A Great Idea; A Good Case.2/15/2016 11:16:12 AM

Pros: Very good design. Essentially the big brother of the TJ08-E/PS07. Having the PSU like that means it and the cables coming out of it, as well as the ODDs, can be completely hidden. In addition, removing the drive cages makes it look VERY clean inside. Solid, solid thermals with minimal effort: only two huge intake fans that I have never needed to go above their minimum speed of 500 RPM. All in all, it's sexy, it performs well, and it's well-built.

Cons: Unfortunately, this case has some head-scratching drawbacks. The aluminum front panel is GORGEOUS, but somehow does NOT match the aluminum top panel. They are off-color. Considering the whole point of having fancy aluminum is aesthetics, this seems a little stupid. Also, the door does not line up perfectly flush with the top when closed. Again -- expensive as hell aluminum, and THAT little detail got overlooked? The dust cover at the top for the PSU is made out of plastic. It's not flimsy, though, and hilariously, the plastic is closer to the shade of the front panel than the rest of the top panel is. However, again, this guy is NOT flush. The dust cover doesn't curve as much as the top panel and so sticks up past it rather than sitting perfectly flush. I reiterate: expensive panel materials, amazing design, VERY expensive case...and this? It's not completely deal-breaking, but it makes no sense, and there is no excuse for this kind of thing from a company as well-regarded for solid construction as SilverStone, and from a case of this very premium price category. Another minor gripe: the idea to have the fans be unrestricted by grilles is great, BUT it would have been nice for them to have been fastened from the INSIDE (as is the case with the PS07). that way, you could route the fan cables directly behind the SIDE of the fans and up into the space covered by the ODD area. This allowed for essentially perfect cable management in the PS07 -- but here, you can't do that because there is a plate of steel in the way, and the side of the fan is OUTSIDE the chassis rather than inside, so the ONLY way to route the cables is in front of the fans somehow. Not horrible looking, but so close to perfect it's painful.

Overall Review: I've used this for my main build for over two years now. My second build ever for myself, it houses an Asus 780 and a 4770K. It is an extremely efficient design. Pure positive pressure, amazingly quiet fans that really never need to spin any faster than 500 RPM, and only TWO of them. The fact that this case achieves the performance it does with just two fans is fantastic. Also, it's gorgeous, and after removing the drive cages it can look extremely clean inside. BUT, the overall excellence in this case serves to highlight the rather stupid (for lack of a better word) drawbacks. There is simply no excuse for panels not aligning properly, colors mismatching, and dust covers protruding from the sleek contours of the rest of the case. Those things don't keep this case from being my baby, but they DO, unfortunately, keep it firmly planted in the four-star category, and keep it from really being as good as it should be. As I said many times before, at this kind of price, it really should not be acceptable to have these types of issues. But it is (was) nevertheless one of the nicest cases on the market.

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Worked *Almost* As Advertised11/8/2015 12:09:08 PM

Pros: it works

Cons: not stable at 3 GHz

Overall Review: This could just as well be a motherboard problem. I am using Gigabyte's GA-Z170X Gaming 5 board. While that board does not appear on the QVL for this RAM (the Gaming 7 does, though, and so does the UD5), this RAM *does* appear on the memory support list for the Gaming 5 board. That being said: I got it to run at 2800 MHz, but not the advertised 3000. This isn't a huge issue, but there *are* 2800 MHz modules available, and generally if you pay for a 3 GHz kit you expect it to run at the advertised speeds. I will eventually call either G. Skill or Gigabyte or both. PS: this *should* be an easy "enable XMP and it works" deal, but unfortunately when I did that the board would not boot successfully, reset the RAM settings to 2133, and then get into the BIOS. When I set the speed manually under XMP to 2800, it worked without hiccups. Tried 2900 and it did not boot successfully. I set the voltage to the correct 1.35 manually and that did not change anything.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Mikhael Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your system. We agree if you purchase DDR4-3000, that's exactly what you should expect it to operate at. To ensure this happens, use a motherboard on our Qualified Vendor's List for this particular model. This ensures we have tested the specific combination so setup is easy as "enable XMP and it works". Check with Gigabyte to see if there is a UEFI update for the mainboard. A revision should allow this RAM to operate at full speed. For all further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
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