No major complaints, almost6/28/2021 9:54:31 AM

Pros: 1) It's not my old GTX 750. 2) It's a modern card, which in any other market might be the "low end" card, but in this market (hello 2020/2021), is a SOLID mid-tier card. 3) Plays every game I've thrown at it (current AAA) at Ultra/RT on, at 1080 just fine.

Cons: The LHR is baffling nonsense from nvidia. -1 egg for pretending that's the problem with the market, or that it's the way to address it. Would likely struggle at higher gaming resolutions (1440+)

Overall Review: I paid pretty standard retail price (thanks to the Newegg Shuffle), and I'm VERY happy with the gaming performance for the price. Is it the card I wanted? No, but IN THIS MARKET I'm happy that I can coast for years again until this unpleasantness with availability has passed.

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Great card for the price11/14/2014 10:55:13 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, quiet, doesn't require 4/6/8 pin power source.

Cons: For the price range, none really. Sure, you're not running Crysis on Ultra with this thing, but it's a darn decent card for $79.

Overall Review: I had an old rig blow up on me after 7 years and rather than fixing it I played "scavenge the parts" and put something else together. The one thing I was missing was a video card, and this did the trick. It's great for every day use, and I can game almost my entire Steam/Blizzard library on a mix of high to medium settings at 30-60 fps. For the cost in a budget machine or an older 300-400w PSU, this is the best.

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