Purposely misleading7/29/2021 3:39:47 PM

Pros: I'm sure it works fine as a graphics card

Cons: Apparently gigabyte went with "2.0" instead of LHR. I would have simply bought a different card if gigabyte didn't purposely try to hide LHR in it's marketing. scummy move, gigabyte.

Overall Review: Disappointed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. LHR (Lite Hash Rate) version is clearly stated in the Features section on the graphic card's Specs on Newegg website at https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-3070-gv-n3070gaming-oc-8gd/p/N82E16814932449?Item=N82E16814932449 GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Memory temps at 110C!5/4/2021 7:49:40 AM

Pros: It's almost an incredible card, and likely will be wonderful after I have finished replacing the factory thermal padding.

Cons: Memory temperature runs at 110C when constantly stressed, while the processor hangs out at a cooler 76C. I had the case open with a box fan blowing on it. I don't believe gigabyte is fully at fault for the memory temperature issue. But they did use thermal padding that does significantly worse than the thermal padding that I replaced it with. Which is why I'm giving it three stars. When all is said and done, I paid $2200 for a brand new graphics card that had to be disassembled shortly after receiving it, and since it wasn't good for the card to use it until I got the temperature down, it spent a few days just sitting to the side. I was able to get the temperature of the memory to drop from 110c to 96c by replacing padding on the heat sink side. I'm going to replace additional padding to try to get a better temperature.

Overall Review: I recommend the product if better thermal padding or liquid cooling is used.

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