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Modnation =AMAZING!6/28/2010 8:47:27 PM

Pros: I was a little reluctant to buy this after hearing some people's issues with controls during races and loading times, but this game is a GEM! Unlimited possibilities give this game potentially endless hours of fun. I have not even delved into the creation part so much , as I'm still getting through career mode which helps you unlock things to use for creation, but it seems like there are tons of options for creating mods, carts, and tracks. The racing is actually very very good as well, and drifting is a blast. GET THIS GAME!

Cons: Loading times are 30-40 seconds at times, but honestly if you can't stand this then you need to work on patience. The statue of David wasn't built in one day, so we all can wait under a minute to enjoy a game.

Overall Review: So far my favorite mods I've downloaded are the cast of Futurama, and the Planet Express cart. I don't know who has made them, but most are excellent and racing as Bender is a blast.

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Just plain awesome6/26/2010 4:37:32 PM

Pros: My launch 60 GB died about a month ago, and I have to say this is a HUGE upgrade in my opinion. I should state, however, that I never used the launch's unique features such as PS2 backwards compatibility, or the memory card slots. This slim model is far quieter than my old one, and puts off less heat which I imagine means it will last longer. Great games, blu rays, netflix streaming (and soon to be announced Hulu integration) make this thing the most used gadget in the house.

Cons: Only 2 USB ports compared to my old one's 4 ports, but not a big deal for most users. The new rock band instrument dongles act as USB hubs so you don't really need 4 ports anyways.

Overall Review: I placed my order on 6/22/2010 and received it in 2 days, and it IS the newer slim model (CECH-2101B)

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Functional and very sexy case!!8/28/2004 2:24:57 PM

Comments: This case is quiet and great looking overall. The only things I don't like are that they punched in "Antec" on the sides, and that the front USB ports are not USB 2.0. However, I emailed antec tech support and they are sending me a free kit to upgrade them to 2.0. This is a MUST if you buy this case, and their support team is great. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this thing.

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