nice and a good deal9/9/2009 4:05:05 AM

Pros: this one is near perfect, extra little case, shirt - not bad!

Cons: no nice black case, instead they used a while sheet - cheap blanket taped.

Overall Review: good deal get one! ask me how to water cool it at THG or just go google warpedsystems toms and look at the cosmos layout!

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Best mobo for I7, why spend more?6/7/2009 3:41:26 AM

Pros: THIS IS THE BEST MOBO PERIOD!! If you do not give this mobo a 5 you have no concept of CUTTING EDDE computer PARTS! Yes, its rude, sure i am the best ( WE BUILD THE BEST GAMING COMPUTERS IN THE WORLD) but there is only one mobo builder as far as WSZ is concerned that is asus! Why? Fastest yes! Dual crossfire and SLI - yes! 2 saved settings in tools yes! The easiest and most reliable bios update - yes! DID I SAY THE BEST BIOS AND MOST RELIAIEABLE BIOS UPDATE? YES! you will not be disappointed with the best, it runs all brands of memory if you know what you doing we have used: supertalent, osz, corsair, muskin, and more - they all work. You have an issue, boot with 1 stick -- flawless. You be running 3.8-4.3ghz everytime on air with the 920 - we have zero failures. Good luck - noobies , it cake, on your first build- free tech support can be found all over the net!

Cons: None....... only people not products....OK John from Taiwan (asus head engineer) had no idea what i was talking about with SAS on the first, P6T, the deluxe version (not this). Not surprised since we build the worlds fastest computers! The issue: at CES asus head tech was clue-less - think i am wrong? NOT! There is no flaws, if you have an issue with asus tech support wait - call after lunch and not after dinner! Do i own there stock no, i build the fastest computer on the planet!

Overall Review: Why buy the rampage? bios issues? The rule of thumb with the best mobs (asus) is to buy the mid level mob and stay away from the ROG - I own my own personal copy of them all (maximus ddr2 &3, Striker formal and extreme, Rampage new and old - all) This is the best mobo for i7 ---period! THE DRAGON IS NEVER WRONG! AMD lovers slam please! settings: 1.33v with cpuz undre 100% load fromprime 95 65 bit version. 1.64v on the dram. 8-8-8-24 for super T to 7-8-7-20 for mush! keep the QPI - mem controller at 1.33. With water, very little increase is needed with any settings - you want 4.4ghz+? Use a 950 or better! You want 4.1-4.3ghz with the 920, use the best air cooler you can get! Sorry i can not tell you all! We ship 3.8ghz system with every C0 920, we shipping 4.1ghz with all D0 stepping on air. You can fine me on THG for free tech support! Did I say asus is #1?

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c0 again i am bummed5/29/2009 9:59:24 AM

Pros: i7

Cons: C0

Overall Review: who cares they both rock! i care!

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Great stuff!!!! serious - has not clue!5/13/2009 5:36:44 PM

Pros: runs 1500-1550 fsb the key area for 920. i bought more then 1 set of this and 8-8-8-24 at 1.64v for every set

Cons: reviews like clueless with msi mobo - get an asus and maybe that will solve your insecurity. One drawback do not expect $150 memory bandwidth from $90 ram. but you want to save $100 and get 95% of the performace of the expensive stuff this ram rocks!

Overall Review: cluess below - ram boots at 1066 so it does not lock up! its binned for 1333 not set to 1333 - never use xp settings - manually set the ram

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holes not quiet perfect for heat sinks3/3/2009 12:49:31 AM

Pros: board is far far better then any nvidia mobo at power quads at high fsb - 9550 is running 1800fsb with little trouble at 3.6ghz TEMPS DROPED FROM 90C TO 40C AT 3.6GHZ - issue was the heat sink was ret ard ed (newegg plz imporve your word scanner f t w is not a bad word its the mobo name and same with this word)from making contact due to the mounting bracket not sliding up into the cpu hsf mount hole. This is somtething we should have caught as you can see the hsf was tilted but it appeared it made contact with the cpu and i did not. if this mobo works good i post another 5 egger to brink the average up to over 3 eggs - get your holes right!

Cons: the holes are not quiet right - i use xig cooler and upgrade plates and they fit perfect in the last 10 X58 mobos including all main A units, even evga - this board the hole for the heat sink mounting restricted one of the pegs the hole was too small

Overall Review: i took apart the heat sink and forced the hole peg though the hole - not sure if was the spacing or the size of the hole. test the rear plate on another mobo and yes it was the hole. come on evga even when you get the 680i final version right after 2 years you still can not make the holes in the mobo right???? nice mobo -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SORRY FOR THE 1 EGG

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best case made3/2/2009 11:25:47 AM

Pros: best case - at deal or no deal -- 700+ ratings speaks for itself! this case is the best mutli gpu air cooling case made - it has not equal all the copies are not as good!

Cons: the look is getting dated - antec you need a new higher end version!!!! fan issue is a non issue - all low speed fans have start up issues when turned 2 low - the middle position is very low and the high is good too. high is not too loud middle is perfect for not too low of speed and quiet - call it a 2 speed fan and skip the low position

Overall Review: warped systems air cooling at dot com - check the photos! build it with 2 bay fans, raise the bottom up and use it too tuck your wires - see our builds fan can be swapped out simple wire splice

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evga is total gar ba ge3/1/2009 3:12:45 AM

Pros: it looks cool? it soulds cool! it does not work - again! First off i am no newbie - i own all striker mobos, i own all 680i, 780i and 790i mobos- we build systems. nvidia chipset are so bad i am starting think that the reviews are alll by evga employees -- back in the 68oi days people would say hey how great the mobo is and how great the tech suppor is and i am on my 4th in a year - this is no joke! i do not give bad ratings often and i buy 10,000$ each month not evey month - evga and nvidia is total gar bage

Cons: they do not work! period! i thought the for the win with the new 8 phase power migh work with a quad - still total garbage.

Overall Review: another green lawn target? i had return the x58 - the old 680i systems had about 90% failure rate -- evga you ever hear of a class action law suite?

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great mobo with one simple great feature1/31/2009 7:04:43 PM

Pros: The side ports actually lock with locking sata cables - finally someone made the side ports right! evga. asus ports are still the old unlocking types

Cons: none! no sli but you pay less - you want sli buy the next one up. bios could use a better saving, bios recall, method.

Overall Review: crossfire only, gigabyte haas one me back after 2-3 years solid asus fan. still like big A but - locking ports are worth there weight in gold for shipping systems.

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bundling wow is fraud1/27/2009 12:33:17 AM

Pros: great card while it works - 3rd failure after shipping. lay out is at warped systems, air cooling, d com.

Cons: while i did not get the wow bundle, wow is handed out free. offering a free game that is always free is seems like fraud to me? scamming those who do not know. newegg should review this asus move - very poor move asus.

Overall Review: asus is my favorite pc parts company, will i keep buing asus yes! will i think about other companies more after 3 4870x2 failures and free game that is free anywhere yess too!

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warning try another brand - no return why try nvidia mobo made of intel?1/27/2009 12:14:30 AM

Pros: great sli lay out - beautiful mobo - great concept. doa! FF - its great the error code says its booting but no beep - how can you have FF with no beeps? i tell you how its locked up same old evga problems bios issues - bad bios.

Cons: i buy 1000's and 1000's from newegg and build systems - this mobo makes me mad - why? no refund - the mobo does not work, they package it with 3 video cards and i am stuck with a long flat lightweight paper weight - very mad

Overall Review: i rarely give less then 2, very few 1's - bottom line is nviida 680, 780i and 790i all suffer from the same issues - very inconsistent. read how many people got 4 mobos from evga when 680i came out- we returned one 4 times our selves. i test many parts and use many i stick with big A and big G - i try a 3rd vender but it will not be evga again!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, There are several reasons why you can get an FF error on boot, can you please run through these troubleshooting steps. (Motherboard FF Error) If you continue to experience issues, please contact us directly at 888-880-3842 so we can correct it, EVGA stands behind our products 100% Thanks, Jacob
Warning Great card with a great flaw, do not ship with card in computer1/19/2009 10:20:43 PM

Pros: Great card you want 25-30k 3dmark06 scores no problems! This is a warped systems reference design for 29k oc 3dmark06 system with a single pci-e slot. You want to be number one on crysis and many other online games you want this card! Cooling is great! This is the best card out there better then any nvidia sli sandwich. newegg rocks! thank you for exchanging cards - and for newegg support!

Cons: First off, i am the number 1 asus fan boy, i currently own every ROG gamer mobo made! I lov asus! I love asus tech support! But there is serious flaw in this cards design - its great upgrade but do not ship it in a system. 100% failure on 3 systems shipped with this card. All failed the same way, windows will not boot, then you get artifacting and the card fails. Waiting 1.5 hours for level 3 tech support only to get a 90 second answer does not bother me - what my problem is every card shipped failed.

Overall Review: Why? Asus send me money! Why: the reference design cooler is like a spine it strengthens the entire card. While the asus cooling solution is much much lighter, almost feels like half the weight, it is 3 seperate coolers no interconnection and therefore no spine. This card will break if shipped in a computer. Solution: ship the card seperate. Asus solution: you need to a rail to both sides of the card to add ridgitity to the card, as i told the engineers at CES.

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noobs need not apply!12/27/2008 7:09:39 AM

Pros: Asus rocks #1 mobo maker - slammer below using the name n/a must be a fanboy of another company - sound like a lanparty fanboy? PRICE! SLI! PRICE! SLI! ASUS SUPPORT! asus rma is the best in the industry for any product! Asus tech support is awesume - learn when to call learn when too get a teir 3 support tech! I BUILD SYSTEMS AND ALL OTHER MOBO MAKERS LACK SUPPORT AND RMA LIKE ASUS. i have rma-ed 2 dozen different types of mobos with asus some types many timess why? not because they are defective - i buy newegg open box. ASUS ROCKS!

Cons: NONE IF YOU WANT THE BEST BOARD AT THE PRICE THIS IS IT. I usually do not leave feedback when i do not buy here but these last 2 are not too helpful. differnce go to an and you see a review - the controller

Overall Review: Asus P6T-Replaced 2 SAS ports with regular SATA ports, total 8 SATA ports. Asus P6T Deluxe has 2 SAS ports and 6 SATA ports. Asus P6T Deluxe OC Palm: Same as P6T Deluxe but comes with this screen module. Asus P6T Deluxe V2- only 6 SATA ports and no SAS ports. why buy this? you want triple sli with double slots such as the 260 216 set we use. why buy the deluxe? your running 2 15k raid0/raid1 set up like we do. Why not buy this, if you slots do not line up such as a triple width video card 4870x2 darkknight - use giga

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Great power supply like antecs lower power units12/22/2008 5:25:05 AM

Pros: Lets face it the egg rocks! Newegg is the best computer parts company in the world bar none! This power supply is one the best deals out there and its no coincidence that newegg sells so many. I have used the 850 and the 1000 for around a year and it has become my favorite power supply,sure if you got $400 there are some nice units but this is the best at its price. Antec is legendary, i have seen there 550 triple rail run hot sli systems with dual and quad cores overlocked. This power supply has never failed us, at WSZ a micro computer builder we get these in newegg combo deals and they are great! Quiet, nice cables, all and all just a very good psu. We used to use almost all SS psu's but with the antec 900 and antec 1200 deals you can not pass on this! With the antec 900 or 1200 the strait through air flow is a major plus, no items can fall in the psu nor is the psu cut off from air if you flip those non-strait through.

Cons: I have heard about some issues but i have never had one problem with the power supply and you get antec rebates!

Overall Review: We used a 850w on quad crossfire, dual 3870x2's with a physics card, shoe horned into an antec 900 case - running a x38 asus mobo with ddr3. We shipped that last spring. 3Dmark06 was 24,000+ A great substitute for those $300 units, for half!

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Supertalent is #!12/17/2008 3:21:13 PM

Pros: runs at 1600mhz boots fine running in p6t test gigabyte later this week. running 1.6v or less stock timings - i have not tuned the system but no issues. i did boot with one stick and manually set the voltage as i always do.

Cons: none! from supertalent newbie reviewers that do not know to boot with 1 stick and set parameters manually!

Overall Review: super talent ram was rated #1 when ddr3 1600mhz was first out over a year ago. I have used many supertalent products ddr3 and ddr2 and i think it is the best ram out there!

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bring it back newegg! plz!12/13/2008 1:45:10 PM

Pros: Best cooler made! This is the 3rd update, see my posts when this cooler first came out. As we all know TR modded the mounting systems. As i noted early, but not well known the hs is dished for better cooling. The new 1366 brackets make this the best i7 cooler made!

Cons: You must addd more compound due to dish design and make sure you contacts well. You need extra pressure to get the full benfit. WSZ uses these for systems at 4.2ghz for air cooled qx9650 and we get 60-65c temps at full load. Bending the mounting arms helped the old mounts then new mounts work out of the box great! There is 3 different mounts the last is a great systyem.

Overall Review: Bring it back neweGG!!!!! The best i7 cooler made!

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warning on some11/14/2008 1:39:24 PM

Pros: great package all i got was the mobo - i bought the open box and only got the mobo!

Cons: pay more for the bundle open box but you only get the mobo! same thing for more money!

Overall Review: buy the unopenbox

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Pros: this stuff is the best out there blows away double the price that boat named stufed! super wide range - well for the price that is! you need 4-4-4 or 1100 you got it! used in 4-5 grand warpedsys...... water cooling and $1800 basic systems

Cons: ? none! i guess it doess not have all those crazy useless heat spreader that look cool! no lights! i like lights! note to Gskill: lights dudes!

Overall Review: Gskill rocks - i got turned on too this by algid - all ram of the same brand i got was junk but this is top of the line!

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Good cooler, you need to install right!8/5/2008 5:19:10 PM

Pros: Noobies need not apply here, you need alot of thermal compound with this baby! double install - spread compound even apply then remove and add more as needed. make sure you get TC in the gaps and cracks and enough for a full interface - it requires more then normal. i use atric s!

Cons: well i did not find any - this out performed a few other big names like TR 90 and ZT 120 when install right

Overall Review: there is a rumor this baby works ok with 65nm not 45nm - that may be the difference. my testing was with a q6600 65nm. xbt shows says there is an issue with direct contact and 45nm due to gaps in the steal package

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Asus 5, nvidia 1 - 2.5!7/9/2008 11:42:14 PM

Pros: SLI! Asus makes great stuff! Anyone who says they will never buy asus - is only get a second rate product. Asus makes the best mobos in the world, nvidia or intel chipsets. Great package, worth the $100 premium for asus engineering and extras! For those wanting 1600-1800 fsb you will need to tweak this mobo - settings are key and need to be set one at a time. One at time is hard, but its the only way to do it.

Cons: Lets face it its the nvidia chipsets. Nvidia played hardball with intel back on 975X chipsets and now after 3 years its all catching up with nvidia. I rated this a 2 since it got a 2.5. Its a 2, since nvidia chairman boosts how great they are while the stock callapse and mobos fail left and right!

Overall Review: Water cool the north bridge or add extra cooling with a 40mm fan. Get settings from someone like warpedsystems that will share settings on open forums such as neweggs. If you have a quad set the ldt to 4X. Memory as you ad voltage you need nb voltage and heat builds. Asus has a 3 year warranty, forget evga - i think there failure rate is new 100% - well it seems so.

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sweet ram! Nice looking and you can tweak!6/30/2008 11:08:47 PM

Pros: First, I rarely review stuff not bought on newegg or not owned. I do not own this ram. why did i review it: base on owning 3 different types of super talent dd3 i rate it a 5! The price of this ram is about the same or less then good ddr2 a year ago - take advantage of this ram with intel x38 and x48 chipset mobos! warped systems is has certified this ram as #1 choice for our ddr3 systems!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: I own 3 types of ddr1600 7-7-7 this is just 8-8-8, or the same ram. I was able to get 8-8-8 1700-1800 out of 3 sets i have and they all run cool and fast!

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Best GPU cooler ever made!6/24/2008 11:12:31 PM

Pros: Blows cold air on the card, second rear fan exhusts air out.

Cons: not enough bling! little led is boring and the blue is not uv reactive enough!

Overall Review: Best GPU cooler for dual slot cards with exhust vents the 8800 series. A great cooler for any gpu where heat builds up below the card. A $5 slot fan will help but this baby is worth the extram money! Warpedsystems dot com for details

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Read the warranty6/16/2008 2:22:16 PM

Pros: price

Cons: i was going to order this since the price is so low but i read the warranty. they do not warranty the item if you change the thermal compound! wow nice!

Overall Review: i usually do not review stuff i do not buy, but in this case i was about to buy it until a read the warranty. i stick with the main players and pay more!

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Failed6/9/2008 1:06:45 AM

Pros: Great product - log makes great stuff - mouse works well until it breaks

Cons: Failed, like all logisys keyboards and mice after a year or so. battery does not last long but you got 2!

Overall Review: Failure rate of logisys is higher the microsoft or others

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Do not listen to noobies, good memory at a great price!6/7/2008 7:33:23 PM

Pros: Great memory at a great price, this memory works great at its rating. i bought 3 types of patriot ddr3 and 3 super talent - most from the egg! First, many mobos can not run 1600 ram they are not rated for it, it only runs in oc. Second this memory runs is spec'd speed.

Cons: Can not overclock as high as the more expensive memory - what you want when you save 100's! Prices have come way down i paid close to $600 for this.! The price!

Overall Review: When your system does run 1600mhz , as most mobos, you set the memory (manually) to 1333 or speed it does run at. load the os and then oc. if your cpus is 1333 or 1066 you can set this to 1066 to load os. warpedsystems!

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the best there is? probably!3/14/2008 12:45:19 AM

Pros: running ddr1800 in bios at 7-7-7-20 at 2.05v this memory is extrmemly flexible

Cons: patriot maybe is just as good - still testing

Overall Review: runs cool even at high settings

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