Lost.

Overall Review: The Benchmarks for this flash drive were strange. The graphs were up and down on this drive. Not like the usual flash drive. Using HD Tune PRO 3.10 I tested this drive with both a synthetic benchmark and a file benchmark using a 1 MB block. The Synthetic Benchmark = Minimum Read Speed: 9.7 MB/s. Average Read Speed: 2.05 MB/s, Maximum Read Speed: 30.5 MB/s Access Time: .7 ms CPU USAGE: 20.7% File Benchmark=About 27 MB/s Read and about 4-5 MB/s Write.

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What A Cute Little Guy!7/8/2009 9:34:20 PM

Pros: Rubber Casing (Or whatever material it is) makes it durable in situations such as putting on your key chain. Furthermore, the flash drive itself is made of metal which is re-insuring. Cap will not easily fall off. Cute as a button! Very portable and seems to be very reliable

Cons: Really the only thing that bothers me is the bright red LED. It's really not too bad at home but I bought this drive to store music on and plug into my car stereo and the red LED is constantly flashing while driving. It's like a disco in my car. Some people may become hypnotized while others may fall into epileptic seizures. Believe it or not, the orange case makes the LED even more noticeable.

Overall Review: I tested this little guy with HD Tune PRO 3.10. On average, using a file benchmark with a 1 MB File and a 1 Second Delay, the Read Times were about 9-10 MB/s while Write Times were about 3-4 MB/s. Average Acces time was about 1.2 ms while CPU Usage was about 7%. It is NOT suitable for ReadBoost (Who uses that anyways?). Overall a fantastic little drive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jibberish18 Thank you for purchasing Patriot Memory products. Another user of this drive used it for the same purpose and the LED also was too bright for him, so he removed the drive from the casing, covered the LED with black electrical tape, and put it back in its casing. Maybe this will work for you too? John Smith Patriot Memory Technical Support Team
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent Build Quality6/19/2009 11:15:19 AM

Pros: Solid Built Quality. Matted Red Finish. Hard Drive is held in place well. Comes with Lots Of Software. Backs up all your info with the touch of a button. Comes with Dual USB Cord. Brand Name You Can Trust.

Cons: None I Can Think Of

Overall Review: Pulls in pretty nice Read Speeds. I believe I measured about 27 MB/s Average Read Speed on my Core2Duo 2.0 Ghz Merom Macbook in Vista 32-Bit using HD Tune with a 256 KB Block Size.

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Thing performs terribly for the price4/17/2009 1:44:55 PM

Pros: It works. The latest Drivers (From 2007!) and Live Cam Center Software make the quality and reliability MUCH better. Video Quality is okay.

Cons: WAY too expensive for what you get. We got this thing for the half the price listed here. In reality, even with great lighting you WON'T get 30 FPS video. Video Quality is muddy.

Overall Review: You get much better FPS with a light shining directly on you. But otherwise you could be looking at 7-10 FPS. Works well with IM programs. DON'T use the included drivers and software. You'll regret it.

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Great Reliable Cable4/17/2009 1:16:12 PM

Pros: Version 1.3. Out of 2 Cables, both worked great. Free Shipping.

Cons: Cable jacket is stiff.

Overall Review: Have 1 connected to my ROKU box. Have another one that I tested and worked great too. Weird thing is that both cables seem to have come out of different manufacturing plants from different companies. Hmmm. Doesn't matter to me.

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No One Could Hear Me! =(4/17/2009 1:07:03 PM

Pros: Good Looking Product. Simple One Button Function (Minus The Volume Buttons) Pretty thin. Simple Mounting Mechanism. Loud volume and decently clear. Connects reliably. Nice Blue Light.

Cons: No one could understand what I was saying to them over the built in microphone and when they did, they said I sounded very muffled. Using Voice Dialing almost never worked correctly. Noise Cancellation didn't work very well at all.

Overall Review: Bought this kit from Costco. Returned it a few days later. The kit was mounted on visor which is less than a foot from my mouth and everyone I talked to said I sounded terrible. Connected it to 3 different phones to make sure it wasn't bad Bluetooth quality from the phones. 2 being BT 2.0 and one being 1.2. (Moto Rokr Z6m, Touch Diamond GSM, LG Muziq). The Microphone had one hole and maybe that's why no one could hear you. Maybe they did this to prevent echo? I was almost at the point of yelling when talking to people. Just a bad product all around. I have a feeling it wasn't defective either. I think it just sounds bad in general. But you never know. I'm surprised as it had so many good reviews. Sorry to break the chain link.

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Disappointed5/23/2008 3:53:21 AM

Pros: Cheap. Lots of options in the BIOS for various aspects of the computer. Decent Integrated Graphics.

Cons: VERY loose fitting SATA connections that very easily cause your hard drive and DVD drive to malfunction in the middle of working. The Front Audio is dead. PCI Express slot is 8X. Not for overclocking.

Overall Review: Installing XP was a pain as the DVD kept stopping from functioning. Later found out that the SATA connections on the motherboard were very loose and would cause the hard drive and DVD drive to malfunction. Front Audio is completely dead. I would've sent it back but I already had everything in the computer.

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Fast little card5/23/2008 3:39:53 AM

Pros: FAST. Good quality from a trusted name. VERY cheap price. 3 adapters included so you can use it in any SD application.

Cons: NONE.

Overall Review: Measured READ speeds of 17-18 MB/s with HDTune 2.55. That's great. I've used lots of Kingston's memory products and I've never had any trouble. I usually don't mind paying a bit extra to go with their products. Highly recommended. Worked in my Moto Rokr Z6M just fine.

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Cool Little Mouse5/23/2008 3:36:33 AM

Pros: Comfortable. Customizable extra shell form HP. Runs on 2 AA batteries. Rubber grips on the sides are nice. Not too big not too small. Can switch between a higher and lower DPI by simply clicking 2 buttons together. NO LAG when coming out of sleep.Bluetooth!!!!

Cons: I have no clue why they would decide NOT to put the usual 2 buttons on the side of the mouse near your thumb. These are so useful for everything, especially web browsing.

Overall Review: Great mouse that I'm glad I got. Even though it's missing the 2 buttons on the thumb side, I still love the mouse. Given me no problems whatsoever. Having AA batteries is a place as I picked up 4 Powerex 2700mAh rechargeables from here while I bought this mouse. You do NOT need any HP drivers to choose between DPI settings. Just hold the left and right click for 4 seconds at a time.

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Great Cable for a Reasonable Price5/23/2008 3:31:22 AM

Pros: Flexible. Seems very well shielded. Gold contacts inside and out. Although only insides are really needed. Not insanely expensive like some other brands and stores. Located in my own city of Chicago.

Cons: NONE.

Overall Review: Tripp Lite seems like a company that makes quality cables for a reasonable price. This is great since I am willing to spend a few extra bucks for a good cable. I'm going to make sure I check out Tripp Lite first for all my cable needs in the future.

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