Revised Review-Upgraded To Five Stars - Great Earbuds11/7/2020 11:37:12 AM

Pros: These earbuds show promise, have good sound and I like them, but...

Cons: The set I received had a defect. The charging case would not stay closed so they were constantly connecting and disconnecting from the TV. We'd turn on the TV and there would be no sound because the earbuds had reconnected to the TV unbeknownst to us. Also, the case was not metal as in the listing but all plastic. The plastic latch would simply not stay closed.

Overall Review: I will revise this review if I receive a good replacement. Revising this review to five stars. I received replacements and they work great with none of the defects of the first pair. Every manufacturer has a glitch once in a while and I had high hopes for the replacements. I was not disappointed. These are great earbuds.

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Didn't Work For Us8/26/2020 5:32:47 AM

Pros: It's pretty. My wife liked the rose gold color.

Cons: It was incredibly slow. Tried it on a couple of Apple devices and it was two hours to transfer a 2GB file. Returned it.

Overall Review: Not much more to say. Really wanted it to work because of its multiple interfaces.

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No Complaints5/9/2020 5:42:51 PM

Pros: Priced reasonably. Decent speeds. I'm getting around 200Mbs through my router's 5 GHz band on my provider's gigabit fiber, which is about what I had hoped for and expected. The 600Mbs spec is, of course, pie in the sky. My computer is only about 15 feet from the router but the signal has to pass through two walls so it's a fair test.

Cons: None, all things considered.

Overall Review: I bought this based on other reviews and I was not disappointed.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works2/17/2020 6:47:17 AM

Pros: Not much to say here; it works like it's supposed to.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I actually needed a shorter SATA power cable for a Dell Optiplex SFF box to which I was adding an SSD. This was the shortest cable I could find. I just made a couple of coils to store the extra length.

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So far, so good2/17/2020 6:42:13 AM

Pros: I got them to install in two Wyze cameras in the hopes that High Endurance would mean they would have a low or lowest failure rate over the long haul. For the most part, no matter what brand you look at there are almost no 5-star rated micro cards and some brands (think that five letter brand beginning with A) are just dismal.

Cons: None so far but only had them about a month. My cameras are set to record only with movement when we're away so these cards really haven't got a true workout yet. Time will tell.

Overall Review: Will update this review if I have failure(s).

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Does the job with one small problem1/11/2020 4:39:12 PM

Pros: It's metal, it fits well and it shipped quickly from China.

Cons: It comes with eight screws, four to mount the SSD to the bracket and four more to mount the bracket to your case. But... if you have a computer that uses pins rather than screws to attach to bracket to your case (I.E.- Dell), the bracket holes are too small for the pins to pass through. I had to drill them out. Not a big deal, took me longer to get my drill and find the correct bit than to drill the holes out. Just be aware that you might have to drill if you have mounting "pins" instead of screws.

Overall Review: I'm happy, the bracket did what it needed to and was inexpensive.

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So far, so good12/15/2019 7:36:37 PM

Pros: It worked the first time I plugged it in. I used a 650 GB spinning drive I had left over from a dead laptop and Disk Mgmt in Windows 10 initialized it with no problems. The price was right since you get two cases.

Cons: As others have said, the plastic tray feels flimsy and it is a little awkward to squeeze both tabs simultaneously to extract the caddy. But what concerns me most is the loosey-goosey feel of the connector to the case, which is why I can't rate it 5 stars. I don't think this connector could stand up to constant plugging and unplugging for very long, so I intend to leave the cable plugged into the case when the drive is not connected to my PC for backups.

Overall Review: But... some will say what do you expect for five bucks. I just wish some company would make a case of this type that is built like a tank. I'd buy it even if it cost five times as much as this case.

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We Love 'Em2/14/2019 9:39:17 AM

Pros: Strong bass, balanced mids and trebles. If you prefer deep, tight bass without being muddy, then these earbuds are the ones. If you prefer a more evenly balanced sound, get the Xiaomi Mi's for about the same money. We have both. I also compared these Klipsch to my $150 UE's and they sound very similar. And finally, the price is an absolute steal. You just won't get much of anything else sounding this good for anywhere close to the money. See Other Thoughts

Cons: The only thing I can complain about is because they are refurbs there is no carrying case or pouch. Nit picky, yes. We bought the R5i's from Newegg a while back on an e-blast and though they cost ten bucks more they came with a nice little zippered carrying case. Incidentally, neither my wife or I can hear any difference between the R5i and R6i and they look identical except one is white and the other is black.

Overall Review: Since we both prefer strong bass (not bloated or muddy, mind you) my wife and I both love these earbuds. We recognize not all listeners prefer this kind of sound so they won't be for everybody, but for our preferences and the price, we just can't give any higher recommendation. Most earbuds eventually shoot craps so we've bought an extra set of these just in case.

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No Disappointments2/14/2019 9:14:38 AM

Pros: Well balanced and full range sound across the spectrum. They do sound like a pro set of earbuds, as I was able to compare them to my $150 UE set. Insanely cheap price (thirteen bucks) on e-blast. They will outperform many sets costing much more.

Cons: But... that being said they are not my favorites. (See Other Thoughts.) Even with three different sizes of cups, there wasn't one that was "just right" but I acknowledge that's very subjective and they may work great for others. My ears got a little achy after an hour or so.

Overall Review: I tend to prefer stronger bass in my earbuds and for about seven dollars more you can currently buy the refurb Klipsch R6i on Newegg. I love the sound of these and can listen for hours with no fatigue. And the largest earcups fit my ear canals perfectly. My wife loves her R5i's as well and we neither of us can hear any difference between the R5 and R6. We like them so much we've bought a spare set in case one breaks. And earbuds eventually do shoot craps. We just can't say enough good things about the Klipsch. They get used a minimum of an hour a day and if they don't last I'll revise this review.

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No Complaints; you get what you pay for1/3/2019 10:35:52 AM

Pros: Great price on Shell Shocker.

Cons: No published Read/Write specs anywhere that I could find, either on Newegg's listing nor the retail package. Capless push button design. Eventually most of these buttons wear out. But then, caps get loose and lost. Pick your poison.

Overall Review: Mediocre speeds from USBFlashSpeed: 120MB Read and 64 Write from file sizes 128KB and above. Smalller file sizes slower. But no complaints really, I got everything I expected for eight bucks.

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What A Steal !8/14/2018 4:27:49 PM

Pros: As others have said, the bass on these is prominent but I don't find it bloated or muddy. To my ears the mids and treble are well balanced and I think these are an absolute steal. For just twice the price of a cheap set of Apple earbuds you get fantastic sound.

Cons: If I move my head much the seal breaks and the bass diminishes, so I wouldn't recommend them for a jog. But sitting still they sound marvelous.

Overall Review: Got these on an eblast with a coupon. They compare quite favorably with my $150 pair of UEs. My wife heard them and wanted to know why I didn't order her a set. Should've bought two.

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It's okay4/5/2018 6:24:56 AM

Pros: Did what it is supposed to do.

Cons: As others have mentioned, the wires are stiff so routing them takes more effort and they tend to spring back to their former position.

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It's Fine4/14/2017 8:57:54 AM

Pros: Five year warranty; it's a good buy on sale.

Cons: None so far. Some complain about the power connection on the opposite side of the ports but not a problem ofr my usage.

Overall Review: We all know the problem with these cheap switches is reliability. You would like to install it and forget it forever but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. My HP and Cisco (Link-Sys) unmanaged switches cost a LOT more and are used for the backbone of the home network. This switch is only for aggregating an entertainment system. If this one lasts five years I'll be happy. Anything beyond that will be a bonus. The five port switch I just bought before this one (a different brand) had a two year warranty and I tend to think the longer a manufacturer stands behind the switch, the better it's quality.

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Pretty Hard To Beat - Not Any Longer-See update1/20/2017 5:14:18 PM

Pros: Bought this on a Shell Schocker for just under $300 with free shipping and it's really hard to beat for the price. Usage is websurfing, email, MS Office, YouTube and other non-resource intensive tasks. No, don't try to play your games, edit video or run Photoshop on this machine. It's very lightweight, runs quite cool, and came with an optical drive which many budget laptops now omit since opticals are considered legacy devices. And you have your choice of three operating systems: Windows 7 PRO is installed and an HP Windows 8 upgrade DVD is included. Then you can migrate to Windows 10 immdiiately using Microsoft's downloadable Media Creation Tool. And last, the hard drive and RAM are easily accessible for upgrades on the bottom by removing one screw. Many budget laptops are now making upgrades much more difficult by requiring major disassembly to access components (like removing the top cover and/or keyboard). The 4 gigs of RAM are on one module, so upgrading to 8 gigs requires only purchasing one additional module rather than having to replace two 2-gig modules with two 4-gig modules. It doesn't get much better than this.

Cons: The only con I can find after a month's usage relates to the touchpad, and it's not enough to drop an egg. This Synaptics pad uses two-finger scrolling (ala Mac) rather than the side and bottom bars on the touchpads of many laptops. If you don't keep your two fingers perfectly vertical the the scrolling manuver instead changes the zoom setting in your browser, requiring a trip to Settings > View to restore Zoom back to 100%. A minor annoyance that just takes a little finger adjustment. I wish it had a lighted keyboard but it's a feature that is almost impossible to find at this price point. Update: it is now 14 months later and this laptop's screen is defective. It has a black line almost all the way across horizontally about one inch from the top. This laptop has never been abused: no drops, no spills, nothing to cause the screen damage. As a matter of fact this laptop has never left the house. I will order a replacement screen and do the job myself but this can't be anything but poor quality on HP's part. Rating reduced from 5 stars to 3 stars.

Overall Review: How to make this laptop faster: download and run the free PC Decrapifier to remove all the HP and other bloatware. Run msconfig and turn off unnecessary startup programs. Finally, spend around seventy to eighty bucks for the 256 GB SSD of your choice and put the removed 500 GB spinning drive in an external enclosure for backups.As an aside, I would submit that for most users the speed increase from the SSD will negate the need to add an additional 4 GB of RAM.

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No Complaints1/8/2017 2:33:05 PM

Pros: Well built (solid); fit my computer's HD bracket perfectly; excellent price if I get the rebate. The frame is metal, finished well with with no sharp edges. Two spacers included to fit 7mm SSDs. If you have a 9.5 you don't use them. Don't know if it was intentional or not, but one extra mounting screw was included. Sure enough, I dropped a screw on the concrete floor and lost it. Red retention clips worked well and the SSD fit nice and snug. I recommend this bracket.

Cons: Rebate. I am very careful with rebates and follow all requirements carefully. I keep copies of everything just in case. But we all know that sometimes rebates are denied anyway. If I get the rebate, this bracket was an absolute steal, If I don't, I paid eleven bucks for it on sale, and I would buy it again at that price even without a rebate.

Overall Review: I used this bracket on an older HP i5 desktop that I cobbed on to for a bench machine in the basement. I replaced a WD 7200 RPM spinning drive with a refurbished Intel 320 SDD at 160GB that I also got on sale at Newegg awhile back. Boot times went from 1 minute 45 seconds to 24 seconds with the SSD. SSD and bracket: forty bucks. Not too shabby.

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Works Well9/12/2016 10:39:01 AM

Pros: Wanted something cheap to work with my MythTV recorder and this does the job.

Cons: None so far. Just hoping it lasts. You never know with such a low price point.

Overall Review: The egg had another one for about eight dollars more but they look identical except for the brand name. Save some bucks and buy this one. They both most likely come out of the same factory in China.

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Okay I Guess9/1/2016 6:53:41 AM

Pros: Supposedly high quality but not sure how to gauge it.

Cons: All four batteries came only 66% charged.

Overall Review: I use a reasonably sophisticated La Crosse Technology charger that shows ma charging. If these batteries come pre-charged and retain 70% of their charge after five years as claimed, then what does a 66% charge tell you? Have they sat on the shelf for that long or were they not completely charged before leaving the factory? I don't think we'll really know how well these batteries perform for quite awhile.

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A Good Buy8/24/2016 1:38:23 PM

Pros: Cheap price on sale. Functions well with no issues. Intel reliability.

Cons: No peripherals like SATA cable or drive caddy. (But I didn't really expect any.)

Overall Review: I bought this exact same drive in the same size about four years ago for my desktop build and it is still running great. Intel Toolbox still shows it at 100% after all this time, and I expect the same service from this refurbished drive. This is of course a slower SSD than today's drives, but I can tell you it turned an older Dell E6520 laptop from a dog into a screamer. Running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with only 2 gigs of RAM, the boot-up times from pressing the button to the desktop is 18 seconds. Even faster after upgrading the OS to Windows 10. Not too shabby. Update: ordered two more and they too both tested around 97%. Still 5 stars; pleased with all three of them.

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No Problems8/7/2016 9:02:11 AM

Pros: Purchased two of these. They look new and perform likewise. They come in brown boxes with a minimum of paperwork/manuals, but setting them up is not rocket science.

Cons: There's a little round sticker titled "B Grade" on the side that is impossible to get removed without leaving residue behind, even using Goop and automotive prep-solution. The price is only moderately less than buying a new one at your local electronics store (you know which one).

Overall Review: The main difference between the 2 and the 3 is the voice activated remote. The processor and memory are the same. If you don't need that feature save the bucks and get the 2. Know that if you are not subscribed to paid services like Netflix and Hulu, the free content is not all that impressive but rather more novelty that becomes boring pretty quickly. A Kodi/XBMC box though more expensive and with a clunky interface offers all the content and is more fun.

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Mediocre7/13/2016 7:55:21 AM

Pros: Cheap. Light sensor adjusts brightness automatically with ambient light level.

Cons: The biggest glaring problem with these night lights is the prongs are in the middle of the light so plugging one in a standard wall plate blocks use of the other receptacle. If you don't mind using both receptacles of a double wall plate for this light then you may be happy with it. We were not.

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Nothing; no reception4/4/2016 5:21:34 PM

Pros: It was cheap. (Eight bucks)

Cons: Over the air stations are about 25 miles from my home (as the crow flies). I received not even a hint of a signal on the three network channels not the two PBS channels. Put the antenna in a window facing the transmitters so house materials wouldn't come into play.

Overall Review: Rolled the dice on this one and lost. It would cost more to send it back than I paid. It might work if you're closer, but the claim of up to 25 miles reception is exaggerated.

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Pleased Overall11/27/2015 7:58:10 PM

Pros: Replaced spinning drive in new laptop and install went pretty much flawlessly. (See Other thoughts.) Samsung software CD included migration tool and Magician but downloading same from Samsung's website yielded newer versions.

Cons: Prices on this particular model jump around daily (sometimes as much as 20%) so watch for awhile or you'll pay too much.

Overall Review: This drive was purchased to make a new cheapy HP laptop with only 4 gigs of RAM run faster, and run faster it did! I may not bump the memory to 8 gigs as it'll just be too fast. <grin> But... note that Samsung's data migration software will not copy your recovery partition so you'll have to make other arrangements in order to be able to reload Windows from scratch in the future. And if your upgrading from W7 to W10 as I did, you'll need to do the upgrade before migration because W10 balked at the upgrade when it saw the Evo didn't contain the recovery partition. Went back and did the upgrade to W10 on the spinning drive which retained the recovery partition and then migrated everything to the Evo and it all worked. But only the boot partition migrates.

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Not Too Bad11/27/2015 7:31:52 PM

Pros: In three months of ownership I've used it about five times with both 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives and no problems or failures whatsoever. At nineteen bucks with free shipping on a Shell Shocker deal you can't ask for much more.

Cons: Cords a little short, LED a little bright but that's picking nits. But... when plugging in a 2.5 inch drive be careful as the perimeter surrounding the slot is slightly larger than the drive all the way around so there's no lateral support for the drive. It just sticks up through the slot and you want to make sure when plugging it in and out that it's aligned perfectly vertical since the connecting tabs on 2.5 inch drives are notoriously fragile. Just saying.

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What's Not To Like?11/28/2014 7:20:47 PM

Pros: For twelve bucks with free shipping nothing else comes close. Case Logic has been around for decades and their early camera cases were among the best and most versatile. This well-made case will outlast your next three laptops. My only regret is that I didn't pick up a couple of extras.

Cons: It won't brew the morning coffee.

Overall Review: Kind of hard to understand a 3-star review on this case.

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All Is Well11/17/2014 8:19:57 AM

Pros: Compared to the conventional hard drive, feels quite fast even though my application is only capable of SATA 1 (1.5Gb/s) speeds. This is of course subjective because I felt no need to run any performance benchmark software on a SATA 1 connection. Credit too to SanDisk's tech support. They keep good hours. I needed to contact them (see Other Thoughts) and I got right in on Live Chat. If you read a lot of SSD reviews on Newegg you know that no matter which brand you look at, there are always negative reviews because the drive failed after five days, or three weeks, or four months (take your pick). This SSD has been in service only two weeks so I'll update this review if it fails early. far, so good. The 3-year warranty is decent.

Cons: The only con worth mentioning is that SanDisk's tool kit software does not currently work with Mac OSX, but that's the case with some other manufacturer's tool kits as well. It will however make firmware updates a little more involved. It is not enough to deduct an egg.

Overall Review: I'm a PC guy and this is only my second SSD, the first being an Intel installed in a new desktop build several years ago with absolutely no issues. My wife's seven year old 17" Macbook Pro had gotten intolerably slow so we were looking at replacing it, but didn't want the new Macbook with its non-user accessible memory and hard drive, not to mention the battery that's glued to the mainboard. After visiting the Mac forums to research SSDs in Macbooks I didn't want to pay the inflated prices from Apple or some of the other Mac specialty vendors. I decided if I couldn't get this to work in her old Macbook, I'd use it in one of several other PC laptops. The only glitch was that on the first install in her Macbook the drive was not seen. I removed it, connected it via a SATA to USB connector to another Macbook, and formatted it with Mac OS Extended (journaled) and plugged it back into her Macbook Pro. It was immediately recognized and a new load of OSX installed and then updated to Snow Leopard, and finally Mavericks from the original OSX DVDs. From the time she pushes the Start button to getting the cursor on the desktop is 25 seconds and Safari and Firefox open instantly on our 40Mb/s DSL. A side benefit is she notices it is cooler and the battery lasts a little longer. Needless to say she is thrilled and we saved a ton of money not buying a new Macbook. Now if I could just get her to move to a PC.

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