Fantastic Little Tool!8/25/2021 8:31:54 AM

Pros: Although I do recommend watching a few videos to learn all the features the Mini 2 has along with how to use them, this thing is incredibly intuitive and stable to the point that my mother - a senior citizen - was able to pick it up and fly it with ease. I am very impressed with the quality of images the camera produces and the latency between the drone and the display screen is only about a half of a second which seems reasonable for a hobbyist drone.

Cons: RESEARCH COMPATIBLE MOBILE DEVICES - not every phone/tablet can download the DJI Fly app. There should be more emphasis or disclaimers about the limited mobile device compatibility. Maybe it is there and I missed it which could be my fault, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I generally buy the cheapest smartphone because my phone is simply a phone to me, not my primary computing or surfing device and I had no idea that it would not work until my drone arrived. I really didn't want to buy a new phone since my phone works and the compatible phones cost nearly as much as the compatible tablets so I went with an iPad mini and 3d printed the "Mini 2 / Mavic Air 2 - iPad mini Hook - Just Right" which works perfectly.

Overall Review: Great product that is easy to use with a lot of functionality. I suggest trying to download the DJI Fly app on the device you intend to use it on prior to purchase. If you cannot download the app, your device is not compatible so you'd better prepare to spend roughly another $400 or more to fly it or look at other options.

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