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Phobya UNC 6-32 x 35mm Screws - Black Nickel - 4pcs 945791/15/2016 1:07:00 PM

Pros: Good product. Solid steel, straight screws. Although longer than I realized they worked fine and were flush with my EVGA 120mm Radiator. Extremely fast delivery. I was surprised.

Cons: Did not come with a set of washers to be installed with the screws. Caused Paint Rub.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 06G-P4-1996-KR 6GB HYBRID GAMING, "All in One" No Hassle Water Cooling, Just Plug and Play Graphics Card1/7/2016 5:27:31 AM

Pros: - Currently sitting at 25C on idle. - So quiet I had to open the case to ensure both fans were running. - No bubbling or odd banging noises of any types. -"plug N' play" literally means "plug N play." - The backplate, hose material, radiator and fan are of superior quality. - NO sag whatsoever. - Fit very easily into NZXT H440 case - Compatible with CXM 750 Corsair 6/2 pin system. - The packaging was seriously impressive. I opened a box, to open a box, to see the front of the 980 TI box, then opened it and slid out the box which contained the Card then opened that box to see the card itself! Well done.

Cons: -Precisionx16 is a hassle. I question its validity.

Overall Review: - Very, very large card. Dwarfs GTX 750ti model by double the size. - 98%-99% core usage at 1308 MHz core clock my temp is currently 57C in a NZXT H440 case - Temp has peaked to 57-61C

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750 TI10/14/2015 10:03:34 PM

Pros: The price is an absolute steal. Compared to 2 gb 750 Ti Cards this blows them away. I am an avid gamer of League of Legends and this card with my 8350 runs my streaming program and league with 200+ fps. Extremely impressive. SLI possibility is also something I really enjoy and will take advantage of in the future. I run dual screens on this GPU and it has never went over 45-46 degrees C and I have no aftermarket cooling.

Cons: It's a cheaper 4gb GPU. Running 650~ cuda cores its on the lower end. But it's still a great pick up for gamers who enjoy both, good quality and bang for buck pricing. Compared to my 980 TI theres FPS difference and stability/tearing issues but over all the quality is very good. The fps difference is noticeable on same settings high demand games. (20-60 Fps differences depending on the games demanding extreme GPU performance)

Overall Review: Worth the pick up. I'd like to try out 2 of these cards with liquid cooling.

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