Massive but keeps my i5 8600k chilled.1/16/2018 8:40:20 AM

Pros: - Keeps my i5 8600k 4.7ghz (can OC higher to 5.1ghz) super cool at Idle 27C and 45-50C playing PUBG and CPU Intensive Cities Skylines. - Lots of hardware - Clear instructions - Build quality is superb - Provided Screwdriver makes the install easier. - Quiet considering how massive it is.

Cons: - Might be tricky to install for beginners. - Massive, I'm not kidding, it occupies 1/3 of space on my motherboard! The instructions say to install this on the motherboard outside the case but afterwards I had a ton of trouble connecting power connectors and fan connectors. Due to my tall ram, the 2nd fan touches a ram stick in order to fit snug in a Corsair 400C case.

Overall Review: Great build quality as usual for Noctua. Would buy again.

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It's a case fan. It's Noctua.1/16/2018 8:34:35 AM

Pros: - Great - Lots of cables/hardware. - Silent

Cons: None

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Good gaming case1/16/2018 8:32:07 AM

Pros: - Good Quality - Good Airflow - Actually has space in the backside panel for cables instead of every other case that squishes cables.

Cons: Not really cons just potential cons. - Be careful with Tall CPU Coolers. I have a Noctua NH-D15 cooler and it fit really tight due to the 2nd fan being higher cause of tall ram (RipJaws). - Provided PSU/HDD Shrouds. I understand the usefulness of them but I don't mind seeing my PSU and HDDs... I feel like if I put the provided shrouds on it would impede airflow... I took them out. - Most Corsair front bezels are hard to remove, I feel like I'm going to break it every time. So far so good though.

Overall Review: Make sure you check your clearances! Good Case. I added some Noctua case fans for more cooling.

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Great Product! Easy to build with.1/16/2018 8:27:02 AM

Pros: - Good OC potential. (Currently OCing my i5 8600k to 4.7ghz. Can go to 5.1ghz) - Lots of connections - PCIE slot is very sturdy - Good build quality.

Cons: - The RGB LED colors aren't that prominent. I barely see it but it's ok, I'm not a LED fanatic. - More USB slots?

Overall Review: As a lifelong consumer of ASUS, I felt the need to give ASRock a shot. So far so good. Impressed with how easily overclocking is. Bought this motherboard with an i5 8600k, 2x8 (16GB) RipJaws 3200mhz 15-15-15-35 and Noctua DH-N15 cpu cooler. No issues with backplate.

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Beast1/16/2018 8:21:32 AM

Pros: - Easily Overclockable to 5.1ghz. I'm at 4.7ghz stable, will jump to 5.1ghz soon, was just testing the 4.7ghz waters. - $Price/Performance, this 8th gen will beat top end 7th gens. Truly great performance.

Cons: - None

Overall Review: I don't feel I needed an i7 8700k for just gaming so I took the best i5 8600k and it's great. Paired it with a Noctua NH-D15 cpu cooler and ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/AC motherboard to OC this bad boy.

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Incredible1/16/2018 8:16:44 AM

Pros: - EVGA Precision OCX shows the true beast of this card. - Good build quality - Fans at 100% noticeable but not that bad with headphones. - Doesn't hit more than 50C @ 50% fans playing PUBG.

Cons: - GPU Prices. I paid this $200 more than MRSP. (not EVGA's fault)

Overall Review: I went from an AMD Radeon HD4870 1GB GDDR5 to this beast and I can't believe how easily it handles any game I throw at it.

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Works great1/16/2018 8:12:43 AM

Pros: - Good Build Quality - Lots of connectors - Power connector tester - Accessories

Cons: - When the PSU isn't on full load, the fan spins slower, to a point where a slight "slow-fan-speed hum" happens. Nothing major just noticeable.

Overall Review: I would recommend this PSU.

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Great set of Ram Sticks1/16/2018 8:07:45 AM

Pros: Timings as advertised. XMP Profile set up to 3200mhz 15-15-15-35

Cons: All DDR4 Ram Price. Paid these 2x the price that they usually are.

Overall Review: Good Quality. Nice heatsinks. No BSODs so far.

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