6/18/2014 5:57:44 AM

Pros: Great power output! Charges phone up faster than usage even with Pandora through Bluetooth, GPS navigation and wifi tether working all at the same time!

Cons: Could have two USB port instead of one, but not a big deal.

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DOA......5/23/2011 3:57:34 PM

Pros: N/A

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: DOA... I'm a computer Tech, so I'm pretty sure it's the MOBO and not any of the other components. Plus most of the other parts were tested from other systems as well. What a hassle to have to put everything together and taking it apart. Hopefully the RMA-ed one come back good... or else I'm never buying MSI again. Should've stuck with Asus...

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AWESOME QUAD for CHEAP!6/5/2010 10:00:32 AM

Pros: UNLOCKED to Quad with Gigabyte 785 board! Overclocked to 4ghz stable w/ CoolerMaster 212+ with dual push/pull 120mm fans.

Cons: NONE, dirt cheap for 4ghz quad!

Overall Review: unlocking is luck of the draw, dont buy expecting Quad.

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Good small HTPC or Workstation6/5/2010 9:56:07 AM

Pros: HDMI output, eSATA, Small form factor, low power consumption, VESA mount. The white mouse and keyboard that it came with is decent.

Cons: No WLAN!? PCIE port doesn't support SSD. Fingerprint magnet... but I guess that's not a con since it's small and out of sight. I'm docking one egg for the WLAN... I installed one later, but it would've been so easy for them to included it.

Overall Review: I thought at first this unit has WLAN because I googled it... but apparently there are different models, and this specific one didn't come with WLAN. The unit open up very easily with only one screw. Upgraded the Ram to 4 gig in a flash (uses Laptop DDR2 ram). I tried to run an 8gig SSD in the PCIE slot but it didn't work. It only supports two SATA devices, and I'm guessing the eSATA take up one and the Hard Drive take up the other one. I installed an Atheros 5007 card into the PCIE and it found it right away in windows, no BIOS setting required. I just taped two antennas to the case and it work alright. Came with Windows XP, I have no doubt that it'll run 7 better. But it ran XP fine so I'm leaving that alone. It's being used as a VNC Viewer machine on the TV and it work well as that.

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