Incompatible with Intel Broadwell NUC3/30/2015 8:17:58 PM

Pros: One module can be installed.

Cons: Two modules installed in the NUC causes a memory error.

Overall Review: Crucial has confirmed on their site that there are two different versions of the RAM sold in this kit. One version was approved for the NUC and the other is incompatible. If you're a gambling person, buy this kit. If not, buy another brand. It pains me to say that since Crucial was always my go to RAM brand but I can't in good conscience recommend anyone buy this kit with the intention of using it in an Intel Broadwell NUC.

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Manufacturer Response:
We’re sorry to hear that our memory has caused any issues. We have found a compatibility issue with a specific 4GB SODIMM module type which causes issues in the newer Broadwell-U platforms including the NUC. We have put a stop shipment on this specific module, which is a combination of a certain PCB and DRAM component. We have mapped our compatibility tools to suggest alternate, compatible modules. We replacing the current inventory at our partners, so please continue to order with confidence. It is also worth noting that the effected module continues to be compatible with all non Broadwell-U based platforms and configurations. Customers experiencing issues with our 4GB SODIMM module on Broadwell-U platforms are advised to contact our support at 1-800-336-8915 in North America or online globally ( for assistance and an alternate solution. We fully stand behind our products and will work with you to find a quick solution. Regards, Crucial
Excellent 24" Monitor - No Grainy Anti-Glare!3/16/2013 4:35:46 PM

Pros: 24", 1920 x 1200, IPS, Good Color, Good Stand, Semi-Gloss Anti-Glare (no graniness!)

Cons: Text and other gradients look a little harsh above 49% contrast, but 49% contrast is just fine and looks natural. Set it to 49% and it's not a problem.

Overall Review: The NEC EA244WMI-BK is exactly what I've been looking for: 24", 1920x1200, Good Viewing Angles, Decent Color Accuracy and Semi-Gloss (Some Anti-Glare but not so much that it's grainy or not enough that you see your own reflection). The only other monitor that came close was the Apple 24" Cinema Display which, to be honest, was really overkill for my use and had a glass (glossy) front. Overall, the NEC EA244WMI is exactly what I was looking for - a Dell U2412M without the grainy/aggressive Anti-Glare coating and an HDMI port to boot for only a little more money.

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Not the Rally2's of yester-year9/22/2010 2:11:12 PM

Pros: Dual-channel flash memory, one of the faster USB Flash Drives on the market at a reasonable price.

Cons: This drive does not exude as much confidence as last year's models did. I believe OCZ has switched OEM's for this flash drive. There are lots of cosmetic indicators of this (all of the following are vs last year's model): Lighter weight, feels almost "cheap" light, screen printing on case much lower quality - on mine all of the screen printing is crooked and not properly applied, excess glue on LED end, LED switched from Orange to Blue. Old models had several markings on the USB end that this one is missing and the clear plastic pieces on either end of the drive are squared instead of round. Overall, it appears that the essentials are there but a lot of the attention to detail is gone and that doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

Overall Review: OCZ had a real winning design. It's really frustrating when a company comes up with a winning design and then try to squeeze more profit out of that design which ends up ruining the winning design they had in the first place. I get the feeling that OCZ is letting things slip a little...

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Great entry level SSD9/1/2010 5:47:42 AM

Pros: Great Value - this isn't the fastest SSD on the block but for the price it is a great drive to get started in the world of SSD. Those moving from traditional magnetic hard drives will definitely feel the speed. Windows 7 boots in 20 seconds on my Lenovo T500. Windows 7 was installed in under 15 minutes and driver and software installations were fast (unless loading from the network because my windows home server and the network becomes the bottleneck).

Cons: SATA Mode - It took about an hour to figure out how to get it working properly. On cold boots, the drive would initialize and mount no problem, it refused to on warm boots (i.e. after Windows 7 loaded some files and wanted to reboot, it wouldn't reboot, instead it hung at a hard drive initialization error). I had to set the laptops SATA mode to "Compatibility" instead of "AHCI." It could be because of the way Lenovo designed the SATA Controller but I know Intel SSD's will function in AHCI mode on Lenovo laptops so -1 Egg for the Kingston.

Overall Review: For those with Lenovo Laptops: If you are experiencing boot issues and blue screens, etc., change your SATA Mode to Compatibility instead of AHCI. Some claim to have been able to do this without reloading windows, I was not able to, but it was only a fresh install of Windows 7 so nothing lost.

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How do you screw up brackets?3/3/2010 3:44:50 PM

Pros: They're made of metal

Cons: The screw holes for the 3.5" bay don't line up with the screw holes of a standard hard drive no matter how you measure.

Overall Review: Didn't think to read the reviews and realize that everyone else had the same troubles. I kind of thought... well they're brackets that adapt a 2.5" hard drive to fit in a 3.5" HARD DRIVE bay.... how can you screw those up. Well I guess I found out how you can screw those up.

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